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    (Picture: Storybook Cosmetics/Getty)

    Storybook Cosmetics has pre-launched a new set of liquid lipsticks and they’re seriously dreamy.

    The Wizardry and Witchcraft liquid lipsticks come in after the brand released their range of Wizardry and Witchcraft eyeshadow palette – a selection of shadows that features a number of magical, pigmented shadows.

    The palette consists of metallic colours, including silvers, rose golds and emerald greens. Names of the shadows include ‘Potions’, ‘Charms’ and ‘Broomstick’ – basically, it’s any Harry Potter and makeup fanatic’s dream come true.

    And so obviously, being Potterheads, we were super excited when we saw the release of the liquid lipsticks.

    Wizardy liquid lipstickshattiegladwellmetroWizardy liquid lipstickshattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

    If you love orange chocolate and you’re a fan of Daim bars, you’re in for a treat – because a packet of limited edition orange Daim bars is here.

    The discovery was made by Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, who spotted the chocolate bars in B&M.

    The bars come in orange packaging with the original Daim logo printed on the front.

    And since an image of the three-pack of Daim bars was shared to Facebook, chocolate fanatics have been going crazy for them.

    The photo has so far received more than 3,000 likes and 400 shares – and plenty of comments from people desperate to try them.

    While… Read the full story

    Orange Daim Bars Exist And They're Only A QuidhattiegladwellmetroOrange Daim Bars Exist And They're Only A Quidhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Asda)

    Attention all overgrown kids: Asda has launched a unicorn-themed homeware collection.

    Previously, Asda was all about the millennial Instagram look – with releases including rose gold cutlery and glassware.

    But they’ve now jumped on the mythical bandwagon with a load of unicorn-inspired stuff.

    The homeware collection features a number of whimsical pieces, including unicorn tableware, unicorn bathroom accessories and even unicorn curtains.

    And in case you were in any doubt that a love of unicorns is a bit childish, they’ve also added a unicorn-themed high chair to the mix.

    Take a look below at some of our favourites from the collection:

    The Unicorn 12 Piece Dinner Set, £25

    Asda Has Launched A Dreamy Unicorn Homeware CollectionhattiegladwellmetroAsda Has Launched A Dreamy Unicorn Homeware Collectionhattiegladwellmetro

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    ‘March 19, 1994. Class in a glass’ (Illustration: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

    From my blogs, I’d imagine you think I’m light, bright and perky AF.

    And short.

    ‘I let one of my exes shave the back of my head’: The really stupid things we do for love (or sex)

    Comedy short.

    My height – *almost* 5ft 2 – you’re right about that.

    But the rest? God no.

    I’m dark, dull and meh-y

    A right miserable cow.

    So Metro.co.uk decided to p*** on my p***ing on your parade ways and get you lot to share your best-ever days with me.

    This was in the hope your joyful tales would make… Read the full story

    Metro IllustrationsbibibernadetteILLUSTRATION REQUEST: My best day ever - crowd-sourced (Bibi Lynch)Metro IllustrationsbibibernadetteILLUSTRATION REQUEST: My best day ever - crowd-sourced (Bibi Lynch)

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    Nearly half of trans pupils in the country have attempted suicide.

    This horrifying statistic cannot be denied or ignored, says trans author and broadcaster Paris Lees, who joined us on our latest mental health podcast, Mentally Yours.

    ‘Family rejection is a huge factor, bullying at school as well.

    ‘We know these kids are getting death threats. They’re getting bullied, lack of access to support medically.

    ‘And stigma as well – we know that stigma leads to poor mental and physical health,’ she said.

    ‘These kids are growing up and they’re seeing that they’re a joke, that they’re an object of pity or ridicule or disgust.

    ‘That was the only time that I ever saw someone like me when I was growing up.

    ‘So I think it’s really irresponsible the public discourse around trans at the moment which seems to be an excuse to insult us.

    ‘And these kids are seeing it and it’s making them feel anxious, it’s making them feel… Read the full story

    paris lees 2yvettemcasterparis lees 2yvettemcaster

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    (Picture: izusek/Getty)

    Need some early week inspiration to keep going with your transformation?

    Look no further than the #TransformationTuesday hashtags on Instagram and Twitter for people who have completed dramatic changes.

    There may be of plenty of pictorial inspiration on social media but you may need a bit of an extra kick up the butt to help keep you on the road to success.

    Here’s 19 inspirational quotes from famous faces to inspire your own #TransformationTuesday.

    1. They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself – Andy Warhol

    2. To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often – Winston Churchill

    Strong afro american young woman flexing musclescelebricatStrong afro american young woman flexing musclescelebricat

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    (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

    It’s 3:36am six days into Dry January and my boyfriend and I are lying in bed staring at the ceiling, wide awake despite having been up since 7 – delightfully smug in our lack of hangover.

