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12 things you definitely took for granted before having your first child

metro illustrations
It’s definitely not just the tiredness (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

New mothers will be all too familiar with the horror stories of hideous post-natal recovery, sleepless nights, endless crying, swollen boobs and never having any time for yourself.

Fully informed parents will have prepared themselves for the worst.

What are ‘Mum Friends’?

But what about the odd things you’ll have completely overlooked, the little parts of your day and yourself that you’ve always taken as a given and the things that you’ve taken for granted?

Well, believe me, as soon as you’ve given birth, you will have plenty of things you wish you… Read the full story

Freckle tattoos in the shape of your astrological sign might be the next big beauty trend

constellation astrological freckle tattoo
Picture: Instagram/magickbrows)

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that while those with freckles will go through periods of hating their speckled skin, people without freckles will always think they’re the best thing ever.

That’s why temporary freckles, freckle pens, and even freckle tattoos have become so big.

But once a trend appears, it has to move forwards. Otherwise it dies, like a shark. We think.

And so freckle tattoos are still around, and are still a thing, but the next big thing is paying special attention to the location of the freckles you get inked on your face.

No more random smattering of speckles across the bridge of… Read the full story

Student poses for topless photoshoot after a mastectomy to celebrate slaying breast cancer


Can we please take a moment for the general badassery of Jessica Florence?

Last week she was given the all clear after a three year battle against breast cancer. She celebrated with a topless photoshoot.

The aspiring architect said she discovered small lumps in her right breast in 2014, and was eventually diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.

After months of chemotherapy she had to undergo a mastectomy, then radiotherapy, then breast reconstruction.

‘I started treatment in June 2016 and had six rounds of chemotherapy in six months,’ Jessica says.

‘Every three weeks I would go to hospital. I had to move home and give up college.

‘I had a list of symptoms that… Read the full story

When should you get rid of the stroller? And how do you do it?

kid with stroller
Go it at your own pace (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

I recently saw a hilarious video of a toddler literally taking his pushchair for a walk – he was strapped in and walking around with the pushchair on his back like a rucksack.

A part of me laughed while watching it, but another part recognised a very real and serious question for many parents: When is it time to pack up the pushchair?

How I potty-trained my child at 18 months old

For the child in the video, I’d say that time had come and gone. But for most parents, it’s a lot… Read the full story

Taxi driver spends 30 years photographing people getting rides in New York City


When Ryan Weideman arrived in New York, he was filled with heady dreams of becoming a street photographer.

But, well, he needed to pay his rent. So Ryan became a taxi driver.

He didn’t give up on the photography thing, though. He’d graduated with an MFA from the California College of Arts & Crafts, and, like many of us, he didn’t want his education to go to waste.

A solution struck him – a way to work as a photographer and make money as a taxi driver. He’d capture the people he drove around in his taxi, from bankers to drag queens.

That was in 1980. Ryan continued to do that for thirty years, working the 5pm to 5am shift so he could document the night-life of New York City.

The resulting photo series, In My Taxi, captures how New York changed from the eighties, through grungey nineties, to the early noughties.

Women are more likely to cheat between six and ten years into marriage

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Look, we don’t want to ramp up fear and make you an insecure wreck.

If you suspect your partner is cheating, that’s an issue. There’s clearly a lack of trust there.

So a study suggesting a specific window of time in which people are more likely to cheat shouldn’t really have an impact on how you feel. If there’s trouble brewing in your relationship, you need to work on it – no matter how long you’ve been together.

Okay, now we’ve got that bit sorted on to a new bit of research that suggests a window of time people are more likely to cheat on their significant others.

A study… Read the full story

20 Christmas gifts your dad will actually want

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

Dads are tricky to buy for. Do they really need a new gadget or can we get away with getting a backpack?

And what do you get someone who already has everything anyway? It’s any wonder for most of us, it’s a (very) last-minute affair.

