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    Inside the penthouse
    This place is stunning (Picture: ine & Country / SWNS)

    We’ve fallen in love with a luxury penthouse which is inside a working clock tower.

    The two-storey apartment is part of the former Royal Marine Barracks in Southsea.

    In honour of its military heritage, the two-bedroom property comes with its own flagpole and huge 6ft 8ins wide external clock, which is wound up in the living room.

    The clock tower
    It’s inside a working clock tower (Picture: ine & Country / SWNS)
    Inside the penthouse
    Isn’t it lovely? (Picture: ine & Country / SWNS)

    The modern property features 360 views of the Solent and across the Isle of Wight.

    Due to its uniqueness and stunning design, the property is currently available to rent for £1,450 a month with Fine & Country.

    The modern interiors
    It has very modern interiors (Picture: ine & Country / SWNS)
    Inside the penthouse
    It costs £1,450 a month (Picture: ine & Country / SWNS)

    A spokesperson said: ‘The uniquely characterful property is split across two levels of the impressive tower, which is part of the former Royal Marine barracks.

    ‘The views from the many circular port-hole windows are simply stunning, with panoramic vistas across the harbour, the city skyline and the Isle of Wight visible from the property.

    The bedroom
    We love the decor (Picture: ine & Country / SWNS)

    ‘There are a number of incredibly charming features inside, such as the original external white clockface – measuring 6ft 8ins in diameter – which beautifully dominates the drawing room.’

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    MORE: Idyllic property with waterfront views on the market for £1.6m

    TIME TO MOVE - House-hunters have no excuse for being late after having the chance to rent a luxury penthouse inside a working clock tower cTIME TO MOVE - House-hunters have no excuse for being late after having the chance to rent a luxury penthouse inside a working clock tower c

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    Young adult woman holding her crotch
    White women are most likely to get lyme disease (Picture: Getty)

    White middle class woman are the most likely to be struck down by Lyme disease, suggests new research.

    The potentially deadly bacterial infection has become increasinly common in the UK because of the hot weather, and there’s been a rise in the number of cases in the last 17 years.

    Six in 10 cases involved women, with the age groups most at risk being between 61 and 65 and six to 10-year-olds.

    The illness develops after being bitten by an infected tick when walking in a grassy area in spring and summer.

    The ticks, which attach to human skin, are tiny – some just the size of a poppy seed – so often go unnoticed.

    Now the characteristics of victims in England and Wales have been identified for the first time.

    Hospital patients are mainly white, female and living in areas of low deprivation, say British scientists.

    Lyme disease causes rashes, fatigue and achy, stiff or swollen joints. Other symptoms include headaches, dizziness, fever, night sweats and sleep disturbances – and even cognitive decline.

    Most cases are successfully cleared up with antibiotics. But if left untreated it can be life-changing – and even fatal.

    Study corresponding author Dr John Tulloch, an expert in zoonotic infections at Liverpool University, said: ‘These data display a predominance of female cases of certain age groups – most of whom identify as white.

    ‘The reasons for this are hard to explain, but could be related to differences in health seeking behaviour between women and men and an increased exposure to tick habitats due to leisure activities in children and older people, as opposed to occupational exposure in younger adults.’

    The study, published in the journal BMC Public Health, was based on information collected from 2,361 hospital patients between 1998 and 2015.

    Out of the 1,877 patients for whom ethnicity was recorded 1,803 identified themselves as white.

    Dr Tulloch said: ‘The apparent association between ethnicity and Lyme disease is most likely due to sociocultural and behavioural reasons, for example living in areas that are more likely to see a higher abundance of disease-transmitting ticks.’

    There was also a steady increase in incidence over time – with cases peaking each August and higher rates in central southern and western England.

    The analysis funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) may inform and help target health promotion messages.

    Dr Tulloch said: ‘In the United Kingdom information relating to infected Lyme disease patients’ characteristics, where they live and how they are managed within the National Health Service (NHS) is not fully understood.

    ‘Through our analysis of NHS hospital data we were able to identify demographic information about Lyme disease patients accessing hospitals for management and treatment and, for the first time, start to describe how they progress through the healthcare system.’

    The number of new cases rose from 0.08 per 100,000 people in 1998 to 0.53 in 2015. The exact cause remains unclear, said the researchers.

    Factors could include increased awareness by the public and an increase in referrals by family doctors.

    Based on geographical information in the health records most infections occurred in the south west of England.

    The local authorities with the highest number were Purbeck with 3.13 cases per 100,000 people per year, New Forest (2.58 cases), and East Dorset (2.32 cases).

    Lyme disease patients were more likely to live in rural rather than urban areas.

    Dr Tulloch said: ‘Almost all parts of England and Wales reported Lyme disease cases attending hospitals with clear hotspots of disease in central southern England.

    ‘This highlights that while Lyme disease poses a risk across both countries, for the majority of people the risk is likely to be very low.’

    The authors also found 30% of Lyme disease hospital admissions in England and 67.6% in Wales originated from the A&E department.

    The findings suggest a poor understanding of the recommended care pathways for symptoms related to Lyme disease by the general population.

    Dr Tulloch said: ‘It would be unlikely that the numbers of patients admitted in our study have acute/severe presentations of disease that require immediate hospital attendance.

    ‘Further work is needed to explore why so many patients would seek treatment at a hospital when, for the majority of cases, management could occur at primary care level.’

    He added: ‘Being aware of the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease is important so patients can receive early diagnosis and treatment from their family doctor.

    ‘Symptoms typically develop up to three weeks after being bitten by a tick and include a spreading circular red rash or flu-like symptoms.

    ‘When patients visit their GP or call NHS 111, it’s important to tell them where patients have been and if they remember being bitten.’

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    TICKED OFF - White, middle class women \'most likely to be struck down by Lyme disease\'TICKED OFF - White, middle class women \'most likely to be struck down by Lyme disease\'

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    Picture of tiana and the ingrown toenail that appeared as a black dot on her big toe
    This tiny black dot was a serious ingrown toenail spotted after a pedicure (Picture: Mercury Press)

    Mum-of-two Tiana Howden experienced excruciating pain following a pedicure.

    The 39-year-old from California, US, was left in agony and unable to walk, wear shoes or even put a blanket over her feet after the routine spa appointment.

    A mysterious black spot had appeared on her foot. When she went to a doctor, they discovered that the root of it was an ingrown toenail, ‘the deepest’ they had ever seen.

    We’ll warn you now, the image below is quite graphic.

    The shocked mum, who had never had an ingrown nail before, shared the gruesome pictures of her toe to help others spot the signs.

    Tiana had to have a painful treatment to remove the nail earlier this month.

    She said: ‘When I first saw the doctor put the ingrown on the medical tray I just stared at it.

    ‘It boggled my mind how all that was hiding underneath my skin and I couldn’t believe it hadn’t hurt earlier.’