    Having trouble sleeping? Dry January could be giving you insomnia

    After a December which flew by in a haze of mulled wine and cocktails, I was fully committed to giving my kidneys a rest and reclaiming my productivity by cutting out the booze for a month, but the bizarre insomnia that came with it was unexpected.

    For weeks I’ve been struggling to… Read the full story

    Metro Illustrationssirenabergmanukmetro illustrations*illustration request* January bluesMetro Illustrationssirenabergmanukmetro illustrations*illustration request* January blues

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    (Picture: Mercury Press)

    A brave bride shared a powerful image of herself with a shaved head on her wedding day after being diagnosed with breast cancer, to encourage others to check themselves for lumps.

    Mum-of-two Sarah, 33, was originally due to marry in the late spring of this year, but after being diagnosed with breast cancer on 7 December, she and her partner Rob Vaughan, 44, decided to bring it forward to 6 January as Sarah was unsure as to how she would be feeling due to chemotherapy.

    Sarah was diagnosed the day before she was due to move house with Robert, who she has been with for three years and got… Read the full story

    A brave bride shared a powerful image of herself with a shaved head on her wedding day after being diagnosed with breast cancerhattiegladwellmetroA brave bride shared a powerful image of herself with a shaved head on her wedding day after being diagnosed with breast cancerhattiegladwellmetro

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    ‘You CAN sit with us – if you book a ticket.’ (Picture: Paramount Pictures)

    There’s a 30% chance that it’s already raining and a 100% chance that there’s going to be a Mean Girls brunch in London this February.

    Fans of The Most Iconic Film Of All Time™ will be excited to know that a themed brunch is coming to east London’s Shoreditch, with special Mean Girls food, cocktails and games.

    Tickets cost £35, which includes a brunch main, dessert, and an hour of unlimited Prosecco, from midday.

    There’ll also be exclusive Mean Girls cocktails, like the Glen Coco and the Carbless Butter, with the chance of getting yourself two free cocktails by winning… Read the full story

    A Mean Girls brunch is coming to LondonlisambowmanA Mean Girls brunch is coming to Londonlisambowman

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    (Picture: Caters News)

    A chicken-loving couple held their wedding reception in their local KFC.

    48-year-old Edward Simms and his wife Cherish, 34, from Worcester, tucked into a bargain bucket after saying ‘I do’ at a nearby county hall.

    Edward, a plant mechanic, and Cherish, a full-time mum, say that they and their 40 guests were waited on hand and foot – with sides, desserts and family-sized sharers being dished out instead of a fancy sit-down dinner.

    Cherish had been so keen to have her wedding reception at KFC that she’d called the restaurant every month beforehand to make sure it was all going as planned.

    KFC WeddinghattiegladwellmetroKFC Weddinghattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Singapore is not what you’d expect.

    It’s located slap-bang in the middle of Southeast Asia, but it’s nothing like its neighbours.

    This incredible guy literally walked across the world for charityFrom Wales to Australia: This incredible guy literally walked to the other side of the world for charity

    While they are cheap, it’s that bit more expensive; where they are chaotic, it is efficient and organised.

    And though it’s small, it packs a real punch.

    It’s a country of many colours: from cheap eats to expensive rooftop cocktails, and traditional markets to plush, expansive malls, Singapore will surprise you with its diversity.

    Here are some things… Read the full story

    Aerial view of Singapore business district and city at twilight in Singapore, Asia.gradgoneglobalSingaporeAerial view of Singapore business district and city at twilight in Singapore, Asia.gradgoneglobalSingapore

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    (Picture: Wake n Bake Donuts)

    If you don’t know about the current Tide Pod trend, we really wouldn’t recommend trying to catch up.

    Stay in blissful ignorance. Do not acknowledge the world we now live in.

    In case you do desperately need a recap, here’s the short story: The current big trend is eating Tide Pods. Tide Pods are little liquitabs of laundry detergent. People are eating them.

    Now, you may have guessed this bit, but it’s really not a good idea to eat Tide Pods. The highly concentrated detergent really isn’t supposed to be consumed, and can end up causing severe chemical burns throughout the body.

    So yeah, kids. Don’t… Read the full story

    tide pod doughnutellencscotttide pod doughnutellencscott

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    (Picture: Getty Images)

    Driverless cars that let motorists relax while driving will be on our roads in 2022, say researchers.

    We might be getting ahead of ourselves but perhaps it’s time to consider what we’ll actually get up to as cars ferry us to our destinations without the need for us to focus on driving.

    Sex is the answer to that question for some.

    A new survey revealed that 10% of Brits would have sex during a commute in a fully autonomous car.

    The OnePoll survey, conducted by webuyanycar.com, asked 2,000 UK motorists who currently drive to and from work what they would do during a driverless commute.

