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Mum devotes four hours a day to pumping six pints of breast milk

Mum who produces four times the average amount of breast milk is forced to express during work meetings, has her own personal office fridge and has donated 90 pints to her local milk bank
(Picture: PA Real Life)

A first-time mum who produces four times the average amount of breast milk is forced to express during work meetings and while driving home.

31-year-old Kate Kachman, who devotes four hours a day – from 5:45am to 11pm – to pumping almost six pints of milk from her breasts, even has her own personal office fridge where she stores it before taking it home.

Kate, who lives in Orlando, Florida, with her IT technician husband… Read the full story

PT Emily Skye’s attitude to her post-baby body is exactly what every new mum needs

(Picture: Emily Skye/Instagram)

If Instagram is to be believed, everyone snaps back to their pre-baby bodies within weeks of popping their sprogs.

And while some (normally very young) women may find it easy to return to form quickly, the very vast majority of women don’t.

After all, the body has undergone possibly the most stressful, traumatic process possible.

Although women are advised to steer clear of any exercise until six weeks of giving birth, for some new mums squatting and weightlifting might be out of the questions for months after.

PT and fitness Instagrammer Emily Skye is one such mum.

She’s been sharing refreshingly candid photos of her body and her feelings towards exercise.

Emily says that for… Read the full story

Alpro launches new chilled range of flavoured coffee drinks

Hook us up to a drip of this (Credit: Alpro)

Alpro are one of the big dogs of the dairy-free world, offering up plant-based milks, yoghurts and ice cream to the masses.

My local Sainsburys just started stocking two flavours of their dairy-free ice cream, which is massive news as there isn’t much freezer space in there, so someone has made a conscious decision to cater for the dairy-free.

Anyway, my point is that Alpro have only gone and launched another new product and it’s one that caffeine addicts are going to love – chilled coffee.

The range is called Caffé and currently features two flavours of chilled latte –… Read the full story

Couple spend nearly two years building a tiny home for under £10,000

(Picture: Mediadrumworld)

A couple spent £10,000 building their own tiny house complete with a full-feature pizza oven.

It took 57-year-old artist Robert, and interior designer Rebekah-Sofia, 53, from Ocala, Florida, twenty months to complete the stunning structure after working on it for two days every week.

The slow build helped to ensure no detail was missed, from a bed on top of a wooden staircase to the wooden beams running throughout.

The pair explained how they wanted to simplify their lives and this was the perfect project as they both love to design and create.

What is on a Burns Night menu? Starters, mains, and desserts for a Burns Supper

A plate of haggis, neeps and tatties for Burns Night
Haggis, neeps, and tatties (Picture: Getty)

Every year, Burns night is celebrated on 25th January.

It’s a night honouring renowned poet Robert Burns, and is a mixture of food, drink, and poetry recitals.

Some are more formal affairs, held by Burns Clubs of Freemasons, and others are more casual experiences in people’s homes.

What they all have in common, though, is a delicious menu of Scottish delicacies. So, what’s on the menu for a traditional Burns Supper?

How do you cook haggis for a Burns supper?

It’s time to cook the perfect haggis meal (Picture: Getty)

Burns Night takes place on 25 January 2018 when people get together to celebrate famous Scottish poet Robert Burns.

You may be getting ready to read some the writer’s most famous poetry, maybe ironing your kilt or getting your bagpipes out of the cupboard to celebrate one of Scotland’s finest wordsmiths.

metro illustrationsIf you fancy a career change, you might want to aim for one of these jobs

However, many will be most looking forward to the food they will be eating on Burns Night, the famous Burns Supper.

Read the full story

Meet the polyamorous trio who are expecting their fifth child together


These guys are the Sullivan-Kings.

They’re a polyamorous family of two mums and a dad, and they’re expecting their fifth child.

Buddy, 33, Rose, 33 and Lauren, 34, live together in San Diego with their four sons (and the baby is also a boy).

Despite the uncommon circumstances, Buddy says that they’re ‘pretty much like a normal family except there is an extra mother and we have a lot of kids’.

Buddy and Rose started dating in college and eventually got married and had their two eldest kids.