     Tiana Howden's toe after ingrown nail removal
    Tiana only spotted it after getting a pedicure (Picture: Mercury Press)

    Ingrown toenails occur when the nail curves and grows into the flesh.

    Doctors were surprised that Tiana hadn’t felt the effects of the nail until she had a pedicure.

    ‘After I’d had my nails done, my toe started to feel tender and I really believed the technician may have accidentally stabbed my toe because a black dot appeared and it felt sore,’ Tiana said.

    ‘But by the following Friday I could feel my heartbeat in my toe, I couldn’t wear anything but flip flops.

    ‘That evening I couldn’t sleep because the weight of the duvet on my foot was so painful.’

    When the pain worsened, Tiana finally saw a GP.

     Tiana Howden toe after removal
    It started off as a black dot (Picture: Mercury Press)

    Doctors had to numb her foot before cutting away the skin at the side of her cuticle to trim the excess growth from the main nail and pull it away from the bed with pliers.

    ‘When I went home I looked online and I couldn’t find anything that looked like mine or was as deep as mine had grown,’ added Tiana.

    Tiana was given a course of antibiotics to help fight infection and advised to rest her foot while keeping a close eye on her nails in future to make sure they don’t start growing into her skin again.

    She added: ‘The next day it felt like my toe was on fire but since then my recovery has been pretty good.

    ‘It’s still a little sore but I’m walking normal again and I’m just happy it’s gone!’

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    MORE: Stomach-churning moment man pierces puss-filled false widow bite

    MORE: Woman’s cheek piercing swelled up, leaked pus and left her with a ‘significant hole’ in her face

    Tiny black dot was serious ingrown toenail after pedicureTiny black dot was serious ingrown toenail after pedicure

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    nando's yard merchandise - long and short sleeved t-shirts
    It’s actually quite stylish (Picture: Nando’s)

    You’ve tried every hack on the menu and progressed to extra hot – how can you further showcase your deep and enduring love for Nando’s chicken?

    Wear it on your body, obviously.

    Don’t go drizzling garlic sauce all over your chest just yet. Nando’s has answered your chicken-themed prayers and launched their own range of merch, so you can finally rep Nando’s even when you’re not digging into a pitta.

    Be warned, though – the collection is limited edition. You can either pick it up IRL from the Nando’s Yard popup, open until 18 August, or order it online while stocks last.

    You can take your pick from all sorts of merch options, whether you want to go for a subtle nod to the iconic peri-peri chicken or go all out and cover yourself head to toe in fast food logos.

    nando's yard merch, model wearing long sleeved t-shirt, hat, and fan
    Of course there’s a bucket hat (Picture: Nando’s)

    On offer are short sleeve T-shirts for £15, long sleeve T-shirts for £20, bucket hats for £10, tote bags for £10s, or fans (presumably for when you get overambitious with your spice level) for £8.

    The designs aren’t actually as garish as you might be imagining, so you could actually get away with wearing the collection when going about your day. You wouldn’t get a load of weird looks or be mistaken for entirely unsubtle Nando’s advertising.

    Nando's yard merch, man and woman wearing long and short sleeved t-shirts
    The collection is on sale at the Nando’s Yard popup (Picture: Nando’s)

    The tees are white with just ‘Nando’s’ or ‘Nando’s Yard’ on the chest and sleeve, with the musical lineup from the popup on the back.

    The hats are a touch more blatant, in the brand’s black and red with that chicken you know and love printed on the front.

    nando's yard merch and clothing
    Yes, you should wear the full outfit every time you visit Nando’s (Picture: Nando’s)

    If you go for a tote bag, you’ll get a pretty snazzy design created by London-based artist Reuben Dangoor, best known for his royal portraits of grime artists.

    If you want to check out the collection in person, you’ll need to head to Nando’s Yard in the next few days, which is taking place at 89 1/2 Worship Street in Shoreditch.

    While you’re there you can also unwind in the gaming area, listen to live music, watch films, hear talks, and munch exclusive menu items. Yum.

    MORE: Nando’s is giving out free chicken, halloumi, or houmous to A-level and GCSE students on results day

    MORE: Selena Gomez could follow in Kylie Jenner and Rihanna’s footsteps with new beauty line

    MORE: A stunning luxury penthouse inside a working clocktower is now on the market


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    The Galaxy Truffles
    These look AMAZING (Picture: Galaxy)

    Attention, chocolate lovers: Galaxy Truffles are back, and this time they come in their very own box.

    Galaxy has launched new box of Galaxy Truffles, after people started petitioning to bring them back when they were removed from Celebrations tubs in 2011.

    While there’s still no news of whether they will be returning to the tubs, we think a whole box filled with the chocolates is an even better idea.

    The truffles feature the same velvety Galaxy chocolate truffles encased in Galaxy milk chocolate, each wrapped individually in foil – this time in new colours.

    Sarah Mellor, Galaxy Brand Director said: ‘We are extremely excited to be launching Galaxy Truffles in the UK this year and to be entering the all year-round gifting market for the first time as a brand.

    The galaxy truffles
    These look amazing (Picture: Galaxy)

    ‘For so many, Galaxy Truffles were part of a much-loved festive tradition and we are thrilled to be answering the undeniable demand, reinventing this favourite, now available all year round, as the perfect gift to bring pleasure to the next generation of Galaxy fans.’

    In other chocolate news, Munchies has launched a new chocolate fudge brownie flavour for just £1.

    The new chocolates, which have the same texture as the original, but come with a chocolate fudge brownie ganache around a biscuit centre (yum), can be found exclusively in Poundland.

    The supermarket announced the arrival of the new chocolates on Facebook, and apparently they’re as amazing as they sound – with one person commenting: ‘Literally bought a pack and I can confirm I’d die for them’.

    So, that settles it – we’ll be heading to our local Poundland immediately.

    MORE: Tiny black spot on woman’s toe was the ‘deepest ingrown nail doctors had seen’

    MORE: Middle class white women most likely to get Lyme disease, study finds

    Galaxy launches new boxes of Galaxy TrufflesGalaxy launches new boxes of Galaxy Truffles

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    Dawn in her wedding dress
    Dawn has been wearing her wedding dress all over the place (Picture: Caters News)

    A bride has been wearing her wedding dress to do the most mundane daily tasks – because she wants to get her money’s worth.

    From food shopping to cleaning, cooking and paddle boarding, Dawn Winfield-Hunt, 54, has made the most out of her dress since tying the knot to Steve, 57, earlier this month.

    Dawn, from the Isle of Wight, has started writing a blog to keep people up to date on the adventures of her £300 wedding dress.

    Despite wearing her dress dozens of times already, Dawn has no plans of stopping any time soon.

    Dawn, an office manager said: ‘Usually you only get to wear your dress once and then you put it in a box and forget about it.

    ‘But I liked mine and decided to wear it the following day for a BBQ with friends and everyone loved it.

    Dawn shopping in her wedding dress
    She’s even gone shopping in it (Picture: Caters News)

    ‘I then decided to create a bucket list of adventures for my wedding dress. My son Sam, 31, thinks I am mental.

