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    A commuter in Melbourne, 2017
    Melbourne, January 2017 (Picture: Lester Jones Photography)

    Commuting is the devil.

    Take a load of tired and grumpy humans, drop them on a train/bus that doesn’t have enough seats and costs the earth to ride, and you’ve got a recipe for unhappiness.

    But unfortunately, it’s the norm for millions of people around the world, five days a week, minimum.

    Photographer Lester Jones has travelled the world capturing the essence of commuting in a beautifully bleak photo series called Their Grind Not Mine, which he perfectly terms a global study of the psychology of commuting.

    Their Grind Not MinelisambowmanA commuter in Melbourne, 2017Their Grind Not MinelisambowmanA commuter in Melbourne, 2017

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    Still cold. (Picture: Geber86/Getty)

    Do you have the central heating on in September? A million fleecy blankets? An enviable selection of scarves, hats and gloves?

    Then you know the pain and discomfort of feeling the cold.

    There are not enough winter coats and fluffy boots in the world to make you feel warmed up when winter comes.

    Public Service Announcement: Christmas does not start in November

    Once summer is out of the way, the winter duvet is on the bed and you are wishing you could cancel plans from here until April, at least.

    Well, grab a hot chocolate and sit next to an open fire because you are not alone… Read the full story


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    (Illustration: Deirdre Spain for Metro.co.uk)

    You might think that the pictures of your cats/brunch on your Instagram are worth everything, but this website is about to disabuse you of that notion. 

    Inkifi.com have come up with a way of deducing the value of a post on your Instagram account, focussing on the idea that micro influencers (people with a smaller but more engaged social media following) are a better bet than people with millions of followers.

    The idea is that a micro influencer’s following are more actively engaged and likely to take a recommendation, because it’s more of a equal relationship and less of a celebrity/fan dynamic.

    Read the full story

    Why do we post pictures of our presents?rebeccacnreidWhy do we post pictures of our presents?rebeccacnreid

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    (Picture: costacoffee/Instagram)

    Coffee culture in the UK is growing.

    Load of us are swapping the pints for Americanos – and that includes parents (probably a wise transition).

    After all, coffee shops are more kid-friendly and if you spend all day running around after little ones, you probably need a caffeine injection.

    Which is why Costa has cashed in on the kiddie market by offering ‘babyccinos’.

    But you might want to think twice before handing a cup over to your spawn.


    Because the Costa version is packed full of sugar.

    Instagram Photo

    In fact, a Costa babyccino has more sugar than a can of full-fat Coca-Cola. The chocolate drink comes with either… Read the full story


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    Rob trains some of the best F1 drivers (Picture: Stuart Collins)

    I’ve always wondered what it takes to drive like The Stig.

    Top Gear's The Stig has set a Guinness World record using a bumper car (Picture: BBC)Top Gear’s The Stig just set an ‘impressive’ Guinness World Record in a dodgem car

    And when ever I’ve seen an episode of Top Gear I’ve thought I could definitely take on those celebs in a reasonably priced car. (OK so I totally couldn’t, but it’s nice to dream!)

    I was given the chance though by having a lesson with the legendary Rob Wilson.

    It’s not a name… Read the full story

    Rob Wilson 12katiebaillieRob Wilson 12katiebaillie

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    (Picture: The Great British Cheese Company)

    You love prosecco. You love cheese.

    You often like having both at the same time. They are, after all, good bedfellows. Nothing says a night well spent like lying on the sofa with a bottle of spumante and a block of Wensleydale, amirite?

    So it was only a matter of time before someone came along and combined the two life forces.

    The Great British Cheese company has just released a prosecco and raspberry flavoured Wensleydale.

    There's Now Prosecco Flavoured Cheese, And We Don't Know What To ThinkmkylThere's Now Prosecco Flavoured Cheese, And We Don't Know What To Thinkmkyl

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    (Picture: MAC/Puma)

    It’s very, very exciting when two brands you love get together and decide to make an extra special brand-baby.

    In this instance, it’s Puma (the trainers you wanted when you were a moody teenager) and MAC (the foundation/lipstick/brightly coloured eye liner you wanted when you were a mood teenager.)

    At the moment MAC are being quite tight lipped about what’s coming. They uploaded a pic to Instagram last night, with the caption ‘Your favourite hues taking a big step in a whole new direction! Stay tuned for a kicking new collection coming soon’.

    Instagram Photo

    Some fans think that it’s going to be a clothing collection… Read the full story

    for webrebeccacnreidfor webrebeccacnreid

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    Yeah, quite long that (Picture: Caters News)

    Remember a couple of years ago when 99% men around the world grew huge beards thinking it made them look super #edgy?

    Probably because they read somewhere that beards made them irresistibly attractive.

    The trend got so out of hand that men started putting glitterjewellery, and even fairy lights in their facial foliage.

    Well lads, hate to break it to you, but none of you look half as cool as our man Ram Singh here who holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest moustache, which hangs at a whopping 18.5 feet long.

