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Woman fuming after being sent two size eight bikinis instead of one size 16

Katrina and the bikinis she was sent
Katrina was sent to pairs instead of one (Picture: Katrina Harradine / SWNS)

We’ve all been there: You order a load of new clothes online, all excited for them to look amazing on you – and then they’re either too big, too small, a different colour to what you expected or they just don’t look right at all.

But one woman had more of a unique fashion blunder.

29-year-old Katrina Harradine ordered a two-piece Stripe Tie Triangle High Waist Bikini from Boohoo for an upcoming holiday in St. Lucia.

She’d ordered the bikini in a size 16 – but instead of getting the right size, she was sent two pairs of bikini bottoms in a size eight.

Sure, we know two eights make 16, but it doesn’t quite work with clothing, does it?

Katrina purchased the bikini along with several other items including a swimsuit, shorts and a top in a £5 deal online.

Katrina then stockpiled the summertime wear and left it in the packaging ready for her holiday on 23 June to see family and friends.

A picture of Katrina Harradine
She’d ordered the bikinis for her holiday (Picture: Katrina Harradine / SWNS)

However, when Katrina tried on the bikini, she realised Boohoo had incorrectly sent two size eight bikini bottoms.

To make matters worse, she claims the proper size 16 bikini top is made to fit a ’16-month-old baby or a woman with just one breast’.

The freelance project manager took to Twitter to call out the UK retailer and shared photos of the bikini bottoms.

She wrote: ‘Hey @boohoo_cshelp did y’all run out of size 16 bikini bottoms so send me two size 8’s as a maths joke?? I actually wish I was kidding!’

Katrina said: ‘Sizing is never perfect but you don’t ever expect anything as bad as this.

‘You usually end up ordering and hoping for the best but this is ridiculous.’

Katrina, who lives in South East London, spotted a £5 deal at Boohoo and decided to purchase several bikinis and outerwear in preparation for a seven-week annual holiday to the Caribbean.

She placed the order on 22 May and it arrived a few days later but Katrina decided to store all the items and try them all on at a time nearer to her holiday.

The bikinis Katrina ordered
She was given two size eight bikinis (Picture: Katrina Harradine / SWNS)

But following a chance conversation with her cousin about a candy-themed party whilst she is away in St. Lucia, Katrina opened the Boohoo order and discovered the mixup.

Katrina claims she has been given a ‘feeble’ apology and was told to send the package back along with a note.

‘I ordered a whole bunch of stuff on a £5 deal,’ she added. ‘I’m going to the Caribbean on 23 June for seven weeks and needed some new bikinis.

‘I ordered about six things, it had everything from bikinis to summertime outerwear. The package came and I just put it in the corner with the rest of the items I’d ordered.

‘I had been buying things and then stockpiling them ready for the holiday. I thought I would try everything on in one go.

‘But I was speaking to my cousin who is a fashion designer and I told her there is going to be a candy-themed party in St. Lucia.

‘She was coming up with ideas of what I could wear and I said I’d bought a striped bikini which could work.

‘I couldn’t believe it when I opened the package. I thought to myself, “why me? Why do I always get these ridiculous things happening to me?”

‘I decided to post it on Twitter because I thought I could have some fun with it.

‘I’m lucky I had a conversation with my cousin. I opened it up and put it against myself and only fit one leg through.’

Boohoo has been contacted for comment, but are yet to respond.

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Brits have ranked classic British cuisines from God tier to crap tier and it’s causing controversy

cooked English breakfast on white plate
(Picture: Getty)

YouGov has just released its latest poll on the best classic British foods.

Ranking sweet and savoury foods from God tier to crap tier, the survey found that Britons generally enjoy the national cuisine.

The surveyors asked Brits to rank 50 iconic meals including fish and chips, crumpets, haggis, cakes, pies and more.

It found that the highest ranked savoury items were Yorkshire pudding, Sunday roast, fish and chips, crumpets, a full English breakfast, and a bacon sandwich.

In the top tier were bangers and mash, cottage pie, and shepherd’s pie.

Though most of us can probably agree that something as delicious as bangers and mash should probably be higher.

YouGov polls the public on 50 traditional British dishes such as Yorkshire puddings, crumpets and cottage pie
Does this chart look right? (Picture: YouGov)

The chart, which YouGov called ‘distressingly beige’, showed that the popularity of Yorkshire puddings – whether for Christmas dinner or a Sunday roast – tops the savoury list, with 85% of Britons in favour of the delicacy.

They are followed closely behind by Sunday roasts and fish and chips, with 84% of people having a taste for it (can’t blame them).

While crumpets might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the staple is enjoyed by 81% of people.

Mid-level tiers include toad in the hole, cauliflower cheese, Cornish pasty, pie and mash, Ploughman’s lunch, Welsh rabbit, and though not exactly British, a chicken tikka masala.

Downvoted by Brits were bubble and squeak, beef wellington, scotch egg, Lancashire hotpot, pork pie, and steak and kidney pie.

At the bottom of the pile were jellied eels. A mere 6% of those who have ever tried the gelatinous East London cuisine said they enjoyed it.

Other crap tier meals include black pudding, liver and onion, and Scottish staple – haggis.

