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What is autonomic disorder?

(Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Solange Knowles has had a hard time of it health-wise recently.

She cancelled a show at Florida State University back in November and announced she won’t be playing the AfroPunk festival in Johannesburg on New Year’s Eve, both due to health reasons.

Initially, it was unclear what these health issues were, but the singer has confirmed that she’s been diagnosed with an autonomic disorder, and her doctor wouldn’t clear her for the journey or performance in South Africa.

In an Instagram post, she told followers she’d been battling symptoms for the last five months.

Instagram Photo

Autonomic disorders can vary from… Read the full story

Bakery challenges people to eat doughnuts the size of their face in under two minutes

(Picture: Instagram/Bob’s Donuts)

Could you eat a doughnut the size of your head?

If you’re anything like us, sure you could. You wish all doughnuts could be that massive, and that you could have the opportunity to eat them.

But could you eat a doughnut the size of your head in under three minutes? That’s where things become a little tricky. We’re pretty sure if we attempted it we’d be put off doughnuts for life (I still can’t eat mince pies after our mince pie taste test of ’15).

If you do think you could handle it, though, head to Bob’s Donuts in San Francisco, where winners of The Donut… Read the full story

Domino’s launches Recovery TV channel to help soothe your hungover soul on New Year’s Day

This looks like a pretty dreamy situation, although we fear the TV is too close to this poor boy’s face (Picture: Mikael Buck / Domino’s)

Domino’s loves a marketing gimmick almost as much as they love charging us an arm and a leg for a bit of cheese and dough

Remember last year when they launched a wipe-clean onesie for New Year’s Day? Good times, hey?

Well, this year’s promotional pizza stunt involves launching a special Recovery TV channel to help soothe your frazzled and delicate hungover soul on 1 January, as well as selling a limited edition line of Domi-mates – a huggable cushion with an arm that goes around… Read the full story

20 heart-warming pictures of animals in the snow

Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) in the snow in England
Who doesn’t love a cute animal in the snow? (Picture: Getty)

There’s nothing in life more heart-warming than adorable pictures of animals.

20 adorable cockapoos to brighten your day

Except, perhaps, adorable pictures of animals in the snow.

Pure white snow is something that photographers love to capture and snapping wildlife frolicking in the flurries or cuddling up against the chill is enough to thaw even the coldest of hearts.

It’s the animals’ reactions to snow that makes for such brilliant imagery; some are equipped to deal with the cold and others find it a… Read the full story

10 gluten-free and vegan alcoholic drinks you need to try

Gluten free booze
Cheers! (Picture: Getty/Various)

If you’re gluten-free or vegan (or both), enjoying alcohol can be almost as tricky as finding food that’s safe for you to eat.

Luckily, most spirits are gluten-free and vegan, but other alcoholic drinks aren’t so straightforward.

A selection of vegan and gluten-free sweets10 gluten-free and vegan sweets that you need to try

According to Coeliac UK, beers, lagers, stouts and ales aren’t safe for a gluten-free diet – unless you specifically pick up a gluten-free alternative, of course.

Vegans aren’t so fortunate either.

A lot of breweries will use animal-derived products, such as gelatine or isinglass (a… Read the full story

The bluffer’s guide to Japanese sake – everything you need to know about the alcoholic drink

Get to know traditional sake, then try today’s premium brands (Picture: Getty)

Sake, Japanese rice wine, is an alcoholic beverage made from rice and water that’s brewed like beer; it’s not a spirit or an actual wine.

Its flavour is dependent on the type of rice, the percentage of rice polish, the koji (a fungus) used and the production process. A good sake, like wine, has good balance and complexity.

Raw fresh marbled meat Steak Ribeye Black Angus and meat fork on wooden background copy spaceA bluffer’s guide to Wagyu beef: Why is it so expensive? And how do you choose good meat?

Most… Read the full story

New dating app uses your DNA to help you find love

Girl with blue hair using smartphone
‘Oooooooh, we both love Seinfeld and we’ve got the same genes!’ (Picture: Getty)

Dating in 2017 is a real minefield, I’m sure you’ll agree, if you’re single and browsing.

According to research it’s more likely to be men who are browsing, as they just can’t handle being by themselves. (U OK HUNS?)

If you’ve decided to give dating apps like Tinder and Bumble a whirl, then you’ll likely have given a lot of thought about what to write on your profile, and what to say in those crucial first messages.

However, a big problem with most… Read the full story

8 reasons why the north east of England is Europe’s underrated gem

How Yodel and Argos turned an order for a set of drawers into a week and a half of despair

A true tale of Argos, Yodel, customer service, and woe Picture: Ellen Scott/Myles Goode
Behold the drawers that I built. (Picture: Ellen Scott/Myles Goode)

Once upon a time I ordered a set of drawers.

Three weeks later, I have one wonkily assembled set of drawers, one and a half extra sets of drawers, and a £10 Argos voucher. I have also lost my damn mind.

In the time between these two points, there have been 14 phone calls, 34 DMs on Twitter, 30 Facebook messages and one massive email to the CEO of Argos.

It all started on the fateful day of 10 December.

I had just moved in with my partner, and attempting to… Read the full story

Expert says keeping magnets near your vagina won’t do anything to treat hot flashes

No magnets in the vag
(Picture: metro.co.uk)

This week in ‘PLEASE STOP PUTTING THINGS IN YOUR VAGINA‘ news, vagina expert and gynaecologist Dr Jen Gunter has come out to tell people not to buy into ‘magnet therapy’ for their vaginal happiness.

Magnet therapy is the act of attaching a little magnet to the front of your underwear. LadyCare magnets, to be specific, rather than any old thing you can find on your fridge door.