    62-year-old Ram from Jaipur in… Read the full story

    Moustache manlisambowmanMoustache manlisambowman

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    Ice kweens (Picture: Aldi)

    Vegans have been having a pretty good time of it in the last year or so.

    We’ve had vegan fried chicken, vegan halloumi and vegan McDonalds. Then we were #blessed with vegan Baileys (and this even stronger, more ethical version).

    Lest we forget the unanimous cheer that arose when three delicious flavours of vegan Ben & Jerrys swam to our shores.

    Some of us have been having trouble finding this elusive moo-free Ben & Jerrys though, and those of us that have managed to locate it may have been a little taken aback by the price (£5.99 a tub… Read the full story

    Aldi have launched two new vegan ice creamslisambowmanAldi have launched two new vegan ice creamslisambowman

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    (Picture: gregallenphoto.com)

    A sales manager with Motor Neurone Disease who is only able to move his eyes refuses to let the disease get the better of him.

    Steve Dimond from Berkshire, who was diagnosed last year and only has months to live, has defied his disease and continues to offer ideas on how to move his company forward.

    His colleague at DMT, Kelly Boyson from Wokingham tells Metro.co.uk: ‘Every Monday, we have a management meeting and Steve logs in via Skype. He comes back with ideas on how to move the company forward by email.’

    The 55-year-old uses Eye Gaze, a camera attached to tablet which tracks the movement of his eyes. When Steve looks at… Read the full story


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    metro illustrations
    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    You’re over yoga. You’ve done mindfulness.

    And you’re still as tightly wound as a coil.

    So maybe it’s time for you to try the ‘newest’ wellness trend over in New York – Orgasmic Meditation, or ‘OMing’.

    Yep, a company is offering to massage women’s vaginas in a bid to help them enjoying being in the moment.

    Unlike a yoni massage, which isn’t about climaxing necessarily (if you want to read about yoni massage, we sent someone to experience it first hand, so to speak), the clue is in the title.

    While OM experts say it’s supposed to be good for those who like to give pleasure but aren’t used to… Read the full story

    How to deal with vacnemkylmetro illustrationsHow to deal with vacnemkylmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Traditionally Roman Catholics put up their tree on Christmas Eve afternoon but with the festive spirit kicking in that bit earlier every year, when to put up your Christmas tree has become a hazy question.

    Let’s clear all that up right now.

    Orgasmic meditation, the wellness trend where women get fingered by strangers

    Some people will erect their festive delight nearly a month in advance of Christmas Day and with the invention of artificial trees, there is no end to the madness.

    Christmas lights across the country will be switched on in towns and villages for the next few weeks as the pressure to start Christmas… Read the full story

    Toys R Us Payment planaislingtmMandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock (7526643e) Grand Foyer looking towards the White House Christmas Tree in the Blue Room White House Christmas decorations press preview, Washington, USA - 29 Nov 2016 The 2016 White House Christmas decorations are previewed for the press at the White House in WashingtonThe first lady's office released the following statement to describe those decorations, Toys R Us Payment planaislingtmMandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock (7526643e) Grand Foyer looking towards the White House Christmas Tree in the Blue Room White House Christmas decorations press preview, Washington, USA - 29 Nov 2016 The 2016 White House Christmas decorations are previewed for the press at the White House in WashingtonThe first lady's office released the following statement to describe those decorations, "This years holiday theme, 'The Gift of the Holidays,' reflects on not only the joy of giving and receiving, but also the true gifts of life, such as service, friends and family, education, and good health, as we celebrate the holiday season."

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    The Naked Marshmallow Co's gourmet advent calendar
    (Picture: The Naked Marshmallow Co, Getty)

    Don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty happy about 2017’s advent calendar choices.

    The prospect of having any of the following in my home is making me feel better about the current Baltic conditions waiting for me outside.

    Fans of a responsible slurp will love a gin, gin and tonic, Prosecco or wine advent calendar in their kitchen.

    Meat fans might be pleased with a pork crackling countdown, dairy lovers will appreciate this cheese advent calendar, and those not looking to pop extra food… Read the full story

    Full Frame Shot Of Golden BackgroundlisambowmanThe Naked Marshmallow Co's gourmet advent calendar Marshmallows around a camp fire The Naked Marshmallow Co's gourmet advent calendarFull Frame Shot Of Golden BackgroundlisambowmanThe Naked Marshmallow Co's gourmet advent calendar Marshmallows around a camp fire The Naked Marshmallow Co's gourmet advent calendar

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    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Every industry is currently being rocked by sexual assault allegations, with many of them going to the very top a la Weinstein.

    Despite all the support online through the #Metoo discussions, there is one retort that keeps being slung, ready to stop assault survivors in their tracks.

    ‘Why didn’t they report it when it happened?’