YouGov polls the public on 50 traditional British dishes such as Yorkshire puddings, crumpets and cottage pie
Scones might be God-tier but how do you pronounce it? (Picture: YouGov)

On the sweet chart, British favourites are Victoria sponge and scones, though we still haven’t agreed on how to pronounce them.

Hot cross buns, sticky toffee pudding, Bakewell tart, and Eaton mess came second.

Towards the bottom were Battenberg cake, spotted dick, Christmas pudding, Eccles cake, and Welsh cakes.

Deep-fried Mars bars won very few people over.

Only 22% of those who have ever consumed the battered treat say they enjoyed the experience (a figure which rises to 30% in Scotland).

YouGov reported that there were generational and gendered differences in both charts.

When it comes to savoury foods, more men enjoyed the low and crap-tier foods including steak and kidney pie and black pudding.

Male and female opinion is less divided on desserts, with the biggest difference being the 75% of men preferring Eton mess to 64% of women.

Generational differences also show that young people (18-24) have less tolerance for old classics like liver and onion, with just 15% of them liking it compared to 58% of older Brits.

Similarly, older people also have a taste for traditional British dishes like Christmas pudding, spotted dick, Eccles cake.

But of those who tried it, younger people enjoyed the deep dried mars more (47%) than older people (7%).

Probably all that sugar.

Do you agree with the charts?

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Why are young people afraid of making friends?

Illustration of a woman with blond hair, dressed in a blue and orange skirt looking over towards two women (one blonde, one brunette) drinking coffee and chatting
If you’re comfortable with your current friendship situation, that’s great and you do you (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It’s said that making friends gets harder the older you get.

People settle into their existing friendships, forged during childhood or at university, through work or common friends.

With other life priorities taking over as we age, we also find less time to hang out with friends and many people tighten their social circles to include only those they’re very close with (as opposed to casual party friends or acquaintances).

However, new research suggests that young people are the ones struggling to build new platonic relationships.

According to a recent survey by YouGov, which included 2,000 participants aged 18 to 55, the age group that felt least confident in chatting to strangers was those aged 18 to 24 (65%).

Similarly, it was found that 59% of millennials spend more time chatting to friends on social media than they do seeing them in the flesh.

Are young people afraid to make friends? Or have we simply lost the social skills required to do so?

Author and expert on all things friendship, Kate Leaver, who also writes a weekly friendship column for Metro.co.uk, tells us the issue is that young people have grown up in a society that encouraged them not to talk to strangers – and as a result, not to make new friends.

‘Young people are not confident speaking to strangers because they’re scared of rejection, but also because we’ve really been socially conditioned not to,’ said Kate.

‘Baby boomers and previous generations had a much stronger sense of community and belonging in public, shared spaces. We don’t have as much access to that because the way we structure our modern lives means we are less in touch with our communities and the people around us.

‘Shared public spaces like parks and libraries and village halls – places where people might comfortably approach a stranger – are being shut down. We’re more likely to live far away from our families and traditional support networks.

‘We haven’t normalised the act of going up to someone we don’t know in the hope of striking up a friendship. We don’t even make eye contact on the tube. We are living more segregated lives, which of course partially explains our loneliness epidemic.

‘We might be happy, as young people, to speak to strangers online and on social media, where we feel more fearless and confident, but in person it’s daunting and unfamiliar. It’s just not something we’ve been taught to do, especially as we use our phone and computer screens as a bit of a security shield, protecting us from explicit rejection.’

Illustration of someone holding a phone with no messages
Wanna make some new friends? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Laura, 27, hates meeting new people and tells us she’s always felt this way.

Majority of her friendship group is from university days, and she doesn’t want to approach new people because she’s afraid of what they might think of her.

‘I honestly can’t remember the last time I made a new friend,’ she tells us.

‘There’s lots of friends of friends who I’ll chat to when we run into each other, but there aren’t really any people who I have met in the last few years that I meet up with or chat to on a regular basis.

‘All my friends have been around for at least the last two years.

I really struggle with the initial bit of meeting new people. I’m pretty chatty and open when I get to know someone and I understand them a bit more, but during that first meeting I’m very shy.

‘I get very anxious about what to talk about, having something in common and people judging me or just not really understanding my sense of humour. Additionally, I’m intimidated by most people until I really figure them out.

‘I hate going to events where I don’t know anyone and have avoided things I want to do or gone and left before the event starts because of that anxiety.’

But not all young people feel the same way.

Hayley, who turns 31 next month, regularly meets people in unusual ways and makes friends with them.

While on holiday in Ibiza, she met a woman who ended up becoming her bridesmaid.

‘I was invited to a party in 2017 in Ibiza for a weekend and stayed in an Airbnb villa that my friend had chosen,’ she tells us.

‘There was to be a small group of us (turned out to be about 20 people) and Merri was one of them.

‘I instantly clicked with her and spent the weekend getting to know her.

‘She’s to be one of my bridesmaids now.’

If technology, social media and smartphones are what stands in the way of people bonding, perhaps we should look towards spaces where we don’t have access to the internet?

For instance, on a plane (though admittedly most aircrafts now offer WiFi with patchy service).

‘I became good friends with someone who I met on the plane,’ she tells us.

‘It just shows how you can really connect when you’re offline and really present.

‘Not glued to an app or zoning out of your actual surroundings’

Other people tell us of similar experiences, including another on a plane and one at a business networking event.

