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New study shows that adult colouring helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression

Colouring has been proven to be good for your mental health (Picture: Getty)

Adult colouring books blew up in a big way a couple of years ago.

While just a few years ago you’d have raised an eyebrow if you saw a grown adult colouring in cocks on the train, back in 2015 it became the norm – so much so that the UK suffered a shortage of colouring pencils because of our new favourite hobby.

Colouring in was said to be a great mindfulness tool to help you pause life and enjoy the moment, but researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand have now found that… Read the full story

It’s 2017 and women are still getting grief for throwing their used tampons in the bin


metro graphics tampons periods

By the time you’re in your twenties, you’ve been experiencing the joys of menstruation for around a decade. 

So most of us, by that point, have got it down.

We understand that sobbing over adverts we’ve watched or a sad looking dog we saw on the street is normal. We know that our bodies might need a little extra sugar to get through, and we’ve probably even reached the level of maturity that we’re keeping a spare tampon or pad in our bag for emergencies.

We’re also perfectly competent in disposing of our used sanitary wear.

If you don’t have periods then you might not know that disposing of tampons and pads is A Thing.

Tampons can sometimes go down the loo and be flushed, but that’s bad for the environment and can block up the pipes, so you’re supposed to throw them in the bin.… Read the full story

Sainsbury’s is introducing dementia-friendly toilets in all of its stores

Sainsbury's is introducing dementia-friendly toilets to all of its stores
The exit signs will help dementia sufferers find their way back out (Picture: SWNS)

Sainsbury’s is set to install dementia-friendly signs into all of its stores’ toilets following a campaign by a woman whose late husband suffered from Alzheimer’s.

Angela Clayton-Turner launched the scheme to help people with dementia find their way out of loos after witnessing how hard it was for her husband Ted to remember where the exit was.

Ted died at the age of 75 after battling with Alzheimer’s for the last 18 years of his life.

Angela co-wrote an essay, published in The Lancet medical journal back in August, highlighting how difficult… Read the full story

Where to buy Fingerlings in the UK – the best deals for the cute monkies and unicorns

Meet some of the Fingerlings (Picture: fingerlings.wowwee.com)

Fingerlings are the latest toy trends for kids and are set to be extremely popular this Christmas.

They promise children ‘friendship’ at their fingertips and react to sound, motion and touch, with over 50 animations to let you know how they feel.

metro graphics tampons periodsPeople are grossed out by women using bins for their used tampons

Fingerlings are small toy pets and will be a staple for kids this Christmas, although stocks are limited.

They are priced at £14.99, requiring four button cell batteries and are designed for kids aged five years and over. They are not… Read the full story

A gingerbread hotel is here and it’s glorious

(Picture: The Dorchester)

If you’ve ever had recurring fantasies about about entering a gingerbread hotel, you’re in luck.

The Dorchester’s Sweet Emporium & Gingerbread Hotel has made a comeback, as a gingerbread replica of the hotel.

This year, it will feature two life-sized soldier nutcracker soldiers to welcome children (and er, adults looking for a nostalgia hit).

The magical Sweet Emporium is situated in the lobby of the hotel and people (read: us) can peck on classic English sweets including candy canes, giant twirl lollipops, and flying saucers. Yum.

The hotel are a big fan of traditions with a touch of sugar – over the summer, they created the Ice Cream Champagne Afternoon Tea.

Read the full story

10 health issues linked with IBD that you probably didn’t know about

10 symptoms of IBD most people don't realise exist
It’s definitely not just about our bowels (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

There’s no denying that there’s much more awareness around Inflammatory Bowel Disease than there used to be.

With celebrities opening up about their life with the disease and more being written about it than ever before, it’s great to see this condition being acknowledged.

10 thoughts everybody has when they’re diagnosed with IBD

Yet despite this, most of the articles tend to focus on the obvious: a list of symptoms that don’t go far beyond our toilet trips.

Don’t get me wrong, having IBD often means… Read the full story

7 reasons Finchley is a great place to live

Such a cultured place (Picture: Getty/Metro)

Finchley – North, East and Central – is perfectly placed in the middle of North London, in among some of the greatest areas north of the river.

