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Bride reveals how she developed vitiligo months before her big day due to stress

(Picture: SWNS)

A bride has revealed how she was left in tears after developing a pigmentation disorder just months before her wedding.

Kandice Benford believes that her vitiligo was triggered by the stress of planning her big day.

She first noticed white spots on her hands when she was at college years ago but she says that she didn’t really care about it at the time because she only had a few blotches.

It was only when she turned 30 that the disease started to spread rapidly.

While Kandice was juggling work and wedding planning, her husband fell ill and she had to worry about his health too.

‘I think stress triggered it. Because I got stressed, I… Read the full story

What is COPD? Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

(Picture: Getty)

This month is all about raising awareness of a lung condition called COPD.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease isn’t curable but can be easily prevented – by encouraging people not to smoke.

It is one of the world’s biggest killers with around 11 million people thought to be affected by it. It is also the third biggest killer in the United States.

And unlike many other conditions that number is increasing rather than slowing down, primarily because there are thousands of people who aren’t even aware they have the condition.

Here is everything you need to know.

What is COPD?

Greggs is giving out free festive bakes tomorrow across the UK

(Picture: Greggs)

The days are getting colder, the mornings are getting darker and coffee chains have started releasing novelty cups.

It can only mean one thing: the festive season is almost upon us (at least for retail purposes)

And to mark the occasion, Greggs is going to be handing out 1,200 free festive bakes tomorrow across the country.

Yep, on Wednesday 8 November, the pasty giants will be dishing out everyone’s favourite chrimbo pastries at various locations around the UK for free, until stocks run out.

It’s ahead of them going on sale nationwide on Thursday for £1.50.

If you want one, all you’ve got to do is rock up and ask for one – simple as that.

The… Read the full story

Unusual places to stay: This is what it’s like to sleep at The Shard

My hotel for the night (Picture: Getty)

There’s something inherently mischievous about sleeping somewhere not quite fit for purpose.

As a Girl Guide it was the patrol hall in sleeping bags – practice for camp.

As a teen it was friends’ living room floors, talking over Clueless and raiding the drinks cabinet.

Even naps in far-flung neon-lit airports between flights, rucksack for pillow and coat for a blanket have an a inherent sense of adventure.

So when I was invited to sleep at The Shard I was hardly going to say no.

And, sure, the views weren’t bad either – especially as I went on Bonfire Night.

The event was organised by Booking.com as a way of highlighting their range… Read the full story

Architects design amazing dream homes for cats

(Picture: Meghan Bob Photography)

Cats deserve more than just a standard basket.

They’re much too elegant to live in little wooden sheds or plastic boxes.

They deserve a home that lives up to their brilliance – an elegant mini apartment, for example, or a fancy teepee.

13 architects understand this. They understand that cats won’t settle for anything less than spectacular. And so, as part of the annual Giving Shelter fundraiser for FixNation, they designed 13 super fancy shelters for cats in need.

Each design will be auctioned online to raise money for the Architects for Animals charity, which will go towards spaying and neutering services for feral, abandoned, and stray cats.

Take a look at the… Read the full story

Having grown up with money, I’m worried I won’t be able to give my kids what I had

(Picture: Getty)

I won’t lie, I had an amazing childhood.

Some of what made my childhood great was the love, being close in age with my siblings and having parents who cared more if we were happy and kind than wildly successful.

Another part of what made it great was having money. Or rather, the freedom that money provides.

It’s tacky to talk about money, and I don’t love doing it, but the truth is, I had an incredibly privileged upbringing. We went on divine holidays, had a gorgeous house and the idea of not being able to do something (within reason – we’re talking going out for lunch not buying a plane) because of… Read the full story

Please stop chuffing coke if you genuinely care about the planet

(Picture: Getty)

The plant-based world can be a pretty holier-than-thou place.

It’s full of people who think they’re doing more for the planet than everyone else.

They’re annoying because generally, they’re right. They are doing more for reducing CO2 emissions than anyone else – even if you do exclusively light your house with candles and ride a bike.

You often also come across non-drinking vegans who drink very little for both health and ethical reasons (a lot of alcohol isn’t vegan).

But while they might pass on the red wine and sausages, there are a number of vegans who still take coke.

