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We shouldn’t shy away from the ugly side of mental illness

Mental illness is not pretty (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

1 in 4 of us experience mental illness at some point in our lives – but its prevalence doesn’t make it an easy ride.

We have the US president tackling the ‘stigma’ of guns by blaming mass shootings on mental illness instead.

How an anxiety relapse makes you feel and what you can do about it

But the image of violent mentally ill people is untrue. According to Time to Change, the majority of violent crimes and homicides are committed by people who do not have mental health problems, yet 90%… Read the full story

Glitter cappuccinos are here in case your coffee needed some more sparkle

(Picture: Instagram/coffeebydibella)

Feel like the pumpkin spice latte you’re clutching isn’t quite capturing the true basicness of your soul?

No worries. There’s another trendy drink around that’ll tick off all the needs on your checklist. Contains caffeine, looks great for Instagram, completely pointless. Check, check, check.

Behold the glitter cappuccino.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: A cappuccino mixed with edible glitter.

The glitter cappuccino is the creation of Coffee By Di Bella, a chain of coffee shops in Mumbai, and while it’s not necessarily an original concept (we’re pretty sure people have been throwing edible glitter in their coffee for quite some time. We blame Tumblr), it’s getting loads of attention online.

Read the full story

Toubkal: How to climb Morocco’s Atlas Mountains in a weekend


I’m sitting on the roof terrace of a beautiful, historic riad just inside the walls of Marrakech’s world famous Medina.

My legs are beyond dead, my body cries out for bath and bed, my mind is blown.

Route 66 – Chicago, Illinois: Where to eat, what to see and what to do

Beyond the front door one of the planet’s most unique cities is alive with sounds, sights, and smells, and night is a chaotic scene of snake charmers, monkey handlers, spice sellers and all.

Such exoticisms are of no interest, though; the only thing I want to do is close my eyes and relive the last two days.

Along with seven other souls I now consider real friends, including our guide, this wretched body has just returned from dragging itself up and down 13,671ft of valley, hill, cliff, and mountain side, passing remote berber settlements, historic shrines, and pain thresholds along the way.

Summiting Mt.… Read the full story

Fertility ‘expert’ says that woman can’t get pregnant because having a job is ‘masculine’

(Picture: Shutterstock/ Ella Byworth)

Today in enormous, implausible, harmful statements designed to garner attention and make women panic, we’ve got Fiona Kacz-Boulton.

(Please note, that’s Fiona, not Dr Fiona).

Fiona stood up at a The Fertility Show last weekend and told women that the reason that they can’t get knocked up is because they are ‘too masculine’.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

By the way, she was there in her capacity as the leader of Awakening Fertility which claims to be able to get you pregnant if ‘IVF did not work for you’ and you ‘do not menstruate’.

Tiffany & Co is now selling a £760 tin can

(Picture: Tiffany&Co)

Oh, incredibly wealthy people. What are they like?

When they’re not spending their hard-earned (*cough* inherited *cough*) cash on £518 jeans with two waistbands and £70 leather rocks, they’re keen to decorate their houses (which they OWN) in a way that they haven’t lost touch with the common people.

The natural way to do this is to go for an industrial chic look. You know, exposed brick, wooden floors, lights with no lampshades.

And, of course, you must store your things in baked bean tins.

But as a wealthy person, you can’t just go ahead and buy a tin of baked beans. How much can they be, you… Read the full story

Fitness model claims her ‘good looks’ are stopping her from making friends

(Picture: Jane Curnow/Instagram)

You might think that all your problems would be solved if you were hot and rich.

People would be putty in your hands. You’d never have to wait to be served at a bar again. Hell, you’d never have to pay for a drink at a bar again.

But apparently, being super attractive isn’t a golden ticket to happiness.

Fitness model Jane Curnow, 51, says that her good looks have ruined her social life because so many of her female friends have become jealous of her.

‘I’ve lost many friends and always thought it was my fault. I didn’t attribute it to my looks until my 30s,’ she tells News.com.au.

‘So-called friends walked out on… Read the full story

Woman urges others to take missed periods seriously after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer

Amy, right, with a friend. (Collect/PA Real Life)

When we miss a period, most of us have a cursory pregnancy scare, followed by dismissing our worries and hoping it’ll come back next month.