While both are nice ways to find new friends, not everyone has the courage to chat up their plane mate or go hunting for pals at social events, business or otherwise.

If you’re comfortable with your current friendship situation, that’s great and you do you.

But, if you do want to expand your social circle and are hesitant about how to proceed, here are some quick tips.

Avoid awkward silences by searching for people with common interests – join a book club, a local sports team or a knitting crew.

If the idea of group hang-outs is too stressful, there are a range of new friendship apps that you can use (which also give you the advantage of being online).

Or, if you dare, strike up a conversation with someone in a public place: a cafe, the local pub or even at church, if that’s your thing.

Do remember however, there’s nothing wrong with preferring your own company or having just one best friend.

In fact, it’s completely OK if you don’t have any best friends.

So long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

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Aldi is selling a 8ft trampoline for £68

The Aldi trampoline on a blue, red and yellow background
This is a bargain for the summer (Picture: Aldi)

With the summer holidays approaching, it’s good to start planning how you’re going to keep the kids busy.

If you want to encourage them to get outside and get some exercise, a trampoline could be a great option.

And it doesn’t have to be too pricey. Aldi has this 8ft garden trampoline, complete with enclosure for £67.99.

The trampoline is made from galvanised steel to provide protection from the weather.

It’s around 2.44m x 2.44m x 2.10m so you just need a space in your garden and a few tools to put it together.

The trampoline is suitable for kids over six and comes in either black or green.

A girl bouncing on the Aldi trampoline
Lots of fun for the kids (Picture: Aldi)

It’s available to pre-order online now but won’t be available in stores until 16 June.

The description on the website says: ‘This 8ft Trampoline will get your kids to enjoy outside play and encourage a healthy active lifestyle.

‘Trampolining has notable health benefits that lead to an improvement in balance and motor skills, the lengthening of muscles and increased flexibility. It’s exercise in disguise.

‘This is an ideal item for getting the kids away from the screens and outside having fun.’

And if you need something to keep the adults in the house happy, four of Aldi’s whiskies have been named among the best in the world.

The award-winning whiskies include the £13.49 Malt Black Scotch Whisky, the £17.49 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, the £17.49 Single Malt Scotch Whisky and the £14.99 Hogwash Blended Malt Scotch Whisky.

All of them won gold medals at the Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters following a series of rigorous blind taste tests.

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What’s your money personality? Finding out is the first step to sorting your finances

Spending illustrations Money spending cash wallet man broke quid pound pounds rich control lifestyle skint Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk
What’s your money type? (Picture: Ella Byworth/Metro.co.uk)

Are you an emotional spender with a wardrobe full of clothes still with tags on, but you can’t stop buying more?

Do you find it impossible to save money or stick to a budget?

Or maybe you’re great at putting money away for the future but your partner prefers to live for the moment – and this causes friction.

Subconscious patterns of habits and attitudes influence your financial decisions and behaviour every day.

Even with all the financial knowhow in the world, a lot of people still have deep rooted money blocks which prevent them from making logical steps to improve their financial situation.

Managing your money effectively involves mastering the emotional side of things before you get on to the practical elements – and working out your spending personality is a key part of that.

What’s your money personality?

As we go through life, our experiences play a key part in the development of automatic habits (reactions) and attitudes (feelings and thoughts) towards money.

Bundle these up with the messages that we hear from family, friends and the media which create our beliefs around money, and you have your money personality.

Undertaking a money personality assessment is so insightful and often brings a real ‘aha’ moment. It can help you understand, in an objective way, what your good at and what your challenges are.

The Money Habitude tool identifies what your first thought is when faced with a situation relating to money. Looking at statements such as ‘if I go shopping, I have to buy something’ and ‘when something special is coming up, I start saving money ahead of time’, you decide which one does, doesn’t or on occasion describes you.

Each statement relates to one of six categories that reflect the way people interact with money – spontaneity, planning, security, status, giving or being carefree.

Your individual mix of categories reflects your money personality. Importantly, there is no perfect combination. Each of the six categories is neither good or bad; each has its own strengths and challenges.

Overusing or under-using any category can lead to challenges. The key is to draw out whether your combination of habits and attitudes is working well for you, and if not, act to change any negative behaviours.

Doing the Money Habitudes test online costs money, but you might be able to spot some of your patterns in one of the dominant types below.

Spending illustrations
(Picture: ella byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Your dominant type


The spontaneous spender sees money as a means to enjoy the present.

These people will get things done right away without waiting and be able to respond to opportunities as they arise.

However, they may find themselves in debt as a result of buying things they don’t need. If faced with an emergency, they may not have enough funds saved as the money has already been spent.


The planner sees money as a tool to help achieve their goals or accomplish something they’ve been planning.

Planners tend to be intentional with their purchases. They love budgets and goals, which guide their spending and investment decisions.

They can feel uncomfortable in social situations or relationships when they feel pressured by others to spend money on things which aren’t aligned with their budget.


Money helps the security dominant personality to feel safe, secure and in control of the future.

Disciplined in nature, they choose delayed gratification over immediate consumption. Examples of their behaviour may include holding a healthy emergency fund for any unforeseen circumstances, and setting up regular pension contributions.

But by saving so much for the future, what happens to their ability to live for the here and now?

