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How to deal with Sunday night work anxiety

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy your weekend but just feeling worried about the imminent Monday morning (Illustration: Deirdre Spain for Metro.co.uk)

Is there anything more anxiety-inducing than the painful moment when you realise that your Sunday is almost over and it’s time for a new working week?

Leonardo DiCaprio spotted kissing 20-year-old model Camila Morrone at Coachella

Research shows that 76 per cent of people report having really bad Sunday night blues, which I think we can all admit we’ve felt from time to time.

Anxiety expert Chloe Brotheridge says that mixture of more alcohol and less… Read the full story

What I Rent: Jess, £580 for a room in Deptford

Interior shots of rental property belonging to Jessica Lindsay. Property in Deptford
(Picture: Alexander Crawley)

To help us all navigate the hellscape that is the London housing situation, we’ve launched a new series called What I Rent.

Each week we’ll be taking you around a different Londoner’s home, showing all the nooks, crannies, and grotty sinks to give us all a better understanding of what’s normal.

Because it’s tricky to make sense of renting when we swing between seeing people’s Pinterest-y pads and depressingly tiny studio rooms.

What’s a normal amount to pay each month? What should you be getting for your money? Is everyone else putting up with a shower… Read the full story

China with a Portuguese flair: Why it’s time you visited Macao


Known as the Vegas of the East, Macao has held the title of the biggest gaming destination of the world for over a decade.

And yet, this tiny special administrative region (SAR) of China, consisting of a peninsula and two islands, has so much more to offer.

For one thing, having been a Portuguese colony for more than four hundred years, its architecture and its food has taken on a distinctively Portuguese flair.

So if you’re thinking of visiting Macao, here are a few things to know:

Macao has a unique history

Macao was… Read the full story

Bride celebrates her wedding day by handing out 400 McDonald’s burgers to her guests


Few things say true love quite like being comfortable chomping into a Big Mac in front of each other.

For one couple, McDonald’s has a romantic significance beyond wiping ketchup off each other’s chins, as they celebrated their wedding by bringing in hundreds of burgers for their guests.

Nancy Mowad and her husband Andrew decided arrange for 400 cheeseburgers for their 450 guests, as a treat after a six course meal.

‘We always loved the idea of flooding the dance floor at… Read the full story

New US laws targeting sex workers will harm autistic people


Sex workers are under threat. Those on the autistic spectrum are even more at risk because they have few places to turn to.

President Donald Trump recently signed legislation passed overwhelmingly by Congress that is intended to to fight online sex trafficking by making websites criminally responsible for content posted by users.

But the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act (SESTA) has deprived people of independent workspaces by removing listings site Backpage and personal ads on Craigslist.

While Backpage is by no means blameless – it was seized by officials and its CEO pled guilty to charges of money laundering and other charges – it was a valuable site for marginalised groups.

Many are worried trafficking victims will be pushed deeper into darkness because there is nowhere in public for them to turn to.

Those with autism will be affected too; cut off from the tools they use to work safely and at risk of being hurt more severely than other sex workers.

The world is not… Read the full story

7 things you should know before you go to Nicaragua

Calle La Calzada and Cathedral de Granada (Picture: Getty)

Nicaragua is one of South America’s lesser-known highlights.

Easy to journey around, with a pretty well-established backpacker trail, it’s a great option for those who want to ease themselves into travel in this region.

Houses with traditional red roofs in Prague Old Town Square in the Czech Republic8 things to know before you go to the Czech Republic

It’s got heaps to keep you entertained: hikes up volcanoes and plentiful water sports on its many lakes, plus decent nightlife, Caribbean islands, and hidden surf spots for beginners and experts.

There are elegant colonial-style cities and beach towns… Read the full story

Iceland have just launched chicken thighs double the heat of Nando’s extra hot sauce

(Picture: Iceland)

As a strictly garlic and herb/medium Nando’s gal, I am always shook when people get extra hot.

Are they doing it because they actually like it, or because they just want to impress their pals or date?

Honestly, I believe it’s partly the latter.

If you’re one of those people who enjoy uncomfortably hot things in the name of being a proper lad, you’ll love this news.

