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21-year-old’s Tourette’s disappears completely when she sings

(Picture: Adam Gray / Barcroft Images)

A young woman with Tourette’s has found a way to make her condition disappear – by breaking into song.

21-year-old Emily Carter, who was diagnosed with Tourette’s when she was just four-years-old, has found that when she sings, her condition completely disappears.

As a young teenager, Emily found that her Tourette’s – which affects one in 100 people – was so extreme that she suffered fits and was even hospitalised.

Bullied because of her tics, Emilly was a shy and unconfident child and, until she was age 15, Emilly would get her mum to talk on her behalf. But singing and performing gave her an outlet to… Read the full story

No, owning a holiday home isn’t the biggest sign of success

Owning a holiday home isn’t the biggest sign of success

The idea of success is subjective. We may consider different milestones in our lives to be more important than the other.

One person’s success may be another person’s cause for contemplation.

It seems to be universally known in the UK, however, that owning a holiday home is one of the biggest markers of doing well in life.

While it’s undeniable that having a home abroad or in another part of the UK is pretty kushty, there are other small-scale events that might cause a person to feel equally successful.

Over half the people surveyed around the country agreed that owning a second property… Read the full story

What happens if you don’t bother washing your recycling?

Woman putting recycling in the recycling bin
That better be washed, woman (Picture: Getty)

The UK loses points for many things (appalling weather, a terrible train service and a government that allows douchebag landlords to charge us ridiculously high rent) but there are definitely some major advantages to living here.

Firstly, we’re all incredibly hilarious (even you, Sue), secondly, we don’t have much dangerous wildlife, and thirdly, we are pretty damn #blessed when it comes to recycling.

Councils generally make it super easy for us to get our tins and bottles taken away to lead new lives – all it takes is a little effort on our part.

I’m the resident recycling hound of my… Read the full story

This plus size clothing brand want more male body positivity

(Picture: Big Dude Clothing)

Thankfully, body positivity is being embraced more and more.

But it’s a narrative that often excludes men.

It makes sense that women are lauded for having all different kinds of bodies, considering the constant and intensive focus on female bodies.

Attempting to promote male body positivity is Big Dude Clothing who want to extend it to young men who might have self-esteem issues.

They are looking for a student ambassador to promote body positivity among overweight young men.

Younger online customers who may be struggling with self-esteem or confidence issues relating to their size can contact the ambassador for some support.

The role will mean being a mentor as… Read the full story

What is catastrophising and how can we stop doing it?

When you have anxiety, imagining worst-case-scenarios is a slippery slope (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

It’s 4pm on a Thursday afternoon. My 12-year-old son should have been home from school 10 minutes ago, but he’s nowhere to be seen.

Straight away, my mind leaps to the worst-case scenario. He’s been knocked off his bike by a bus, and is lying at the side of the road, unconscious.

8 things I want my kids to know about mental health

I hear an ambulance siren in the distance and my heart rate skyrockets.

It’s surely only a matter of time before the police knock at my… Read the full story

There’s a dream job going where you get paid to hang with flamingos in the Bahamas

(Photo by: Hoberman/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A £3 billion resort in the Bahamas is looking for a new CFO – and no, we’re not talking looking after its finances.

Baha Mar, a luxury beach resort, is looking for a new Chief Flamingo Officer, who will be in charge of taking care of the resort’s flamingos.

Yes, this is a real job and yes, we need to apply immediately.

The advert reads: ‘Baha Mar’s Chief Flamingo Officer serves as a working supervisor for all flamingo areas, collaborating with the Avian Curator, other Avian Managers and Aviculturist staff.

Five men get honest about their best ever sexual experiences

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We’d all quite like to be brilliant at sex.

But as anyone with a lot of sexual experience under their belt (quite literally) will tell you, everyone has their own specific needs.

What one partner might really like, another person won’t. It’s all about working with, and satisfying the other person’s needs – and making sure yours are met too, of course.

While previously, we’ve spoken to men about things such as anxiety, body image and depression, today, we’re talking to a bunch of men about what makes for great sex.