Their monogamous relationship opened up after talking about bringing someone else into their bedroom to spice up their sex lives – so Rose, who is… Read the full story

How I was gaslighted into staying in an abusive relationship


‘That’s Gaslighting’.

I had only heard the term in passing until I read an article that sent me into a panic.

I was living right on the edge of leaving the charming, 6ft 3, older man I had been with for two years when I came across it. That article woke me the f*** up. I found a flat to view the next day and I made a plan to escape while he was away on a business trip.

When I met him, he was amazing. Charming, successful, romantic and loving. Everything a girl like me could dream of, and he came into my life at a time I really needed someone who would listen.

It seemed like he really did care. Our early relationship was great. Expensive gifts, great conversations, a shoulder to lean on, trips away, dinners, saying the right things at the right time. He knew exactly how to charm me.

I moved into his flat after six months together and we… Read the full story

Australia Day in London: Celebrate in the capital on January 26

(Picture: Getty)

This year’s Australia Day falls on a Friday (January 26), which can only mean one thing: Party time.

The day celebrates the culture and history of the nation, as well as the current diversity it enjoys.

While there are a number of more stoic observances across Australia, worldwide it has become a great excuse to eat, drink, and be merry, especially in major cities.

The UK is no different, and since it’s home to an estimated 125,000 people born in Australia, there’s plenty going on.

Celebrate Australia day in London in some of the biggest venues across the city.

Meet the woman who takes her taxidermy baby fox everywhere she goes

Proud parent Lisa with Baby Jesus (Picture: Instagram/BabyJesusFox)

If you’ve been grocery shopping in Merseyside recently and thought you saw a woman pushing around a stuffed fox, then your eyes haven’t been deceiving you – it was probably Lisa Foxtrot and her (dead) baby fox, Baby Jesus.

She takes Baby Jesus everywhere with her, whether it’s out to the shops to get almond milk, for a ride on the bus, or to the club to get crunk.

Baby Jesus found a forever (and ever) home with Lisa when he was sadly hit as an infant. Instead of him rotting at the side of the road, he was immortalised as Read the full story

Vegan mum explains how and why she’s weaning her baby onto a plant-based diet

(Picture: Lydia Beauvais)

2018 is the year that veganism has gone mainstream.

You can’t move for brands trying to cash in on the green pound these days. And whether we’re capitalists or not, there’s no denying that the spread of the plant-based movement is a positive development.

But far fewer people are keen on bringing up children to be vegan.

While adults can choose their diets and ethics, children don’t have a say – and although that’s obviously the same for kids being brought up in omnivorous households too, the idea of bringing up children vegan seems to engender a kind of moral panic… Read the full story

The Harvester is now offering a kilo of ribs for under £20

(Picture: Harvester)

Harvester has launched a giant-sized version of a classic dish, and they’re putting their customers to the test to see who can finish it.

The cheap and cheerful family restaurant has just started serving a kilo of ribs.

Along with its famous rotisserie chicken, the ribs have been a mainstay of the Harvester menu throughout the years – though they’ve never been this big before.

The people at Harvester seem to think this huge ribs dish will likely prove a challenge for ‘die hard Harvester fans to take down’.

So, what’s on offer?

Are these pole dancer nails the most ridiculous beauty trend yet?

(Picture: Instagram/nail_sunny)

Nail art is all about creativity.

The more unique the design, the better. Unless you’re just going for a solid red lick of paint, you want something that no one else has.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

And while we’ve seen all sorts of mad nails, from selfie acrylics to a vulva nails, we might just have found the most ridiculous design of all.

Russian salon Nail Sunny has created a pole dancer acrylic.

It’s a pretty crude attempt but every element’s there – part of the nail is cut away to reveal a little metal pole and a pink-haired dancer with limbs wrapped around it.

The salon’s uploaded a… Read the full story

Robert Burns poems: The Scottish bard’s most famous works

A bagpiper plays at a celebration of poet Robert Burns (Picture: Getty)

Burns night 2018 is fast approaching as it is celebrated annually at the end of January.