    ‘Both myself and Steve, who is a curriculum manager, have been married once before and we thought we would have a bit of fun this time.

    ‘Previously, like most women I put my dress away, never to be seen again but this one is going to have memories.

    ‘I plan on wearing it every now and then until my first anniversary next year, it will be covered in seaweed, wine stains and probably won’t even be white anymore but I don’t care.

    ‘I have cooked, cleaned and even done a bit of carpentry in it.

    ‘The dress puts a smile on peoples face, many of which think it is my wedding day and congratulate me as they are passing by in the street.

    ‘When I arrived at the check out in the supermarket, the lady said she had received a message through her earpiece saying ‘bride in aisle 12’ which is pretty funny.

    Dawn hoovering in her wedding dress
    And yes, she wore it to do the hoovering (Picture: Caters News)

    ‘I love that the dress makes other people happy too.’

    The couple, who have been together for five years, had an eco-friendly wedding with no plastic and most decorations were handmade.

    Dawn bought her dress for £300 from a local charity shop.

    She continued: ‘We had an environmentally friendly wedding with dried rose petals for confetti, handmade buntings, no plastic and paper flowers.

    ‘You can have fun without wrecking the planet and we are always trying our best to help as much as we can.

    ‘I bought my dress from a charity shop, it still had the labels on and was meant to be £1800, I have definitely got my moneys worth by wearing it on the weekends.

    ‘I did all the alterations myself and I will most definitely be giving it a bath or two as I plan to wear it kayaking in the future.

    ‘Steve is always camera ready and finds it hilarious too, we are always having fun so most of our friends aren’t surprised that I have managed to wear my dress again.’

    MORE: A stunning luxury penthouse inside a working clocktower is now on the market

    MORE: Nearly half of all patients won’t tell their doctor if they’re depressed or suicidal

    This Bride Is Wearing Her Wedding Dress To Do Her Daily Chores Because She Wants To 'Get Her Money's WorthThis Bride Is Wearing Her Wedding Dress To Do Her Daily Chores Because She Wants To 'Get Her Money's Worth

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    Picture of Lotus Biscoff rolls
    Get in our mouths (Picture: Lotus Biscoff/Metro.co.uk)

    Lotus Biscoff can come in any form and we will eat the hell out of it.

    Recently the delicious Belgian-born brand announced that it comes as a squeezable sauce and now you can get little ‘rolls’ of the stuff.

    We think they’re more like nibbles than rolls, but we won’t quibble with their marketing.

    The Lotus Biscoff Speculoos Rolls promises the signature brown sugar and spice taste but comes in little balls coated in chocolate.

    As if it could get any better.

    Professional snack reviewer Amy Seeks New Treats has been lucky enough to try the delectable goods and has great words to say about them. Did we expect anything less?

    ‘Ah man, these Biscoff Rolls are so good,’ she wrote on Instagram. ‘Imagine McVities nibbles but with Biscoff biscuits in the middle and you’ve pretty much got these sussed.’

    Though we are delighted they exist, we are sad to report that Biscoff Rolls are not available in our supermarkets just yet (Biscoff lords, stop teasing us!).

    But, Amy points out, they are on sale at British retailer GB Gifts which specialises in importing sweet treats from all over the world.

    GB, doing God’s work.


    You can purchase them from the online store in three different flavours; Original Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and White Chocolate and Coffee.

    With great taste comes great price tags though as they cost more than you average chocolate treats.

    Each bag, which is 150g, costs £5.99. And then there’s the £1.99 worldwide delivery charge which will take up the total to almost £8.

    Biscoff is really going above and beyond at the moment, giving the people what they want.

    Their Biscoff & Go packs are set to be available from Spar, Nisa and Costcutter stores in the UK.

    And in case that wasn’t enough, here are all the Biscoff-flavoured products you can get your paws on. We live in wonderful times.

    MORE: This is not a drill: Lotus Biscoff ice creams have finally landed in the UK

    MORE: Krispy Kreme launches Party Ring biscuit doughnut

    MORE: You can now get tea that tastes like beer so you can have a pint anytime

    Geometric Minimalist AbstractGeometric Minimalist Abstract

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    He might be a bit wobbly, but that hasn’t stopped goldendoodle Josh from hitting the trail with his owners.

    The two-year-old pup has a disability called Cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition that affects his walking, and can mean he has a bit of a ‘bobble head’ when walking. It’s often known as wobbly animal syndrome, and is seen in cats and dogs most commonly.

    Although it’s not curable, his owners Kim Elliott, 39, and her husband, Andrew Hangartner, 35, are determined to make sure it doesn’t affect his life, buying him a wheelchair so he can go where they go.

    The Arizona pair fostered Josh after seeing a call from a local rescue centre, and say they weren’t fazed by the extra needs he might have.

    ‘I had tonnes of fostering experience but none with special needs, so I knew Josh would be a new challenge,’ says Kim.

    A disabled Goldendoodle has been caught living his best life thanks to his wheelchair
    The fluffiest boy (Picture: CATERS UK)

    ‘I didn’t even care that he had a disability though; I just felt it in my heart that this opportunity was meant for us,’ she continues. ‘But I was scared and overwhelmed as I had no clue how to care for him, but I just went for it anyway and I’m so glad I did.’

    Now, the golden retriever/poodle mix happily goes camping, hiking, and on trips with Kim and Andrew to beaches and lakes around the US.

    A disabled Goldendoodle has been caught living his best life thanks to his wheelchair
    Josh has a special carry bag (Picture: CATERS UK)

    Kim adds, ‘He’s perfectly healthy as his mobility challenges come from the bad wiring in his brain, not his joints – he isn’t in any pain.

    ‘Josh never shows signs of frustration and he’s pretty much happy all the time. He loves all people, all dogs, cats, kids, birds, he’s very outgoing and confident.

    ‘The most important thing that Josh has taught me is to be grateful for everything that I have and to celebrate my life despite any challenges that I face. We wouldn’t change him for the world.’

    Cuteness overload.

    MORE: Lotus Biscoff comes in nibble form now and we’re ready to guzzle them down

    MORE: Tiny black spot on woman’s toe was the ‘deepest ingrown nail doctors had seen’

    A disabled Goldendoodle has been caught living his best life thanks to his wheelchairA disabled Goldendoodle has been caught living his best life thanks to his wheelchair

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    courgette on a colourful background
    Men are being warned not to lick pavements or consume the lichen that grows there (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

    Men, a small request: Please don’t lick pavements or anything you would find on a pavement in an attempt to treat erectile dysfunction.

    We know this sounds obvious, like the advice to not put chocolate or ice lollies in a vagina.

    But this must be said, because yes, men are indeed consuming something called ‘sexy pavement lichen’, according to a report from the Newsroom.