But before you end up with only a pair of Halloween socks or a golf ball left to wrap, we’ve got you covered. From monogrammed card holders, grown-up games and even a marble chess set, here are our pick of Dad-approved gifts…

1. T2 Traveller, T2£34

Plus-size model recreates Victoria’s Secret adverts because ‘it ain’t happening in real life’

victorias secret plus-size version tabria majors
Picture: Instagram/TabriaMajors)

In all the years the Victoria’s Secret runway show has been going, you may have noticed something buried among the sparkly bras and angel wings: the complete lack of models who aren’t super slim.

That’s not for lack of demand.

Ashley Graham has repeatedly called for Victoria’s Secret to hire a plus-size model for their show. Aerie has proven that hiring a diverse range of bodies works to sell underwear. Customers have questioned why Victoria’s Secret doesn’t seem keen to hire models who represent a wide range of body types.

And yet, still nothing.

As model Tabria Majors puts it, ‘it ain’t happening’.

So… Read the full story

Women are happy being single because they have to put so much effort into relationships, suggests research

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

In news that will surprise very few people, research suggests that women are tired of men’s bullsh*t.

We’re paraphrasing. What research actually suggests is that women are happy being single and aren’t that bothered about getting coupled up – because relationships require loads of work from them, not their male partners.

Consumer analysts Mintel carried out a survey that found that 61% of single women are happy being single, compared to 49% of single men.

The data also shows that 75% of single women have not actively looked for a relationship in the last year – suggesting they’re really not making any effort to stop being single – versus 65%… Read the full story

Someone’s made a pheromone-packed beard oil to help you get laid

(Picture: mobros.co.uk / Myles Goode)

Beards are divisive.

Some people find them deeply erotic, others can’t get the idea of little bits of poo hidden in facial hair out of their heads.

But if you are a beard-lover, you’ll likely have one request: It’d be nice if making out with a dude with a beard didn’t feel like smushing your face against steel wool.

That’s where beard oil comes in. Since the beardy resurgeance, loads of brands have hopped on the beard oil train, offering men all kinds of balms and lotions to keep their facial hair silky soft.

For that, those who have to put their faces near said… Read the full story

I wanted to work but 250 employers couldn’t see past my visual impairment

(Picture: Getty)

When I was 13, I lost the vast majority of my sight to a rare genetic disorder.

I’m now registered blind and I have an amazing guide dog called Goldie.

This didn’t stop me from living my life and I graduated with a 2:1 in Theology.

Then I began what turned out to be a long and difficult job hunt.

I’d done loads of volunteering and I was under the illusion that with a good degree and lots of experience, I would find a job pretty easily.

This is what it's like to date when you're blind

This couldn’t have been further from the truth.

I said that I was… Read the full story

What NOT to say to a friend who has suffered an early miscarriage

Be supportive – not insensitive (Picture: Getty – Metro.co.uk)

Finding the right words to say to someone who has lost a baby can be incredibly difficult.

What do you say to someone going through such a tough time – especially if you have never experienced it yourself?

During various chats with friends who had sadly all experienced early pregnancy loss, it became clear that while some people prefer not to speak about it at all, others tend to say the wrong thing.

25 things that will make everyone who feels the cold say ‘same’

The friend or relative more than likely were well meaning and did not mean to… Read the full story

12 gorgeous gifts that new mums will love this Christmas

Christmas gifts for new mums
Give mum something for herself this Christmas (Picture: Getty)

When you’ve just had a baby you’ll receive tons of presents – but most of them are for the baby. Us mums love the tiny little outfits, cute cuddly toys and baby books of course but when it comes to Christmas it’s nice to get something just for yourself.

14 practical things to do when you find out you're pregnant

Life might not be quite the same as normal while there’s a small baby in the family and a little bit of pampering, coffee – or perhaps some under eye concealer… Read the full story

What to do when your ex gets with someone new

(Illustration: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

It’s always soul-destroying when you see your ex has moved on.