And that’s the one thing that’s holding back their dreams… Read the full story

We need to talk about financial abuse


When you’re in a relationship, you’re bound to give up some bad habits. Maybe it’s your dreadful Netflix choices, your grotty pyjamas, or your penchant for microwaved dinners.

But what you don’t expect is to give up your money.

But for Alex*, a 40-year-old woman from London, that’s exactly what happened. Her experience is one of financial abuse and control – and it’s more common than you might think.

‘In quite a short space of time I had gone from an independent woman in my thirties with a career, a business, a car and a home to having none of those things,’ Alex tells Metro.co.uk, ‘And without understanding why and how I got to that position over a period of two years.’

She recalls her partner unpicking her financial independence as a ‘slow and subtle’ process: ‘It wasn’t all in a big rush. If it had been I would have been able to see what was happening.’

It began with her partner questioning how she… Read the full story

Halfords Black Friday deals are already here, these are the best so far

(Picture: Getty)

Halford’s is gearing up for Black Friday with a host of amazing deals on their biggest hardware for the start of the festive shopping period.

Dear vegans, stop chuffing coke if you genuinely care about the planet

The car equipment and bicycle retailer will be having a countdown deals series for the whole month of November leading up to Black Friday.

From November 2 to Black Friday, November 24, Halfords will be pulling out all the stops to make sure they have the best value on offer all the way up until ‘Cyber week’ on the first week of December.

Halford’s Black Friday countdown… Read the full story

Byron is launching a burger that’s absolutely smothered with cheese


We’ve had prosecco flavoured pink cheese and even cheese tea.

And now, Byron, the burger company you may remember as that one that ‘helped the Home Office deport workers’, has paid homage to our love of all things fromage by launching what they’re calling the UK’s cheesiest burger.

The Fromagemas is constructed using 10 layers of cheese made by Barber’s, the oldest cheddar-makers in the world, layered on top of a 6oz hamburger.

Those layers of cheese include cheddar, red Leicester, and crispy Grana Padano.

Oh, and it comes with a… Read the full story

London’s first peanut butter fondue bar is coming and boy are we ready

(Picture: Whole Earth)

There’s nothing more delicious, more versatile, more comforting than nut butter.

You can dollop it in porridge. Spread it on toast. Smear it on apples.

And now – brace yourself – you can have a nut butter fondue.

Yep, Whole Earth are bringing a peanut butter fondue bar to London in a couple of weeks and it sounds like heaven.

Taking place over two days, they’ll be giving fans the chance to take part in a two-hour nut butter fondue extravaganza where they’ll be able to try both sweet and savoury options.

Instagram Photo

And on departure, diners will leave with all the info needed to recreate… Read the full story

11 reasons why you should always let a man pay on a first date

Manners, innit. (Picture: Getty)

Who should pay on a first date is a bit of a modern-day conundrum.

People differ dramatically in their view towards it, but, generally speaking, there are two types of people in the world – those who think the man should pick up the tab on a first date and those who think the idea of a man paying is outdated.

METRO GRAPHICSShould you have sex on a first date? Our writers argue it out

Should a bloke pay for you on a first date? Yes.

Should you be offended if a man wants to pay on a first date? Absolutely not.

Still confused? Here… Read the full story

Wiggle Black Friday deals are already here on cycling and fitness gear – here are the best

Wiggle have a host of fantastic products for Black Friday (Picture: Wiggle)

Wiggle has released the first of its Black Friday deals with more in the lead up to the annual event.

Wiggle is a huge cycling chain that has now branched out into not just stocking kit for cyclists but also for runners, swimmers and triathletes.

They have an array of fantastic deals for all cycling and fitness enthusiasts out there.

Here is our pick of the best:

Garmin Edge 1000 GPS Cycle Computer, was £499.99 now £275.00

Metro’s A to Z of fetishes: T is for telephones, tickles and being trampled underfoot

metro illustrations
Tentacle fetish perhaps? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We’re now in the closing stages of our erotic adventures, delving into the A-Z of sexual fetishes.

This episode is dedicated to all things beginning with the letter T: the tickles, transformations and telephones that for some people are intensely erotic.

metro illustrationsMetro’s A to Z of fetishes: S is for… pretty much everything imaginable

We’ll also discover some of the more dangerous fetishes around, and tell you the truth about a trashy 80s cop show.

