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Stir-up Sunday: What is this Christmas pudding tradition all about?

Christmas pudding with holly and mince pies in background and white and gold table colours. See also:
It’s time to mix it up (Picture: Getty)

Get your mixing bowls out because today (Sunday, November 26) is Stir-up Sunday.

Traditionally, it’s the day British families get together after church to make their Christmas puddings.

Whether you’re religious or not, it makes sense to mix your pudding early.

Taking part? There’s plenty of recipes, from vegan Christmas puddings to gluten and diary-free.

Get ready to fill your house with delicious smells of citrus, dried fruits and Christmassy spices.

So why is it called Stir-up Sunday?

Well, it turns out that the name has nothing to do with the making of… Read the full story

Upside-down Christmas trees are *the* thing this year so get flipping

(Picture: Claridges/Instagram)

According to a study by Pew Research Centre, millennials seem to be over traditional holiday decorations.

In fact, only 79% still put up a Christmas tree compared to 92% who said they used to have a tree as children.

Maybe that’s why trees are becoming more and more avant-garde.

Remember the ladder trees?

Well, those hipster bad boys were nothing, compared to upside-down Christmas trees.


They’re in hotels

They’re in… Read the full story

Welcome to the first ever Ugly Sweater World Championships

(Picture: Reuters/Regis Duvignau)

Christmas jumpers are, by definition, naff.

The more garish, the better.

Remember Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones? A champion of the Ugly Jumper brigade.

Any man who goes out in public wearing a novelty animal-themed Christmas jumper is a man to stick with.

So just take a look at these hunks and hunkesses at the first ever Ugly Sweater World Championships.

Taking place in Albi, France, the very worst/best of fashion design was celebrated, from double person jumpers to ones with stuffed reindeers coming out either end.

The perfect inspiration for Christmas Jumper Day on 15 December.

After all, no one in your office wants to see you in marginally acceptable Topshop number.

We want crass

Read the full story

Is your whey protein shake causing your acne?

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

There’s some kind of protein hysteria at the moment.

People are obsessed with eating insanely high amounts of protein, even if they eat meat.

Gym floors are littered with shakers. Checkouts have replaced chocolates with protein Mars bars. Even your nan who barely breaks into a jog has got packets of whey protein hidden in her cupboards.

But might our consumption of the milk derivative be playing havoc with our skins?

Well, quite possibly.

Milk is made up of two proteins – casein and whey and while it can help to burn fat and lower cholesterol, high doses of whey protein might be responsible for causing adult acne.

LA-based dermatologist Ava Shamban tells Read the full story

Pharrell’s Chanel x Adidas trainers will set you back £30,000

(Picture: Chanel/Pharrell/Getty)

Sneakerheads are used to paying out big bucks for limited edition trainers.

It’s part of the course.

And what self-respecting kick addict would want to miss out on Pharrell’s latest design project with Chanel and Adidas?

He’s designed a pair of limited edition sneakers to celebrate Chanel’s takeover of Colette Paris – and only 500 of them will be released.

Yep, 500 pairs and already over 120,000 people have applied to get their grubby mitts on one.

They’re set to sell for around £800 (WTF) but Pharrell thinks they could start fetching up to £30,000 (WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL).

Not that he understands why anyone would pay so much for a bit of fabric… Read the full story

Is it impossible to buy a house in London without parental help?

(Picture: Getty; Shutterstock)

You might remember a few weeks ago the advice given to Millennials by estate agent Strutt and Parker: If we give up on ‘luxuries’ like sandwiches and going out with friends, we could get on the property ladder in a mere five years.

While eating gruel for lunch and forgoing a social life for half a decade doesn’t seem ideal, maybe it’s not so bad if you get a house at the end of it.

What Strutt and Parker failed to mention, however, is that even if you do live the life of an ascetic, you’ll still need your parents to chip in about £30,000.

Thanks for the tip, lads,… Read the full story

The blackheads on your nose probably aren’t blackheads at all

(Picture: Getty Images/Myles Goode)

I have been blessed, for the most part, with good skin.

