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Airbnb adds 48 hour grace period to ‘strict’ cancellation bookings

Airbnb in Kraow, Poland
An Airbnb flat in Kraków, Poland (Picture: Airbnb)

Airbnb is great – aside from the odd weirdos (shout out to the Swedish girls who left a whole pizza in my wardrobe) it tends to be a pretty great experience.

Some of us just aren’t into the stuffiness of hotels, and like the freedom of staying in a home from home.

Whether you stay in someone’s spare room and get all the local info off them, or rent their whole house and enjoy 100% freedom, it’s a bloomin’ great way to immerse yourself in a new city.

The only problem is that a lot of the rentals operate with a ‘Strict’… Read the full story

Superdrug launches a vegan, cruelty-free health and beauty pop-up shop in Shoreditch

(Picture: cosmeticsbusiness/Instagram)

More and more of us are seeking out cruelty-free beauty, whether we’re fully fledged vegans or not.

And in response to the growing demand for plant-based products, Superdrug has just launched The Little Vegan Pop Up Shop in Shoreditch’s Boxpark.

Superdrug already has a no animal testing policy on their own-brand products but it’s gone one further with this little store dedicated to selling exclusively vegan products.

It opened on Tuesday and will be at Boxpark for three months, as part of a pilot to showcase the company’s cruelty-free range.

‘When you’re shopping for anything vegan, you defs have to spend twice the time browsing,’ Superdrug says on its blog.

Read the full story

Is it inappropriate to tell a colleague of the opposite sex they smell good?

Is it inappropriate to tell a colleague of the opposite sex they smell nice getty/metro.co.uk
(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

You work in an open plan office that starts to smell like microwave food by midday. Sometimes you’re met with a delightful aromatic curry, other times, pure bile.

And then a waft of sunshine, meadows and spices comes through. It’s a colleague that you don’t normally talk to but he smells like a Greek god and you hesitate to tell him.

What if he thinks you’re being too forward? What if the office judges you?

After all, no one wants to be thought of as inappropriate, in front of an office full of prying eyes and ears (even… Read the full story

Not just for kids! Why Disneyland Paris could be the best mini-break you’ll have all year

In just a few days you can enjoy big thrill attractions, fine dining and designer shopping at Disneyland® Paris

Snapping into holiday mode quickly can be tricky and just when you’re feeling a little more relaxed it’s usually time to get packing again.

So if you’ve only got a few days to spare, why not explore the wonder of Disneyland® Paris?

While everyone knows its magical allure for children, few realise how much it can be for grown-ups too.

Think first class designer shopping, spas, luxury hotels, fine dining, pulse-racing rides and plenty of nostalgia over your favourite childhood characters. What could be better?

Plus, it is only a… Read the full story

Easter 2018: How to make vegan hot cross buns

vegan hot cross buns recipe
(Picture: Mandy Mazliah/metro.co.uk)

It wouldn’t be Easter without hot cross buns right? Or at least that’s how things roll at my house.

vegan lemon shortbread biscuitsHow to make vegan lemon shortbread biscuits

Traditional hot cross bun recipes are usually enriched with milk, butter or eggs and sometimes with all three. In this vegan hot cross bun recipe I’ve used oat milk, sunflower oil and apple purée instead – making them suitable for anyone following a plant based diet.

These are absolutely delicious served with (non-dairy) butter when warm just out of the oven.

A popup cafe dedicated to vegan Baileys is coming to London

(Picture: Baileys/Metro.co.uk)

Love a Baileys? Well, you’re in luck, because a popup cafe completely dedicated to the creamy alcoholic drink is coming to London.

The Vegan Treat Shop by Baileys Almande will be popping up in Soho Square this Friday, 23 March, from 1pm to 7pm.

The cafe will be serving up its dairy-free version of the drink, which is also vegan and gluten free, and only 67 calories per serving, which is almost half of that of a normal measure of Baileys.

Woman found out she was born without a vagina, uterus or cervix at 18 years old

(Picture: PA Real Life)

Growing up, Rebekah Knight, now 25, from Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, thought she would start her period in her early teens, just like the rest of her friends.

However, 17 and still waiting, she began to worry that something wasn’t right. Initially, she thought she was just a ‘late starter’, but after sharing her fears with her mum Debbie, 52, she decided to go to the GP for some advice.