The six dominant money types:

  • Security – money helps you feel safe, secure and in control
  • Planning – money helps you to achieve your goals
  • Spontaneity – money encourages you to enjoy the moment
  • Status – money helps you present a positive image
  • Giving – money helps you feel good by giving to others
  • Carefree – money is not a priority, you just let life happen


Those for whom status dominates get a buzz from what other people think, and see money as a means to present their image.

They are generous, attentive to what is important to others and never burden others with money problems.

The constant need to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ can be a source of stress; seeing them spend unwisely on things they don’t need, even borrowing money to do so, just to maintain appearances.


Money gives this personality type the feel-good factor.    

Often possessing strong values, they generously give to others, potentially sacrificing their own needs or future security. They are not materialistic and may live very simply, within their means.

While this personality type is outwardly admirable, it comes with its own challenges, especially if it promotes dependence or irresponsible behaviour in themselves or others.


For the carefree spender, money isn’t a priority. They may make decisions ‘just because’ without being concerned about the financial impact.

Optimism that ‘everything will work out’ is often seen in those with this dominant personality. They don’t feel pressured by others’ expectations, and focus on what is important to them without being distracted by the associated monetary implications.

Their challenges come if they miss opportunities and lose track of their money and possessions.

Once you’ve determined your predominant type, you can tailor your financial planning to fit your strengths and weaknesses.

Someone in the spontaneous type of spending often has emotional reasons for their spontaneity, so you might look at alternative ways to get the emotional kick that spending gives them.

Someone who’s more giving could be giving away too much of their time, meaning it might be wise to negotiate their salary.

Working out which spending type fits you best is a crucial first step in sorting out your finances.

Emma Maslin is a money coach and founder of award-winning personal finance website The Money Whisperer. 

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Five brides-to-be tell us how they feel about pressure around wedding night sex

Illustration of a woman looking irritated, with a wedding dress, wedding ring and veil in the background
Wedding sex – yay or nay? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

There’s a longstanding tradition that one’s wedding night must be magical.

Rose petals on the bed, champagne on ice and sexy lingerie – there are special expectations, reinforced by storylines in romantic movies and books.

Although many brides and grooms look forward to their first night having sex as husband and wife, it can also be a very stressful situation.

You might both be too drunk or too full of wedding cake to even want to get freaky.

If society dictates that the experience has to be on the ‘best sex ever’ list, it can cause undue pressure.

We ask budding brides how they feel about their upcoming wedding night, and what they’ve got planned.

Here’s what they said.

Charlotte*, 32, getting married in 2021

I’m not nervous but I feel pressure.

You wanna be good and memorable, it’s almost like you want to be like ‘f*** yeah that’s my husband – the official and only guy I’m ever going to sleep with again for the rest of my life’.

It’s a confirmation that I’ve made the right choice – I’ve married the best dick I’ve ever met.

And you want them to look at you and love you and touch you in ways that say they’re going to love you forever, and at the same time that they only ever want to f*** you for the rest of their lives.

It’s like the ultimate moment where you both want to know that the sex is good and that you made the right choice, that the love is real and everything works like fireworks.

The wedding night restarts the ‘sex clock’.

Emmie, 26, getting married in a few weeks

Is it bad that I feel no pressure at all?

I’ve been having sex for 13 years and finally found the one I like – I know we won’t have sex!

I’ll be taking Jethro to bed, but only because he’s a huge lightweight. If anything I’ll be having sex the night before. I’m not even planning on wearing nice pants.

Married friends have told me similar stories – most of them didn’t have sex on their wedding night.

Personally, I find the traditional concept of ‘we must have great wedding sex’ to be pretty defunct anyway.

If we’re sticking to tradition, I’ve been living in sin for over a decade.

Hayley, 30, getting married next year

There is an element of pressure to have sex on your wedding night, or have an amazing wedding night, especially for women.

It’s an antiquated notion that stems from when the wedding night would be the first time couples would spend the night together, and for many western couples, this isn’t the case.

Wedding days are busy and stressful, so by the end of them, you’re most likely tired, full and longing for your bed.

However, is this the way you want to start your married life?

I think wedding night intimacy shouldn’t be expected, but the effort to make it happen should be.

You’ve celebrated a wonderful day marrying your now life partner, and sex should be a way of celebrating that. It’s also probably the first time you have spent the day together alone, so this is now your time. Don’t waste it by going to bed.

My fiancé and I have booked an Airbnb with an outdoor hot tub, massages and a pizza oven, and we will probably leave early to go and enjoy this space together.

Anni, 36, engaged but hasn’t set a date yet

I couldn’t care less when it comes to wedding sex.

My partner will probably get drunk and fall asleep.

The hype around wedding nights feels fake – this is 2019, not 1950.

We’ve been together for over 10 years and sex is important, but it’s not the biggest priority in our relationship.

It might sound a bit depressing, but we’re happy with it so who cares?

Jess, 29, getting married in March next year

I’m worried because sometimes Mark can’t get it up when he drinks too much.

Should it happen, that’s fine, because we’ve had loads of sex and we’ll have loads more sex in the future.

I haven’t really thought about societal pressure on wedding nights, but it doesn’t really bother me.

I feel comfortable enough about our sex life that if one night we don’t bone, then it doesn’t matter so much in the grand scheme of things.

