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    (Picture: Smuggle Your Booze)

    December is just a few months away, which means we should probably start stocking up on alcohol ready for the festive season – because nobody judges day-drinking when it’s almost Christmas.

    Instagrammers are loving terrifying IT themed nails

    While Christmas means all rules on when it’s okay to drink go completely out the window, December also means lots of Christmas parties, including those for work. Unless you’ve got super generous bosses, you’ll probably end up spending a fortune at the bar.

    But have no fear, we’re here to give you some super handy tips on how to smuggle in alcohol to… Read the full story

    How to sneak booze into placeshattiegladwellmetroHow to sneak booze into placeshattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Instagram)

    If you’ve seen both the original and the remake of Stephen King’s IT, you’ll know that the latter did a brilliant job of keeping its audience entertained – while the original was lost on us the moment we had to turn the DVD over to watch the second half (yes, it was that long).

    Poundland is selling a new range of £1 sex toys and natural 'viagra'

    Pennywise’s voice is creepier, his teeth sharper, and there’s no ignoring that terrifying smile. But at least we know it’s only a film and we don’t have to look at his face for longer than… Read the full story

    IT nailshattiegladwellmetroIT nailshattiegladwellmetro

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    metro illustrations
    Yep, sexy ninjas are a specific fetish (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Of all the fetishes we’ve found in our A to Z adventures so far, we think the weirdest one is normophilia.

    metro illustrationsMetro’s A to Z of Fetishes: M is for machines, medics and monsters

    It’s sexual arousal only for things your culture or society considers normal, so it rules out jumping off the wardrobe dressed as Batman.

    But that’s no fun when you’re doing a round-up of all the unusual fetishes out there.

    But as we’ll discover, what’s normal to some is astonishingly vanilla to others. Lock up your nostrils!

    1. Narratophilia

    Do… Read the full story

    ***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** Metro’s A to Z of fetishes: N is for noses, ninjas and nuts (Gary Marshall)byowebsitemetro illustrationsmetro illustrations***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** Metro’s A to Z of fetishes: N is for noses, ninjas and nuts (Gary Marshall)byowebsitemetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Getty/ Ella Byworth)

    Today in research that makes us feel like old, drunken messes, apparently young people don’t think getting drunk is cool.

    In fact, they think it’s ‘pathetic’ and ’embarrassing’.

    Asda is selling pumpkin themed crumpets so that's Halloween breakfast sorted


    Eventbrite’s nationwide survey of 1,023 millennials found that alcohol consumption is on the decline in the younger generation, with millennials only consuming an average of five units a week.

    Only 1 in 10 of those surveyed said they view getting drunk as cool. The rest listed the act of getting drunk as ‘pathetic’, ’embarrassing’, and ‘belonging to an older generation’.

    We repeat: Ouch.

    The survey… Read the full story

    Banning men from approaching women isn't the answer to our sexual harassment problemellencscottBanning men from approaching women isn't the answer to our sexual harassment problemellencscott

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    imogen ker response to body-shaming comments
    (Picture: Instagram/imogen_ker)

    It shouldn’t need explaining.

    Your body is your body. How it looks and what it does is entirely up to you.

    Poundland is selling a new range of £1 sex toys and natural 'viagra'

    So commenting on your body in a negative way isn’t acceptable. It’s none of that person’s business, it’s rude, and it’s unneccessary.

    And yet, this simple concept seems to be beyond a lot of people. People still feel the need to body-shame, making rude comments or jokes at the expense of the appearance of someone else’s body.

    When this happens, most of us stay silent. It’s uncomfortable to… Read the full story

    imogen response to body shamingellencscottimogen ker response to body-shaming commentsimogen response to body shamingellencscottimogen ker response to body-shaming comments

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Fancy getting paid to drink beer all day? Have a deep, steady faith in your boozy palette?

    Poundland is selling a new range of £1 sex toys and natural 'viagra'

    Well, congrats. Your dream job’s just been listed.

    Meantime Brewing Company, in London, has just listed a job ad on LinkedIn for the role of a part-time professional beer taster.

    They’re keen to find beer lovers who they can pay to taste new and innovative beers and provide feedback (we imagine they’ll want something a bit more detailed than ‘it tastes good and I’m sloshed. Can I have some chips now?’).

    The job advert reads:… Read the full story

    group of friends toasting with drinks for the oktoberfestellencscottgroup of friends toasting with drinks for the oktoberfestellencscott

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    (Picture: Getty)

    We should all know by now that what we see on Instagram isn’t a reflection of reality.

    A couple took their wedding photos 60 years after they got married

    But sometimes it’s easy to forget – especially when you’re feeling a little self-critical and find yourself scrolling through a feed full of perfectly filtered photos.