But while in most cases, a delayed period isn’t a big deal, it can be a sign of something more concerning.

Take Amy Allen, whose missed periods were actually a sign of ovarian cancer.

When she was 18 and about to start a psychology degree at York St John’s University, Amy went to her doctor on the advice of her mum – who was concerned that she hadn’t had a period in six months.

Reporting missing periods and and facial hair, Amy was… Read the full story

Heart brows are probably not going to be the next big beauty trend

Picture: Instagram/trendingmediatea)

You know the drill by now.

Someone uploads a picture of a truly absurd ‘beauty trend’ to Instagram.

It gets loads of likes.

We then have to report on it just in case it becomes to next big thing… but it definitely will not become the next big thing.

It happened with squiggle brows, penis brows, and McDonald’s brows.

Now it’s the turn of heart brows.

Heart brows are, apparently, a cute little trend which involves shaving a tiny heart into the arch of your eyebrow.

It looks quite sweet, unlike the previous brow trends which required you to look absolutely ridiculous, but there are some glaring issues.

Read the full story

What is Pad Thai? Here’s a quick and easy recipe for the dish

How to make the perfect and easy Pad Thai recipe (Picture: Getty)

Pad Thai is one of the most famous Thai dishes to be found on menus around the globe.

Pad Thai, is a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and at casual local eateries in Thailand.

Artistic toddler gives his home a makeover with black paint while his mum's not looking

Google have been paying homage to Pad Thai with today’s (Tuesday, November 17) Google Doodle.

The Doodle has been influenced by a team member’s research into cooking up the best bowl of Pad Thai, showing a slide show taking… Read the full story

Artistic toddler generously gives his home an edgy makeover with some black paint

(Picture: Caters News)

Ellen Porritt is a very lucky mum.

Why? Because her two-year-old son, Zeb, is clearly an artistic genius. He has very creative ideas for interior design that are well beyond most people’s comprehension.

I mean, to me, it just looks like a bunch of black paint smeared on the floor. But Zeb must have a vision.

Ellen, 37, had gone to answer the phone. She turned her back for two minutes, and when she returned to see Zeb, she found the house had been covered in black pain.

Zeb was to blame. He’d managed to get black paint on the carpet, the sofa, the walls, and even the family dog.

‘I was working from home when… Read the full story

Nutella has sneakily changed its recipe and people are losing it

(Picture: Ferrero)

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, so says Mary Poppins.

We like to think that she’s referring to Nutella, the yummy creature comfort we escape to after a bad day.

Nutella on toast, Nutella straight from the jar – there are countless ways you can eat it.

But our Nutella days could be numbered as the popular spread has admitted to secretly changing the recipe.

The new recipe has had an increase in powdered skimmed milk and sugar – making our favourite tub of gooey goodness that bit sweeter.

The new recipe has taken powdered skimmed milk from 7.5% to 8.7%, and sugar from 55.9% to 56.3%, as confirmed by Ferrero in a… Read the full story

What is a platonic rebound – and is it really such a bad idea?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Breaking up with someone is hard.

Even when the relationship has run its course and you’re ready to move on, it’s still hard. In a long term relationship you get used to each other.

You fall into patterns and routines. It might not sound very exciting to come home on a Tuesday, eat lasagne and watch a David Attenborough documentary, and to be fair it’s not very exciting.

But it’s nice.

It’s nice and it’s safe and it’s reassuring and everything about it feels like home. So when the relationship ends and you don’t have that anymore, it’s a bit of a shock to the system.

Initially the excitement of freedom… Read the full story

Route 66 – Oklahoma to Texas: Where to eat, what to see and what to do


Route 66 is the most iconic road trip across America but its length might be off-putting to many people.

I spent three weeks on the road, driving from Chicago to Santa Monica, and I felt like I barely scratched the surface.

Route 66 – Chicago, Illinois: Where to eat, what to see and what to do

There was so much to see along the way, and somehow I always felt I was pushed for time.

Fortunately, it’s easy enough to complete the Route in stages and many people do.

If you started at the beginning, in Chicago, you will already have spent a few days on the road and discovered some of the hidden gems from Illinois to Missouri.

