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National No Smoking Day: How giving up smoking will improve your sex life

(Picture: Getty Images)

So you haven’t been swayed by reducing cancer risks, a longer life, or having better skin.

Maybe the promise of better sex convince you to quit smoking for good.

Smoking has a significant impact on your sex life in a bunch of ways – and giving up the cigs could lead to an immediate improvement in all things sex.

As it’s National No Smoking Day, a day dedicated to getting the lingering smokers of the world to quit their puffing for good, we’ve put together a list of all the ways quitting cigarettes will improve your sex life.

Smoking is linked to erectile dysfunction

This is thanks to smoking… Read the full story

‘Change needs to come from within’: how are faith communities tackling mental health stigma?

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: How some Faith communities battle mental health stigma (Eleanor)
‘For me, my faith is the only thing that keeps me going at times’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Growing up in the UK Jewish community, we didn’t have much education about mental illness.

Luckily this has changed and the community is now leading the way in terms of talking about the issue and battling the stigma against it.

Why it's important we talk about grief in schools (Eleanor Segall)‘Children often get sidelined when a family experiences loss’: why it’s important we talk to pupils in schools about grief

As an… Read the full story

Fitness blogger on why you don’t need to be naturally optimistic to be happy

(Picture: Flora Beverley)

It’s easy to assume that everyone’s always having a better time than you.

Especially on Instagram, it seems like the entire world’s having candid giggles with their gal pals, eating leisurely brunches and generally living their best lives.

But – and it’s an effort to remind yourself of this – that’s just not the case.

Even the most together of people can have rather dark histories.

Flora Beverley is a model and fitness blogger from Bristol, and she’s been opening up about her own past mental health struggles.

Although people have commented on how happy she seems, Flora says that’s not always been the case.

‘I became quite severely depressed around the age… Read the full story

This is the UK’s first cannabis oil-infused beer

(Picture: Stockton Brewing Company; Getty)

Despite being the most mellow – and natural – of drugs on the market, cannabis is still illegal in the UK.

However, there are ways around this, and one of these is CBD, or cannabidiol.

It’s the compund found in cannabis and hemp plants that doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive part of cannabis – the THC – so it doesn’t get you high.

But CBD oil has been found by many people to be effective at reducing pain and inflammation, as well as tackling insomnia.

We were recently blessed with the first CBD oil-infused spring water to hit UK supermarket shelves, and now,… Read the full story

Woman has been bridesmaid 23 times – but doesn’t plan on getting married

(Picture: PA Real Life)

A New York lawyer whose life is like a real life version of the movie 27 Dresses has revealed how, after being a bridesmaid 23 times, she has no interest in getting married herself.

In the romantic comedy, Katherine Heigl plays a perennial bridesmaid who has stepped into the role 27 times – four more than Claudette Delacerna, 44, who has followed 23 brides down the aisle.

Despite witnessing almost two dozen couples say, ‘I do,’ Claudette, who moved permanently to the USA in 2013 from her native Malaybalay City in the Philippines, where most of the weddings have been, said she’s not bothered about marriage herelf, as… Read the full story

Orange Smarties Easter eggs are now a thing

(Picture: Nestle)

Exciting news, chocolate lovers: Orange Smarties are back for the spring, following an overwhelming consumer response to the launch of the Orange Smarties Giant Tube last autumn.

Hexatubes made up entirely of the orange chocolates are now available as a limited edition product across wholesale and convenience stores.

Also brand new this spring are Orange Smarties Mini Eggs which are quite literally, little orange Smarties chocolate eggs.

What’s more, fans of orange Smarties can now enjoy their favourite orange treat as an Easter egg which features an orange flavour milk chocolate egg filled with Orange Smarties Mini Eggs inside.

Alex Gonnella, Marketing Director for Nestlé’s UK confectionery business at… Read the full story

Why you should get out of your pyjamas when you’ve been poorly

(Picture: Getty)

When you’re poorly, you have full permission (from us and from, well, society) to treat yourself as you would a vomiting child.

That means settling in on the sofa under a pile of blankets, eating honey on toast, and remaining in your pyjamas all day.

But when you start feeling better, it might be a good idea to jump up from your sickly sofa dwellings, hop in the shower, and put on some proper clothes.