There, she was referred to Royal Victoria hospital, Belfast, for a variety of tests. Eventually an MRI scan revealed she had a rare condition called Mayer Rokitansky Hauser (MRKH) syndrome, meaning she was born without a vagina, cervix or… Read the full story

The most popular landmarks where people propose

(Picture: Getty, Disney Weddings/Instagram)

Where did he/she/they propose is most likely one of the first questions you’ll get when you get engaged, so they’d better to make it a good one.

And what’s the first thing people do when they find a bae to marry? Post it on Instagram of course.

Analysing data from hashtags like #engaged and #bridetobe, marriage website Hitched.co.uk found the top ten landmarks around the world where people are choosing to pop the big question.

Some of the destinations are world-famous romance hotspots like in front of the Eiffel Tower and in Disneyland (Paris) which took top spot.

Other traditional monuments that gave couples the romantic backdrop… Read the full story

The two teenage Irish Traveller brothers who became sensations in the world of fashion

The teenage lives of two Irish Traveller brothers who became fashion world sensations (Picture: Perry Ogden/Paddy & Liam)
Paddy and Liam Doran pose together (Picture: Perry Ogden/Paddy & Liam)

These fascinating images document the faces of two brothers from one of Ireland’s remote Traveller communities.

Award-winning photographer and film-maker Perry Ogden’s new book Paddy & Liam follows the lives of two brothers through their teenage years and into adulthood.

Paddy and Liam Doran’s story is focused around the community where they live in a council house in Celbridge, Co Kildare, near Dublin.

Both the young men, now 17 and 16, have been photographed in some of the world’s best known fashion brands including Fred Perry,… Read the full story

7 of the best gins to drink during spring and the Easter holidays

(Picture: Rock Rose/ Da Mhile)

Spring is around the corner with the winter snow finally melting away.

11 great new British gins to try – including gins made from hay and gorse

And that means it is time to put away the sloe gin and crack out some gins with the fresh flavours that encapsulate springtime – garden herbs, spring flowers and the salt of seaside strolls.

Easter is around the corner too with plenty of great gins to quaff alongside stuffing your face with chocolate eggs.

Here are our favourite seven gins for springtime and Easter.

1. Hot Cross Bun Gin, £32

Read the full story

Man shares strange sign of a deadly infection triggered by a trip to the dentist

Man shares unusual sign of serious condition Credit: The New England Journal of Medicine, Getty
(Picture: The New England Journal of Medicine, Getty)

Doctors have shared a photo of the unusual sign that a man had a deadly heart infection.

The 27-year-old, from Canada, developed a bulging lump on his hand following a trip to the dentist.

The lump started as a red patch on his hand, but within two weeks it turned blue and began to bulge.

Naturally, he was concerned – especially as he’d also been experiencing pain in his abdomen.

He went to see a doctor, who found that he’d also suffered fevers, a decreased appetite, and night sweats for the past… Read the full story

10 men open up about the first time they had a breakdown due to mental illness


Just over three out of four suicides – which is a whopping 76% – are carried out by men. Suicide remains the biggest cause of death for men under 35.

Yet it’s 2018, and still, we’re living in a day and age where men are still being told to ‘man up’. Where men are suffering in silence out of fear of being ridiculed, not listened to, or judged for being not ‘manly’ enough.

But newsflash, people: mental illness doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care whether you’re old, young, rich, poor, male or female.

It can affect anyone, at any time, and it can be completely debilitating.

Struggling doesn’t make you weak, regardless of gender. And being a man shouldn’t have any effect on whether you do so or not.

The sad thing is, that because of these ideas that men should ‘hold it all together’, men are actually nearly three times more likely than women to become alcohol dependent. They’re more likely to use and die… Read the full story

‘I’m just tired’ and other lies I tell when I’m having bad mental health day

woman in bed
‘I need a night in’ (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Living with a mental illness can take a bit of getting used to.

It’s kind of like spending every last penny on an amazing new house then having no money left in the bank to redecorate inside.

It feels really uncomfortable – imagine paisley print wallpaper and an avocado bathroom suite – but you know in time things will change, so you kind of have to just learn to put up with it.