Iceland has thrown down the gauntlet for heat fiends with their new chicken thighs that are two times hotter than Nando’s extra hot.

There’s a inflatable unicorn island floating in the sea

(Picture: Inflatable Island)

An inflatable unicorn island exists and it looks absolutely dreamy.

The Inflatable Island is the biggest floating playground in Asia. It’s located in Subic Bay in the Philippines, around 80 miles west of Manila.

Just recently, the company announced that the inflatable playground had just grown – and is now over 4,100 sqm, which is around eight basketball courts placed side by side.

The inflatable course, which is placed above the water, features a range of inflatable slides, bridges, swings, towers and something called a ‘human launcher’.

Each part of the playground is fit for an Instagram picture – particularly unicorn island, an inflatable course inspired by the mythical creatures.

This particular… Read the full story

Why do I feel broody when I see cute animals?

Why can’t I have a fluffy child? (Picture: Getty)

I don’t think I ever want to have kids.

I’m only 24, so I can’t say for certain (even though plenty of people know for sure by this age) but the idea of giving birth to and being responsible for a child has never interested me in the slightest.

When I see a baby I think they look like tiny weird old people, and if they’re crying I struggle to summon any sympathy for the parent.

You made your bed, hun. Then shagged in it. Then nine months later got that screaming bundle of joy.

Why, then, do I feel what I can only describe as broodiness when… Read the full story

Hair stylist creates stunning rose braids

(Picture: braidedandblonde/Instagram)

Festival season is fast approaching, but forget flower headbands – rose braids are the next big hair trend.

Rose braids are exactly what they sound like – hair that has been braided and shaped into the silhouette of a rose.

Alison Valsamis, a hairstylist based in Fairfield, Connecticut, has created an entire range of rose braid updos and flowing locks on a number of wigs.

In a selection of photos on Instagram, Alison displayed various techniques, using UniWigs.

Here’s her rose pink updo

Instagram Photo


In this image, she styled every lock of hair into a giant rose

Instagram PhotoRead the full story

Teenager says his 72-year-old wife is a ‘wonderful lover’


A married couple are happier than ever – despite their 53 year age gap.

72-year-old grandmother Almeda is married to 19-year-old Gary Hardwick.

The couple fell in love in the summer of 2016, during an outing at a pizza restaurant.

After just two weeks of dating Gary took the relationship to the next level by popping the question – and they decided to get married.

Almeda said yes to Gary after having just come out of an unhappy relationship with her 77-year-old ex.

Read the full story

People are confused by Byron’s new flexitarian burger

(Picture: Byron)

This week in brands confusing everyone, we’re (sadly) not talking about penis-shaped makeup sponges or typos on ASOS bags.

Instead people are puzzled by Byron, who have just launched a new burger that they describe as ‘flexitarian’.

Their new burger, the Classic Flex, is made of 70% British beef and 30% juicy, sautéed mushrooms.

They’ve also launched the Reflex burger, which is the same thing but with fancier toppings – red pepper ketchup, fresh tomato, red onion, baby kale, roasted garlic, and rosemary mayonnaise.

Which all sounds lovely. If you’re desperate for a meaty burger but keen to reduce your meat intake, maybe the flexitarian burger could be the answer.

Read the full story

Amazon slammed for selling baby t-shirts that say ‘Enjoy Cocaine’

Amazon Cocaine tees
(Pictures: Amazon)

Amazon have been in trouble this week for selling children’s clothing that says ‘enjoy cocaine’, with people on Facebook seriously questioning their vetting policies.

The garms were being offered by independent seller Philips T15 for £9.99 and featured Enjoy Coca-Cola logo with a class A twist.

Smart casual (Picture: Amazon)

The t-shirts came in pink, blue, and black, or as… Read the full story

If you’re squeamish about handling meat, maybe you shouldn’t be eating it

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Sainsbury’s has announced it’s bringing in pouches to allow customers to place chicken pieces straight into a frying pan without having to touch them.

The plastic coverings are being developed with millennials specifically in mind because apparently, we don’t want to touch uncooked meat.

That seems fair enough – raw meat is kind of gross because, well, it’s literally cold, dead flesh.