That’s according to England’s chief nurse, Professor Jane Cummings, who’s leading a new campaign against what she calls ‘pyjama paralysis’.

Jane reckons that wearing pyjamas reinforces the feeling of being unwell and keeps you in the ‘I’m ill and can’t do… Read the full story

Krispy Kreme launches Nutella stuffed glazed doughnuts

(Picture: Krispy Kreme)

Krispy Kreme is now selling Nutella stuffed doughnuts, and they look absolutely to die for.

A photo of the new addition was shared to Krispy Kreme Dominican Republic’s official Facebook page on Monday.

Which means that, as you can probably tell, they’re not yet available over here in the UK *sob*.

The doughnuts are made using Krispy Kreme’s signature glazed ring doughnuts, and come with a Nutella filling throughout the ring.

So far, Krispy Kreme lovers have gone crazy for them, with the Facebook post having already received more than 37,000 likes, 91,000 comments and 102,000 shares.

Despite the doughnuts not being available over here, it’ll be pretty simple… Read the full story

Family pub creates giant Creme Egg Yorkshire pudding

(Picture: Greene King)

A Birmingham pub is taking Easter to a whole new level this year by combining Creme Eggs with giant Yorkshire puddings.

The Half Penny Farm Farmhouse Inns pub in Oldbury has created the UK’s first giant Creme Egg Yorkshire pudding.

The pub, which is famed for its giant Yorkshire puddings, introduced the seasonal Easter treat to meet the growing demand for unique and unusual dishes.

The Creme Egg Yorkshire pudding features two chocolate sponge cakes sandwiched around white and orange fondant, decorated with creme eggs and encased in a giant Yorkshire pudding.

Mark Tennant, general manager at the Half Penny Farm, said: ‘Easter is the perfect time to gather the family… Read the full story

Ikea Space10 Lab is making the ‘fast food of the future’, including mealworm burgers

(Picture: Space10/Instagram)

The future of meat eating seems to be very precarious.

More and more of us are swerving traditional things like beef and lamb for environmental and health reasons.

And that’s lead foodies and nutritional experts to turn to bug life as a viable means of protein.

But if you think that sounds like some marginal interest, think again; bugs and worms are becoming increasingly mainstream meal options.

Just look at Ikea.

The Swedish giant has already announced its plans to launch a vegan hot dog later this year – and now it’s set about creating an algae-based hot dog and mealworm burgers.

Ikea’s ‘secret innovation’ lab Space10 says it’s developing the ‘fast… Read the full story

This couple saved money by letting their dog film their wedding video

***MANDATORY BYLINE***PIC FROM Erin Simpson / E.L Simpson Photography/ Caters News - (PICTURED: Sam and Reece Blanch, from Brisbane, Australia, with their dogs on their wedding day in Geb 2018) - An animal-mad couple managed to tie the knot for just 1,700 by letting their pet pooch film their wedding video with adorable results. Dog lovers Sam and Reece Blanch, from Brisbane, Australia, married in front of 50 guests in a picturesque Airbnb in Newrybar, New South Wales, last month.The thrifty pair, both 26, are saving to set up their own animal shelter so ensured the entire event cost just ,000 AUD (1,700) by enlisting the help of their five rescue dogs.SEE… <a href=Read the full story

Kissing your baby on the lips could cause dental health problems in later life

Stick to forehead kisses, parents. (Picture: Getty)

What could be wrong with giving your baby an affectionate peck on the lips?

It’s a way of bonding, surely, and you get a whiff of that baby’s head smell.

Well, it turns out that quite a lot could be wrong with a speedy smooch, as research suggests that kissing your baby on the lips may lead to dental problems later in life.

Cavities and dental decay, more specifically. So a little kiss could end up costing you in fillings later on.

This isn’t new information, by the way. It’s just that few of us are fully aware of the health risks of giving our children a… Read the full story

Dad’s brilliant parenting hack means he can breastfeed his baby


An innovative dad-of-five has come up with a brilliant parenting hack which allows him to ‘breastfeed’ his fussy baby daughter while his wife is at work.

31-year-old Anthony Favours, from Buffalo, New York, has captivated parents around the world with a trick that soothed his 10-month-old daughter Lily’ahna while his wife, Shalanda, 25, was out.