But there is one problem area that never seems to get better; my nose is greasy and full of tiny, creamy pools of gunk.

In fact, it’s blackhead central. I spend hours squeezing and prodding my nose only to find it back to normal within a few days.

So I went to see Michelle Cashen at Privet Body in Notting Hill to get an Image Signature Lift Facial which I hoped would get rid of the problem, once and for all.

But after having an initial consultation, I was told that my blackheads weren’t blackheads after all.

Michelle is a… Read the full story

I want to see fat women as movie main characters

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It’s that time of year again; when I stick on Love Actually and get excited for someone to confess their undying love for me over the festive season – which is definitely going to happen.

This time, though, I noticed something I hadn’t thought much about before: How Martine McCutcheon’s character’s weight is constantly brought up.

Her nickname in the film was ‘Plumpy’ and she was referred to as ‘the chubby girl’.

This is what she looked like in that film, by the way:

How to have a social life without pretending you’re infinitely rich

This can be you, even if you’re skint (Picture: Getty)

Socialising usually means spending money.

It’s an unfortunate downside to something that brings us all a lot of joy, but especially at this time of year, endless catch-ups, after work drinks, and trips out to dinner mean your wallet gets empty fast.

The blackheads on your nose probably aren't blackheads at all

For some reason, it’s like we’re all expected to pretend we have unlimited money, with everyone inviting you to pop-ups, cocktail bars, and hip restaurants. Why does no one ever suggest a Greggs, huh?!

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. With a brass… Read the full story

Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Theme Park review – what’s on, is it worth the money and how does it compare to CBeebies Land at Alton Towers?

Thomas at Drayton Manor Park (Picture: Drayton Manor Park)
Thomas at Drayton Manor Park (Picture: Drayton Manor Park)

Ever since I got the chance to review the larger than life CBeebies Land Hotel at Alton Towers this summer I’d heard murmurings of a major rival in the battle for best family days out.

In short, several parents told me Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Theme Park was better.

So off we went again, three and five-year-old niece and nephew in tow, to find out.

If you’re driving from London it has at least one advantage – it’s based in Tamworth and is therefore a two-and-a-half hour drive away compared to Alton Tower’s Stoke-on-Trent three,… Read the full story

25 worries every parent has while organising a child’s birthday party

It’s my party and I can cry if I want to (Picture: tdub303/Getty)

Giving birth to a child is the easy part – trust me.

The real difficulty comes every year when you have to find new and exciting ways to mark that day.

Family donating gifts and toys to charity for Christmas holiday (Picture: Getty)Nine kind things you can easily do this Christmas to help others

Party lists, goodie bag fillers, the endless list of ways to keep a group of primary school kids who are sky high on e-numbers entertained for two hours.

If you thought organising a wedding was difficult you ain’t seen nothing… Read the full story

Want to look super-hot? Course you do! So read this…



(Picture: Getty)

With Christmas party season just around the corner, we all want to look and feel our absolute best.

After all, no one wants to be left alone under the mistletoe.

But unless you’re blessed with legs like a Victoria’s Secret model, it can be hard to feel super hot and confident all the time – particularly after months of watching X Factor on the sofa with a bowl of snacks.

But there are a few minor tweaks we can all do to make ourselves feel incredible, even on a budget.

So, here are our tips to get you looking and feeling as hot as possible:


Get those pearly whites sparkling

Read the full story

6 of the best UK Christmas markets as described by locals

There are some amazing Christmas markets beyond London too (Picture: Getty)

Eggnog, mulled wine, Santa’s grotto and overcrowded beer halls.

The blackheads on your nose probably aren't blackheads at all

It’s Christmas market season, and there are endless options dotted across the UK’s towns and cities.

For those looking to do a bit of Christmas shopping or just to get in the festive spirit, here are six of the best Christmas markets in the UK, as described by the people who live there.


Instagram Photo

Deb Sharratt from My Boys Club says:

‘The best Christmas market in… Read the full story

The best Amazon Cyber Monday UK deals 2017

(Picture: Getty Images)

Amazon doesn’t just stop at Black Friday. Cyber Monday has arrived and they’re still offering hundreds of products at discounted prices.