Many of us find the feel of raw meat just too close to the real thing for comfort.

But if we aren’t prepared to touch it, should we be comfortable eating it?

For us city dwellers, it’s perfectly possible to go through life without ever really seeing meat in its original or close-to-original… Read the full story

Mum embarrassed to spot two cats ‘playing’ in her daughter’s family drawing

(Picture: Fortitude Press)

A mum of three was left a tiny bit embarrassed when she spotted the family’s pet cats ‘playing’ in the background of her daughter’s drawing.

Spoiler: They don’t look like they’re just ‘playing’. One cat is on top of the other, as it would be if they were mating. Oh dear.

Laura was delighted to receive a sketch from her daughter Ruby, who’s nine, titled ‘world’s best mum’.

She took a look at the picture and saw a drawing of herself holding hands with her children, with all the pets in the background.

Underneath Ruby had written: ‘My mum is amazing! She is the best. Why she is happy it makes… Read the full story

Rage on commuter trains: 4 tales that will make you wish you hadn’t left home

man throwing cap out of train
That’ll sort it (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

It’s been a tough day.

You’ve spent nine hours in the office, and had to carry the can for Geoff mucking up that spreadsheet.

XX fellow commuters who get your blood boiling in a petty, internal rage picture: Dave Anderson10 commuters who’ll drive you into a needless and petty internal rage

Bloody Geoff.

And sure, you’ve spent 25 minutes waiting for this bus.

But it’s approaching, and you’re safe in the knowledge that there’s a nice hot dinner and beer waiting for you at home.

So all’s well in the world as you walk… Read the full story

I nearly died after doctors dismissed my symptoms as ‘women’s troubles’

(Picture: Hattie Gladwell)

If doctors had taken me a little more seriously a few years ago, my life today would be totally different.

I first saw my GP in 2014 when I was experiencing stomach cramps and trouble going to the toilet.

I would go days being chronically constipated, feeling bloated and uncomfortable, and no amount of laxatives would help.

Of course, while waiting to see my GP I headed to doctor Google, which brought up all sorts of bowel issues, which worried me even more.

But when I actually saw a GP, my bowels were never mentioned.

I was young at the time, only 18, and whenever I went to the doctors, I felt… Read the full story

Loved-up couple take photos around the world ‘dip kissing’

**MANDATORY BYLINE** Pic by Dipkiss Travels/Caters News - (Pictured: Husband and wife Rob 34 and Joli Switzer 33 from Maryland, USA do their DipKiss pose at the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City.) - A loved-up couple have captured the moments they share a dip-kiss in different locations around the world. Rob, 34, and Joli Switzer, 33, embark on a minimum of four international holidays per year to ensure that they capture their unique dip kiss photograph. Having embraced at landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai and the Disney castle in Florida, the couple have ticked off a lot of their bucket… <a href=Read the full story

The most Instagrammable hotel in the world has just been named

Most Instagrammable hotel in the world
(Picture: Anantarakihavah)

The world’s most Insta-friendly has been named, and it’s making us very ungrateful for the current heatwave here in the UK.

The Anantara Kihavah Villas resort in the Maldives was chosen by Luxury Travel Advisor, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why.

With pure blue seas and pure white sand, the setting is ideal.

Each of the 80 villas has its own pool, with some including a hot tub and hammock to chill in.

Instagram Photo

There’s an underwater restauraunt and overwater observatory for some memory making.

To comply with the fitness needs of every influencer, the Kihava Villas… Read the full story

These photos perfectly capture how it feels to become a father for the first time

(Picture: Playstation – God of War Becoming a Father Portrait Series)

Having your first child is always going to be a scary experience.

As a first-time dad, although you don’t have worry about giving birth, you’re on hand-holding duty and are still just as scared that everything will go to plan.

Playstation decided to document the experience with this photoseries by Tom Oldham.

They pitched up at the Birth Centre at University Hospital Lewisham, and interviewed the men about to welcome their first babies.

Their faces before and after say it all, as does the difference in their responses each time.


Andy West, 36, Solicitor, Forest Hill


Read the full story
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