    So model Iskra Lawrence is here to remind us that no, she doesn’t always look as flawless as she does in the pictures you see on her social media.

    In a video on her YouTube channel, Iskra shares all the tricks and tips she uses to pose in a way that’s as… Read the full story

    iskra lawrence flattering posesellencscottiskra lawrence flattering posesellencscott

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    womb crying
    PMDD is more than just a bad period (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler/metro.co.uk)

    As a woman, chances are you’ve suffered with PMS at some point in your life.

    The headaches, cramps, moodiness and fatigue that come as part and parcel of our monthly cycles are always unwelcome and usually throw us off for a few days.

    womb cryingPremenstrual Dysphoric Disorder – we discuss ‘PMT’s really evil sibling’ on our mental health podcast

    However, for some women, PMS has a much darker, more dangerous sibling.

    Extreme PMS – known as Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) – is a debilitating emotional and physical rollercoaster, with the… Read the full story

    endometriosis_illustration_libertyantoniasadler_metrosophiepetkarwomb cryingmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsendometriosis_illustration_libertyantoniasadler_metrosophiepetkarwomb cryingmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    The guy with the pie (flavoured sweets) (Picture: Cavendish Press)

    Remember those joke sweets you used to be able to buy from Smiffys as a kid?

    imogen ker response to body-shaming commentsWoman has brilliant response to a man saying she'd be 'perfect if it wasn't for her body'

    You’d often find yourself chowing down on the garlic chewies for fun, but let’s be real  – it wasn’t a fun experience.

    It was downright disgusting.

    A confectionery expert from Wigan disagrees though, and has spent time creating and perfecting a meat and potato pie flavoured sweet.

    He didn’t just do it for fun though –  it was… Read the full story

    Sweets that taste like meat and potato pielisambowmanSweets that taste like meat and potato pielisambowman

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    The store opened in Harajuku on Saturday (Picture: Sailor Moon Store)

    Kids’ TV show Sailor Moon gave us some of our first female icons.

    Poundland is selling a new range of £1 sex toys and natural 'viagra'

    Those sassy girls in sassy outfits running around and sassily fighting evil forces. Just like our suburban teenage lives, really, y’know? Just like ’em.

    The anime series has a cult following, and although there have been pop-up stores selling merchandise in Japan before, there’s never been a permanent one.

    Until now.

    Yes, that’s right kids, a Sailor Moon store has opened up in – where else? – Harajuku, AKA Tokyo’s… Read the full story

    First Permanent Sailor Moon Store Opens In JapanlisambowmanFirst Permanent Sailor Moon Store Opens In Japanlisambowman

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    (Picture: Facebook/Hurts Donut – Frisco Texas)

    Blame IT, blame those terrifying murdering clowns from last year, blame the current president of the US, whatever – clowns are having a real moment.

    Millennials think getting drunk is 'pathetic' and 'embarrassing'

    So naturally, someone’s hopped on the zeitgeist and created a clown delivery service.

    Do not fear – scary clowns will not be replacing your friendly postman. These are clowns whose only job is to deliver doughnuts.

    Hurts Donut’s in Springfield, Middleton, and Frisco are now offering a ‘fun’ offer that allows people to hire a terrifying clown to deliver doughnuts to their pals.

    Why anyone would want to… Read the full story

    You can hire a scary clown to deliver doughnuts to your friendsellencscottYou can hire a scary clown to deliver doughnuts to your friendsellencscott

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    Irie and human buddy, Lindsey (Picture: Caters News)

    Being told your pet needs to be put down is truly distressing.

    You can now buy meat and potato pie flavoured sweets

    Your best bud, your furry friend, the one who loves you unconditionally?

    It’s heartbreaking. Some people would retreat into a cave of doom and gloom *waves miserably*, while others?

    Others take a deep breath and try and make the best of a bad situation.

    Like 24-year-old Lindsey Hutslar from Ohio, USA, who was left devastated when she was told her five-year-old buddy Irie the Husky only had a month left to live after being diagnosed with terminal… Read the full story

    These are the heart-breaking - and often hilarious - touching photographs of one woman helping her dog carry out her bucket list before her pooch is put to sleeplisambowmanThese are the heart-breaking - and often hilarious - touching photographs of one woman helping her dog carry out her bucket list before her pooch is put to sleeplisambowman

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    Cheers! (Picture: Getty)

    In a disturbing turn of events, it seems getting drunk is no longer cool.

    That’s according to a survey conducted by Eventbrite, in which 1,023 millennials said that heavy drinking was something the ‘older generation’ did, and that they’d rather queue for the food truck than the bar.

    To be fair, Eventbrite is hardly going to be the most scientific source of data for this sort of thing, but in any case, the survey and the conclusions it draws are fifty shades of wrong, and I’m happy to tell you why.