    Lichen – that green moss-like stuff you’ll spot on trees and pavements – has gained a reputation for being a natural form of Viagra – despite no scientific evidence to suggest that it could increase libido or help men to maintain an erection.

    As a result of rumours, people are selling ground up lichen in capsules on the Chinese marketplace Alibaba, claiming that it’s a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction.

    The buzz around the plant has led to a rather catchy name for the specific lichen, xanthoparmelia scabrosa, being sold: sexy pavement lichen.

    Pecs, Baranya County, Hungary.
    The lichen grows on pavements in Australia (Picture: Getty Images/National Geographic)

    That’s pretty funny, yes, but the name could suggest that men can go ahead and find their own lichen whenever they spot green stuff on pavements, and that licking or eating it could make them, well, sexy.

    Experts are advising that men do not order sexy pavement lichen online or lick pavements in an attempt to find their own supply.

    Not only is the lichen unlikely to pose any benefits, but it could be harmful.

    University of Otago lichenologist Dr Allison Knight said: ‘This lichen contains a chemical somewhat analogous to Viagra – and somewhat toxic. I always say in my talks that I don’t recommend going out and licking the footpath.’

    The idea that the lichen could improve men’s sex lives comes from the knowledge that the plant does indeed inhibit an enzyme which could lead to impotence. But erectile dysfunction is complex, and can rarely be treated with just a tweak to enzyme production. More worryingly, the lichen sold online might not actually be lichen, and even when it is, the capsules could be dangerous.

    Actual sexy pavement lichen appears on pavements, meaning it contains all the stuff you’d find in streets – cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and lead. None of these are particularly good for you.

    Dr Knight told The Guardian the lichen ‘hasn’t ever really been tested, and it is somewhat toxic, so it is not advisable to consume it. […] Large quantities could indeed be very harmful.’

    If you went directly to your nearest pavement, you’d also likely be licking up a lot of dirt and dog poo. That wouldn’t treat erectile dysfunction. It also wouldn’t be very pleasant.

    The lichen sold online is sometimes just grass clippings mixed with Viagra, sold at a high price thanks to its mystical claims.

    Dr Knight says that lichen is a wonderful thing that could perhaps have healthy qualities, but at the moment she wouldn’t recommend consuming any available on the market or on the literal street.

    Men: Please don’t order dodgy lichen online or go ahead and lick pavements for your own supply. If you’re worried about your erections, go to a doctor rather than crawling around when the traffic lights are red and putting your tongue on any green bits you spot.

    MORE: Man’s penis is slowly turning into bone due to rare medical condition

    MORE: Young men open up about the awkwardness of struggling to get an erection

    MORE: Man without a penis is given a bionic one that will give him a 10-day erection

    Why straight women would rather have a guy with an average sized penis than a big oneWhy straight women would rather have a guy with an average sized penis than a big one

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    Avocado and poached eggs on toast on a chopping board
    Decisions, decisions. (Picture: Getty)

    Choosing what to eat after a really tough workout is a big decision.

    You’re probably ravenous, but you don’t want to fill your body with junk straight after working so hard in the gym.

    Carbs? Protein? Fruit? It’s hard to know what your body needs after a big session – so we asked some experts to break it down for us.

    Nutrition is a really important part of your recovery. If you have any fitness goals, be it training for an event or losing weight, you’re not going to get there without making conscious decisions about what you put in your mouth.

    ‘As we exercise, our muscles are using their glycogen stores for energy,’ says nutritionist Amaeze Madukah.

    ‘Glycogen is the main storage form of glucose in our body. This means that post-workout, our muscles will have less glycogen stores and some of our muscle protein will be broken down.

    The best post-workout breakfasts

    Oatmeal with almond butter and banana

    Salmon with scrambled eggs

    Eggs, avocado and on wholegrain bread

    Tofu scramble with spinach

    Protein shake with banana

    Tempeh and sweet potato hash

    Greek yoghurt berry granola

    Don’t forget to keep your hydration levels up too by drinking water to replenish your fluids depleted through sweating

    Amaeze Madukah, nutritionist

    ‘Our bodies will seek to both repair and refuel the muscles, therefore it is important to eat foods that will help facilitate this.

    ‘Aim to have a meal that includes good quality carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen stores and protein to provide the amino acids needed for muscle tissue repair and re-modelling.’

    This is really solid advice, and a good reminder that not all carbs are created equal.

    Amaeze also says that how you recover after fitness depends on what kind of activity you’ve been doing, and how intense it was.

    ‘A marathon runner will be depleting more glycogen than a bodybuilder so will require more carbohydrates post-workout,’ she explains.

    ‘You can find protein in foods such as eggs, nuts, salmon, sardines, tofu, tempeh, beans and quinoa.

    ‘Carbohydrate examples include wholegrain oats, wholegrain bread, fruits such as bananas and berries.

    Breakfast yogurt parfait with granola, mango, berries in jar
    You need fats, proteins and good quality carbs. (Picture: Getty)

    ‘Fats are needed in the repair process also and can be found in foods such as Greek yogurt, avocadoes and nuts.

    ‘Where possible, aim to eat within 30-50 minutes post-training as our body’s ability to remake glycogen and protein is enhanced after a workout.’

    It’s not all about food. A huge part of sports recovery is to do with rehydrating your body – because of, you know, all the sweating.

    It makes sense that we would have to replace some of those liquids in order to function at our best.

    ‘After a workout ensure you continue sipping on water as you still need to be hydrating the cells of your body,’ suggests Nutritionist Resource member Sonal Shah.

    ‘Especially if you trained intensively and sweating.

    ‘It is also important to have a breakfast either 1.5 hours before your workout, or no longer than one hour after your workout.

    ‘The best breakfast after a workout is one that contains some carbs and protein to replenish the lost energy stores.’

    We asked Sonal for her favourite post-workout recipes and now we’re really hungry:

    ‘Boiled or poached egg with sourdough, rye or gluten-free bread, with some healthy vegetables on the side, cooked how you like or raw.

    ‘An omelette made with two eggs and three different vegetables. Examples are; asparagus, diced peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms.

    ‘A green smoothie some greens such as spirulina or moringa powde,r and a portion of fruit blended in for sweetness or a protein powder of choice.

    ‘If you prefer not to add powders then add green vegetables such as kale, or spinach and avocado and blend together in coconut water or milk of choice.’

    I am Team GB

    Toyota has teamed up with Team GB to re-launch the hugely successful participation campaign ‘I am Team GB’.

    Inspired by the achievements of Team GB athletes and the amazing efforts of local community heroes, Team GB has created ‘The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day’, which will take place on the 24thAugust.

    Over the weekend, there will be hundreds of free and fun activities across the country, put on by an army of volunteers; the ‘I am Team GB Games Makers’.

    To Join the Team and be part of The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day sign up at: www.IAmTeamGB.com

    Vegetarian sandwiches with poached egg and sliced avocadoVegetarian sandwiches with poached egg and sliced avocado

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    Gym bike illustration
    Cycling, swimming, kickboxing – there are plenty of ways to get a sweat on without going anywhere near a treadmill. (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    It’s official. We all hate cardio.

