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The world’s only ‘mindful triathlon’ is returning to the UK

(Picture: Wanderlust)

If the idea of running after a mega long swim and cycle freaks you out, then how about taking part in a mindful triathlon instead?

Wanderlust 108, the world’s only tri-event for yoga and meditation, is coming back to the UK in September.

Battersea Park is going to be taken over by 4,000 yogis downward dogging after first completing a 5k run or walk. They’ll then enjoy a DJ-powered 90-minute outdoor yoga class and a 30-minute guided meditation.

And once you’re done on your mat, you can try something new like hooping or acroyoga.

‘Wanderlust is the only event that will give you the opportunity to embrace the community on scale: over 4,000… Read the full story

Fashion designers send actual fancy dress outfits down runway at London Fashion Week Men’s

Halloween inspo (Pictures: Getty)

Fashion house Rottingdean Bazaar stood out from the crowd by sending models in fancy dress outfits down the catwalk at London Fashion Week Men’s (LFWM) this weekend.

Rottingdean Bazaar is James Theseus Buck and Luke Brooks, who live and work in Rottingdean, East Sussex.

They were showing as part of LFWM’s ‘Man’ show, a project that was launched in 2005 by Topman and Fashion East to nurture menswear designers through ‘the difficult early stages of their career’.

Each season they offer three menswear designers the opportunity to present a catwalk collection to the international press and buyers attending London Fashion Week.

Designers receive a bursary, free venue and complete… Read the full story

The moment you realised your friends were posh: a thread

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

There comes a point in every young person’s life when you realise that not everyone lives in the same milieu as you.

It might be the first time you go to a mate’s house at high school and their conservatory was the same size as your entire house. It might be at university where everyone insists on going to something bizarrely known as a ‘cheeky Nandos’.

For me, it was probably part way through primary school when I discovered that loads of people had more than one loo and unlike me, didn’t have to pee in the garden when it was in use.

*Mind blown*.

Whether your posh or… Read the full story

There is FINALLY a fake tan mitt that will do your back

ULTIMATE BACK & BODY EXFOLIATING MITT (CHARCOAL INFUSED) Credit: Bronzie UK Source: https://bronzieuk.com/shop/ultimate-back-body-exfoliating-mitt/
(Picture: Bronzie)

Fake tan fans will know the feeling. 

You’ve managed to make your body a pleasing shade of orange/teak, but there’s a bit swathe of milk coloured skin on your back that you can’t get at.


If you’ve got a nice housemate or long suffering partner then you can probably talk them into giving you a lovely brown rub-down. But if you’re home alone or your cohabitants aren’t into risking stained hands, you’re stuck.

Now I’ve tried putting the tanning mitt on a hairbrush or loofa and looking in the mirror, but to be honest it’s not very effective and… Read the full story

As a vegan, I see nothing wrong with meat-free burgers that look, taste and feel like beef

Moving Mountains x Dirty Bones Vegan MacDaddy burger
(Picture: Moving Mountains)

The other weekend, my colleague and I put on a BBQ for some pals.

There were salads, falafels, sausages and burgers.

Woman shames man for watching 'fat porn' on library computerMan caught watching ‘fat porn’ on library computer

‘Oh Christ, we’ve got the wrong bloody burgers!’ I yelled, seeing these pink patties start to ooze red liquid on the grill. Here we were, two vegans, cooking up a load of beef burgers. The shame.

Turned out that Lisa had actually picked up the right ones (No Bull burgers from Iceland, in case you’re… Read the full story

Debenhams is selling dupes of Meghan Markle’s £595 Jimmy Choos for £38.50

MEG-A SAVING Save yourself £560 with these Meghan Markle-lookalike velvet heels… and they’re now on sale
(Picture: Getty/Debenhams)

Debenhams is selling dupes of Meghan Markle’s sought over custom-made velvet Jimmy Choos, which she was spotted wearing when she and Harry made a surprise visit to Belfast back in February.

Meghan completed a chic look with some deep orange, velvet court heels which look red at first glance.

Meghan paired the shoes with a beige waterfall coat, and a green skirt, looking, as always, incredibly elegant.

Two of Aldi’s cheap whiskies have been named amongst the best in the world

Glen Marnoch Islay Single Malt Whisky Glen Marnoch Speyside Single Malt Whisky Highland Black 8 Year Old Scotch Whisky Credit: Aldi
(Picture: Aldi)

Two of Aldi’s whiskies have been named amongst the best in the world for the second time this year, having won two gold and three silver medals at the world-renowned Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters.