Regardless of whether you broke it off or if you’d completely stopped thinking about them, there’s still that irrational sting that comes with feeling like you have now been replaced.

This happened to me not long ago, and it’s safe to say I acted like a total tool. Despite the fact that I’d left things with him because I wasn’t ready for a relationship, I became super jealous seeing him with someone else.

He deserved to be happy, and I genuinely wanted the best for them, but as soon as an Insta post popped up of them together, I… Read the full story

Gin recipe video – here’s how to make your own Christmas spirit


What do you get the gin lover that has everything?

Why, these bottles of homemade festive gin, that’s what.

They are super easy to throw together, they’re basically boozy snow globes that are easily customisable and, what’s more, they make the prettiest G&Ts around.

So, if you fancy getting in the festive spirit it’s time to give these a go.

Start making them now to let all the ingredients infuse nicely.

Obviously you’ll need to keep a few ‘test’ bottles for yourself as well.

Also, if you fancy making some gin from scratch, try my recipe here.



A few fresh… Read the full story

Britain’s best no-judgement hair salons

(Picture: Tuttii Fruittii Salon Deptford)

While a lot of the world feels like one giant boys’ club, salons often feel like the opposite – a bit too much of a girls’ club.

Not the girl gang type where all are welcome and you feel free to be yourself.

More like a clique that only allows a ‘certain type’ of person. Images on the walls are often all tall, thin, white women, and unless your personal style fits within a particular frame, you’re probably not going to leave with a cut you’re happy with.

I’ve never been one of those people who are perfectly primped and blow-dried. My hair is more like Kurt Cobain’s if he was… Read the full story

I’m 39 and single – why is it so hard for people to believe I’m happy?

(Picture: mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

I was at an event recently and bumped into someone I’d not seen for a few months.

‘I was so sorry to hear about your break up,’ she said, in what was possibly the most sickly sweet voice ever. ‘Are you okay?’

‘Yes, I’m good thanks!’ I said.

‘I do feel for you,’ she continued, ‘but you mustn’t worry, you’re a lovely girl and you will meet someone new I’m sure.’

Then she launched into a story about how she had been pursued by her current husband, until she was powerless to resist.

‘I mean yes,’ she said ‘there are a lot of things I miss about living on my own, but that’s… Read the full story

Should retail workers with depression be expected to fake being happy at work?

(Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

When I’m having a depressive episode, everything is a chore.

Small tasks such as showering, doing laundry or even answering a text message from my mum are too much to deal with.

6 mistakes I made when I went back to work after a mental health breakdown

I’m currently going through a really bad spell, and one of the hardest things for me to do right now is put on a smile for customers at work.

I serve lunch to office workers looking for a quick bite to eat and a welcome break from staring at a screen all morning,… Read the full story

Christmas presents for different stages of your relationship

(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Gift-giving is my favourite part of Christmas. That is unless I’ve got someone a much smaller/larger gift than they’ve gotten me.

This is especially obvious when you’re in a relationship. Unless you expressly lay down a budget limit, there will usually be one partner who overbuys and one who’s left red-faced.

The best way to steer clear of this is obviously to have that budget chat. But that can take the romance out of it all, and can be a bit too heavy if you’re early on in the relationship.

So, instead take the easy way out with some safe bets regardless of how long you’ve been together.

Not official

If… Read the full story

Why I don’t identify as being a feminist

Not my feminism (Picture: Getty)

You’d struggle to meet a woman who didn’t agree with equal rights today.

However, recent studies would suggest that, despite this, a vast number of women don’t identify as being a feminist.

And I’m one of them.

Modern-day feminism, also known as fourth-wave feminism, has taken a different path to one that I can relate to and currently feels less about equality and more about shouting down all men and picking arguments that belittle the bigger picture.

Whilst I recognize that there are plenty of genuine, very real and very serious cases of sexual harassment, the fact that, according to a recent YouGov poll, 28% of 18 -24-year-olds consider a wink… Read the full story

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