7 reasons why north London is better than south London

Whether it’s friendly Thai food, geeky fun, long walks or a pub quiz, Finchley has it covered.

It’s conveniently close to central London, while still feeling like it has an identity of its own, while also being close to some stunning countryside. Perfect!

Oh, and George Michael was born here, so… that automatically makes Finchley the best, right?

Easy commute

Living in zone three or… Read the full story

Asda is now selling camel milk

(Picture: Asda/metro.co.uk)

It’s okay if the donkey milk, almond milk, or oat milk trend passed you by.

If you’re really keen to ride the trendy dairy train, you’ve got just enough time to hop on camel milk.

Camel milk is not a new thing by any means – it’s been consumed in North Africa and the Middle East for years – but now, it’s finally available in the UK, as Asda’s just started selling the stuff.

When a mainstream supermarket sells a new type of milk, you know it’s going to become a fully-fledged trend.

Camelicious, a brand owned by the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is… Read the full story

Mum shares how her ten year sex addiction almost ruined her life

(Picture: Caters News)

Monique Price believes she has had sex more than 1,000 times with more than 100 sexual partners.

She’s not bragging about her excellent dating skills, though. Monique describes herself as a sex addict, and says that her obsession with sex almost ruined her life.

Monique’s addiction began when she first had sex at age 14. At 15 she engaged in group sex with multiple men, pretending she was 18 so she could be involved.

When she went to her GP about what she described as ‘uncontrollable urges’, she was told she was just experiencing teenage hormones.

From that first sexual experience, Monique began regularly meeting older men online and lying about her age… Read the full story

Christmas 2017: When and where you can see the sparkliest Christmas lights this year in London

When and where to see the best Christmas lights in London
When and where to see the best Christmas lights in London (Picture: Getty)

The West End is traditionally the place to go to see the Christmas lights in London and this year is no exception with stunning displays planned on Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, Seven Dials and more.

13 of the best Christmas TV ads of all time

However, there are other beautiful, sparkly festive displays to see across London, including historic houses, town centres and even Kew Gardens.

Here are 13 places where you can see gorgeous Christmas lights this year in London:

Read the full story

Rejoice, for there is now a Man’s Not Hot Christmas jumper

(Picture: Getty/teespring/metro.co.uk)

For anyone who is not aware of ‘man’s not hot’, here’s a very brief explanation.

There is a man named Michael Dapaah who has a comedy series called #SWIL, in which he plays rappers called MC Quakez and Big Shaq (or Roadman Shaq).

As these rappers, he has a song. It’s called Man’s Not Hot and it is gloriously ridiculous.

Some key lyrics from Man’s Not Hot include ‘the ting goes skrrrr pap pap’ and ‘the girl told me, “take off my jacket”, I said “babes, man’s not hot’.

Look, it’s weird to explain so just watch the music video.

Anyway, that video, as well as Read the full story

Why lunchtime coffee dates are everything that is wrong with modern dating

The joys of a lunchtime coffee date (Picture: Getty)

Recently I met a guy on Tinder.

After some initial Tinder dialogue, we moved onto Whatsapp, second base, as it were, to arrange a potential meet up.

He suggested a lunchtime coffee. I don’t drink coffee, which he wasn’t to know, so, after highlighting this, he suggested a tea.

So far, so good, you’d think.

Except it’s not.

METRO GRAPHICSShould you have sex on a first date? Our writers argue it out

Because, here’s the thing with a lunchtime coffee date. I understand that dating is a numbers game and that you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs (or… Read the full story

Is getting HD Brows worth the faff?

Would you like high definition brows? Would you? (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

I have never let anyone touch my brows.

I went from having, dark, slug brows as a child, to becoming a member/victim of the ‘Early 00s overplucking club’.

I was so paranoid about looking like Helga from Hey Arnold! that I over-tweezed between my brows to get rid of a (non-existent) monobrow and those crucial hairs never grew back.

I ended up with super fetch tadpole brows, so have been growing them back ever since.

I’m so afraid of anyone taking too much off my brows that I’ve never allowed a professional near them, and have just tweezed them myself.

I remember being in… Read the full story

Guy gets pranked with fake trip to the Maldives after losing his driving licence

(Picture: Twitter)

After William Armstrong lost his driving licence on a night out, he was lucky enough to have it sent back to his home address after it was found on the streets of Cheltenham.