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How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

Image of an engagement ring in a box on top of a pile of money
How much should you spend? (Picture: Getty)

Proposals can be nerve-racking.

Not only do you want the moment to be special, but there’s also the added pressure of whether your partner will say yes or no.

Hopefully you’re pretty confident about the answer, but do you know what kind of ring they’d prefer?

Unless they keep a secret wedding ring collage on Pinterest or you’re buddies with their best friend, it can be a tricky one to figure out.

Furthermore, there’s the question of money – and how much one should spend on a ring their partner will wear forever.

People are divided on the topic, as can be seen in popular ring shaming groups on Facebook.

One woman was mocked for her ‘tiny’ wedding ring, while another was told her rose quartz stone piece looked like ‘a pimple popper blister’.

Another poor bride-to-be was shamed for having been given a ring that resembled a ‘prolapsed butthole’ – ouch.

Tradition dictates that someone must spend at least three months’ salary on the ring, but this could vary dramatically depending on how much a person earns.

However, experts say that there’s a new trend among couples, with most spending around a month’s salary.

Illustration of woman looking stressed and holding her hand on her face, with a purple background which includes a wedding dress, veil and wedding ring
Current trends say one month’s salary is enough (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

‘We find that while some people are fairly traditional and try to stand by the three-months-wage rule, the amount couples are prepared to spend on a ring in recent months has actually mellowed out quite significantly to around a month’s salary – perhaps to allow more budget for things such as the wedding itself, or instead putting the money saved towards a house deposit,’ said Craig Bolton, executive director at Goldsmiths.

‘That said, there are still those who go above and beyond when it comes to getting engaged, and we have found that a number of our customers are keen to spend up to a year’s salary on the ring.

‘While we encourage those planning to pop the question to find a ring that they know their other half would wear with pride, it’s important to set yourself a feasible budget too and not do anything too extravagant just because you believe that is what others expect of you.

‘One thing we have found, which has certainly increased of late, is that a few of our customers are actually now using “place holder” rings, and then coming in to store with their other half post proposal to pick out a ring together.

‘In fact, in a recent survey we ran, we found that almost a third of UK consumers would be prepared to pay the difference for the engagement ring they actually want.

Engagement ring trends for 2019

  • Within engagement rings we are seeing a slight shift back to the classics and more delicate styles are peaking among UK consumers.
  • Practicality has been a key concern for some time now, and that is certainly still the case for 2019 – designs that can be worn in hands on jobs or at the gym are very popular.
  • There has been a noticeable increase in queries around the ethical aspects of rings (such as whether a diamond has been ethically and sustainably sourced), especially from younger generations.
  • Engagement rings with more than one stone are now much sought after, and it seems three is the magic number (the additional stones are not necessarily always diamonds) – halo rings are also increasingly popular.
  • In regards to metal, of course it is always down to personal taste, however, for 2019, yellow gold is a popular choice among our customers.

Source: Goldsmiths

It’s not just personal preference or tradition that influences how much people spend on engagement rings.

External factors, such as the state of the economy, can also play a part.

Research from Protect Your Bubble, released in July 2018, revealed that spending declined during Brexit with an average spend of £785, while in 2018 there was a major boost as that figure rose to £1,483.

‘Depending on who you speak to you will often hear that you should spend one to three months’ salary on an engagement ring, but I have to say we’re not too sure this flies anymore,’ Tim Ingle, co-founder of Ingle and Rhode, tells Metro.co.uk.

‘We’ve found that couples’ priority is no longer how much a ring costs, but where the ring has come from. People care about quality and provenance over cost, and young couples have different priorities now, which don’t necessarily centre around money but sustainability and ethics.

‘As consumers become increasingly aware of issues such as climate change and plastic pollution, they’re looking to behave and shop more sustainably; and this definitely feeds into the purchase of something as important as a wedding or engagement ring.

‘Couples would rather know that the diamond in their ring is conflict-free, or the gold is recycled or Fairtrade, rather than know that it cost them a certain number of months’ salary.

‘People are willing to pay for sustainability if neccessary, but to use one to three months’ salary as a ballpark is unrealistic and outdated. Ultimately, consumers should spend what they’re comfortable with, and what they can afford, in line with their wider priorities and ethical principles.

‘We’ve noticed a real trend for traceable diamond engagement rings as a result, as truly ethical diamonds can be traced right back to their mine of origin, so customers know that their diamond is 100% conflict-free.

‘Rose gold is also proving extremely popular at the moment, perhaps because a wealth of celebrities have gone for pink and rose gold engagement rings this year, which seems to have reignited their popularity.’

You’ve heard from the experts – now let’s see what the public thinks.

We did a quick poll and almost half of those who voted agreed that less than £1,000 is a perfectly acceptable amount to spend on an engagement ring.

Meanwhile, 21% agreed one month’s salary is fine, and 15% agreed on three months’ salary or anything over £1,000, respectively.

‘Definitely whatever you can afford – it’s not the price of the ring that showcases people’s love, it’s all the little things each of you do for each other that no one else sees!,’ one person commented.

You know, she’s not wrong.

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Public punching bags placed across New York to help people who are stressed out

The punching bags in New York
The public punching bags cropped up across the city (Picture:donttakethisthewrongway)

Living in a city is stressful – there’s the high cost of living, busy commute and high-pressure jobs.

