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Terminally ill boy gets to fulfil his dream of becoming a police officer

(Credit: SWNS/Solent)

Danny Herbert from Bognor has always dreamt of being a police officer. 

Normally, that takes years of training and experience. However, this seven-year-old has been given the opportunity to serve as PC Danny way ahead of schedule.

Danny suffers from an extremely rare condition called pulmonary atresia, which affects the right valve of his heart and its ability to pump oxygen and blood to and from the lungs.

His condition is thought to be terminal, meaning Danny’s mum Fran was committed to making sure he lives his dream of being part of the emergency services. And, thanks to the help of Sussex Police and the Make a Wish Foundation, she was able to make… Read the full story

Asda opening hours on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 2018

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

New Year is often a great time to get the best deals on various products, but it’s important to keep up with when your local stores are open or you could be caught out.

Although New Year is still a couple of months away, we can already have an idea of when the supermarkets will be opening during this year’s festive season.

If you need to top up on snack and booze supplies ahead of your New Year celebrations, you’ll need to stay aware of when your local shop is open.

Most Asda stores will be open on New Years Eve, but will reduced hours with most of them closing… Read the full story

Why you should choose Portsmouth for your next weekend break

Beautiful Portsmouth (Picture: Getty)

When it comes to escaping the hustle and bustle of London city life, heading to the seaside is always good for the soul.

With so many coastal cities in the south, it’s difficult to come to a decision that suits all of your needs.

But that’s when Portsmouth comes in.

Just a two-hour-long train ride from London, Portsmouth has what you want from a weekend getaway from just being by the sea to history and shopping.

So when you’re wondering where to head next for a weekend or overnight break, take a look at these reasons to visit Portsmouth.

See the sheer size of Portsmouth from the Spinnaker Tower

Read the full story

Photographer recreates iconic photos with the same women decades later

Carrie Kirkpatrick (left) and Gill Soper outside the toilets in Crystal Palace, London in November 1980(Picture: Anita Corbin)

Visible Girls was a photo series created between 1980 and 1981 by Anita Corbin that showcased the amazing style of women from a variety of different subcultures.

Corbin went round to different parts of London, documenting 56 young women’s lives and looks, featuring punks, rockers, and everything else that defied the mainstream at the time.

The powerful images were taken in the natural habitat of the women included (whether that was pub toilets or street corners) and showed them looking completely ‘themselves’.

These photos were exhibited throughout the ’80s and ’90s, but eventually, Corbin lost touch with… Read the full story

How growing up poor affects your attitude to money as an adult

(Picture: Ella Byworth/ Shutterstock)

According to the government, around 30% of UK children are now considered ‘poor’

It’s a shocking figure, and a damning indictment given that we’re one of the richest countries in the world. Of course, it’s relative poverty, which means they might still have all the necessities but, when their parents’ incomes are put against the average, aren’t as well off.

One of the things that are often overlooked when it comes to talking about childhood poverty is how it can affect the way you behave as an adult – even if you manage to break out of it. Particularly, how you relate to money and savings.

Growing up, I was never… Read the full story

Tesco opening hours on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 2018

(Photo – Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

With New Year fast approaching, some of us will already be getting our plans together for how we’re going to welcome 2018.

If you’re in need of some last minute food and drink supplies, you’ll need to make sure you know when you local shops will be open.

All Tesco stores are set to be open on New Year’s eve but many are expected to close early at around 19.00

However, some Tesco Express stores may close as late as 22.00.

Fitness fad or fab: The Lumie Bodyclock Active 250

(Picture: Lumie)

The wellness world is full of all kinds of gizmos, gadgets and guff which claim to be life-transforming.

After all, most of us want to be the healthiest, fittest, happiest we can be.

Which is why we’re willing to part with so much cash if someone tells us that a magic maca pill will aid ‘holistic weight loss’ or we’ll sign up to some mad expensive bootcamp which makes us feel like warmed up death.

