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Summer is sorted – Co-op are selling Ben & Jerry’s for £1.75

(Picture: Co-op – Getty)

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is perfect for any weather – but let’s be honest, on a hot summer’s day it’s heaven in a tub.

The only downside is that, at full price, it’s quite pricey.

I often make the journey to a supermarket further away to get it on offer, something which I am both proud and ashamed to admit.

We’ve got the scoop (get it?) on Co-op’s new deal, so no traipsing the high street required.

The cookie dough flavour will be on sale at only £1.75 at the supermarket.

A day in the life of a type 1 diabetic

Can you really reverse diabetes or pre-diabetes? (Funmi)
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

4am: I have woken up in the tenth layer of Dante’s Inferno.

Daring myself not to open my eyes, my skin is burning. But there is no sound.

Terrified and confused, I open my eyes. To a still bedroom lit by moonlight. To my partner’s legs tousled around my own.

I breathe heavily on his back, I’m lucky he’s there.

The second he wakes up and finds me ‘furnacing’, he knows I have dangerously low blood sugar.

As he runs down our spiral staircase to search for something sugary, anxiety flushes over me.

Did I take too much insulin?

Did I count my carbs correctly?

Did… Read the full story

Horrifying photos show what can happen if you don’t remove your mascara properly

Grim photos of what happens when you don't remove your mascara
(Picture: Caters News Agency)

We all know we’re supposed to remove all traces of makeup before bed.

But then 11pm rolls around, we’re so exhausted that moving from the sofa to the bed feels impossible, and scrubbing our faces feels like a negligible luxury.

So we heap ourselves into bed, snooze, and chastise ourselves in the morning when we spot black and orange stains on our pillow. We vow to never do it again… then we do.

Clearly, we need some extra motivation to bloody well go to the bathroom and clean our faces before bed.

Here it is: Some truly horrifying photos of… Read the full story

Bride chooses 27 bridesmaids after meeting them all on Weight Watchers

(Picture: PA Real Life/Andrew Carbone)

Remember that film 27 Dresses which pretty much follows the premise ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’?

Meg Moore, from Maryland, USA, decided to put her own twist on that idea by picking 27 bridesmaids.

The chemistry teacher wasn’t short of best pals at her wedding to IT worker Bryan, all 27 of whom she met online through Weight Watchers.

After she joined the weight loss forum, she realised the like-minded ladies were all pretty ace and became fast friends with them.

We can only imagine how lovely that hen do would’ve been.

People are angry about these mental illness themed necklaces

(Picture: Ban.do)

A company has come under fire on social media after releasing a new jewellery collection featuring necklaces with silver or gold mental illnesses on them.

The range comes from Jen Gotch, founder and chief creative officer of ban.do, who says she struggles with mental illness herself and has done for most of her life.

She said: ‘I know how challenging it can be both personally and professionally.

Aldi’s £3.99 version of Jo Malone’s £45 peony candle might be better than the real thing

(Picture: thegreymaisonette/Instagram; Jo Malone)

Why pay big bucks for something when you can get the same for a lot cheaper?

That’s exactly what Aldi was thinking with its series of Jo Malone dupes, which now include a version of the luxury brand’s peony scented candle.

After they released a bunch of other Jo Malone inspired merch earlier in the year, shoppers went into a frenzy. They’ve done no less for the peony candles.

The release has caused great excitement, with some calling the candle ‘divine’.

Instagram Photo

While the Aldi dupe is called Peony Blush No 11 and is available for £3.99 for 290g,… Read the full story

Children greet each other with a handshake and a hug every morning


You can teach kids to get into good habits by doing something daily – so why not start them off with good manners?

One primary school teacher, from North Texas, has been trying to get her ‘littles’ to do just that.

Ashley Coston Taylor asks that the kindergartners at Keene Elementary School start their day in the same way, every day; with a handshake and smile.

Rather than have kids frantically run around the class trying to shake one another’s hands, she assigns… Read the full story

Check the loft: These old McDonald’s toys could net you over £300 each

(Picture: Amazon – eBay)

If you have a loft full of seemingly pointless stuff from your childhood, it turns out you may just be sitting on a goldmine.

Online marketplace Love Antiques have just released figures from their own sales and antique experts showing that old McDonald’s toys could net you some real cash, making a hefty profit on the £2.79 it costs for a Happy Meal.

Interestingly, the most valuable toys are sets of TY’s Teenie Beanie Boos, which came out in 2000.

Unlike your regular Beanie Babies – which aren’t going to appreciate in value despite what you truly believed back in the day – are worth a lot of… Read the full story

Asking women when they’re going to have a baby can be triggering

pregnancy heart
(Picture: Irene Palacio for Metro.co.uk)

As someone who’s likely going to need IVF in the future, I dread the question ‘So, when are you going to have kids?’

Not only because it’s an offensive assumption that all women plan on one day having children – as though that’s every woman’s dream – but because it acts as a trigger every time that question is asked.

I will be offered three attempts of IVF on the NHS due to severe scarring in my abdomen caused by multiple emergency surgeries.

Not only does asking me when I’m going to have children make me feel uncomfortable, as though I have to explain my situation,… Read the full story

Marks & Spencer’s 2kg Connie the Caterpillar cake serves 40 people

YouTubers might be causing kids to eat more calories, says study

(Picture: MoreZoella/YouTube)

Social media influencers, with all their influencing, might be causing kids to eat more than they should be.

That’s according to a new study by Liverpool University which found that children who watched vloggers eat were indulging in more fatty and sugary foods.