    It makes our lungs hurt, it makes us excessively sweaty, it makes us want to cry. Particularly running.

    Unfortunately, cardio is a really crucial part of your fitness regime – not only for burning calories, but for improving your heart health and your overall fitness levels.

    If you’re not a natural runner, jumping on the treadmill or pounding the pavement for a morning jog might be your idea of hell – luckily there are plenty of other forms of cardio that can be just as effective in getting you fit and toning your body.

    ‘The world is your oyster when it comes to different options of cardiovascular exercise,’ explains Dan Barrett, instructor at FLYKICK.

    ‘I’m a big believer in the best option being the one you enjoy the most, are able to do the most frequently and that corresponds best with your goals.

    ‘For example, if you hate sprints and interval training, the likelihood of you dragging yourself to the treadmill and doing them regularly is a lot lower than if you chose a form of exercise that you at least can bare or look forward to doing for 40-55 mins at a time.

    illustration of sweaty woman wearing sports kit
    The key is to find a cardio exercise that you don’t hate. (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    ‘So the big take away, there is no one perfect style of cardio. Different exercises serve their purpose in different ways, so find an option that works best for you, that you can fit into your schedule, training goals and current fitness level, but most importantly that you enjoy.’

    We asked Dan to break it down for us and explain the benefits of alternative forms of cardio if you’re not a fan of running.


    This is a great low-impact alternative to running and what’s brilliant is that it’s easy to do anywhere.

    A lot of people find going for a long bike ride therapeutic and use it as a way to get that cardio in and sustaining it for a long period of time without feeling too much like you’re exhausting yourself.

    But equally, depending on your training goals, you can mix it up by incorporating hills or changing the tempo and adding some sprints.


    This is a brilliant full-body cardio workout, particularly good for joint health and improving your range of motion.

    If you are suffering from an injury that mean’s avoiding impact is necessary, then introducing swimming will help you to rebuild your cardiovascular fitness during your recovery to full health.

    Body weight HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

    HIIT can be extremely beneficial, especially for goals such as fat loss, as well as building strength and maintaining muscle mass.

    A good programme will incorporate elements of resistance training (this can be body weight exercises such as squats, press-ups and lunges) as well as cardiovascular exercises like high-knee sprints and tuck jumps.

    Working out in this way can produce Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (the EPOC effect) which means that you can continue to burn calories for 24 hours post workout, making it particularly effective.

    It’s worth noting though that HIIT puts your body under higher stress than some of the lower impact alternatives, and therefore it wouldn’t be advisable to train in this way every day as you need to give your body time to recover – which is when the real magic happens!


    Aside from being incredibly fun and an incredible stress reliever, kickboxing will give your whole body a phenomenal workout.

    Engaging your core when punching and kicking the bag works your abdominal muscles in a way that you will struggle to get from any other cardiovascular exercises – and will actually help you feel stronger when you do come to other activities like running or swimming.

    Going the distance for multiple rounds will help build your stamina and as you’re too busy remembering the combinations, which also helps your coordination, it makes it easier not to think about beginning to fatigue.

    At FLYKICK, classes are a combination of HIIT and kickboxing; which means you’ll struggle to beat it when it comes to building both strength and cardiovascular fitness.

    Multiple rounds on the heavy punch bags act as conditioning work, but with the great music and encouragement from the instructor you can lose yourself in the workout, forget about being tired and keep going for longer.

    The HIIT rounds incorporate body weight and free weight exercises which work your full body, building up that power and muscular endurance so you’ll emerge feeling fitter and stronger.

    And who doesn’t want to take all their stresses out on a bag for 45 minutes?

    I am Team GB

    Toyota has teamed up with Team GB to re-launch the hugely successful participation campaign ‘I am Team GB’.

    Inspired by the achievements of Team GB athletes and the amazing efforts of local community heroes, Team GB has created ‘The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day’, which will take place on the 24thAugust.

    Over the weekend, there will be hundreds of free and fun activities across the country, put on by an army of volunteers; the ‘I am Team GB Games Makers’.

    To Join the Team and be part of The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day sign up at: www.IAmTeamGB.com

    Gym bikeGym bike

    0 0

    This challenge is basically what it says on the tin. Can you do 100 squats?

    Not all at once, don’t worry – we don’t want to completely destroy your legs. But can you do 100 throughout the day?

    Fit some in while you brush your teeth, on your lunch break, in the club – just get them done.

    Throughout this Staying Active summer series, fitness experts Elia and Amanda – both qualified instructors at Flykick – will be on hand to show you how to do each challenge and give you their top tips.

    Our daily challenges are perfect to try at home, at the gym or in the park. They are designed to get you moving every day.

    Check back every day to see what the next challenge is – you could even film your progress to make a record of how far you’ve come.

    The aim is to be active every day for six weeks over summer. Today’s challenge will test different muscle groups and help to improve your muscle performance.

    These daily challenges can be done on their own, or you can include them in larger workout – it’s totally up to you. As long as you’re moving, that’s what matters.

    A woman doing a squat on a yoga mat
    (Picture: Getty)

    We know doing the same fitness routine every week can get really tedious, trying a new challenge every day will keep your fitness fresh and fun – and you might even learn some new moves.

    How to do squats

    Start standing with feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Extend your hands straight out in front of you to help keep your balance.

    Lower your bum back and down like you’re sitting into a chair.

    Keep your chest and head high as you lower. Try to keep your spine straight, rather than rounded.

    Lower down so your thighs are as parallel to the floor as possible. Keep your knees over the top of your ankles.

    Sit back into your heels and hold at the bottom of the movement for a second or two.

    Then push through your heels to bring yourself back to the starting position.

    I am Team GB

    Toyota has teamed up with Team GB to re-launch the hugely successful participation campaign ‘I am Team GB’.

    Inspired by the achievements of Team GB athletes and the amazing efforts of local community heroes, Team GB has created ‘The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day’, which will take place on the 24thAugust.

    Over the weekend, there will be hundreds of free and fun activities across the country, put on by an army of volunteers; the ‘I am Team GB Games Makers’.

    To Join the Team and be part of The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day sign up at: www.IAmTeamGB.com

    Let the transformative power of fitness take overLet the transformative power of fitness take over

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    Mum takes a lick of daughter's ice cream and learns an important lesson
    Sidney took a lick of her daughter’s ice cream and learned an important lesson (Picture: Facebook)

    A lesson to all: kids are regularly gross and you should never share food with them.

    Mum of two Sidney Anderson learned this the hard way after she took a lick of her daughter’s ice cream… only to discover something disgusting had happened to her.

    Sidney shared the story on Facebook, explaining that she bought her daughter Blakely an ice cream come from McDonald’s. When the little girl handed Sidney her half-eaten cone, Sidney gave the ice cream a lick.

