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Baby born with rare birthmark that gives him a white streak of hair

(Picture: SWNS)

A boy born with a bright white streak in his hair has become one of around 40 people in his family to inherit the rare ‘birthmark’.

Two-year-old Josiah Barnes has a white patch in the middle of his jet black afro.

The toddler often turns heads when he leaves the house and his mom Latrece Barnes, who also has the distinctive birthmark, is constantly asked whether she dyes her son’s hair.

The bleached effect is known as the Mallen Streak, and is caused by a condition called poliosis, which is characterized by a lack of pigment in the hair.

What is an angry pirate?

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Oh, sex terms. Fun to try out, fun to discuss.

Yes, the wide majority are not things done on the regular (if anyone is regularly giving out blumpkins, please let us know), or even things that you’ll do once.

But part of the joy of sex is its wonderful variety. There’s so much you can do beyond just jamming your genitals together, and we should applaud humankind’s creativity for coming up with some truly strange sexual acts.

Such strange sexual acts include the angry pirate.

Giving someone an angry pirate is not a new phenomenon by any means – you probably heard it discussed in the playground by boys… Read the full story

Why you really shouldn’t put your mascara in hot water when it dries up

Why you really shouldn't soak makeup that's running out in hot water
(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

It’s one of those tips that pops up on every round-up of beauty-themed life hacks… but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

A quick search of what to do if your mascara goes dry, you can’t get the last bit of lipgloss out of the tube, or your concealer is on its last legs will lead you to one repeated bit of advice: Dunk the tube in a cup of hot water.

It makes sense in theory, and it does work. The heat makes the fluids inside the container runnier, making them easier to scrape out of the tube.

But there… Read the full story

This boy crying as his mum walks down the aisle is just too adorable

Wedding photographer Paul Woo captured the moment Bryson Suber spotted his mom walking down the aisle, and no exaggeration, it completely melted my heart.
The calm before the storm (Picture: Paul Woo)

Weddings are emotional events.

Whether you personally agree with the idea of marriage or not, there’s no denying that two people standing there and opening their hearts to each other is a beautiful thing.

It’s especially emotional when those two people are your best friends, relatives or…parents, as this one kid discovered.

Six-year-old Bryson Suber was all suited and booted waiting for his parents’ wedding, and he just couldn’t contain his joy.

‘Bryson was the son of the bride and groom,’ photographer Read the full story

Woman with Fowler’s syndrome hasn’t been able to urinate for two years

Woman has been unable to wee for two years Credit: John Allen Photographer, PA Real Life
(Picture: John Allen Photographer, PA Real Life)

A former model has been left unable to urinate for more than two years due to living with Fowler’s syndrome, a condition which has meant her bladder muscles are no longer able to relax.

The only relief she had was short term, after an injection of Botox in her bladder allowed her to go to the toilet for three months – the only time she has been able to go naturally since 2015.

Since then, Leanne Ward, from Cornwall, 27, has been unable to go to the toilet herself –… Read the full story

Morrisons launches giant £10 meat box which can feed a family for 2 weeks

Morrisons ?10 meat box
(Picture: Morrisons)

Morrisons has just released a £10 box of meat that can feed a family for up to two weeks.

The 2.3kg meat box contains a range of different products, and is so big that Morrisons claims there’s enough in there to last an average UK family two weeks.

The British Meat Pack, which consists of meat from animals farmed only in the UK, contains a 900g pork loin joint, 420g steak mince, 450g lean diced beef and 8 ‘The Best’ pork sausages.

The box comes after success of the wonky veg box – a £3.50 box of a range of vegetables.

Read the full story

‘I was poor as a church mouse… But man alive, I was happy’: Why being skint is awesome

Why being skint makes me a better person Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk
Being skint isn’t as bad as you think (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Poor people know how to enjoy themselves, and all rich people are lazy

Alright, sorry, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

I wore this male chastity device for a fortnight so you don’t have to

But I had a revelation the other week that I simply have to share.

Basically: I realised I’m much, much happier when I’m skint. Proper, stony broke. On my uppers. Without a pot to piss in.

At first I thought this might be a side-effect of… Read the full story

You can now order bottles of wine that can be delivered through your letterbox

(Picture: Firebox)

Firebox has just started selling wine bottles that fit through your letterbox.

Yep, you can now have red, white or rose wine delivered through your letterbox, so you never have to head to your local supermarket for a bottle again.

The ‘classy’ bottles are made using tough recyclable plastic that looks just like glass, and are super slimline to fit through a letterbox – but they still hold a full 75cl bottle of wine.

The product description reads: ‘You arrive home. Super late – it’s been a fabulously stressful day.

Women with disabilities and chronic illness talk self-love and embracing their bodies

(Picture: Kat Hawkins/Poppy Field)

You know what we don’t see enough in the media? Gorgeous women with disabilities.

Which sucks, because there are so many of them.

In a day and age when self love is promoted so much on social media, it’s a shame that often women with disabilities still seem to go unnoticed.

It’s time we changed that.

On a mission to show the world just how beautiful women with disabilities are, we spoke to a selection of ladies who live with disabilities and chronic illness, both visible and invisible.

They opened up about how their illnesses affect them – physically and mentally – and how they’ve learned to love and embrace the… Read the full story

Care home now has robotic horses and dogs to help combat loneliness in elderly residents

Shocking news, guys: Women are more likely to orgasm when they have sex with other women

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Truly earth-shattering news: Women are more likely to orgasm when they have sex with other women than when they have sex with men.

This is shocking, because it has long been assumed that penises have magical orgasmic powers.