So here at Metro.co.uk, we’re starting a weekly review series: Fitness Fad or Fab.

We’ll be trying out various classes, gadgets, supplements and lifestyle aids promoted by wellness and fitness gurus to see whether they actually do what they… Read the full story

Let’s stop deriding teenage girls and their interests

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

For teenage girls, sexism is nothing new.

They’ve already been handed pink toys as infants and taught to play with babies rather than to build things. They’ve been told to keep their skirts long so not to ‘distract’ male teachers, and been aggressively marketed a lifestyle and body image that they’re supposed to conform to as they grow.

A lot of parents, thankfully, have cottoned on to these insidious practices, and know to teach their daughters how to deal with sexism when they can.

It’s now widely considered that there is a system conditioning young girls into being a certain way, and that a lot of issues around gender… Read the full story

10 hurtful things people have said to me about my depression

10 hurtful things people have said to me about my mental illness
Don’t say these things (Picture: Getty)

Depression makes me feel like a total nuisance at times,  so it’s not surprising that these flippant comments don’t help. 

Although a lot of the time these words have been said by complete strangers, they still cut deep.

Why I had to dump my best mate to recover from depression

In fact, in some ways, being approached by a stranger and being told to ‘cheer up’ is worst of all.

Have you been guilty of saying any of these phrases to a friend with depression?

It’s not easy to talk… Read the full story

5 ways engineers make your life better each and every day

reasons engineers make your life better
So much of our daily life involves the work of engineers (Picture: Getty)

It’s Tomorrow’s Engineers Week this week (November 6 to 10).

The commemorative week is back for its fifth year to inspire the next generation of engineers.

International Women In Engineering Day: Here's why it's important to have female engineers picture: Getty - MyloHere’s why it’s important to have female engineers

According to Engineering UK, we need 186,000 people with engineering skills annually through to 2024, so this week is all about engineering employers and professional bodies engaging with schools, universities and individuals.

But engineers are important… Read the full story

Mega popular ‘healthy’ American ice cream brand Halo Top is coming to the UK

(Picture: Top Halo/Instagram)

Ice cream is incredibly moreish.

It’s impossible to scoop out a single spoon and put the tub back in the freezer, which is why so many of us wallow in a post B&J haze of a Sunday evening.

It’s just a shame that it’s so packed with sugar and fat.

But that feeling of remorse might be shortlived – because a ‘healthy’ ice cream brand that’s taken the US by storm is coming to Britain.

Halo Top is an LA-based ice cream brand which markets itself as a healthy alternative to the traditional dairy dessert.

The Grocer says that they’ll be launching in the UK in January and has already secured… Read the full story

Mum tired of cleaning up after her messy kids stops giving a crap and goes on strike

(Picture: Her View From Home/Facebook)

Kids are messy. That’s just part of the growing process.

They don’t understand why Lego has to go back in the box or why you can’t just leave a box of paints on the floor for someone to step on and smear blue acrylic all over the carpets.

And for many of us, our childhoods played out against an incessant soundtrack of our mums yelling their heads off about the amount of mess we made.

But one mother has gone on strike – and doesn’t regret it.

Heidi Hamm is a writer and mother of three who recently uploaded a picture of her children’s messy playroom to explain why she was no longer… Read the full story

Grandma in her best outfit watching her grandson get married on Skype is everything

(Picture: MEN)

When doctors told Irene Humble that she wasn’t well enough to fly out to her grandson’s wedding, she was devasted.

But she didn’t let that stop her from being there…virtually.

Irene’s grandson was getting married at Oheka Castle in New York (F. Scott Fitzgerald’s inspiration for The Great Gatsby) and as she couldn’t make it, her care home decided to bring Oheka Castle to her.

They got the 87-year-old on Skype and linked her into the ceremony from the comfort of her care home.

Staff at Claremont House in Beverely, where she lives, surprised her with wedding cake before raising a glass of bubbly to toast the happy couple.