They’ve already dropped prices across thousands of products, including their own-label products, such as the Fire 7 Kids, the Fire HD 8 Kids, Kindle Paperwhite as well as the insanely popular Echo, all of which are still on sale.

Some of the best-selling items on Amazon.co.uk so far include Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote and Echo Dot, as well as the Nintendo Switch, Read the full story

How can managers and businesses help mental health in the workplace?

(Picture: Irene Palacio for Metro.co.uk)

With mental health becoming less of a taboo subject and real progress being made, companies and managers have to step up to make sure they are doing the best they can.

The NHS is already falling back on sticky-plaster solutions like prescribing a record 64.7m antidepressants in 2016 (that’s doubled in the last decade) to treat a variety of mental health issues and it can take months to see a psychotherapist on the NHS, so companies have a big role to play.

By encouraging a more open environment we should see a drop in the estimated 300,000 people who leave their jobs annually due to mental… Read the full story

The world’s 50 best beaches have been revealed – so get packing

(Picture: FlightNetwork.com)

There’s nothing like a miserable, wet Monday to get you dreaming of your next exotic escape.

Sure, you might have no holiday allowance left or any actual money but you can dream, right?

It’s worth planning your travels now so you have something to look forward to when you wake up in the pitch black and schlep to work. Or you could ask for cash towards your trip for Christmas.

To add a little fuel to your daydreaming, FlightNetwork has just revealed the first annual list of The World’s 50 Best Beaches.

Yep, the hottest beaches have been ranked by 632 of the globe’s top travel professionals.

‘For the past two months we’ve… Read the full story

Being comfortable with being boring together is the key to long-lasting relationships

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

No one wants to be that couple who stays in every night, swerving friends and social occasions.

It’s the greatest anxiety for all extroverts – that they’ll become boring the moment they find a partner.

Sure, it’s nice to sometimes slouch in your tracksuit watching Netflix and meal prepping for the week but it’s not exactly sexy stuff.

But perhaps we’re worrying needlessly.

Because our calmer couple companions might actually have the secret to a happy, long-lasting relationship nailed.

Mark Manson, author of ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k’ says that relationships should ‘be as boring as possible’.

‘That sounds really weird to people but if you… Read the full story

Women transforms Starbucks’ cups into amazingly intricate works of art

(Picture: creative_carrah/Instagram)

Every artist has their muse.

Back in the day, it was some exotic dancer they regularly met at the local whorehouse.

Today, it’s something as simple as a Starbucks coffee cup.

Carrah Aldridge is a 22-year-old self-taught scribbler from Ohio who transforms Starbucks’ takeaway cups into fantastically intricate works of art.

And she’s managed to rack up nearly 81,000 followers who cling to her every design.

Sometimes she honours the original Starbucks icon

Instagram Photo


Giving her various themes to work with

Instagram Photo


And other times, she draws her own coffee queen

Instagram PhotoRead the full story

What is Cyber Monday? Black Friday sales still rumble on today

Woman sitting beside wrapped Christmas gifts while she uses her laptop to insert her card details.
Get those cars at the ready (Picture: Getty)

Black Friday sales seemed to hijack the high street for weeks leading up to the day itself and you may be asking yourself when do these bargain basement deals end.

The blackheads on your nose probably aren't blackheads at all

Today, we promise you.

Monday, November 27 is Cyber Monday and was originally seen as the online shopping equivalent of Black Friday, although the majority of shopping on that day has now moved to the internet.

Black Friday, is the… Read the full story

5% of people claim they’ve met someone for a one night stand in a museum

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We thought that finding a one night stand these days meant going on Tinder, or drunk dialing someone you once met in a bar.

But according to research from SaucyDates.com, we were wrong.

The research, which surveyed 10,121 people found that online dating was definitely not the only way to find someone for no-strings attached sex.

Unsurprisingly the top location to find sex was a bar, taking 15% of the vote (go figure) and the second most likely was at a hotel with 11% of people saying they’d hooked up whilst staying at a hotel.

Less predictably 5% of those questioned said that they’ve found sex while at the gym.… Read the full story

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