I’ve been living with depression and anxiety for six years and although I don’t have as many bad days as I used to, they do still… Read the full story

Mum shares photos of her red breast milk to raise awareness of an early sign of mastitis

Red breast milk METRO GRAB taken from: https://www.facebook.com/themilkmeg/posts/1556542984399547 Credit: The Milk Meg/Facebook
(Picture: The Milk Meg/Facebook)

Imagine how scary it can be to look down at the milk coming from your breast and see it’s bright red.

But it’s surprisingly common – and not just thanks to beetroot.

To raise awareness of the causes of bloody breast milk and reassure any mums experiencing the shock of bright red milk, one mum, Tanya Knox, has shared photos of her experience on The Milk Meg’s Facebook page.

Along with a photo of her red milk, Tanya explained that while pumping her milk she quickly saw it had turned red. She spotted a blood… Read the full story

10 of the best places to eat in Yorkshire

Yorkshire boasts many culinary charms (Picture: The Foundry/Dakota Deluxe Bar and Grill/Hudsons)

The beautiful county of Yorkshire is recognised around the world as a top destination to enjoy historical landmarks, stunning countryside landscape and of course the perfect cup of tea.

Fancy a getaway in Yorkshire? 10 of the county’s best luxury hotels

However Yorkshire is also home to some of the best available food in the UK, much of which can be found within the county’s many top class and highly regarded restaurants.

It may come as a surprise to many that the residents of God’s own county don’t survive on a… Read the full story

Everyone should work out what their Enneagram personality type is

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If you’re into finding out how you tick, you probably already know your Myers-Brigg type.

We’re all familiar with the extrovert or introvert thing, at least.

But the hot trend for personality testing these days isn’t working out if you’re an INFJ or an INTP – it’s discovering your basic personality type with the Enneagram test.

The Enneagram test isn’t a new thing, but it’s making the rounds again thanks to HelloGiggles. And most of us aren’t exactly well-versed in the concept.

The theory goes like this.

There’s a structure called an Enneagram, which you can sketch out by drawing a circle, making nine points on… Read the full story

Here’s how much poo you’ll produce in your life

Here's how much poo you'll produce in your life Credit: Getty
What a feeling (Picture: Getty)

If we’re all united by one thing, it’s poo.

Whether you have regular bowel movements, struggle to go, or use a stoma bag, you’re producing fabulous faeces.

People get so embarrassed of their stools, but life would be be so much easier if we were all a bit more chill and acknowledged the fact that we all poo – especially some women.

We’ve all had turds hurtling out of our anus so stop acting like it’s a weird, gross thing that you don’t do. *shrugs*

Speaking of, have you ever… Read the full story

Why are women so much less comfortable getting oral sex if they haven’t showered?

sex illustration
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If you’re sexually active,  and not incredibly selfish, you’ll probably recognise the two situations I’m about to describe. They’re situations in which people of two different genders are offered oral sex.

(We’ve gone for him/her because it’s the most common sexual orientation, but that’s not to suggest it’s the most valid).

Scenario A

Him: I want to go down on you

Her: No thanks, I haven’t showered since this morning.

Him: Okay. Shall we just have sex?

(This dialogue isn’t the finest showcasing of my talent with words, but you see the point.)

Scenario B

Read the full story

Women are most body confident at the age of 31

**ILLUSTRATION AMEND REQUEST**I quite like my grey hair - so why do I feel like I have to dye it? (Abby)
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

According to research from Great Lengths, who quizzed just over 2,000 women, the age at which women feel the most confident is 31. 

So if you’re still feeling a bit sh*t about all the photos you had to untag of yourself after a recent night out, and you’re not yet 31, you’ve officially got something to look forward to.

31 is a interesting age, because it also happens to be the average age that a UK woman gets married. So that confidence might be connected to the… Read the full story

One in 10 puppies abandoned because owners didn’t realise how much work was involved

Poppy the Cockapoo puppy
Poppy the Cockapoo puppy (Picture: Lisa Bowman)

New research has shown that the UK is in the grips of a puppy dumping epidemic, and can we just not?

Shocking statistics show that one in 10 puppies are being abandoned, just one month into purchase.

1,000 new puppy owners were questioned by Devon-based natural pet food makers, Forthglade, and it’s really quite concerning how unprepared some people are when taking on a dog.

A staggering 54% of those questioned realised they’d made a mistake in getting a pup as soon as they got their new furry friend home, which is making us shake our damn heads so hard.

40%… Read the full story

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