LadyCare magnets claim to treat the symptoms of menopause, period pain, and even stress, all by ‘rebalancing the autonomic nervous system responsible for involuntary actions like breathing.’

The brand adds that their magnets can aid in weight… Read the full story

Are Heist tights actually worth the hype?

Heist tights campaign
She seems pretty happy with her tights (Picture: Heist)

Ugh, I hate tights.

You can – if you’re brave – often make it up to the end of the year without pulling on a pair of nylons, but come January, in the bleak mid-winter? You’ll be caving and dusting off your old pals, for those dull, dry legs of yours will want an extra layer of warmth against the bitter cold.

Now, the reason many people hate tights is because they’re uncomfortable – they ladder easily, they cut into your skin, or they go saggy and fall down.

So when I saw a target ad on Instagram for Heist tights, I… Read the full story

Winter Wonderland opening times and when does it finish this year?

(Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

Winter Wonderland is a place of magic that can be the perfect way to start your Christmas celebrations, but it’s just as fun once the Christmas period is over.

With great food, rides and plenty of entertainment to keep you and your family busy, you’ve still got time to visit and enjoy your Christmas holidays.

There’s not much time left as the attraction will soon be closing until next year, so act fast and make sure you know when you can visit during these last few days.

9 things to stop saying to bisexual people

(Picture: Deirdre Spain)

Sexuality is a wide spectrum, and thankfully the world is becoming much more accepting of the fact that people can love who they love.

There’s still a long way to go, though, as the LGBTQ+ community continues to have to deal with stupid comments on the daily (remember Richard Hammond saying liking ice cream was gay?).

One group that often remain under the radar are bisexuals. For us bisexual types, it’s still bloody difficult to come out because people can’t quite get to grips with the fact you’re not attracted to just the one gender.

There were no bisexual groups at London Pride this year, and celebrities like… Read the full story

I lost my virginity to a teddy bear


Warning: This is an extremely vivid recollection of one boy’s steamy affair with a teddy bear. It is not suitable for kids.

Look, sex education’s not always great at providing answers.

I mean yeah, you get pretty skilled at drawing fallopian tubes, but how do boys learn about sex for non-reproductive reasons?

Well this boy took it upon himself to seize his own answers.

17 relationships to leave behind in 2017

(Illustration: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Dua Lipa’s New Rules was the anthem of this year, with the advice queen giving us the perfect instructions on how to curve that toxic guy.

But, it’s nearly 2018, so it’s time for some new new rules.

So, instead of trying to change yourself after the clock hits midnight, instead get rid of relationships (and people) that are dragging you down.

Here are the ones to leave behind.

1. The one who never listens

Talking to a brick wall is never fun, and especially if you love and/or fancy that brick wall.

If your partner consistently devalues you by sitting on their phone or glazing over when you’re talking… Read the full story

Can you eat out of date food?

Metro Illustrations food healthy smoothie health
(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler)

It’s a Christmas tale as old as time: Buying mammoth amounts of food and ending up with mountains of leftovers after the big day.

Some of us will find ourselves with fridgefuls of party food, meat, veg, and whatever else we stocked up on, and there’s always a worry that it might not be safe to eat.

I, myself, am no stranger to out of date food. I’ve eaten a two week past use-by yoghurt and live to tell the tale, so you could even say I was a bit of a pro.

Others aren’t so badass, however, and need some stricter guidelines on… Read the full story

Bacon Day 2017: 14 things all bacon lovers know

 Xx things all bacon lovers know (Tom Evans) getty/metro.co.uk
So much bacon love (Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

There is, perhaps, some glorious alternate universe where bacon contains the nutritional content of kale, is eaten all day, and hailed as some miracle super-food.

Imagine if bacon counted as one of your five-a-day?

• Xx comfort foods ranked (Tom Evans)The ultimate ranking of 28 comfort foods

Sadly, inter-dimensional travel isn’t a thing yet, except in the movies, but you can still dream.

Either way, there are some great truisms about the world’s greatest meat that bacon lovers know, from the depths of their souls, and that will… Read the full story

Everyone should spend New Year in Edinburgh at least once in their life – here’s why

Edinburgh fireworks at dusk on Hogmanay (Picture: Getty)
Edinburgh fireworks at dusk on Hogmanay (Picture: Getty)

Ah, Edinburgh. The bonniest city in the UK.

It’s the backdrop to many a British film, and host to heaps of different festivals throughout the year.

Weird Christmas traditions around the world (Ellie Hattersley)7 weird Christmas traditions from around the world

And it’s the best place – hands down to ring in the New Year. No, not just Hogmanay, but the whole New Year period – because that’s how seriously they take it.

From the amazing fireworks to the friendly people, here are a few reasons why everyone should… Read the full story

5 times my anxiety made me a party pooper

Consider the party officially pooped (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

I’ve been managing my anxiety for several years now and I like to think I’ve got it all under control, apart from the odd blip now and again.

However I am willing to admit in the beginning, it completely took over my life.

10 celebrities who actually hit the nail on the head when talking about mental health

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety then you’ll know powerful it can be, to the point when it controls every aspect of your behaviour.

Here are five times my anxiety made me a party pooper.

1. The… Read the full story

These dolls are the creepiest things since Furbies

Monster dolls with fake human teeth
(Picture: Instagram/Fugglers)

Dolls are creepy. Matryoskas, china dolls, creepy toy babies. Weird.

Imagine something, then, that features human teeth and eyes that stare deep into your soul.

That’s a Fuggler, and they’re currently the hot new item for those who want to haunt their dreams.

Made by someone known only as Mrs. McGettrick, they’re all hand sewn. Don’t worry, though, the teeth aren’t real.

Read the full story
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