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Get 20% off everything at ASOS for Black Friday with this discount code

(Picture: Asos)

ASOS are getting into the Balck Friday spirit by offering 20% off everything on their site.

The online retail giant already offers huge discounts on thousands of brands but this time you can really get a huge bang for your buck.

All you need to do it apply the discount code WIN20 when you are at the checkout.

(Picture:… Read the full story

What is in a Thanksgiving Dinner? Side dishes, desserts and drinks explained for the uninitiated

What is in a traditional Thankgiving meal (Picture: Getty Images)

Happy Thanksgiving, or as some say, Happy Turkey day!

Many Americans will be celebrating the auspicious day feasting on approximately 50 million turkeys, nut roasts and root veggies.

Other popular delights include, stuffing, pumpkin, pecan, apple and sweet potato pies and yams.

It’s all about giving thanks to one another and thinking about the origins of the country itself.

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Best Apple iPhone Black Friday deals on iPhone X, 8 and 7

(Picture: AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Black Friday Deals often include some of the must-have goods of the season, but this year they include one of the must-have goods of the decade.

Apple recently launched their flagship phone the iPhone X to mark the tenth year of producing iPhones.

The new phone was a complete overhaul of design and price, and so Black Friday may be the one time you can get this phone without going bankrupt.

The iPhone 8 was also announced this year, and sales have been underwhelming due to the similarities between the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7.

Black Friday is the perfect time to nab these phones at rock bottom prices.

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Like it or not, Sleeping Beauty has origins in rape culture

(Picture: Disney)

The response to a mother who suggested Sleeping Beauty was pulled from schools because of the messages about consent, has not been kind. 

People on Twitter have called her names, the comments on online articles are mostly variations on the theme of ‘political correctness gone mad’ and in some cases it’s even got pretty nasty.

But the thing is, however traditional a fairytale might be, and however inoffensive it might seem at first look, lots of fairytales really do have their origins in rape culture.

Like, literal rape culture.

In the original of Sleeping Beauty the princess was raped while she slept, and only awakened from the deep slumber when she… Read the full story

Make your face a little more festive with the Santa brow trend

(Picture: Instagram/hannahdoesmakeupp)

Remember the other day when we said the weird brow trends won’t be stopping any time soon?

Well, we were correct. If anything, the brow thing is ramping up.

To recap, this year we’ve seen squiggle brows, penis brows, barbed wire brows, crown brows, ponytail brows, McDonald’s brows, heart brows, foil brows, triple brows, negative space brows, and braided brows.

Now, in the run up to Christmas, behold the next hot trend for the little hairs above your… Read the full story

A Ferrero Rocher pop-up is coming to London

(Picture: Ferrero Rocher)

We don’t know about you but Christmas officially starts when a box of golden Ferrero Rocher finds its way into our cupboard.

And now, it’s not just your kitchen that will benefit from the nutty goodness – a chocolate pop-up dedicated to it has, er, popped up.

Following on from last year’s, the chocolatier will offering guests a ‘multi-sensory’ tasting experience from December 1 to December 17.

And what does that include, you ask?

Well, guests are seated and closed into a dome surrounded by light projections where they get try to five different layers of Ferrero Rocher, each one exploring different temperatures and textures.

Created by chef Paul Hannegan, each choc… Read the full story

The best Black Friday 2017 fashion discounts you need to know about

(Picture: Getty Images – Myles Goode)

There’s nothing more exciting than a bargain.

Or more precisely, a bargain on something you’ve had your eye on for a while.

Black Friday is upon us and if you’re struggling to work out which shop does what, we’ve done the hard work for you.

There are some shops not taking part this (Primark, Next and ASDA) Black Friday, but if you’re looking for discounts on women’s, men’s or kid’s clothing and shoes or even stocking up on Christmas presents, sit back, relax and shop at the places below.

Here’s which retailers are taking part and what their deals include:


Date: 24-27 November

What does it include: 20%… Read the full story

10 tips for going gluten-free while on a budget

gluten free sign and money
Going gluten-free doesn’t need to cost the earth (Picture: Getty)

If you’re new to coeliac disease or gluten intolerance, there’s one thing that will never fail to shock you.

