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You can now get Kim Kardashian twerking in lingerie as nail art

(Picture: nails_sunny)

Who hasn’t thought lingerie-clad twerking Kim Kardashian nail art ought to be a thing?

You might not have realised you wanted it ’til you saw it.

One salon is ahead of the game as they’ve created an intricate tiny model of Kim K which moves up and down as the reality star, dressed in a set of white underwear, grabs her bum.

Russian salon Nail Sunny shared their creative design on Instagram, showing off other famous faces on nails like Katy Perry.

Even Kim appreciated the art, sharing it on her Twitter with the word ‘Omg’.

Instagram Photo

Does wearing faux fur encourage people to continue thinking of actual fur as fashion?


Fur has always been dead glamorous.

50s starlets went around with mink stoles slung over their shoulders, while up until relatively recently, everyone who was anyone owned a rabbit coat or some foxy gloves.

And then, one day, we all woke up and realised that wearing fur is completely monstrous.

Which is why loads of people kicked off when Kendall Jenner walked down the catwalk yesterday at the DSquared2 Milan Fashion Week show in a full length ‘fur coat’.

Is this for really happening now? many of us thought.

Sure, the fashion industry isn’t the most ethical one but some pretty top designers have recently come out in full support of banning fur. Michael Kors – a designer famed for his use of fur has said he’s stopped using it, as has Jimmy Choo and Gucci.

Instagram Photo

It’s not a minority interest anymore.

And yet, here was Kendall bloody Jenner – a hero to millions of teens and trash TV… Read the full story

What I learned from my first session of CBT for health anxiety

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I’ve been living with health anxiety for around two years, ever since I had an emergency surgery to remove my large bowel following living with ulcerative colitis, a form of inflammatory bowel disease.

My symptoms had been left for so long that I ended up tachycardic, in critical condition, half an hour from death.

Another time, I was diagnosed with pneumonia. It took a week of treatment for someone to realise that my lung had collapsed. I was rushed to ICU and had a chest drain inserted into my lung for three days. It drained two litres of fluid.

Thanks to those experiences, I live with an overwhelming… Read the full story

What is a surrogate mother and how does the process work?

It’s time to stop fat shaming Donald Trump

(Picture: Twitter)

In what is possibly the least surprising news of the day, Donald Trump turns out to be…fat.

Yep, POTUS ain’t in the greatest nick, according to his latest medical examination.

He’s 239lb (that’s a massive 17st) of golf-playing, Big Mac eating power.

And Twitter’s had an absolute field day with it, using the hashtags #Girther and #GirtherMovement.

What’s the Girther Movement, you may ask?

It’s like the Birther Movement (when all those people questioned where Obama was born) but for Donald’s girth.

And while it’s kind of funny (anything about Trump is funny, so long as it isn’t nuclear button related, amirite?), one does wonder how everyone’s getting away with this blatant fat… Read the full story

Do you need to air out your vagina?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Is your vagina feeling a bit suffocated?

Thanks to thongs, increasingly skinny, increasingly high waisted, jeans, leather-look leggings and all things tight, tight, and tighter, our vaginas are going through a period of claustrophobic conditions.

In these cramped fabric prisons, often made up synthetic materials (who wears cotton pants anymore when you can get cheap lace bits to wedge between your cheeks?), the vagina cries out for relief – by developing infections.

If you’re constantly getting yeast infections, look to what you’re wearing. That might be to blame.

But is the answer to swap skinnies for a floaty maxi dress and throw out all our lingerie in favour… Read the full story

Asda launches new vegan range that’s perfect for your lunchbox

Looks like a good lunch to us (Credit: Asda)

If you’re vegan, and also the sort of person who likes to buy your sandwiches out, then your lunch life up until now has probably been a little sad.

Vegan grab and go lunch options haven’t been that great in recent times and we’ve had to rely on the one vegan option available (if any) or fall back on the classic Pret, who introduced veggie fridges in their branches last year.

We’d never have been able to pop into a supermarket and grab a wrap, that was unheard of!

Thanks to veganism hot stepping its way into the mainstream, the big… Read the full story

Disabled hedgehog given new lease of life with swimming lessons

Phelps the swimming hedgehog
Definitely breast stroke (Picture: Scottish SPCA/Universal News And Sport)

Meet Phelps, the tiny hedgehog who’s been given a better quality of life thanks to kind humans giving him swimming lessons.