    13 types of drunk we have all experienced

    First a disclaimer: as… Read the full story

    riotous drinking party in public barreverend61riotous drinking party in public barreverend61

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    (Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

    When you go to a pub or bar and order a drink, it tends to come with a straw – two of those mini thin straws, if you’re lucky.

    10 products to help you smuggle in booze to any party

    While that’s handy for sipping while dancing, or providing a backup for when you inevitably knock one of your straws on to the floor, the boozy practice of supplying every drink with a plastic straw is pretty rubbish for the environment.

    Wetherspoons are taking a stand.

    From January 2018, Wetherspoon chains will no longer automatically put plastic straws in their drinks, instead using only… Read the full story

    featured imageellencscottfeatured imageellencscott

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    (Picture: Poison Cocktails)

    You can now have jars of your favourite cocktails delivered to your door and we’re totally on board.

    A brewing company is searching for a professional beer taster to drink pints every Friday

    Thanks to Poison Cocktails (which, despite the name are very safe), you’ll never have to worry about running out of booze for pre-drinks again.

    The company currently offers six flavours of ready-made cocktails, including June Bug, ‘a tropical disco cocktail that tastes of coconut Rum mixed with melon and banana liqueur’, Jack Frost, a cocktail that is ‘bright blue in colour and has a Caribbean twist’, and a… Read the full story


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    Good one, genius (Pictures: Getty)

    I’ve been vegan for the past year-and-a-half.

    I’ve got a lot out of it, including some amazingly ridiculous conversations.

    Some have been from people trying to learn more, others are from vegan-cynics and all are just plain ridiculous.

    It’s amazed me some of the stuff that I’ve been asked.

    For your enjoyment here are my top five.

    Can you collect Nectar points?

    When I explained to a friend a lot of vegans don’t eat honey, they asked if that meant vegans I couldn’t collect Nectar points.

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to say.

    I just stared and give him a slow handclap.

    Didn’t you know? Cows like being eaten

    Someone genuinely tried to convince me… Read the full story

    Smug Man Raises EyebrowsandrewbrsslySmug Man Raises Eyebrowsandrewbrssly

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    (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

    Primark fans, take a deep breath, because we’ve got some amazing news for you.

    Primark is set to open a brand new store – and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. The biggest in the UK, in actual fact.

    The new store, which is going to be inside centre:mk shopping complex in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, will be opening its doors to customers next year.

    Heartbreaking photos show terminally ill Irie the dog completing her bucket list

    The store is going to be spread across 75,000 square feet and will feature every single item in the Primark range.

    Think Read the full story

    Retail Results Demonstrate The Changes On The High StreethattiegladwellmetroRetail Results Demonstrate The Changes On The High Streethattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Instagram)

    Attention, Disney fans and beauty lovers, you can now Disney-fy your nails without having to go all out on the nail polish.

    Poundland is selling a new range of £1 sex toys and natural 'viagra'

    Disney has teamed up with nail polish brand NCLA to create some nail wraps which are inspired by Disney’s most iconic movies.

    The nail wraps, which come as part of the new Good vs. Evil collection, feature designs inspired by Disney favourites including Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and 101 Dalmatians.

    Just to give you an idea of how detailed the nail wraps are, one of the… Read the full story

    The Disney-inspired nail wraps will complete your transformation to PrincesshattiegladwellmetroThe Disney-inspired nail wraps will complete your transformation to Princesshattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

    Another day, another thing it might not be wise to regularly stuff inside your vagina.

    This one’s not as obvious as wasp’s nests or balls of herbs, mind you.

    Today we’re frantically analysing the ingredients list of the various lubes in the sex box in our drawers (not a euphemism).

    It’s all thanks to some research which suggests that the vagina is highly absorbant, and could thus be slurping up any liquids that we slosh around our bits. Alarming, right?

    You can now buy meat and potato pie flavoured sweets

    ‘The vagina is a mucous membrane,… Read the full story

    Should we be worried about our vaginas absorbing the ingredients in our lube?ellencscottmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsShould we be worried about our vaginas absorbing the ingredients in our lube?ellencscottmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    Black Friday is a sales offer originating from the US where retailers slash prices on the day after the Thanksgiving holiday (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

    On your marks. Get set. Go!

    It’s that time of year, and Black Friday is nearly upon us.

    Wetherspoons will no longer put a plastic straw in your drink

    Black Friday marks the start of the winter sale season and the shopping event has out-performed Boxing Day sales in recent years.

    Last year, Black Friday was eventful at London’s West End, after a power cut forced some stores to close earlier.

    Black Friday is perfect for those looking for an early Christmas bargain… Read the full story


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