    Sidney was puzzled when her daughter looked concerned that she’d eaten some of the ice cream. She asked what was wrong, at which point Blakeley revealed the dark truth: She had ‘accidentally’ wiped her butt with the ice cream.

    Cue a freakout over what Sidney had just put in her mouth.

    ‘I am DONE with these kids,’ wrote Sidney. ‘I learned a hard lesson today… one I wasn’t prepared for and I feel like I’ve been through a trauma! I need prayer!

    ‘I know all you moms have been there. We as moms pretty much live off of the food our kids don’t eat so I licked it before it dripped.’

    When her daughter stared, Sidney asked what was wrong, to which Blakeley responded: ‘Is it okay?’.

    mum holding vanilla ice cream
    Nope (Picture: Facebook/firewifemomlife)

    Yep, alarm bells would be ringing.

    ‘At this point I’m scared b/c I don’t know what just happened,’ wrote Sidney. ‘I think maybe she dropped it in her room and was scared to say. We stand there looking at each other and the ice cream cone.

    ‘And this fool says: “I accidentally wiped my butt with it”.’

    Don’t worry, though. Blakeley clarified that there was no poop on the ice cream, so it’s all okay.

    Sidney shared: ‘I am coming unglued…so I ask this child “How do you accidentally wipe your butt with an ice cream and WHY did you give it to me to eat????”

    ‘She looks me dead in my face and says “I used the wrong hand to wipe but it was just pee mommy”.

    ‘DONE! Someone come get these kids. I cannot even handle it. If y’all need me I’ll be washing my mouth out with Clorox.’

    That poor mum.

    The good news is that she gave us all a laugh. Sidney’s Facebook post has been overwhelmed with comments from parents who relate, hard.

    One mum wrote: ‘This reminds me of mothers day a few years back when my daughter bought me up breakfast in bed, when I say breakfast in bed it consisted of two slices of bread and a stale cupcake!

    ‘I thought I’d be polite and eat some when she said “mummy I had an accident but I’ve cleaned it up!” I very quickly put down the food I was about to eat and smelt her hands which had a lovely pissy fragrance on them. Seriously dodged a bullet there.’

    Another commented: ‘My husband was taking too long in the store once. My daughter had to pee and couldn’t make it out so I grabbed an empty Starbucks cup and let her pee, planning to toss it as we drove out.

    ‘I didn’t get a chance because instead my husband got in the car, started driving and took a big ol’ swig of instant regret. He asked why it was warm and our eyes locked looking like this.

    ‘I started dying of laughter while he yanked the door open and began to puke in the middle of the road.’

    And perhaps our favourite story is this one: ‘My son loved giving me GIFTS OF FOOD when he was a toddler but I knew to NEVER EVER EAT THEM.

    ‘One day he gave me what I THOUGHT was a really old Oreo cookie, turns out it was a petrified piece of poop he’d found outside.’

    Again, there’s a lesson here: Never eat anything a child hands you. They are not to be trusted.

    MORE: Mum lets son wear dress to her wedding so he always feels free to do what he wants

    MORE: Groom wears shorts that make him look like a ‘toddler’ on his wedding day

    Mum\'s ice cream horror storyMum\'s ice cream horror story

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    Midweek orgy
    Not your usual Wednesday night (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    It’s a Wednesday night and I’m sprawled on a hotel bed in central London. I’ve got a guy going down me, while two very talented women have a nipple of mine in each of their mouths. Next to us, a couple are moaning loudly. Another guy kisses me and I may pass out from pleasure.

    Not your usual midweek Netflix and chill.

    How did I get here, having an orgy in the middle of the week with a group of very attractive people? It all started with an offhand message in a group chat.

    Being part of the kink scene, I’m a member of a few group chats centred around that community. All that needed to happen was someone to make a joke about how they could really go for a foursome… and a bunch of others (including myself) to chime in that they could too.

    Next thing I knew, I had a message from a friend asking if I was serious about the foursome. He runs an intimate sex party called Little Black Books, so I knew that if he was organising something, it was going to be fun. He said he had some people lined up and asked if I was okay with those names. I said yes immediately.

    This was Tuesday. We all got into our own group chat and started checking dates we were free. We realised everyone was available the next night, so chipped in for a hotel apartment and arranged to meet.

    Logistically the details were: three guys, four gals. Turn up from 7pm, bring some drinks and snacks, plus some toys if you’re so inclined.

    As everyone arrived we had some drinks and chatted. A few people had come straight from work, so had a quick shower to freshen up. We laid out the toys, of which there were many; everything from paddles and floggers to butt plugs and strap-ons and vibrators.

    Around 8.30pm it very suddenly became time for play, when one of the guys literally picked me up and took me to the bedroom. This is how I found myself at the centre of attention of four people and very quickly having an orgasm.

    It was incredibly sexy and everything flowed well, especially because everyone was so into each other. It was fun, easy and very, very hot.

    One moment of insane chemistry during sex with someone I had wanted to sleep with for a long time gave me the most intense orgasm I had experience in a long while. Later, I was pinned down while a Doxy wand vibrator was used on me until I cried and couldn’t take anymore.

    One of the more extraordinary moments of the night was seeing some of the most epic squirting I’ve ever witnessed, thanks to a vibrator that was brought along. It was like a waterfall. Unfortunately we hadn’t put a towel down beforehand so the sheets got very wet.

    There was double fisting, on both a guy and a girl, thanks to the talents of one gorgeous woman with incredible hands.

    Three of us women tested out many of the floggers and paddles on one of the guys, and I got to introduce one gal to my favourite toy, the Satisfyer; a clitoral toy that uses suction to give very intense orgasms.

    There were various combinations of people throughout the night, all mainly centred in the bedroom, despite there also being a pull out double bed in the living room – I guess no one wanted to miss out on anything by being in another room.

    While the majority of the night was full-on debauchery, there was some silliness too. We took selfies on the bed of the seven of us, all naked. We stopped for drink breaks, chatted, got snacks from the kitchen and debated over which crisp flavours were better.

    By the time I left the apartment it was 2.30am. I had a meeting at 9am the next day, which I struggled through with the help of a lot of caffeine.

    Basically everyone was wrecked at work on Thursday, so I can’t say it would be a regular occurrence, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    How often do you get a chance to f*** a bunch of truly gorgeous people in the middle of the week? And hey, you never look back fondly on the nights when you went to bed early and got a full eight hours sleep.

    Following that night, we’ve all kept in touch via the group chat, having a little in-joke of saying ‘on a Wednesday’ at each other, and planning when we’re all free for the next mid-week romp.

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    Midweek orgyMidweek orgy

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    Illustration of two women posing in their underwear
    Image manipulation leads to psychological manipulation (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Earlier this year I took part in a photoshoot as part of an interview with a newspaper. The day before the article went to print, I asked to take a look at the photos they had chosen. I rarely like photos of myself, so I just wanted to prepare for the worst.