    10% of those surveyed said they’d use… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Fenty Beauty)

    We all know by now that Fenty Beauty was one of the few wonderful things to happen in 2017.

    We knew it would be brilliant. Long have we wanted anything that would help us be more like Rihanna.

    But few of us were prepared for just how great of an impact the beauty range had.

    Finally, people of all skintones were being catered for, from those with albinism to darker skinned women who’d never been able to find the perfect foundation before. People thanked Rihanna for giving them the confidence to rock a red lip. To this day, you’ll still spot massive queues outside the Fenty section of Harvey… Read the full story

    rihanna reviewellencscottman leaves heartwarming review for Fenty Beauty foundationrihanna reviewellencscottman leaves heartwarming review for Fenty Beauty foundation

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    (Picture: @bashix 4/Twitter)

    Benefits of going to the cinema: Getting to watch the latest films, an excuse to eat popcorn and pick n mix, high quality sound.

    Benefits of watching a film at home: Getting to curl up on the sofa under a pile of blankets, the ability to press pause when you need to pee, and eating all the snacks you could desire.

    If we could combine some of the benefits from watching a film at home with those of going to the cinema, our movie-watching experience would be truly glorious.

    Pressing pause in a cinema wouldn’t work (think about how annoyed you’d be when the person at the back goes to… Read the full story

    Cinema in Japan has heated tables to snuggle up byellencscottCinema in Japan has heated tables to snuggle up byellencscott

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    Angkor Wat is often cited as the eighth wonder of the world, and the breathtaking temple is understandably added to many a bucket list.

    Cambodia, though, has so much more to see than this enchanting monument,

    13 reasons Bali should be your next holiday destination

    In fact, there are thousands of temples in the country, plus stunning beaches, great food and buzzing towns and cities.

    Cambodia has suffered greatly in the past century, and it was only by travelling the country that I fully understood the extent of what its people… Read the full story

    Angkor WathayleyalovelyplanetcomAngkor Wathayleyalovelyplanetcom

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    (Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

    Don’t worry if you slept through this bit of important news, but last year the big lifestyle trend was clean sleeping.

    Clean sleeping is essentially just a fancy phrase for getting a decent night’s sleep. The idea is that you get at least seven or eight hours of entirely uninterrupted sleep per night.

    It’s a simple concept, right? We all know we should be getting enough high quality sleep.

    But because our human nature is to refuse to do things we know are good for us (when’s the last time you had a nice plateful of broccoli, hmm?), we need a new, trendy way to encourage us to… Read the full story

    What sleep talkers sayellencscottMETRO GRAPHICSmetro illustrationsWhat sleep talkers sayellencscottMETRO GRAPHICSmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

    We’re three-quarters of the way through Veganuary and at this point the community of first-time vegans is a little divided about whether to march on or give in.

    While some people will be soaring through, having adjusted easily and enjoying their new-found green take on the world, others are likely to be struggling.

    All the reasons people initially turned vegan - that didn't involve animalsAll the reasons people initially turned vegan – that didn’t involve animals

    One of the biggest challenges of Veganuary is grabbing lunch on the go.

    Unless you have a knack for meal prep, it’s easy to get… Read the full story

    Vegan lunches on the go ? where to buy vegan sandwiches and snackslouisejoyBoots launches new vegan lunch rangeVegan lunches on the go ? where to buy vegan sandwiches and snackslouisejoyBoots launches new vegan lunch range

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    Joel and Landon. (Picture: SWNS)

    Matching tattoos not only show solidarity and love but also a permanent connection, even if it is only skin deep.

    Whether it’s new parents getting tattoos of their child’s name or brave lovers who want to seal the deal with ink, a tattoo commemorates a special bond.

    Joel Thomas’s familial tattoo isn’t the usual design you’d expect.

    The kind-hearted dad got an exact tattoo replica of his nine-year-old son’s burn scars.

    The 32-year-old didn’t want his son, Landon, to feel self conscious after he fell into a bonfire and suffered third-degree burns on his right leg.

    Dad gets matching scar tattoofaimabakar1Dad gets matching scar tattoofaimabakar1

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    (Picture: Nike)

    It being the end of January, your new year’s fitness resolutions are probably flagging.

    And you know the best remedy for rebooting those ambitions? New stash.

    Thankfully, Nike has just released a new pair of running trainers – this time featuring the latest in foam technology to make sure every stride is properly protected.

    The Nike React is part of what Nike calls its ‘cushioning revolution’, and is also the label’s most tested shoe.

    In fact, the React has pounded over 17,000 miles by elite runners – so you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll withstand your Park Run or half marathon attempts.

    So what’s so special about this particular trainer?

    Well, compared to… Read the full story


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