We spoke to five different guys about their best sexual experiences, and what made… Read the full story

Students should not be refused the right to use the toilet during lessons

Why kids should be able to use the toilet when they please Picture: Getty Images
(Picture: Getty Images)

I recently watched a Channel 5 News video where a boy was being interviewed after wetting himself in class.

He had been refused after asking to go to the toilet, after his school decided to start denying its pupils the right to use the toilets during lesson time.

While they say it has minimised the vandalism in school toilets, I can’t help but feel it is absolutely ridiculous to deny anybody the right to use the toilet.

According to Eric, the children’s bowel and bladder charity, it is estimated than nearly a million – or 1… Read the full story

4 people from around the world share how they celebrate Chinese New Year

Time to celebrate (Picture: Getty)

Chinese people all over the world are getting ready to celebrate the Year of the Dog on 16 February.

With this being the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar, there are lots of traditions that are important to observe.

What is Lo Hei, the Chinese New Year dish, and where can I get it in London?

Prior to the new year, most Chinese families all over the world still observe the same cultural traditions. They all prepare their homes to welcome the new lunar new year by doing a thorough clean.

Homes are decorated in red as this is the… Read the full story

6 things you need to know before you visit China

Not bad, China (Picture: Getty)

For many, China is altogether a bit of a mystery.

You might picture pollution-choked cities or intensely packed crowds; you might conjure images of overstuffed trains with still more people piling in, or by contrast a rice paddy field with workers bent over, wading through water.

7 things you need to know before you go to India

It’s all of this. And more.

It’s baffling and fascinating.

Here are six things you should know before you go to China.

It’s impossible to cover the whole country

I didn’t understand how serious anxiety really is until I experienced it myself

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I never really understood anxiety… until I experienced it myself.

I have a mix of mental illnesses. With bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and OCD firmly on my medical records, I’m basically one big bag of emotions and obsessions.

There have been times where my bipolar disorder was bad, my borderline personality disorder frustrating, and my OCD unmanageable.

I can’t really compare the three, they’re all very different, and they all affect my in different ways.

My bipolar disorder will see me becoming manic, incredibly motivated, running on next to no sleep and feeling as though I can conquer the world – which, inevitably, always results in a crash.

When… Read the full story

There’s been a rise in men getting breast reduction surgery to get rid of their moobs

(Picture: Getty)

Just a reminder: The pressure to meet unattainable standards of beauty doesn’t just fall on women (even if we do bear the brunt of it).

Men can be plagued by body-related insecurities, too.

And, just like women, many of them are taking extreme measures to make their bodies fit an ideal.

In Australia, that means a rise in the number of men going through breast reduction surgery to get rid of their moobs (also known as man boobs, or, in medical terms, gynecomastia, meaning enlarged male breasts).

The causes of man boobs vary, but are often due to hormonal imbalances or weight gain.

And the main way to get rid of excess breast… Read the full story

We’ll all be wearing merkins next winter because, fashion

So we'll all be wearing merkins next winter
Furry fashion (Picture: Rex/ Getty)

Don’t know about you but I’m useless at grooming my pubic hair.

I try and keep a nice, tidy triangle and end up accidentally getting rid of all of it and looking like a plucked chicken.

It’s not a good look.

If only there was a way I could fake a neat little patch of glossy, curled hair on my nether regions.

Perhaps a little wig I could attach every day, depending on my mood.

Hold on a pubic hair curling second, what’s this?

Is that…pubic wigs...coming down the runway at New York Fashion Week?

12 gluten-free products you can find in Chinese supermarkets

10 gluten-free products you can find in Chinese supermarkets
They stock plenty of non-Chinese products too (Picture: Becky Excell)

We’re all familiar with picking up gluten-free products from the free-from aisle in the supermarket, but have you ever checked out Chinese supermarkets?

Given that it’s Chinese New Year today, there’s no better time to discover a whole world of new products – no gluten required.