    But what they sent back wasn’t a photo of me at all. It sort of resembled me, but those definitely weren’t my boobs.

    I don’t mean they’d made my boobs bigger, or fuller, or rounder – they were someone else’s tits photoshopped onto my body. Or it could have been a baby’s bottom. Hard to tell.

    I was teased at school for being flat-chested and earned the nickname ‘training bra’ from one of the rugby lads-lads-lads. I then opted for a bra so padded it would guarantee my survival in a skydiving accident.

    As my (now ex) boyfriend pointed out several years ago in what he genuinely believed to be a compliment:

    ‘You’ve got “investment boobs”, Nic. They don’t hold much value right now, but over time, they’re certainly not going to drop.’ What he lacked in tact, he made up for in hubris.

    I’ve since learned to love my small boobs. Now my big-breasted friends envy my ability to go braless and sleep on my front.

    My chest wasn’t the only issue with the photograph. What was less obvious, but arguably more disturbing, were the changes made to my skin, eyes and hair. I didn’t recognise that person. I know that person doesn’t exist.

    My lashes aren’t that long, my lips aren’t that big. But how is Joe Bloggs to know any different – and how is it that magazines and newspapers can get away with such a practice?

    I told my contact at the paper that I would not allow the image to be printed. They were sincerely apologetic and explained that they hadn’t even realised what had been done. Apparently the photo editor used to work for glamour shoots and it was probably done out of habit.

    Image manipulation leads to psychological manipulation. The effect that falsified images like these have on people who view them and believe them to be real is dangerous.

    Like dynamite, Photoshop was developed as a tool to make life easier but in the wrong hands can cause devastation.

    Photoshopped images have been directly linked to eating disorders, body dysmorphia and cosmetic surgery, especially amongst young people. They promote unrealistic expectations of body image and it has to stop.

    Women are being encouraged to present themselves as some sort of other-worldly creatures in order to stay interesting, relevant and sometimes even employable. This pressure is increasingly being put on men too, who are undergoing cosmetic treatments like Botox.

    It extends beyond public media and has infected our social media newsfeeds.

    I used to think that the subject of doctored photos must have requested such changes to be made, or at least given their consent to do so.

    After my experience I realise it is done without consultation. People in the public eye have a duty to their followers and fan base (especially those with a young audience) to ensure their image is represented realistically and to call out this behavior until the culture shifts.

    In France, advertisers are banned from using edited photos without a warning message. If they do, they face a fine of €37,500 (£33,000) or up to 30 per cent of however much it cost to make the advert. It’s time the UK followed suit.

    Like dynamite, Photoshop was developed as a tool to make life easier but in the wrong hands can cause devastation. Initially designed to enhance creativity, it has the potential to leave people feeling insufficient despite the fact the image they’re comparing themselves to isn’t real.

    I love my small boobs. I love my crooked nose. I love my moles and my short legs and my stretchmarks and my scars but it took decades to do so because magazines taught me to hate the way I looked from a very young age.

    I want no part in making another person feel the same.

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    MORE: I am fat but by no means weak, Michael Buerk

    STEPH YEBOAH COLUMN: The body positive movement is not for everyoneSTEPH YEBOAH COLUMN: The body positive movement is not for everyone

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    Harriet was left with orange stained skin and sheets after getting the bikini wet
    Harriet was left with orange stained skin and sheets after getting the bikini wet (Picture: Deadline News)

    In yet another case of swimwear not being designed to actually swim in, a woman was left stained orange after squirting some body spray while wearing a bikini.

    Harriet Wright, 20, bought a £40 La Vida Loca orange bikini from OhPolly to wear on holiday in Ibiza.

    She bought the set from the ‘swimwear’ section of the site but kept out of the pool.

    But even without any major contact with water, Harriet says the bikini still left her body and bedsheets covered in orange dye.

    She thinks this is because she applied a squirt of body spray while wearing the bikini.

    Harriet needed two showers to completely remove the dye from her body. When she contacted OhPolly to complain, she was told the bikini ‘shouldn’t get wet’ and was ‘for servin’ looks by the pool only’.

    An online shopper has revealed how her "ridiculous" £40 bikini left her skin and bedsheets covered in orange dye following a squirt of body spray
    Harriet says she needed two showers to get rid of the dye (Picture: Harriet Wright/Deadline News)

    Harriet shared her experience online to warn other customers that even the tiniest bit of liquid might make fast fashion swimsuits transfer their colour.

    ‘I get so many messages about this bikini,’ Harriet wrote alongside photos. ‘It’s from OhPolly but it’s one of them for ‘poolside only’ which is
    ridiculous since it’s listed in the ‘swim’ section.

    ‘I did not get in the pool with this bikini, water contact was TINY and this is the colour transfer!

    ‘The bikini itself is stunning but I wish I’d known it literally cannot come in to contact with any water at all or else the colour will run and stain everything including my skin!

    ‘Love the bikini but spending £40 to barely be able to wear it is not ideal.’

    People responded to the tweet, calling the bikini a ‘rip off’.

    AN online shopper has revealed how her "ridiculous" ?40 bikini left her skin and bedsheets covered in orange dye following a squirt of body spray. Harriet Wright bought the La Vida Loca bikini from OhPolly to wear during her break in Ibiza. The 20-year-old from Preston, Lancashire, bought the bikini from the "swimwear" section but kept out of the pool. So Harriet was horrified to discover her sheets were covered in dye and needed two showers to remove it from her body. When the clothing company owner contacted OhPolly to complain, she was told the bikini "shouldn't get wet" and was: "For servin' looks by the pool only."
    Harriet says the bikini stained her sheets orange after just a squirt of body spray (Picture: Harriet Wright/Deadline News)

    Harriet said OhPolly offered to replace the bikini for free, but she thinks the whole concept of a swimsuit that can’t get wet is ‘ridiculous’.

    She said: ‘I completely understand that they cater largely for influencers, but what use is a bikini to most of us that literally can’t come in to any contact with water?

    ‘Also, why would it be listed under the ‘swim’ section, when you absolutely could not do any swimming in those bikinis?’

    ‘To be honest, I’ve been pretty dissatisfied with them as a whole recently anyway. I will definitely think twice before ordering from there from now

    We’ve reached out to OhPolly for comment and will update this article should we hear back.

    This is just the latest in a series of swimsuits not designed for swimming.

    In July a customer called out PrettyLittleThing for a bikini that turned transparent in water, while in May someone slammed the brand for selling a bikini that bled blue dye in water.

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    MORE: Unfortunate ASOS trousers with brown tie-dye streaks make it look like you’ve pooed yourself

    MORE: People think this £350 ASOS dress looks like a sack of onions

    Woman gets bikini wet, ends up stained orangeWoman gets bikini wet, ends up stained orange

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    Illustration of woman looking stressed and holding her hand on her face, with a purple background which includes a wedding dress, veil and wedding ring
    A wedding weather calculator will tell you the likelihood of rain on your special day (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    For most brides-to-be, there’s one thing in particular that’s on their minds in the run up to the big day – whether it’ll be a washout.