Anthony said he and his beautician wife Shalanda – who are also parents to Anthony Jr., 2, Josiya, 5, Savanna, 6, and Camiya, 9 – were having trouble figuring out how to feed their fussy baby girl when… Read the full story

You can now get vegan chicken katsu curry at Mildreds

Mildreds vegan chicken katsu curry
Mildreds vegan chicken katsu curry (Picture: Mildreds)

Last year, Wagamama set vegan hearts on fire when they announced they were trialling a vegan katsu curry.

It was to go alongside their brand new veggie and vegan menu, but the trouble was, they were only selling it at their Noodle Lab in London’s Dean Street, Soho.

This was back in October, and five months later, Wagamama still haven’t rolled it out to their other branches.

Luckily for us rabid vegans who got tired of waiting, veggie legends Mildreds have gone and done their own version. Hold the frickin’ phone, guys.

The dish involves coconut breaded mock chicken,… Read the full story

Grace was raped at two years old. Her rapist is still at large


Grace* was raped by her uncle when she was just two years old. Still at large, he’s also raped her sisters.

When caught the first time, rather than being jailed, the rapist was asked to sign a written agreement not to re-offend. But he did – this time with Grace.

The children live in fear of his return.

Every year in Kenya, 6,100 children under the age of five test positive for HIV and a third of girls in the country experience sexual violence before reaching adulthood. Only 10% receive any kind of professional help.

Although Grace is still deeply traumatised by her experiences, she’s safe from subsequent disease; thanks to a local ActionAid-backed organisation, she received immediate medical attention, including post-exposure prophylaxis to reduce the risk of HIV.

Grace was attacked when her mother, Margaret* had gone to fetch water and her father Robert* was out at work.

On her return, she says she found Grace lying on the bed.

‘I started talking… Read the full story

Morrisons launches a Game of Thrones themed Easter egg

(Picture: Morrison’s/Twitter)

Still stuck for Easter egg ideas? Well, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’re now in luck.

Morrisons has just released a limited edition Game of Thrones themed Easter egg, and it looks amazing.

The Easter eggs are made using Belgian chocolate and come decorated with scales, much like the Dragon Eggs featured in the HBO series.

The eggs are then made to look extra magical with a dusting of red and gold dust.

The eggs, which are part of Morrisons’ ‘The Best’ range, cost £6, and are available exclusively at the super cheap supermarket. They can be found in 430 Morrisons stores across the UK.

Shadowing: 9 women tell all about the latest terrible online dating trend

Burger King launches new giant burger loaded with an entire pack of bacon

Burger King’s New 'Bacon King' Burger Contains Eight Slices Of Bacon
(Picture: Burger King)

While people are still getting excited over the McDonald’s Grand Big Mac, Burger King is offering some stiff competition.

The burger chain has just launched a new supersized sandwich, which features an entire packet of bacon. Yep, it’s a heart attack in a bun.

The Bacon King features two quarter pounder beef patties and is topped off with eight slices of crispy, thick-cut smoked bacon.

It also comes with melted American cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise all in one massive sesame seed bun.

While it sounds amazing, this burger is definitely not for anyone on a diet, as it… Read the full story

Temple of Seitan now makes vegan boned ribs so get your bibs

Temple of Seitan vegan ribs
Sticky, sticky goodness (Picture: Temple of Seitan)

Despite being based in London, vegans around the world worship at the altar of Temple of Seitan.

They caused a huge ruckus back in January 2017 when they opened a ‘fried chicken’ shop in Hackney, east London, and since then have been blessing the capital with their mock meat goodness.

They’ve now got two locations, having recently opened a brand new location in Camden/Kings Cross which even has *gasp* indoor seating.

Their fake chicken is so good that many omnivores say they prefer it to the real deal. Which is quite something.

They’ve brought us such KFC-inspired delights… Read the full story

The difference between English, French and American bulldogs and where to adopt them

(Picture: Getty)

Crufts is over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be looking at pictures and videos of cute dogs the whole time. In fact, I highly recommend it.

Best in show this year went to a very sweet whippet.

There didn’t seem to be many chunky dogs winning, though. And what’s chunkier than a bulldog?

Regardless of which type of bulldog you choose, you’re going to be getting a cutie.

If you’re planning to adopt, though, learning the traits of each different type can’t hurt.

English Bulldog

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