In New York, punching bags have been placed across the city to help.

A design studio called donttakethisthewrongway has placed the bags throughout the city for anyone to take a moment to relieve some tension.

The bright yellow bags feature an image of a fist and say ‘Public punching bag. Use at your own risk. A healthy place for frustrations.’

The design studio said: ‘The concept explores designing common spaces for the frustrations we all face. Frustrations that go beyond designed systems and happen, well, because we are human.

The punching bags in New York
Take out your frustration (Picture: studio_dtttww/Instagram)

‘The public punching bag offers an outlet for these emotions as a means to maybe develop a healthier way to address personal and collective issues in a public setting.’

The first bags were placed on the corner of Spring St. and Thompson St. on May 18 and more cropped up across the city for New York City Design Week 2019.

People who spotted the bags thought they were a great idea.

One said: ‘This is AWESOME. I don’t know who to thank for this – OH MY WORD – THANK YOU!

‘We need more of this. A public punching bag! Currently on 11th Avenue and 37th (?) Street.

‘For every crappy dog owner who doesn’t pick up after their dog, for every gigantic rent payment, for every dingus who stops to check their phone directly in front of a subway station entrance, for the general lack of fresh air on this island… So much angst, so little time.’

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Woman flies 10,000 miles to help a retired doctor who paid for her c-section in Sierra Leon 25 years ago

Woman flies 10,000 miles to help a retired doctor who paid for her c-section in Sierra Leon 25 years ago
Dr Keith Thompson met Catherine Conteh in 1993 when she was 18 and in labour (Picture: PA Real Life/Aaron Chown)

Nurse Catherine Conteh first met British doctor Keith Thomson in 1993 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, where he was volunteering with a medical charity.

At the time, Catherine who is now 44, was just 18 and was writhing in pain due to being in labour for four days.

Unable to pay the £70 fee for an emergency caesarian in the country, Catherine began to say bye to her family. Horrified to see the situation, father-of-two Keith, now 77, decided to pay the fee which was equivalent to a year’s salary.

The two managed to become friends and even maintained their friendship through the years, though it was difficult to find one another again at first.

So when Catherine heard that Keith, now retired, was having an important surgery to treat his tongue cancer, she decided to fly 10,000 miles from Australia, where she now lives, to his home in Berkshire.

‘He has been a best friend and a father figure to me,’ said Catherine.  ‘He gave me the ultimate gift – a chance to live again.

‘If someone would have told me I’d be an educated person I would not have believed them. Dr Thomson made something out of nothing.’

Dr Keith Thomson and Catherine Conteh at Keiths home in Ascot
He decided to pay for an emergency c-section which cost £70 in Sierra Leon (Picture: PA Real Life/Aaron Chown)

Recalling the labour 25 years ago, Catherine said: ‘I remember thinking it was strange because I didn’t have any European friends. I wondered what was happening and if I was actually dead.

‘Then the nurse said they were getting me ready for theatre and a stranger was happy to pay.

‘The idea that someone would come and help you without knowing you, someone who did not come from our background and who is totally different but is willing to give you the gift of life is incredible.’

Now Catherine feels honoured to be able to return the favour by helping Keith as he recovers from a 12-hour operation on his jaw after a diagnosis of tongue cancer.

‘Sometimes you get a voice in your head that says “help that person”,’ said Keith.

‘I felt very privileged, having been able to help her. It was a very emotional moment for all of us.’

Dr Keith and Catherine's family (PA Real Life/Aaron Chown)
Keith when he went to visit Catherine and her family in Guinea (Picture: PA Real Life)

He then returned to the UK but when he heard a friend was travelling to Sierra Leon, he gave them Catherine’s details and some money to help her once again.

Fortunately, Catherine was traced and the two managed to stay in touch. They met once again in 1998 when Keith went to Guinea to do some voluntary work, where Catherine’s family had fled to following a civil war.

He said: ‘I remember us seeing a little five-year-old girl holding up a sign saying, “Uncle Keith, thank you for saving my life and my mum’s”.

‘That was one of the most emotional moments of my life – meeting up with that then five-year-old girl. I never thought that would happen.’

In 2005 Catherine and her family emigrated to Australia as part of a UN refugee resettlement programme – the same year as Keith was diagnosed with tongue cancer.

Catherine said: ‘When I heard he was sick it was incredibly sad for me and my whole family. He’s always been there to give assistance and offer reassurance so to hear he was unwell with that kind of illness was awful.’

Dr Keith with Catherine and Regina at his 70th birthday party (PA Real Life/Aaron Chown)
Keith is godfather to Catherine’s children (Picture: PA Real Life/Aaron Chown)

She visited him in 2017 to celebrate his 70th birthday and is now back with him now to nurse him back to health after being inspired by him to get into the medical profession.

‘She’s a fantastic nurse,’ said Keith. ‘There was no one else I would want more than Catherine. I have been remarkably privileged to have such a relationship in my life.

‘Whenever I feel low I ring her. She is a remarkable woman. She’s been through a hell of a lot.’

Catherine added: ‘As years go by I’m still processing what he’s done. I know what it’s like to have nothing and now I’m able to see the other side of the coin – to be able to work and look after myself and my family, thanks to him.

