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Don’t bother watching these tiny siblings hugging unless you’ve got some tissues ready

(Picture: godivachocolate_/Instagram)

I don’t know about you, but the last time I hugged my sister was probably in about 2003.

You see, children are much purer than adults. They’re way more demonstrative and loving.

Just take this pair, for example.

Verlonda Jackson uploaded a video of her daughter Ava, 3, and her son Tariq, 5, running towards each other as he returned from school.

Although they fight like every pair of siblings, every single day at 4.04pm, Ava is there to greet her brother.

‘They call each other names and dole out insults like “you’re a butt” and “no YOU’RE a butt”,’ writes Verlonda.

‘Sometimes the fighting makes me want to scream or cry, or both. I… Read the full story

Baroque-inspired portraits of black girls highlight the beauty of natural hair

(Picture: creativesoulphoto/Instagram)

Hair plays a huge role in any woman’s life.

But for many women of colour, what they do with their hair can define them.

The pressure to conform to Westernised standards of beuaty – i.e. long and straight – are huge nad accounts for the huge use of relaxers and weaves.

Which is why it’s important to celebrate nautral hair whenever possible.

Of course, having a choice over hairstyle is the most important thing btu showing young black women that their natural hair is as beautiful as processed locks is massive.

And that’s exactly what Atlanta-based husband and wife photography team CreativeSoul Photography have been doing with their latest project.

They’ve been taking baroque-esque portraits of… Read the full story

Violet Chachkri is the first drag queen to front a major lingerie campaign

(Picture: violetchachki/Instagram)

In recent years, the drag community has gone from being a fringe element to a revered art form.

Drag is on prime time TV. It’s in ever-more mainstream clubs. It’s in magazines and sites which previously wouldn’t have featured it.

And much of that progress has to be accredited to RuPaul and his drag racers.

Just take Violet Chachkri, for example.

She won the show’s seventh season and now has become the first-ever drag queen to front an international major women’s lingerie campaign.

Violet (AKA Jason Dardo) is the star of Playful Promises’ new Bettie Page lingerie ling.

Under the slogan ‘Never the Girl Next Door’, the collection features bullet bras, suspenders, satin robes and corsets.… Read the full story

Now TV Black Fridays 2017 deals including TV Pass and Now TV box offers

Now TV is offering plenty of deals for Black Friday 2017
(Now TV)

Now TV have announced their Black Friday offers for 2017 and there are plenty of great deals available.

As well as special offers on their TV passes, you can also find great savings if you are looking to get a Now TV box.

Now TV Pass deals

Sky Cinema ticket

Sky Cinema Pass – You can get 2 months for the price of one (£9.99) or a 12 month deal for just £55, which would save you over £60.

Entertainment ticket

Entertainment Pass – You can get 2 months for the price of one (£7.99) or… Read the full story

Playboy takes a massive step towards size inclusivity with this beautiful photo shoot

(Picture: Heather Hazzan/Molly Constable/Instagram)

Playboy might have a reputation for being a bible of big boobs and impossibly leggy bunnies, but that’s all changing.

Back in October, they featured their first ever trans playmate.

And this month, they’ve put together the most beatiful photoshoot imaginable.

Featuring plus (read: normal)-sized model, Molly Constable.

Photographed by Heather Hazzan, Molly’s campaign marks a change in Playboy’s previously impossibly narrow beauty standards.

This shoot is about as sensual and classic as it’s possible to get – proof that size has no monopoly over sexiness.

Instagram Photo

‘When my agents told me I was going to shoot for them, at first I was a… Read the full story

‘Vegan-friendly’ Planet Organic are apparently using inhumane glue traps to catch mice

(Picture: labrewery/Instagram)

Planet Organic is a paradise of healthy, cruelty-free grub.

It’s impossible to walk past one without dropping £20 on a few raw cakes and some smoked tofu.

As such, chains like this can be a lifeline for vegans who can be guaranteed to find lots of things to eat and use.

Which is why it’s so depressing to hear that one branch might be using glue-traps to catch mice.

According to Chantal Di Donato, Planet Organic in Westbourne Grove has put up glue traps in their store and is allegedly using the services of an exterminator company.

‘Their ethos is, on the surface, about health… Read the full story

Why do your eyes water more when it’s cold outside?