The Scotch Whisky Masters, a global competition that pits spirits against each other in a series of rigorous blind taste tests, is the only awarding body to use a combination of carefully selected and completely independent judges, including experienced bartenders, spirits journalists, and spirits educators.

Judges awarded both Aldi’s Highland Black Scotch Whisky (£12.99) and… Read the full story

A gothic tower transformed into a luxury home has gone on the market for £2 million

BNPS.co.uk (01202 558833)?Pic: Strutt&Parker/BNPS This stunning 175ft tall gothic tower which has undergone a major renovation has emerged on the market for ?2million. Majestic eight storey Hadlow Tower was built in 1838 in the grounds of the no longer standing Hadlow Castle in Tonbridge, Kent, by a wealthy merchant and land owner. A three-year ?4.5million renovation completed in 2013 paid for by the National Heritage Lottery Fund and English Heritage transformed Hadlow Tower into a state of the art home boasting its own lift. Its present owner, accountant Christian Tym, purchased Hadlow Tower for ?425,000 last August but it has soared in value after he was able to get some restrictive covenants… <a href=Read the full story

Ibiza’s YogaFit is the down to earth yoga and fitness retreat you’ve been looking for


Prior to heading to this yoga and fitness retreat, I’d been to Ibiza three times.

Each of these had been extremely hedonistic, full of everything you’d usually associate with Ibiza, and I’d left the island missing chunks of my soul.

So, when I was invited to spend time at a yoga and fitness retreat on the small Balearic island, I chuckled. However, I’d heard whispers that there was more to the country than super clubs and overpriced mineral water so I was definitely down to clown.

I flew out to YogaFit’s April retreat with my pal, a guy who’s done yoga twice in his life, and who I spent my last Ibiza trip with.

As we sat in Gatwick airport’s Wetherspoon before our flight, we shuddered at the memories of our last trip, and decided we were ready to create new, more wholesome ones. While we ate chips and downed rum and coke. Old habits die hard.

Fast forward a few hours and we’re arriving… Read the full story

Sweatlife fitness festival is your chance to have a wholesome weekend in London

Lululemon's Sweatlife fitness festival
(Picture: Sweatlife/Lululemon)

Lululemon’s Sweatlife festival is back for its third year, and it’s bigger than ever.

The sportswear brand will be taking over Tobacco Dock in east London for a two day sweatfest over the weekend of 23 – 24 June, 2018.

Festival goers will get to take part in loads of yoga and fitness classes over the weekend, and can attend for one or both days, with 250 classes on offer.

Expect yoga, boxing, pilates, spin, barre, bootcamp and dance, from studio partners like Frame, Heartcore, Kobox, Psycle, UN1T, Xtend Barre and Third Space.

All levels will be catered for so don’t worry if you’re not a complete bendy Wendy.

It’s the perfect place… Read the full story

Punky Penguin ice creams are back and we’re feeling nostalgic

(Picture: Holdsworth, Getty)

90s kids, rejoice: Punky Penguins are now on sale and we’re feeling so nostalgic.

Punky Penguins were the best part of any holiday or dinner when we were kids. Sure, the vanilla ice cream inside them was bland but we only wanted them for the penguin.

If you can’t remember what Punky Penguins look like, they’re basically a pot designed to look like a penguin, with a large orange beak, some red hair and some big yellow eyebrows.

Instagram Photo

But before you get super excited about the prospect of revamping your Punky collection, we must tell you that the ice cream pots… Read the full story

Rescued baby swan adores his owner so much he even shares a bed with him

Rob Adamson, 39 with Sidney the Cygnet on Rob's boat at Jones boat yard in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. See Masons Copy MNGYGNET: An abandoned cygnet which was left for dead by its mother has become the best of friends with a builder who rescued it from the river bank.Rob Adamson, 39, took in little Sidney after the young swan was attacked over night at a boatyard last week by another animal.The pair now do everything together - including shopping trips and kayaking. Rob said: "To get the opportunity to look after a cygnet, you're not going to get that again. "I am a wildlife lover so this is a dream come true… <a href=Read the full story

Muslims Who Fast: Amin, a medical student, shows us food from Somalia

(Picture: Tom Price)

If you’ve missed our mini-series, Muslims Who Fast is about prying into the lives of British Muslims and how they do iftar during Ramadan.