‘It’s the best gift you can give anyone – that of life.’

What a beautiful friendship.

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Marvel fans, you can now vacation in Iron Man’s cabin

Compilation of images featuring a cabin used in Avengers: Endgame, which is now up for rent on Airbnb
Fancy a holiday in Tony Stark’s cabin? (Picture: Airbnb)

*Spoiler alert: if you haven’t watched Avengers: Endgame, look away now.*

Diehard Marvel fans, rejoice.

Iron Man’s lakeside cabin, as seen in Avengers: Endgame, is now available for rent.

In the movie, Tony Stark’s family lived in the wooden property and it was also used as the setting for the character’s funeral.

The cabin, which can be found on Bouckaert Farm in Chattahooche Hills Eventing in Georgia, has recently been added to Airbnb.

Fans will be excited by the opportunity, but some may be put off by the steep price – you’ll have to shell out £628 per night to stay here.

‘Need to get away from it all without traveling more than 30 minutes from Atlanta? Need to have a corporate retreat with your elite team? Need to come take the kids fishing and watch a horse show? Then this is your place,’ the listing reads.

The cabin seen from the front, with the lake in the background
The cabin features a beautiful lakeside view (Picture: Airbnb)
The inside of the cabin, where stairs to the second floor can be seen, along with cosy wooden furniture including a dining table and chairs, wooden closet and an open fireplace
Get cosy in front of the fireplace (Picture: Airbnb)

‘Avengers Endgame fans…would you like to stay in Tony Stark’s cabin? This is the iconic cabin in the movie!,’ the listing goes on.

The cabin comes furnished and features three bedrooms and the same amount of bathrooms, as well as a kitchen, dining room and living room with a fireplace.

If you’d like to reconnect with nature, step outside and admire the lakeside view from the large veranda that circles the cabin.

A still from Avengers: Endgame which features Stark with his daughter
It’s also the setting for Stark’s funeral in the movie (Picture: Marvel Studios)

No pets allowed, but there’s a parking space and WiFi – so you can watch Stark walk around in the very cabin you’re sat in.

It’s every fan’s dream, really.

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Londoners can now get coffee delivered to their door in reusable containers

Picture of coffee float delivering coffee
Hej Coffee Round delivers the goods to individuals and offices around London (Picture: Hej Coffee)

Tea might be a quintessentially British staple but coffee keeps the nation going.

And as the world spirals into its doomed ending (shout out to global warming), more of us are becoming eco-conscious which is filtering down to our everyday habits such as drinking coffee.

Coffee cups, particularly, are a major source of plastic waste. To cut down, a company who is nostalgic for the days of milkmen – whereby vans would deliver the goods in reusable glass bottles – have launched their own version of it.

Hej Coffee Round, which is known for its coffee shops, particularly in Sweden, has introduced an electric milk float to deliver the stuff to Londoners.

The roastery now hopes to eliminate the need for excess packaging – which contributes to approximately 300 million single-use non-recyclable foil, plastic coffee bags being produced and discarded.

Picture of coffee van
(Picture: Hej Coffee)

The folks at Hej (pronounced hey) told us why they started the coffee float.

‘Our research found out that an estimated 70 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK every day which equates to approximately 300 million individual pieces of single-use packaging,’ a spokesperson said.

‘Even going into our warehouse which is full of pallets brimming with non-recyclable bags of coffee it was easy to see how much we contributed to the mounting issue of waste pollution.

‘As a result, we rattled our brains for a solution which would actually make a difference so we could join the war on single-use plastics.’

Picture of the inside of a coffee shop
The Swedish brand has coffee shops across London and Sweden (Picture: Hej Coffee)

So last month, they launched the initiative, buying an old 1963 ‘Ernie’ milk float.

They’ve been delivering fresh coffee from their local roastery in Elephant and Castle to businesses and workplaces around London.

Ernie’s first delivery was to their client Grant Thomspon LLP, saving the law firm 141 coffee bags and nine cardboard boxes in one delivery which normally lasts them a week.

Hej coffee cart
(Picture: Hej Coffee)

If they continue their services with Hej, they will save 6,120 single-use coffee bags from their previous usage.

Hej also has a plan for individuals who want to do their bit. At their café/roastery in Elephant and Castle, locals can come in to buy the coffee beans which can be poured directly into reusable containers from the customer or purchased from the cafe.

Essentially, the Hej Round is no different to how customers normally order their coffee, except that the coffee is received in containers which they return at their next delivery.

Once these containers are returned, they’re washed and refilled, ready for the next customer.

‘We are aware that our containers are plastic but they have an end of life policy,’ added a spokesperson. ‘If a container is broken or is not fit for use it is recycled into coffee bars and trikes which we use around the very sites participating in the Hej Round.’

Those interested in finding out more and setting it up can call, email, visit the website, or pop into one of the Hej Coffee cafes.

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Tinder man leaves horribly sexist and fatphobic message to woman he matched with

Picture of EMily
Emily, a dance teacher, said a man who called her a ‘fat c***’ was ‘vile’ (Picture: Emily Langston)

Tinder may be one of the most popular dating apps in modern history but it certainly has its share of Bad People.

We’ve seen some horrific chats and ridiculous lists on people’s bios and the latest conversation to join the ranks comes in the form of a very rude man using fatphobic language.