There’s nothing more annoying that spending hours carefully applying lashes, eyeliner and shadow only to feel it all come running down your cheeks as soon as you step outside.

There you are with black tears freely falling down your face.

Why, for God’s sake, why?

You’re not upset or tired or weepy. You were psyched to get partying. And now it looks like you’ve been dumped.

Getting teary in cold weather happens to many of us in the winter, be it during the daytime or night.

But why does it happen?

Well, it’s because the cold air is making your eyes super dry.

Cold, dry air dehydrates your eyes so they start to work overtime to re-lubricate – crucial if you actually want to see anything.

This reflex then overwhelm the tear ducts and you start to look like Alice in Wonderland after a while, drowning in your own salty tears.

The less… Read the full story

What is a credit rating and what to do if you screw it up

(Picture: Ella Byworth/ Shutterstock)

Borrowing reaches its peak as Christmas approaches.

While it’s not always the best idea to get into debt to pay for non-essentials, it’s often satisfying to have that safety net there.

For people without a good credit rating, however, there’s a lot less chance of being accepted by lenders.

Credit ratings are pretty mysterious, and despite the fact that we can see our scores at the click of a button on a number of websites, there isn’t much information on how that result came about.

That makes it pretty difficult to improve your score if you want to, as there isn’t a set step-by-step way to do so. That’s… Read the full story

Why a trip to Margate makes the perfect weekend seaside break


Margate has been having something of a resurgence over the past few years.

More and more young creatives, families and freelancers have been sticking two fingers up to London’s pollution and soaring house prices, and upping sticks for a more peaceful pace of life by the sea.

The small coastal Kent town mixes old school seaside charm with everything you actually want from a mini break – good food, decent watering holes and a healthy dose of (quirky) culture.

If you haven’t gone to see what all the fuss is about yet then here’s a job lot of inspiration for you.

Heads up – as this is a seaside town, check all opening times before you travel, so you’re not disappointed. Some businesses may have reduced hours (or totally shut up shop) out of season.

Embrace your inner big kid at Dreamland

If you suffer from bloating, it’s time to swap the booze for kombucha


More and more of us are taking time off from the hard stuff in order to give their livers a rest.

As health and fitness move further and further up the social agenda, getting hammered is falling out of fashion.

But protecting our waistlines isn’t the only reason for sobering up.

If you’re like me and thousands of other women, drinking beer and the like can leave you feeling awful.

Chronic bloating is horribly uncomfortable and because there’s little doctors are prepared to do about it (unless you’ve been diagnosed with an actual illness), you’ve often told to swerve inflammatories like gluten and alcohol in the hope of the body basically repairing itself.

So what’s a gal to drink?

Kombucha my friends, kombucha.

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink which sounds more vile than it is. In fact, it’s bloody delicious. Fizzy and tangy, you can get kombucha in a range of flavours.

Unlike traditional pop, it’s low in sugar.… Read the full story

6 amazing places in Indonesia that aren’t Bali

A boat on a beach in Indonesia
Not Bali (Picture: Ministry of tourism for the Republic of Indonesia)

Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country.

It is composed of over 17,000 islands and is home to a multitude of cultures, languages and religions.

In a place so vast, it’s a shame that most travellers choose to visit only one of its many islands – namely, Bali.

So next time you’re planning a Pacific holiday, maybe give some thought to these lesser-known destinations.

Avoid the crowds and skip the relative expense of Indonesia’s ever-popular holiday haven.

Kuta, Lombok

Meet the brand turning plastic pollution into cool eytewear

(Picture: sea2see_eyewear/Instagram)

Plastic pollution is a real problem.

Sea creatures get their fins tangled in wiring and get trapped in plastic bags. Turtles choke on small bits of plastic. Fish find themselves swimming against tonnes of crap.

Which is why fashion and beauty are becoming ever more woke about their responsibilities and the possibilities trash can pose in regards to creativity.

Adidas has already brought out trainers made entirely from recycled ocean plastic, for example. And they’re jolly good trainers too.

And now an eyewear company is making chic specs out of plastic pollution too.

Instagram Photo

Sea2See employs local fishermen to collect the plastic that accumulates… Read the full story

You probably know a sexual abuser

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

You probably know someone who’s been a victim of sexual abuse. Statistically, then, you also know someone who’s an abuser.