Confused? We’ll explain.

The tiny yet tough critter was found curled up outside in the open last year, and animal welfare workers realised he couldn’t use his back legs.

Staff at the Scottish SPCA decided to give the little guy swimming lessons, in a bid to get him back on his feet.

By taking part in a little hedgehog hydrotherapy, it means he can build up strength in his weak legs, without bearing weight – and staff decided to call the… Read the full story

BDSM enthusiasts, here’s where you can get handmade sex furniture

(Picture: Simon Thomas)

Kinky sex is all the rage these days (blame 50 Shades of Grey if you fancy). But those who want to go above a bit of spanking, flogging, and handcuffing might want to take a look at these contraptions that are specifically catered to your sexual needs.

Filled with metal cages, bondage ‘horse’ chairs, fun stools, fucking machines and giant latex sheets which boast vacuum suction to wrap skin tight around a submissive, this furniture shop is bound to get your blood rushing.

Realising that what was available to the masses wasn’t all that great, one carpenter, Simon Thomas, decided to build, from scratch, his version of fetish-centric furniture… Read the full story

National Winnie the Pooh Day: 18 wise A. A. Milne quotes to live by

• National Winnie The Pooh Day: xx A A Milne quotes to live by (18th Jan) (Natalie Xenos)
What sage advice does Pooh Bear have in store for you? (Natalie Xenos)

We live in tough and uncertain times.

Man putting money in jar12 Kindness quotes to celebrate World Kindness Day 2017

And when the world feels like a dark and frightening place, comfort can always be found in books and words, particularly when those words come from A. A. Milne – the man behind the bear of very little brain, Winnie the Pooh.

The English author had a gift for simple yet powerful sentences… Read the full story

Please enjoy this Instagram account dedicated to boys posing with bread

(Picture: Boys with Bread/Instagram)

Who doesn’t like a bit of bread? And who doesn’t like well-groomed men?

You’re in luck, because this Instagram account combines the two.

Boys With Bread is a carb heaven account that boasts attractive men who pose with baguettes, sourdough pizza, croissants, and even cupcakes.

‘Just lookin’ for Mr. Rye,’ the account jokes in its bio, ‘We like big buns and we cannot lie.’

The account, which has 109 posts so far, started last month, in time for some cheeky man-bread combo scrolling before Christmas dinner.

Instagram Photo

The bread porn account has a growing following with 599 followers who indulge in the doughy snaps.

Not… Read the full story

Why I’m getting therapy in the run up to my wedding

Illustration of bride on a therapist's couch
It’s a sensible preemptive measure (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

Getting engaged made me enormously happy, then almost immediately wreaked havoc on my mental and physical health.

The stress of wedding planning has, to date, caused me anxiety attacks, low mood, two tooth infections, and a bout of tonsillitis.

How to plan a wedding when you suffer from anxiety

There was also a stomach bug, but I don’t think I can blame that on wedding stress.

(But I can definitely blame the infections on wedding stress, as stress can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible… Read the full story

Black dresses celebs wore to the Golden Globes are being auctioned off to raise money for Time’s Up

(Picture: Steve Granitz/Wire Image/Getty)

The red carpet at the Golden Globes was a big moment.

Not in usual red carpet terms, with excellent dresses and sparkling jewellery. No, the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globes was a movement, with stars showing their dedication to changing the industry by wearing black in honour of the Time’s Up initiative.

That red carpet is a key moment in Hollywood history.

And if you fancy getting your hands on a piece of that history, rejoice, because soon you’ll actually be able to.

Ebay and Conde Nast have teamed up to run an auction of a bunch of the dresses and tuxes worn on the… Read the full story

Woman’s photos of eyelash extensions gone wrong will remind you to always do a patch test

(Picture: Isabelle Kun)

Eyelash extensions are all fun and fluttery lashes… until they go wrong.

And dear lord, can eyelash extensions go wrong.

While most of us will come away with lashes to rival a giraffe’s (have you seen a giraffe’s lashes? They’re glorious), some will experience serious consequences caused by poor technique or an allergic reaction.

That’s why it’s so, so important to research salons and have a patch test every single time you get your lashes done.