Gluten free ethnic food10 gluten-free products inspired by flavours from around the world you should try today

You can pick up gluten-free products much, much cheaper in Chinese supermarkets, as well as find things you can’t get anywhere… Read the full story

Why are men still paying more than women on first dates?

**ILLUSTRATION AMEND** It might be awkward, but it's vital for couples to discuss money (Abby)
Why are some women cherry-picking the bits of equality that suit them? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Modern dating can be incredibly awkward.

Somehow, in just a matter of years, most of us went from having the capacity to meet partners in real life, to shopping for future dates from behind the safety net of a screen.

Apps like Tinder and Bumble are an absolute minefield, not to mention time-consuming. If you’re not swiping, you’re chatting, or perfecting your profile to try and lure in the right ones.

All this before even meeting anyone in person.

Then,… Read the full story

Woman spends £130,000 on surgery to become the UK’s real life Barbie

(Picture: Caters News)

The UK’s real life Barbie has spent £10,000 on a new nose and face in an attempt to perfect her plastic doll-like image.

34-year-old Kerry Miles has now spent a total of £130,000 to transform herself into Barbie. And, after a decade of surgery, she’s finally happy thanks to her new nose.

Kerry underwent the surgery for her dream nose on 31 January, after her parents gave her £10,000 at Christmas.

The operation itself cost £5,000 and Kerry has spent the rest of her cash on new eyebrows, cheeks, face fillers and lips – not forgetting her endless supply of makeup and vampire facials.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux split: Stop with the Poor Jens

Surely it is poor Jen AND Justin? (Photo by Vince Bucci/Invision/AP, File)

‘Poor Jen’ – I bet you’ve read or heard that at least once today.

If you’ve been under a rock, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have announced they have ‘lovingly’ split after two years.

The news has been met with the virtual equivalent of the ‘sympathetic head tilt’ Richard explained to Monica in the Friend’s episode The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know.

Poor Jen. Can’t get a man to stay. Hasn’t had a baby. Poor successful, talented, wildly rich and gorgeous Jennifer Aniston.

Snowboarders v skiers: Why snowboarding is… Read the full story

Primark is selling a range of Alice in Wonderland accessories

(Picture: Primark)

Disney fans, rejoice: Primark has just launched a new range of Alice in Wonderland themed accessories and they’re all super cute.

Primark took to Instagram just yesterday to debut its new range, which features a number of purses inspired by characters from Alice in Wonderland.

There’s a White Rabbit purse, one shaped like the Cheshire Cat, a purse inspired by the rabbit from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and finally, another inspired by the potion Alice drinks to shrink herself.

Instagram Photo

There’s also a larger, furrier version of the White Rabbit, with pink eyes, ears and a sparkly rose gold nose.

Each purse… Read the full story

Byredo is opening a shop in London

(Picture: Byredo)

Fragrance-lovers will know about the cult of Byredo.

Every beauty blogger has waxed lyrical about Rose Noir and Sunday Cologne, it’s popped up in magazines’ best fragrance guides, and when you ask a bunch of celebs what perfume they wear, at least one will say Byredo.

But for us normal types who don’t get sent a new set of perfumes to try every week, it’s been tricky to commit to purchasing our own Byredo scent.

Sure, they’re highly recommended, but without giving the perfumes a whiff ourselves, buying a bottle feels like a risk.

That’s why we’re overjoyed to find out that – finally – there’ll be a place… Read the full story

Brick Lane is getting its first ever vegan curry menu

City Spice vegan menu
Yes please (Picture: City Spice)

Brick Lane, how we love thee.

When you’re a youngster moving to the big smoke for the first time, Brick Lane becomes your mecca.

The East London street is a hodge podge of kooky vintage clothes, stolen bikes and cheap bagels – basically everything you can’t get in your boring hometown.

And its pièce de résistance? The curry houses.

If you manage to walk from one end of Brick Lane to the other without being heckled by a man standing outside a curry restaurant, then you are a legend or a liar. (Or you did the walk in the early hours of the morning.)

There are so… Read the full story

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