Well, from Oklahoma to Texas, you will get an insight into the Midwest’s cowboy culture, and that of the Native Americans, and taste some seriously good food along the way.

Tri-State Marker

Read the full story

When is the Greggs Festive Bake out in 2017? It’s all we want for Christmas!

(Picture: Greggs)

Yes presents, decorations, reindeer, trees and getting drunk every single night are all great, but we all know the best thing about Christmas is the Greggs Festive Bake.

The year-round supply of sausage rolls, steak bakes and vegetable pasties is good, but the bakery really comes into its own at this time of year with its Yuletide sensation.

ATTENTION: Greggs is giving out free festive bakes tomorrow across the UK

You have a while to get your hands on the creamy, pastry treat with Christmas still nearly seven weeks away, but if you are as excited as us, you will want to get… Read the full story

RSPCA is appealing for homes for three cat pairs who can’t bear to apart

(Picture: RSPCA)

A trio of cats has been living at the RSPCA’s Gonsal Farm centre in Shropshire for three months.

But no one seems to be in a rush to adopt them.

That might be partly down to fact that they can’t bear to be separated from their bed buds – so whoever adopts one has to be willing to take on two felines.

Lionel and Poppy, Perdi and Hilda and Lopez and Charlie have all had pretty rough starts and as such, have formed a super tight attachment to each other.

And that means finding forever homes for the pairs.

‘All of these cats have been through a hard time before coming into our care,… Read the full story

Are these the raunchiest perfume adverts ever made?


Someone once told me that perfume adverts are so weird because they’re trying to sell you something based on how it smells, without you being able to smell it.

Now, there’s no question that that’s true, but the people in charge of making the advert for Rankin’s new fragrance, S&X (it looks like it says sex!).

The fragrance is a collaboration between Rankin and award-winning perfumer Azzi Glasser. It’s a unisex fragrance and while we’re not mad at the adverts, they have gone have gone to quite a raunchy place.

Imagine, if you will, a very sexually frustrated college… Read the full story

Where is hot in February? Destinations for a winter break in the sun

(Picture: Getty)

Consider getting your loved ones, and yourself, the best Christmas present ever by having something to look forward to and going on a holiday in February.

Leave behind the underwhelming outburst of Spring in the UK for purer shores this February.

What it's like to start private therapy

Once you see the destinations we have compiled we’re sure you’ll be booking days off work and heading to the airport.

February means sun in some beautiful places in the world and we have done the work for you.

A collection of paradise isles, adventure hubs, urban gardens and city landscapes will surely tickle your fancy for… Read the full story

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday? Origins of the shopping extravaganza

We all love a bargain! (Picture: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

The Black Friday bonanza is nearly upon us and with the Oxford Street lights being turned on today, the festive season is well and truly underway.

Black Friday has outshone Boxing Day sales in recent years and savvy shoppers have been hunting for new deals ahead of Christmas.

RSPCA is appealing for homes for three cat pairs who can't bear to apart

Black Friday 2017 is only weeks away with thousands of items going on sale at cut prices online and in stores.

While sales have soared in the last few years… Read the full story

5 times I was incredibly rude to people as a result of my social anxiety

XX things you only know if you're easily annoyed Liberty-Antonia-Sadler_Metro
Once, I told a stranger to f*** off (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Anxiety has changed me.

I used to love meeting new people, drinking all night and making new best friends in the ladies’ bathroom at the student union.

Anxiety makes it difficult to make friends and it can be even harder to keep them

Nowadays, I can happily go for days without interacting with real life humans.

I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to the party girl I used to be because I don’t think anxiety will let me.

These days, when… Read the full story

Woman blinded by acid attack finds love from her hospital bed

(Picture: Niraj Gera/Caters News)

Pramodini Rual, who’s known as Rani to her friends and family, was just fifteen years old when a paramilitary soldier threw acid into her face, melting her skin and blinding her in both eyes – simple because she had turned down his marriage proposal.

Rani had been returning from home after an exam with her cousin when the 28-year-old man cycled biked past and doused her with acid.

She spent four months in ICU, and had to remain in bed for four years afterwards, looked after by her widowed mother.

She’s gone through five reconstructive surgeries, one of which restored partial vision to her left eye, and has been in physical… Read the full story

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