Learn from Isabelle Edith Kun, a 20-year-old nursing student living in Ottowa.

On Tuesday she went to get a fresh set of eyelash extensions applied at the same salon she’d been going to… Read the full story

How to succeed in business as a stay-at-home parent

Instructions not included (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Let’s be real with each other, parent to parent.

It really isn’t that hard, is it?

Why I'm relaxed about my toddler’s ‘excessive’ screen time

Raising young kids, I mean.

Just keep them well clear of the four main danger groups (hot, sharp, heavy and toxic), feed them when they’re peckish, and aim to have them in bed before Newsnight.

Piece of cake.

So why do most stay-at-home mums and dads make such a meal of it?

My little imp is now almost four years old, and so qualifies for a stack of free nursery time – which,… Read the full story

Bride calls out photographer for fat-shaming after she photoshopped the couple to look thinner

Bride complains that her photographer photoshopped her to look thinner
(Picture: Katie Liepold)

When you’re posing for your engagement photos, you want to capture you and your partner at your best – and show how much you love each other.

Does that give your photographer the right to Photoshop your images to fit their idea of what your best looks like?

For Katie Liepold, the answer is no.

Katie’s accusing her photographer, Linda Silvestri, of fat-shaming, after she photoshopped an image of Katie and her fiance John Kistler to look thinner.

‘She actually photoshopped one picture of us skinnier,’ Katie told News 5 Cleveland. ‘She probably took like 30 pounds off each… Read the full story

L’Oréal makes beauty history by casting a hijab-wearing model in a hair campaign

(Picture: amenaofficial/Instagram)

The beauty industry has really made leaps and strides in becoming more diverse in recent times.

We’ve had male makeup ambassadors, extended foundation shades and an array of new and excitingly accessible skin products.

And now, L’Oréal Paris has gone one further.

They’ve just made beauty history by casting a hijab-wearing model in a hair campaign.

I know what you’re thinking – how does that work when you can’t see her hair?

Well, British beauty blogger Amena Khan says that it’s completely logical because beauty is about how you feel, as much as about how you look.

‘Whether or not your hair is on display doesn’t affect how much you care about it,’ she… Read the full story

For the grand price of £145, you can wear a Balenciaga scrunchie on your wrist

(Picture: balenciaga)

Remember when having a hair elastic on your wrist was considered poor fashion etiquette?

We’d hurriedly remove hairbands from our wrists before posing for pics, and would smuggle them into our pockets before big interviews.

But no longer. Balenciaga is making the move fashion. But we’re not just talking about a subtle black band. We’re talking scrunchies. Scrrrrunchie!

Yes, friends, Balenciaga is now selling scrunchies for the express purpose of wearing them around your wrist, rather than using them to tie up your hair.

We’re not even sure if said scrunchies could actually be used to tie up your hair, so Balenciaga’s version isn’t as handy as the scrunchies you had back in the… Read the full story

Daughter gets charm bracelet tattoo made with her dad’s ashes

Daughter gets charm bracelet tattoo made with her dad’s ASHES
Becky’s charm bracelet tattoo (Collect/PA Real Life)

When Becky Hamer-Morris’ dad died of cancer, she was determined to keep his memory alive.

So she decided to get a tattoo…using his ashes.

‘It seemed like a really meaningful way to remember him.’ she says.

‘I’ve got a few tattoos already but had never heard of having ashes made into tattoos until my aunt, Chelle Davis, told me about it.

‘I feel like dad’s always with me now. I didn’t know what to do with his ashes, apart from scatter them, and I wanted to have a part of him with me all the time. This way I… Read the full story

Missguided solves all our problems by launching a ‘jeans and nice top’ category

(Picture: Missguided)

What do you plan to wear out this weekend?

Jeans and a nice top, obviously.

Is there any other kind of outfit? Dresses and skirts have their place but 99% of all evening occasions require jeans and a nice top.

But finding that nice top can be a massive struggle – especially if you’re the sort of gal who leaves it until the day of the event to find one (guilty).

Not anymore though, friends.

Because Missguided has just launched an actual section dedicated to finding the perfect jeans-and-nice-top combo.

It sounds so obvious and overdue but it’s the first high street chain to do so (to our knowledge).


And it’s all… Read the full story

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