If there’s no penis, how are orgasms happening? Through gentle snuggling or scissoring? It’s just so hard to understand.

This revelation comes from an exclusive report from The Sun, which takes note from a survey of 2,300 people around the world.

Researchers found that women are more likely to orgasm during same-sex encounters, with some women who have sex with women reporting having orgasms as many as 55 times… Read the full story

7 green cocktails you can make to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2018

(Picture: Getty)

It’s no secret that there will be plenty of drinking happening on St Patrick’s Day.

A Guinness or two (or three) always goes down well, but if you want something else, a cocktail is a great choice.

Go all in with a green theme and forget the rules about what’s tacky – it’s a day we wear stupid hats and fake leprechaun beards after all.

Here are our favourite green cocktail recipes, so you can wow your party guests and turn their tongues a weird colour.

BLT Green Bloody Mary

The weirdest things people have left behind in Ubers

(Picture: Chris J. Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

If you’ve never had an umbrella with you when it rains, have lost more phone chargers than you can count, and never manage to finish books before you accidentally leave them on the Tube, you’re not alone.

We can be a really forgetful bunch.

But while you may feel some shame in having to call up your insurance and tell them you lost your phone again, at least you can take solace in the knowledge that you’ve left behind a pretty common item.

Uber’s just released their lost and found index for the year, which includes a list of the more unusual items people have managed to leave behind.

And trust… Read the full story

10 products you had no idea weren’t gluten-free – and alternatives to try

10 products you had no idea weren't gluten-free (and what to try instead)
Total minefield (Picture: Getty, Unilever, GSK, Hasbro)

If you’re newly diagnosed with Coeliac disease or gluten intolerance, then you might think you’ve got things covered by chucking out the toaster and stocking your cupboards full of ‘free-from’ alternatives such as bread, pasta and flour.

Yet, did you know that gluten is often lurking in the most unsuspecting places?

You will find it in everything from condiments (such as soy sauce and mustard) to things around the house (such as shampoo and playdough).

As someone who’s been gluten-free for five years, I thought I’d share some of my shock discoveries. Here are 10… Read the full story

Haunting photo series captures plants taking over abandoned homes

(Picture: Gohar Dashti)

We like to imagine that human beings are the most important thing on earth.

People are self-important in that way.

If a place is free of humans, it’s uninhabited. It ceases to really exist, shut out of our minds and bumped off our radars.

But when people disappear, places aren’t barren. Nature takes our place.

In Gohar Dashti’s Home series, the photographer captures abandoned homes in Iran. These are houses left behind when people are forced by war to vacate.

When people leave, plants take over, turning organised homes into lush fields and masses of tangled vines.

‘The images show what happens when one’s home is left behind,’ explains Gohar. ‘The photographs reveal… Read the full story

Man calls woman a ‘f***ing b*tch’ because apparently she led him on by being nice

(Picture: Ella Byworth/metro.co.uk)

Oh, Brad.

Brad decided to ask a woman to ‘Netflix and chill’.

That woman turned him down, explaining that she has a boyfriend.

Brad then proceeded to get very, very angry, sending the woman abusive messages and accusing her of being ‘too nice’ – and thus leading him on.

We’ve all come across a Brad in our lives, right?

In a text exchange shared on Imgur, the charming Brad starts a conversation with a woman, who goes by pseudon on Imgur, with a simple: ‘Come over.’

He then follows that up with: ‘not to be lame but, netflix and chill?’

29 brilliant food hacks that everyone needs to know

Close up shot of freezing water in a wineglass

Food hacks, or tips as your mum probably calls them, are brilliant things: they make food tastier, cooking easier and your money go further.

If you’ve ever cursed the eggshell in the cake mix, wondered if bacon could be any more brilliant or just wanted to make your dinner with the minimum of fuss, the answers are here in our collection of the tastiest tips.

Come with us as we discover the power of bananas, unusual uses for everyday implements, how to safely defrost meat in half the time and why every kitchen needs, er, an iron.

1. Egg slicers aren’t just for eggs. They’re good on… Read the full story

Woman shares selfies of her cancerous spot to warn girls not to use tanning beds

(Picture: Facebook/Mallory Lubbock)

It’s easy to ignore the very real risks of using tanning beds.

We tell ourselves that the worst won’t happen to us. We’ll be lucky. Just a few times in a sunbed can’t hurt, right?

To hammer home the risks – and the fact that they can happen to anyone – Mallory Lubbock has shared pictures of the removal of her cancerous spot.

She wants to show people that young women can develop skin cancer, too, and urge women and girls to steer clear of sunbeds.

Mallory explains that she damaged her skin by using a tanning bed when she was just 16, going for tanning sessions every single day for two… Read the full story

Try to remain calm, but Cadbury is now doing a limited edition caramel Twirl bar

(Picture: Cadbury/metro.co.uk)

I think we can all agree that in the corner shop chocolate rankings, a Twirl occupies a fairly high spot.

Flakes of chocolate wrapped in a layer of chocolate? That’s glorious. A Twirl is basically a Flake bar but with more chocolate – more chocolate that makes it less messy to eat.

While we can appreciate the greatness of a Twirl, we’re not sure if we’re ready for Cadbury’s new take on the classic.

Friends, Cadbury is now selling a special limited edition caramel Twirl.

*Pause for excitement*.

Now, before you start worrying about caramel dribbling out after each bite, there’s no actual gooey caramel to be had in a caramel Twirl. Confusing, we know.

To… Read the full story

‘A packet of frozen waffles and some laddered tights’: what’s the weirdest thing an ex returned after a split?

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