Except, the people returning it didn’t just forward it with a note.

Instead, they decided to pull a prank on William – and we’re sure it’ll be enough to encourage him to look after his belongings in the future.

Staff at Flight Centre found the licence outside their store the morning after William’s night out, and decided to have some fun at his expense.

The Flight Centre team mocked up a travel itinerary for a first-class trip to the Maldives, with… Read the full story

13 handy ways to stop spending so much money on clothes

(Picture: Getty Images – Myles Goode)

Years ago, I used to hide shopping parcels with the same effort that people smuggle Class As.

Years on, I’d like to think of myself as a recovered shopaholic but the reality is, clothes are still my Achilles heel.

But for all the Becky Bloomwoods out there, it IS doable to spend less money on clothes. How you ask? Well, we have you covered…

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Need another reminder? Unsubscribe. You won’t be constantly reminded about all the ‘new’ stuff that you *really* don’t need.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have way too many tabs open to even bother opening so save yourself the hassle (and your pennies).

Don’t save your… Read the full story

Can we please stop treating mental illness like it has a one size fits all solution?

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Mental illness is complex.

Mental illness affects one in four people in the UK – meaning at least a few people you know live with a mental illness.

But those people are not all experiencing the same thing. We need to stop talking about mental health issues as one mass of problems with one cure-all fix.

Ways of treating and helping each person will be different.

As someone who lives with both bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder – which share similar symptoms but are totally different – I know firsthand what it’s like to have to treat two disorders differently.

Bipolar disorder is usually treated with medication, while borderline personality disorder is… Read the full story

Model student says she was sent home from school for wearing an ‘inappropriate’ outfit

(Picture: EmilyofArdalan)

We live in a world where a young woman can have her access to education removed if a teacher doesn’t like her outfit. 

That’s what happened Emily, a pupil and YouTuber, says happened to her today.

Despite being an exemplary young woman, she says she was sent home from school and deprived of her access to education because she’s wearing a skirt.

It shouldn’t matter what Emily was wearing when this happened to her, but for context, this is the outfit that Emily was wearing when she was sent home from school today.

We’re struggling to see anything inappropriate about it.

When is the Southbank Christmas Market open, where is it and what will be on?

The Southbank Centre Christmas Market will be opening again soon (Picture: Getty)

The Oxford Street lights are on, the John Lewis advert will be released soon and the Wintertime at Southbank Centre will be opening again.

Christmas is coming and there’s nothing better to get into the festive mood than by visiting Southbank’s premier winter attraction.

Model student says she was sent home from school for wearing an 'inappropriate' outfit

What is there to do?

There is a host of activities and festivities on offer including the Southbank Centre Wintertime Market.

In total, there will be 50 wooden chalets that will make up the market this year, which… Read the full story

It’s 2017 and your ‘I’m so annoyed’ Facebook statuses are still really annoying

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

People who bring their drama to the Facebook newsfeed with an ‘I’m so annoyed/angry/upset/confused’ are the actual worst.

There, I said it.

This isn’t a new complaint. People have been bashing this practice for years. And yet in 2017, people are still doing the ‘ughhh everything is the worst’ status. It’s maddening.

I am sick of logging onto my social media only to see a status from someone I hardly knew in school telling us all how enraged they are – but with no explanation of why they feel this way.

Cue an influx of ‘inbox me hun xx’ from people who also barely know this person, but are desperate for… Read the full story

We want to hibernate in Primark’s Friends themed pyjamas all winter


Primark has released some new Friends themed loungewear and we’re so ready to snuggle up in them all through winter.

The fashion brand shared a photo of their new pyjamas to Instagram three days ago, and the post has already received over 100,000 likes from Friends-lovers all over.

People have been tagging their friends left, right and centre in excitement over the new loungewear – saying they absolutely ‘need’ these pjs in their life.

And we’d have to agree.

The grey pyjamas, which are made up of a comfy looking pyjama top and some tracksuit bottoms, feature the Central Perk coffee shop logo, alongside the words ‘But first, coffee’.

Instagram Photo

They follow a festive theme, with reds and greens decorating both the top and bottoms.

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