    If you need to ask that question, you’ve certainly never been a victim of an assault. Either that, or you’re far too dense to understand how power players like Weinstein operate, and how fear and intimidation play a massive part in every wandering hand, every ignored plea to stop, and every inappropriate comment.

    We spoke to… Read the full story

    Signs of domestic abuse in university studentsjessicacvlmetro illustrationsSigns of domestic abuse in university studentsjessicacvlmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Getty/Crussh – Mylo)

    Love em or loath them, Brussel sprouts are usually a mainstay on your Christmas plate.

    But if you’re in the former camp, you could be in luck: Brussel sprout juice has launched on the high street.

    Crussh has announced its Christmas menu featuring a juice made of er, Brussell sprouts (wonder where they cooked that one up!).

    The drink contains 15 sprouts so you can get your sprout fix in one go (lucky us).

    Launching on 15 November, it’s part of twelve new options from the London-based juice and smoothie shop.

    The new offerings include a Confit Turkey & Cheddar Spelt Sourdough Toastie with caramelised onions & herbs in a fresh spelt sourdough… Read the full story

    Brusel sprout juicelaylahaidrani25Brusel sprout juicelaylahaidrani25

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    (Picture: Liberty Sadler)

    There’s this disillusioned idea that hypomonia is a perk of having bipolar disorder.

    People associate it with being sky-high happy. They believe that there are only two spectrums of the disorder – being over the moon and being desperately sad.

    This is not the case.

    Bipolar disorder has a large spectrum, with two ends of it being two extremes – mania and depression.

    While depression can see a person isolating themselves, sleeping a lot, doing things detrimental to their health and worst of all, having suicidal thoughts, when it comes to mania, a person can act a lot of different ways.

    Uncontrollably excited, unstoppable, invincible. Easily distracted, unable to concentrate, and ultimately delusional and… Read the full story

    MG_ILLUSTRATION_LIBERTY_SNAKEShattiegladwellmetrometro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsMG_ILLUSTRATION_LIBERTY_SNAKEShattiegladwellmetrometro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    Jeremy Corbyn charity Christmas jumper
    Christmas Corbyn is our favourite Corbyn (Picture: notjust / Metro.co.uk)

    Your man Jeremy Corbyn might not have made it into No.10 but he can make it into your home this Yuletide, in the form of a charity Christmas jumper.

    This limited edition knit features an image of Jezza himself, complete with Santa hat.

    Because you know he’s the first to put on his cracker hat around the Christmas table, you just know. Man of the people, man of the bloody people, mate.

    The jumpers are designed and produced in the UK, and made from 50% cotton/50% acrylic – because aspiring vegan Corbyn wouldn’t stand for wool on a… Read the full story

    jerry-christmaslisambowmanJeremy Corbyn charity Christmas jumper Jeremy Corbyn Christmas jumperjerry-christmaslisambowmanJeremy Corbyn charity Christmas jumper Jeremy Corbyn Christmas jumper

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    I approached my first appointment with my brand new therapist as I approach most things: with fear, dread, and over-preparation.

    I made a list of things to ask, a list of things I had to bring up, I checked the location of the office then checked it again, and again.

    Despite sharing most of the bits of my brain all over the internet, chatting face to face with a stranger about all my issues still feels nothing short of terrifying.

    Sure, I’ve had therapy before, but it was all online. I had ten sessions of CBT in which I could pretend my webcam was broken so we could just chat as though it were a phone call. That CBT was helpful, but the limited time frame (I was only prescribed ten sessions, then I was cut off) meant it felt surface level, and we only really covered social anxiety techniques rather than tackling the… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Pret A Manger)

    It’s *officially* Christmas.

    Pret has now unveiled their Christmas menu, set to grace shelves on 7 November.

    We don’t know about you but once festive sandwiches are on shelves, it’s really is that time of year again.

    And vegans rejoice: Pret’s menu now features its very first ever vegan Christmas sandwich, the Very Merry Christmas Lunch sandwich.

    Chefs have whipped up a special vegan stuffing combined with grilled carrots, crispy onion, caramelised pecans, spinach, and a port & orange cranberry sauce.

    Also new to the menu are the veggie Festive Winter Salad and a Smoked Salmon, Soft Cheese & Dill baguette.Oh, and a mince pie flavoured Flat White.

    Pret Verry Merry Christmas Lunch Sandwich, £3.50 (Donates 50p to the PFT)laylahaidrani25Pret Verry Merry Christmas Lunch Sandwich, £3.50 (Donates 50p to the PFT)laylahaidrani25

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    (Picture: Firebox.com)

    Help your presents stand out under the tree this year with this subtly aggressive giftwrap.

    On first glance, it’s generic festive wrapping paper but when you take a closer look, it’s pretty f***ing rude.

    The paper is emblazoned with the message ‘Merry f*cking Christmas’ and is sure to delight your nan as she unwraps that naff bottle of sherry you got her.

    As its creators say: ‘It’s going to be torn to shreds and shoved in a bin bag before lunch time so who even gives a sh*t?’

    Good point.


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