Here are some of the sexual terms that you may find yourself associating with T from now on:

1. Taphephilia

There… Read the full story

People are conflicted over these antidepressant cushions

(Picture: Jonathan Adler/Instagram/Getty)

We’re not sure how to feel about these.

Interior designer Jonathan Adler has found himself in the midst of some backlash, after revealing some new designs on Instagram.

Those designs were pillows made to look like different medications – including antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills Prozac, Xanax, and Quaalude.

The designer shared the pillows on Instagram with the words: ‘Prescribed chill’.

And pretty quickly, the comments section was divided.

Some declared that the designs were glamourising medication dependency and neglecting to take mental health issues seriously.

‘Such poor taste… disappointed in you,’ wrote one commenter, while others said that having taken Prozac, they found the pillows’ design upsetting.

Others, however, are fans. They’re of the school of… Read the full story

Advert in Glamour has been banned for featuring an ‘unhealthily thin’ model

(Picture: SWNS)

An advert for a travel magazine featured in Glamour has been banned after being branded ‘socially irresponsible’ by watchdogs.

The campaign shows an ultra skinny model posing on beach, supposedly advertising Conde Nast Traveller.

The Postcard Of The Day advert was apparently designed to persuade people to check the travel mag (which is part of the same publishing house as Glamour) out online.

An investigation was launched by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after they received one lone complaint back in June.

Conde Nast Traveller bosses claimed the model was ‘naturally slim’ and ‘in proportion’ while there were ‘no protruding bones’.

But the ASA disagreed and has banned the ad from appearing again.

And it’s also warned Conde… Read the full story

Missguided isn’t editing out models’ stretch marks

(Picture: Missguided)

Missguided has stopped editing out models’ stretch marks, and we are bloody well here for it.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with stretch marks and cellulite. Most women have one or both (cellulite affects 90% of women, FYI), so it is, in fact, the norm.

And yet we’re made to feel rubbish about very normal parts of our bodies by the total absence of stretch marks and cellulite on all the bodies we see in adverts and in the pages of glossy magazines.

Seriously, open up a magazine or scroll through a clothing website and play a game of ‘spot the cellulite’. It’s tough.

Perfectly smooth, sculpted bodies have been made the industry norm (even… Read the full story

People are offended by period themed drawings put up on the Stockholm subway

(Picture: @endolanguage)

A handy thing to know about periods: There’s nothing weird, gross, or wrong about them.

Loads of people have periods for a significant portion of their lives. Right now, you may be sitting just a few metres from someone currently on their period. Heck, you’re reading words typed by someone who’s menstruating right at this moment.

Periods are nothing to be scared of, and talking about them is perfectly normal because, well, they’re just part of the human body.

All of this may seem quite obvious. And yet, there remain in this world people who are so deeply offended by periods that they’d complain about artwork depicting period stains. Weird, huh?

If you happen to… Read the full story

If you can’t have a cat, be like Nick and cuddle every random feline you meet

(Picture: ncanning2014/Instagram)

Aside from the amount of money you throw at landlords every month, the worst thing about renting is not being able to have a pet.

So many apartments would be improved by a cat jungle gym or a little hanging basket – and yet, they don’t allow you to have a cat.

It’s ridiculous. Unreasonable. Man was made to live with animals.

But one bloke, Nick, hasn’t let his domestic situation stop him from having as much contact with cats as possible.

He’s been going around cuddling and taking a picture with every random cat he meets.

And he’s turned to Instagram to raise awareness of cat adoption.

‘As a healthcare professional at a local hospital, working… Read the full story

Meet Quimera, the cat who has two completely different sides to her face

(Picture: gata/quimera/Instagram)

This is Quimera.

She’s a chimera cat – i.e those felines whose faces are split into two different colours, including their eyes.

Quimera’s face is perfectly divided into one amber-fur-and-green-eye half, and another all-black-and-blue-eye half.

But the division doesn’t stop at her face.

It continues down her chest and front legs, where the colouring changes to be the exact opposite of her face.

Despite her beautifully odd appearance, Quimera has no idea what she looks like.

In fact, no chimera cats do.

What are chimera cats?

According to Geekologie:

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