It’s a truth we’d rather ignore, and one a lot of us do. We don’t want to think that we could be oblivious to it, and that we could associate ourselves with someone who’s caused pain like that. But it’s likely that a lot of us have friends, partners, and even family members that have done so.

Lena Dunham’s recent statement regarding her co-worker Murray Miller (who was accused of raping actress Aurora Perrineau) exposed exactly how hypocritical people can be when it comes to… Read the full story

Are mismatched sex drives a relationship deal breaker?

metro illustrations
She wants sex but you want to sleep (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

You’ve met the perfect partner.

They make you laugh, you have tons in common, they are sweet and thoughtful but there’s just one itty, bitty problem – you want sex, sex, sex all the time and they just aren’t that bothered.

Perhaps your partner seems to want sex every minute of the day while you can just about get yourself going once a month.

Maybe even only once every couple of months.

So what do you do?

Well, first up you have to ask yourself how important sex is to you in a relationship.

This is a conversation you should be having… Read the full story

ICYMI, a sausage dog has just staged her own maternity photo shoot


When did maternity shoots start being a thing?

When did it become ok for couples to start lolling around in grass and on beaches, two pairs of hands clinging a bump like it holds the answers to the world’s prayers?

We’re sick of having our timelines taken up with engagement/wedding/maternity/baby photos.

But we’ll forever be here for pictures of dogs.

Especially pregnant dogs in floral crowns and chokers.

Like this expecting dachshund, Cindi.

Read the full story

The link between poor mental health and low income

(Picture: Getty)

Have you ever been so skint that you had a nap for dinner?

We’ve all had times when we’ve been waiting patiently for payday and living on a shoestring until then. It feels depressing knowing you can’t treat yourself or go out to do something you enjoy.

Imagine, then, that there was never going to be that payday windfall coming in, and you have to constantly live like that. That’s the reality for so many people in the UK and beyond, and can be utterly demoralising.

The link between poor mental health and low income

Poverty has a number of effects on physical health, as… Read the full story

Three in five diabetes patients struggle with mental health issues

Diabetes is more than simply an insulin disease (Picture: Ella Byworth/ Getty)

We’re all becoming aware of how debilitating diabetes can be.

Type II can ravage the body to the point that digits fall off and eyesight starts to quickly deteriorate. Type I is a lifelong battle to maintain insulin levels.

But diabetes doesn’t simply affect sufferers physically.

We reported back in September that Diabulimia – one of the most dangerous eating disorders – was thought to be a problem at some point for 40% of young women with type I diabetes.

And now, a large-scale study by Diabetes UK suggests that as many as three out of five diabetics suffer from… Read the full story

Does the porn you watch say anything about your sexual preferences in real life?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

You probably know by now to go for incognito mode when you’re having some ‘alone time’. It’s the best way to avoid that post-orgasm awkwardness that comes with looking through your history.

That awkwardness probably comes from the fact that on any given porn site, you can find all manner of weird and wonderful videos. And – whether you’ve got off to anime octopus videos or you like to keep things more vanilla – you’ve probably glanced over plenty of it just out of curiosity.

metro illustrationsDoes the porn you watch say anything about your… Read the full story

Every thought you’ll have when you’ve been ghosted

(Credit Getty/Metro)

I’ve been ghosted a fair few times.

That’s not something I’m proud to admit, but it’s something that’s pretty much collateral damage in the modern dating world.

One minute you’re splitting a bottle of wine on a date and sending each other back-to-back memes, and the next, they’ve dropped off the face of the earth.

People on dating apps are lazy, and dumping someone you’ve only been out with a couple of times is a lot of effort. It’s also very awkward. But, we’re all too quick to ignore how bad it feels for the person on the other end when you don’t put a finite stop it whatever’s going… Read the full story

Today’s Amazon Black Friday deals include big savings on toys, technology, beauty and homeware

Amazon have started to reduce a number of items ahead of Black Friday (Picture: PA Wire)

The Black Friday sales will start next Friday, though many retailers are reducing their prices earlier.

Online retail giants, Amazon, have been one of the major players during the Black Friday sales over the years.

metro illustrationsYou probably know a sexual abuser

They have revealed their Black Friday discounts a week early for their customers.

Amazon will be unveiling new bargains and deals every day in the run up to the biggest shopping day of the year.

Here are the best of the for deals… Read the full story

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