    Despite it being good luck in some cultures for it to rain on the big day, most brides fear having to shelter from the elements under a brolly when they tie the knot – not to mention the mud that could ruin a crisp white wedding dress.

    Thankfully fashion retail brand Monsoon has come up with a new tool which calculates the likelihood of showers.

    The innovative wedding weather calculator works by identifying how likely it is to rain on a specific date based on previous years.

    So bridal parties simply need to select their chosen date and UK location, say, for example, 29 August 2019 in the South East, and the clever calculator will throw out a percentage chance of rain (22.99% in this instance).

    It even goes the extra mile, with insightful weather facts, including the driest days of the year – with 29 June, 1 July and 28 August showing up as the best rain-free dates for the summer months.

    It’s worth pointing out that the calculator is unlikely to be 100% accurate, but it’s great for getting a rough idea if you’re planning a wedding for 2020 or 2021.

    Not only is it a useful tool for brides, but it’s also helpful for wedding guests to plan ahead with waterproofs or umbrellas.

    A drowned rat vibe is never a good look in wedding pictures, after all.

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    MORE: You can now win a rooftop wedding for your dog

    Revealed: The Average Hen or Stag Do Will Set You Back ?204.82Revealed: The Average Hen or Stag Do Will Set You Back ?204.82

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    vetements teddy bear slippers
    Behold, this seasons must-have shoes (Picture: Net-a-Porter)

    Vetements is here to answer all your autumnal fashion goals with their own take on teddy bear slippers.

    As the weather cools and you can hear the whispers of ‘pumpkin spice latte’ in the breeze, it’s time to say farewell to summer fashion of plastic shorts and XX, and welcome autumn – the time when you can really start dressing.

    Autumn calls not for cutouts and bright prints, but for cosy layers. It’s a time when you no longer have to attempt to embrace trends and can retreat into a cosy cocoon of jeans and jumpers.

    The peak of autumn cosy clothing is, of course, the humble slipper.

    But true fashion types and dedicated members of the autumn fashion squad will not settle from any old slip-on fleece number from M&S.

    No, friends. It is time now for teddy bear slippers. And not just any teddy slippers you can pick up from the kids’ section in a department store, but the Hug Me Bear slippers by Vetements.

    Vetements teddy bear slippers for £680
    Your foot goes in the teddy bear’s tummy (Picture: Net-a-Porter/Vetements)

    Priced at £680 and crafted from a cotton, alpaca, and mohair blend, these slippers are decidedly fancier than the ones you usually shuffle around the house in.

    They’re also objectively ridiculous, which is exactly the point. You’re wearing teddy bears on your feet. Little bears that are cuddling your toes. It’s weird.

    On Net-a-Porter the slippers are shown styled with trackpants (£550) and a sports bra style top (£165), so it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking these slippers are for schlepping around your kitchen.

    This would be a terrible mistake.

    Vetements teddy bear slippers for ?680
    Stylish (Picture: Net-a-Porter/Vetements)

    Yes, such slippers should be worn all the time at home for maximum cosiness, but if you’re spending £680 they also need to be worn outside the house.

    We reckon you could pair them with your midi dress for an ahead-of-the-curve alternative to your Stan Smiths, or to add some edge to your skinny jeans.

    Wear your teddy bears loud and proud.

    And if you can’t afford the Vetements version, never fear. Just grab any teddy bear you can find and tape it to your feet. It’s called fashion, look it up.

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    MORE: ‘If you’re not on board, get off the f*cking ship’: Model Rain Dove on inclusivity in fashion and supporting Rose McGowan through #MeToo

    Vetements teddy bear slippers for ?680Vetements teddy bear slippers for ?680

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    pret dark chocolate and almond cookie
    You can get your hands on a free vegan chocolate cookie today (Picture: Pret a Manger)

    If you’re looking for a Friday foodie treat then be sure to head to a Pret a Manger store today.

    Selected Pret branches across the UK will be giving away free vegan cookies to hungry customers between 3pm-4pm.

    There’s just one teeny tiny catch.

    Customers looking to get their mitts on the edible good will need to quote the password ‘bake my day’ to members of staff behind the counter.

    The sweet treat, which usually costs £1.45, is made up of vegan dark chocolate, rich almond butter and a dash of sea salt.

    The post-lunch cookie hour will be taking place at a variety of Pret and Veggie Pret stores nationwide, but once the treats are gone, they’re gone – so it’s advised that anyone with a sweet tooth get there early for the best chance of bagging the vegan delight.

    The plant-based snack has proved a welcome addition to the Pret menu since it was first launched in spring 2018. The indulgent cookie has even attracted a loyal following on social media – with fans frequently giving shout outs to the bestselling snack.

    Hannah Dolan, global head of food innovation at Pret, said: ‘We know our Dark Chocolate & Almond Butter Cookie is one of our customers’ favourites – we’ve had hundreds of messages from vegans and non-vegans alike, telling us how much they love it.

    ‘Enjoy it on us this Friday afternoon. It’s delicious when paired with a cup of our organic coffee or English Breakfast Tea.’

    Free food is always a great way to start the weekend.

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    MORE: Tesco launches vegan battered Brussels sprouts for Christmas

    PSA: There's a giant vegan chocolate cookie in Pret's new spring menu and it's deliciousPSA: There's a giant vegan chocolate cookie in Pret's new spring menu and it's delicious

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    A picture of Harry Potter and a Pandora bracelet
    We’re buzzing for this collection (Picture: Warner Bros/Pandora)

    Jewellery lovers, rejoice: Pandora is releasing a Harry Potter collection.

    The new collection will feature 12 hand-finished designs including pendants, charms and a bracelet.

    While there’s no word on what we can expect within these designs, we’re hoping to see charms inspired by the Hogwarts Houses – because a Slytherin charm bracelet would be super cool.

    Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little while to see what Pandora has for us, as the collection isn’t coming out until 28 November 2019, both in stores and online.

    Pandora’s chief creative and brand officer, Stephen Fairchild, told Bustle: ‘Harry Potter has brought joy and a belief in magic to generations and Pandora fans have asked for this collection for years.

    ‘Pandora jewellery brings personal stories to life, and the friendship, love, and bravery told in Harry Potter resonates with Pandora’s fans. We’re thrilled to bring this collection to fans around the world.’


    If you’re looking for other Pandora bits while you wait for the magic inspired collection, the jewellery retailer recently launched a collaboration with Disney’s The Lion King.


    It features charms of animals such as Mufasa, Timon, Simba and Pumba, in gold and silver.

    Pandora also released a collection inspired by Toy Story, with charms of Woody, Buzz and Jessie.


    They also launched an Aladdin themed collection, which features a really cute magic lamp pendant.

    While we love all the Disney pieces, we’re really excited to wear some magic on our wrists – and we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled over the coming months for more news and sneak peaks.

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