What to do when your friends earn way more than you do

(Picture: Erin Aniker)

There’s lot of things that can divide friendships: split loyalties, bad taste in blokes, who dominates the WhatsApp convos.

But from my experience, it’s cash that can occasionally pull the plug on it.

Not convinced? Let me explain.

Here’s the thing: when you’re broke (and properly broke), it’s embarrassing to admit that you can’t afford phone credit or a dinner that hasn’t got one bit of nutritional content. That instead of going to the café to buy lunch, you’ve sat through an hour-lecture just to snaffle some bite-sized canapés as you’ve spent your last fiver on printing your dissertation.

While all of these experiences admittedly were at uni, my first year after graduating… Read the full story

Good news boys, you could get pregnant soon

(Picture: Getty)

If you’ve ever looked at a swollen, tired, bloated woman who’s carrying a stone of human and placenta around on the front of her body and thought ‘that looks fun’ then today is your lucky day.

The advances in artificial wombs mean that it’s probably going to become possible to grow a fetus inside a person who was not born with a womb. Exciting news for anyone who was born without a full compliment of reproductive organs, or for trans women who want to carry their own babies.

You could do it tomorrow,” he said. “There would be additional challenges, but I don’t see any obvious problem that would preclude it …… Read the full story

Storing eggs in the fridge door makes eggs go rotten faster

(Picture: Getty)

It’s an argument that’s been raging since 1913 (i.e. when the first fridge was invented).

One which has split families, couples, friends, colleagues apart.

Which foods should be kept in the fridge, and which belong in a cupboard?

Ketchup? Definitely in the fridge door.

Eggs? Definitely in the vegetable drawer at the bottom of the fridge or the kitchen sideboard.

That’s not just me saying that – actual experts are warning folk not to keep their eggs in the fridge because when kept in those inbuilt egg racks, they rotten quicker.

IMPORTANT: Nando’s is trialling a ‘game-changing’ delivery service

(Picture: Nandos)

We’ve all dreamed of eating peri-peri chicken in our pyjamas.

We’ve all wished that you could get one of that succulent halloumi and mushroom wraps delivered to our sofas.

And now, friends, those dreams are about to become a reality.

Because the chain are finally trialling a home delivery service.

Of course, they’ve been offering a takeaway service for a while now and they do deliver via Deliveroo.

But it turns out that Nando’s delivery is really bloody quick.

Starbucks’ festive campaign has a lesbian twist this year


It ain’t Christmas until Starbucks drops its festive cups.

And this year, they’ve launched an inclusive campaign to run alongside their drinking vessels.

While we’re used to seeing gender/race/sexual diversity in adverts these days, Starbucks has done something slightly different and given lesbians centre stage.

‘The cup is just the beginning,’ their ad begins, before cutting to various scenes of families – including a same-sex couple.

Two Italian restaurant owners have gone to war on Trip Advisor

(Picture: Getty)

There’s nothing we enjoy more than a gloriously rude Trip Advisor review.

Apart from a gloriously rude Trip Advisor review that starts a fight.

Let us paint you a word picture. James S, allegedly the owner of the Bella Italia chain, popped into Sugo in Altrincham, and wasn’t best pleased with the experience. He wrote on Trip Advisor:

‘Visited here early tea time last week only to be greeted by a very arrogant and scruffy member of staff called Tony who would have been under dressed for a student union party on a Monday night.

No, it’s not a ‘cute illness’: What it’s really like to live with narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is not an ‘funny’ condition (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

I bought a Fitbit recently – not to start to a new exercise regime, but to monitor my sleep.

The first night with my new toy I strapped it to my wrist, calibrated it and drifted off, excited at what insights would await me in the morning.

XX things you only know if you have narcolepsy (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler)15 things you only know if you have narcolepsy

After being in bed for eight hours and 38 minutes I checked the stats on my app to be confronted with a sobering fact.

Despite feeling… Read the full story

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