The night is a celebration of Robert Burns, one of the most famous poets and writers in British history.

How I was gaslighted into staying in an abusive relationship

Burns is best known as a pioneer of the Romantic movement who wrote many influential poems and folk songs like Auld Lang Syne, To A Mouse and The Battle of Sherramuir.

Burns Night 2018: What is it and why do we celebrate?

Butcher Robert Patrick from Patricks of Camelon with his award winning haggis.
Butcher Robert Patrick from Patricks of Camelon with his award winning haggis (Picture: PA)

Get the haggis, neaps and tatties ready… because tonight is Burns Night.

Burns Night is all about commemorating the Scottish poet Robert Burns as well as all things Scottish.

Life expectancy in different regions across the UKThere’s something very strange about the life expectancy of people in Scotland

Before Burns Night became a thing, it started with a few of Burns’ friends hosting a dinner to pay tribute to the poet shortly after his death.

This became… Read the full story

Tiny dachshund is the sneakiest little thief and the internet loves him for it

(Picture: Twitter/ @francescaemming)

Cats get a bad rep for being sneaky little things – but it turns out dogs aren’t that innocent, either.

At least, Francesca Emmingham’s dog, Flynn, isn’t.

In a recent tweet, Francesca explained that her dachshund is a little thief. He’s always stealing things – questionable things at that.

Francesca shared a number of photos of Flynn being super sneaky, and the internet has fallen in love with him.

Here he is stealing a Sky Remote


A cutting board

Just one hour of social media a day can ruin your sleep

(Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

We all know that using your phone before bed is a bad idea but now there’s evidence that using it throughout the day can impact on your sleep.

Which isn’t great news for…anyone, really.

A study – published in Acta Paediatrica – looked at data from 5,242 Canadian pupils aged 11 to 20, who were taking part in the Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey.

Researchers measured the respondents’ sleep duration against the recommended ranges of nine – 11 hours per night at 11–13 years of age, eight – 10 hours at 14–17, and seven to nine hours per night for those aged 18 years or over.

And the results weren’t… Read the full story

The Pug Cafe is on the lookout for a pug-loving intern

Pug cafe intern
(Picture: Anushka at PugCafe.co.uk)

It’s time to update your CVs, because Pug Cafe is on the lookout for an intern.

If you’re the sort of person who starts hyperventilating when you see a pug on the street, you’ll be absolutely perfect for this role.

Pug Cafe is looking for a Paw-sonal Assistant for a special apprenticeship, which will take place for two to four weeks.

The job will include tasks such as searching for cute pug videos and pictures online, making adorable social videos, assisting at Pug Cafe events, petting pugs at Pug Cafes (yay!), photographing pugs and handling the Pug Cafe – which, FYI, includes liking and commenting on pictures… Read the full story

91-year-old great-grandmother with arthritis has knitted more than 8,000 teddy bears for charity

(Picture: SWNS)

Can we just take a moment to appreciated the loveliness of 91-year-old great-grandmother Phyllis Reeve?

Not only does she volunteer at a charity shop, Phyliss also spends her spare time knitting teddy bears for children involved in natural disasters and terror attacks.

Over the last 22 years she’s knitted more than 8,000 teddy bears, donating each one to charity Teddies for Tragedies.

The bears have been flown to places including China, Belgium, and Ireland, to comfort kids in times of need.

‘I’m not a hero at all, just an ordinary working class woman,’ says Phyllis. ‘I retired when I was 60 and I’ve volunteered for charity ever since.

‘You have to use three… Read the full story

Quiz: Can you ace this Harry Potter quiz?

How much of a Harry Potter fan are you? (Picture: Julien Mattia/NurPhoto/Getty)

We all love a bit of Harry Potter, but just how much do you remember from the books and movies?

How I was gaslighted into staying in an abusive relationship

All Harry Potter fans take their wizardry knowledge very seriously, so are you in tune with the world of witchcraft and wizardry, or are you just a mere muggle?

Do you remember the finer plot details like how many staircases Hogwarts has? Or which form Neville’s boggart took? How about the make and model number of Harry’s first broomstick?

Prove your magical worth with… Read the full story

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