I’m not talking about the first time you taste ‘free from’ bread (although that is indeed an eye-opener) but the first time you cast your eyes on the receipt of your weekly shop.

Why gluten-free foods need to be available on prescription

Gluten-free foods are, at times, ridiculously expensive.

In fact, Coeliac UK estimates gluten-free bread can be up to five times more expensive than its equivalent.

And it’s not just loaves… Read the full story

Instagram influencer calls out a diet shake company for asking her to be a brand ambassador

(Picture: _charlottesweb/Instagram)

When it comes to health and fitness, Instagram is great in so many ways.

It’s full of free workout tips and regimes. It’s an amazing community for those of us who don’t or can’t eat certain foods. It’s got great inspo for gym kits and yoga apparel.

But #wellness has also allowed diet companies to push their problematic products out to unwitting audiences via influencers.

You might not buy diet tea if you just saw an ad telling you it works…but you might be more tempted if your favourite fit blogger told you that they used it every morning.

But not every influencer is up for being bought.

Charlotte Rollin, a 20-year-old fashion communications student,… Read the full story

Sales of erectile dysfunction medication massively increase in the run-up to Christmas

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We’re all keen on having a very merry Christmas.

For some, merriness means getting plenty of presents. For others it’s about sipping mulled wine by a fire. And for others, it’s the ability to have fulfilling sex.

Improving your sex life isn’t just down to the purchase of mince pie lube (just had a search for this and it doesn’t exist, which is, quite frankly, appalling) or a festive cock ring. For many it’s about relying on the use of medication to get a full-on erection.

We’re not too shocked to learn, then, that pharmacies report a massive increase in the number of prescriptions for erectile dysfunction medication… Read the full story

Should I have another baby even though I don’t want one? Questions from a confused dad

sad dad
Is it enough? (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

What if I don’t love my child?

Is this a ridiculous thought to have, or is it more common than people think? And am I the only one feeling this way?

Having my son made me realise that dads crying is a good thing

Let me explain.

I have a little boy and believe me, there isn’t a love on this planet or even this universe as strong as the love we have.

We have our two girls too but the situation is different – I’m their step-dad (they were already six and seven when we… Read the full story

Neglected dog with severely matted fur finds a home after a much-needed makeover

(Picture: SWNS)

When 11-year-old shih-tzu Rupert arrived at Blue Cross animal rescue centre, his fur was so matted he looked like a little Ewok.

You know, those cute little bear things from Star Wars. Rupert looked just like them.

This may sound quite sweet, but Rupert’s tangled fur raised some serious concerns. He’d clearly been neglected for quite some time, and his fur was so filthy and overgrown that volunteers struggled to tell what sex or breed he was. Poor Rupert.

He could barely walk, and clumps of fur covering his face meant he could hardly see.

He spent a week in a council pound before he was found wandering the streets, sad and… Read the full story

Sainsbury’s is now selling a festive vegan cheese platter so Christmas is saved

(Picture: Violife/Instagram)

When you go vegan, it can be a struggle to readjust to not chowing cheese every minute of the day.

But you soon get used to it.not having it.

Except at Christmas.

No Christmas meal is complete without a cheese board. It just Christmas if you haven’t eaten your weight in Brie and Wensleydale in between gulps of port.

Which is why Violife – AT LAST – has come up with a dairy-free, vegan cheese board.

And it’s being sold at Sainsbury’s for £5.50, which is a small price to pay for unparalleled cheesy happiness.

We’re talking blue cheese. Cranberry cheese. Mature cheese.

Instagram Photo

They’re… Read the full story

Morrisons Black 5 days: The best of the Black Friday bargains

(Picture: Morrisons)

Why have Black Friday when you can have Black Five Days.

Morrisons launched a special sale in honour of the biggest shopping day of the year, but they didn’t want it to last just a day so they made it last a working week.

Every day in the five days coming up to Black Friday, Morrisons has released some extra special deals for their customers each day.