Kids influenced by famous YouTubers consume 26% more calories than those who don’t watch them, the research found.

Considering the popularity of mukbang, where presenters eat huge amounts of food, it might be time to check all the food content your child is watching.

Emi Ferrari hilariously recreates celebrity photos on Instagram

(Picture: @_emilife/Instagram)

A man has spent the past four years hilariously recreating celebrity looks on his Instagram.

Emanuele Ferrari has become somewhat of an internet sensation.

Every couple of days, Emanuele – who goes by Emi for short – will share a new recreation.

To create his own funny versions of the photos, Emi uses things such as wigs, food and household objects to make his own clothing and beauty looks.

Recently, he shared a side-by-side photo of himself and Blake Lively at the Met Gala, recreating her hair accessories using pencils.

The post received more than 106,000 likes and a load of comments.

Instagram Photo

Alongside this, Emi… Read the full story

We need to talk about male masturbation in the movies

Clockwise from top left: American Pie, Psycho, American Beauty and There’s Something About Mary (Pictures: Universal Pictures / DreamWorks Pictures / 20th Century Fox)

During Masturbation Month, we’ve had articles about the benefits of masturbating, how people do it and why some people choose not to. We’ve even had a love letter to a vibrator.

That it’s been geared towards or written by women is terrific because it’s a sign that we’re overcoming some of the stigmas directed towards female masturbation and sexuality but male masturbation is still not properly understood.

And it’s clear to see that Hollywood… Read the full story

Mums reveal six unexpected changes to their bodies after pregnancy

pregnancy heart
(Picture: Irene Palacio for Metro.co.uk)

There are certain things we all know will happen when you fall pregnant – your stomach gets bigger, your boobs become larger.

After all, your body is busy growing a new life inside your tummy and creating a milk supply to help sustain it.

But some of the other changes it undergoes during and after pregnancy are a little more surprising.

From your hair to your feet, your body will change in ways you didn’t expect.

These are all natural and normal because, lets face it, your body did an incredible thing, it created a life.

These mums discuss the six surprising changes that happened to their bodies post-pregnancy.

1.… Read the full story

Woman left with gaps between her teeth ‘thanks to a hormonal imbalance from her coil’

(Picture: Caters News)

A young woman has been left devastated after her contraceptive coil rotted her teeth and made her gums sag.

Despite having the mirena coil removed, Ella Jansen’s teeth have got progressively worse.

The 29-year-old has been diagnosed with gum disease and has been warned that she’s likely to lose almost all of her teeth by her 30s.

After getting the coil in 2013, Ella began to notice that her gums were swelling and gaps were forming between her teeth.

Because of her excellent oral hygiene and diet, it was a massive shock when her dentist diagnosed her with gingivitis – gum disease which is linked to bad hygiene.

She has claimed that… Read the full story

10 things you’ll know if you’ve gone from retail to a 9-5 office job

welcome back illustration for mental health at work
Office work is heaven compared to retail (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

I recently took the plunge and left retail (hopefully for good…) for an actual real life 9-5 long-term career office job.

metro illustrationsIf you can see a toe, it’s a no: How to dress for the office in summer

Boy are things different – but in a good way. I only wished I’d done it sooner.

When I got into retail I only planned to work in a shop for a year ‘just to save some money’ and… Read the full story

Big is beautiful in this dudeoir photoshoot of a builder in a bathtub

MERCURY PRESS. 31/05/18. Pictured: Blake Mowlin relaxing in the bathtub. A 23st construction site manager has been inundated with saucy messages after stripping off and posing provocatively in a series of hilarious boudoir-style photographs. Burly Blake Molin bared all for the camera during the dude-oir shoot as he lounged on a bed and in a milk bath surrounded by fresh flowers, beer bottles and a sharer bag of crisps. Blake shed his clothes, and inhibitions, during the two-hour shoot for his photographer pal Kelly Duff by chugging three bottles of beer for Dutch courage - and with the promise of a weekend fishing trip. SEE MERCURY COPY. Photo Credit: Antler and Aspen… <a href=Read the full story

Would you drink this beer made from sewage?

(Picture: Cover Images)

Beer – although a delicious beverage – is a drink that’s actually pretty bad for the environment.

To make a pint of beer, around 20 gallons of water is used, which might make you feel pretty uneasy knowing many parts of the world are suffering from water shortages.

A new Swedish beer called PU:REST is aiming to help this problem, but it might not be the solution you want.

It’s the country’s first beer made from ‘recycled water’ which is code for water that was previously in the sewer.

Relive your childhood with these bubble backpacks from Poundland

(Picture: Poundland)

Haven’t you heard? The 90s are back in a big way.

From Buffalo shoes to babydoll dresses, we’re embracing the decade that gave us The Spice Girls and Clueless.

One of those nostalgic fashions re-emerging is the bubble backpack.

They’re air-filled, they’re see-through, and they make you look like Lizzie McGuire – what’s not to love?

(Picture: Poundland)
(Picture: Poundland)
Read the full story

National Fish & Chip Day: How to make the perfect fish and chips at home according to the experts

fish and chips
Fish and chips – perfect for a Friday (Picture: Getty)

Fish Friday has long been a tradition for Christians around the world, but this Friday (June 1) also marks 2018’s National Fish & Chip Day.

Of course, it’s easy enough to pop down to your local chippy – and there are some great ones around the country offering sustainably sourced fish and incredible chips.

But actually, it’s just as easy to make really good fish and chips at home.

So if you’re suddenly feeling a desire to have some fish and chips for supper tonight, here are some advice from the experts – some of the best fish and chip shops around… Read the full story

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