Last week, we spoke to the multi-ethnic Rouf family who very cleverly started their own series, Come Ramadine With Me.

Amin Habib speaks to us this week about life as a black Muslim, being a student, food from Somalia, and his love of Liverpool’s Muhammed Salah (we didn’t even ask any football questions).

This is what we ate for iftar at Amin’s:

London’s Cereal Killer Cafe is getting ripped to shreds for using avocado shells as bowls

avocado bowls at cereal killer cafe
(Picture: Cereal Killer Cafe)

Remember Cereal Killer Cafe, the cafe serving up a load of different cereals and attracting even more criticism for charging £3.20 a bowl?

Yep, it’s still going. People really like cereal.

The cafe’s on the receiving end of some more lighthearted ribbing this week for announcing they’ll serve their vegan range in avocado shells.

They announced on Twitter that they’d be serving up their vegan range (they offer a range of plant and nut milks, FYI) in scooped out shells of avocado because they’re keen to cut down on water usage and waste.

‘Reusing the avocado shell was the best way to… Read the full story

Rejoice, sweetie lovers: Starburst gin is now a thing

)Picture: Getty, Wrigley)

Those of you who like their alcohol to taste as little like alcohol as possible are going to be so happy about this. 

The Kiltipper Cafe in Dublin has made a cocktail out of Starburst flavoured gin.

The dream, right?

Now, if you’re not able to hop over to the bar in Dublin you might be feeling a bit down at the mouth. But never fear, you can create a version of the drink yourself.

Starburst gin (or vodka) is easy to make, though you might want to experiment a bit with different colours and strengths.

Working as a waitress makes you superhuman

10 reasons why being a waitress makes you superhuman Food date super superwoman woman meal dinner waitress serve Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk
I have a LOT of skills thanks to waitressing (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

They say you don’t really know someone until you observe how they treat someone in the service industry.

It’s true: you can infer a lot about someone if they don’t leave a tip at a restaurant or, worse, clicks their fingers at a server.

5 times my anxiety made me a terrible employee (500 words) (Fiona Thomas)5 times my anxiety interfered with my work

With over 10… Read the full story

What not to say to a child with mental health issues – and what you can say instead

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We’ve all heard the old saying, ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’

But when it comes to talking to our kids about mental health issues, nothing could be further than the truth.

Saying the wrong thing to a young person who’s struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions can cut deeply, and have exactly the opposite effect to what you intended.

I still carry with me some of the misguided comments people made when I was a teenager who’d just been diagnosed with depression.

But when you’re worried about your child and feel out of your depth, it’s all… Read the full story

Wedding photographer uses a ridiculously simple photography hack for stunning results

Wedding Photographer Shares A Ridiculously Simple Photography Trick And The Results Are Stunning
(Picture: Mathias Fast)

You’re about to go on holiday and you want to take some epic snaps for the ‘gram.

The only thing is…you don’t have any real tools to give your photos that little extra bit of pizazz.

Well, as long as you have a phone handy, you’ve got everything you need – as wedding photographer Mathias Fast is illustrating.

A professional photographer for six years, he’s been using a phone screen as a reflective surface, stopping any undesired elements from entering the frame and generally giving pictures a dreamy lift.

Mathias tells Metro.co.uk: ‘Wedding… Read the full story

Splitting the bill: 12 men and women tell us how they feel about paying on a date

(Picture: Erin Aniker)

There’s one particular dating topic that always seems to arouse a heated discussion: the age-old question of whether you should split the bill. 

While personally I’m happy to pay my share and always offer, I’m also somewhat traditional and find it sweet when a man offers to pay for our date.

Many of my friends argue that this creates inequality in the relationship, but I disagree.

There can be power in allowing someone to treat you while you’re in the first stages of dating.

Although, there was one man a few years ago who Tweeted me and asked for his money back because I wouldn’t go on a second date with… Read the full story

Model with albinism says she’s accused of having white privilege

Joanne doesn???t care what others think or say about her anymore. MEET the British student with albinism who is now a successful model despite being faced with extreme bullying when she was a child that left her feeling suicidal. University student and part-time model, Joanne Dion (21), from South East London, UK, was born with albinism, a congenital condition which causes the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Despite being a fearless child, her confidence curtailed during her primary school years where her peers would push her around and call her names about her condition like; ???ghost???, ???Casper???, ???talcum powder???, ???vampire???, ???Shrek???. The bullying became so… <a href=Read the full story
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