Seeing as the supermarket giant just couldn’t wait until Black Friday to treat their customers.

All of the following offers are only available in store, each day new offers are announced so watch out for tomorrow’s mega deals.

Vegan body building week 3: Why you genuinely need to eat more calories to start losing body fat

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

For the past two weeks, we’ve been doing a few gentle workouts and eating a nice, balanced meals.

There’s been no fasting. No crying in the gym. Just yoga, some manageable weights and old-fashioned healthy, plentiful meals.

And guess what? In just 17 days, I’ve already lost 2% of my body fat and George has lost a ridiculous 3.5%. Who doesn’t love a super quick result?

But all that relaxing around has come to an end. Because this week, we’ve been going in.

After a blissful fortnight, we’ve started changing calorie amounts and macro percentages and training bloody hard. One day of intense weights is followed by a 20… Read the full story

Selfridges Black Friday deals you need to know about

(Picture: Selfridges)

Credit cards at the ready guys, because Black Friday is here.

Selfridges isn’t technically calling their offers Black Friday deals. Instead, they’ve created their own dedicated holiday called Christmas Comes Early.

From 23 to 26 November, the superstore is offering 20% off jewellery, watches, women’s accessories, womenswear, menwear, kidswear, home and travel as well as 10% off technology, beauty and fragrance.

Not included in the promotion will be food, restaurants, toys and in-store services such as restaurants.

But don’t forget to enter the promo code at the checkout every time you shop. You can find it here.

So how much can you get for your buck?

Well, if you… Read the full story

Creator of ‘world’s most-viewed photograph’ brings out new wallpapers for smartphones

O’Rear’s picture ‘Bliss’ is claimed to be the world’s most seen photograph (Picture: Charles O’Rear/Microsoft)

Most people will recognise Charles O’Rear’s most famous photograph Bliss but they may not recognise the man behind the camera.

During the mid 90s, the US photographer pulled his car over on Sonoma Highway, California, and snapped this photograph of the countryside.

It later became the default background of Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system.

Not very exciting maybe, but some claim that Bliss has been viewed by more than a billion people, making it the most seen photograph in the world.

Now more than 20 years later O’Rear is setting out again to create the next generation of background photos.

Read the full story

How to send a book to a child in care this Christmas

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It’s tough for any child in care.

But Christmas can be that bit tougher due to its associations with family.

So if you’re wondering how to make a child in care’s Christmas special, here’s how.

The Book Trust want to send a surprise book gift selected to match the age of the child and a specially created festive poster and postcard.

They’ve carefully selected six hardback books to send to children aged 3 to 13 years old.

Titles include Three Little Owls illustrated by Quentin Blake, Creaturepedia and National Geographic’s Weird but True.

Each child will also receive a specially-created festive poster and postcard by illustrator Adam Stower.

B&M is selling a Baileys advent calendar for £5

(Picture: Baileys)

Forget a vegan chocolate advent calendar or even a cheese one because the search for 2017’s best advent calendar is officially off.

Why, you ask? Because B&M have just swept all the competition away.

The discount store has launched a Baileys advent calendar for a mere fiver.

Yes, a fiver. Less than a sarnie and some crisps.

The calendar features 50ml Baileys Original Irish Cream and 24 milk chocolate squares.

So if you’re looking to gift someone who likes chocolate and liquor this Christmas (read: yourself), then here’s your best bet.

The only con? There’s not enough Baileys for every single day but for the price, we’re certainly not complaining.

It’s a bargain hunter’s dream,… Read the full story

Should women in their twenties be thinking about freezing their eggs?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Rita Ora has frozen her eggs. 

I know, it’s Thursday afternoon and you probably don’t want to think about Rita Ora’s reproductive system. But when you realise that she’s 26, it does rather prompt the question ‘should I be worried about my eggs?’

Because we don’t want anyone to worry about anything to do with their lady parts, we thought we’d have a bit of a look at the whole egg freezing thing and work out whether it’s something we should be worrying about.

How do you freeze your eggs?

According to the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority, the process starts with having the equivalent of IVF.… Read the full story

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