Emily Langston, a dance teacher from Essex, was amused by a Tinder user who suddenly switched on her for reasons unknown.

Sometimes men have a habit of turning hostile when they’re rejected but this one seems truly uncalled for as Emily had been receptive to his corny opening.

He wrote: ‘I’m jealous of your heart, it’s pumping inside you and I’m not.’

Though the line might’ve made the rest of us vom, Emily was kind enough to humour him and admitted that it was a ‘different’ conversation starter.

But the user, named Matt, must have forgotten how conversations work as he then decided to call her a ‘slag’.

Screengrab of the conversation
She shared a screenshot of the chat on Twitter (Picture: Emily Langston)

Then, bizarrely trying to blame his teddy Olaf (yeah, us neither), Matt apologised.

It was a short-lived apology as he proceeded to ask Emily which one she was in her profile picture, asking whether she was ‘the fat one’.

Using sarcasm to respond to the horrible interaction, Emily replied: ‘Wow you’re a delight aren’t you?’

Matt further demonstrated his delightful personality, calling her a ‘fat c***’.

Emily Langsdon shares horrendous replies from Tinder troll on Twitter
Emily unmatched straight away (Picture: Emily Langston)

Emily spoke to Metro.co.uk, saying he was ‘vile’.

‘I didn’t chat to him any further, that was literally our whole conversation. After that, he asked if he could have my friend’s number. And then asked if I was a virgin.

‘I unmatched him afterwards because I thought he was an idiot!’

Picture of Emily
(Picture: Emily Langston)

Emily tweeted the interaction which quickly went viral. She wrote on the post: ‘Get yourself a boy off Tinder who talks to you like this. Oh Matt, you’re cancelled x’.

Her sarcastic response resonated with many others as the post received more than 29,00 likes.

Fellow Twitter users were amused but disturbed.


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Aldi is selling a gazebo with a bar and it’s perfect for summer parties

Aldi Bar Gazebo (Picture: Aldi)
An overhead glass holder? Fancy! (Picture: Aldi)

It might be raining but that doesn’t mean we’re not still thinking about summer.

It can’t rain forever, and the moment the sun reappears we want to host all the garden parties and BBQs – because there’s nothing better.

If you have a big summer bash planned then you probably need to get your hands on one of Aldi’s gazebos with a built-in bar.

The budget supermarket is selling the ultimate garden party accessory, and it’s only £149.99

The gazebo has a handy shelving unit that can hold endless Pimm’s and gin and tonics to keep your thirsty guests satisfied.

And for an added touch of class, there’s a sophisticated glass-holder dangling from the canopy – which not only looks super cool, but will also keep your precious wine glasses out of harm’s way.

If this annoying rain does decide to stick around, the sturdy gazebo will mean that the outdoor festivities can still go ahead. Guests can huddle underneath and enjoy a drink while they wait for the clouds to disperse.

The gazebo forms part of Aldi’s Summer Garden range, and they will be available to pre-order from the 16th June.

They will then be rolled out in stores from the 23rd of this month – but you will have to be quick because they are limited edition. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This isn’t the only piece of garden furniture you can get to take your BBQ to the next level.

You can invest in a super cheap hot tub, and for the kids there’s a dinosaur paddling pool with a sprinkler.

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What interior trends you can try – without asking for the landlord’s permission!


We all love to make a house a home. But for most Millennials, it’s a case of making a rented flat semi-habitable.

Especially for those of us living in London, where high rents can suck up any money we’d have for putting our own stamp on a pad.

But don’t fear, we have some superbly simple tricks for making your flat a cut above the rest by incorporating some of this year’s biggest interior trends, alongside simple additions you can include to make any space feel more like home.

And don’t worry – none of these should annoy your landlord…

Nautical but nice

Summer is the perfect time to freshen up your pad – so why not celebrate this wonderful season by bringing the seaside to you?

One of the biggest interior trends this year is nautical; think ocean-like blues, sailor stripes (in your cushions and bedding), rope-like materials (in stylish baskets and plant pots) or you could really push the boat out (pun intended) and add decorative shells to your coffee table?

Scent from heaven

One of the easiest ways to make your home inviting is to ensure it smells wonderful.

And seeing as it’s summer, why not feel like you’re on an exotic getaway every time you walk through the front door by adding Air Wick’s Beach Escapes range to your home. You’ll be whisked away to either Malibu, Mykonos or Bali thanks to these new invigorating fragrances, and what’s more, Air Wick Freshmatic Kits work automatically, sending continuous fragrant bursts for up to 60 days, so you needn’t even move a muscle.

Add key colours

Minimalism is a thing of the past, people – this year is all about colour.

Trend-wise, we are going back to the Nineties and adding exotic warmth to our walls thanks to terracotta being one of the hottest colours of 2019.

Other stylish shades is deep, rich forest green and teal – which goes perfectly with bold art and lighter-coloured, Scandi-style furniture.

If you aren’t allowed to paint your walls, simply invest in soft furnishings that incorporate these colours, including throws, rugs, table cloths and cushions.

Layering textures

Layer, layer, layer – that’s what the trend-setters are telling us to do.

This is one of the easiest ways to dress up any plain furniture in your rented flat and a simple trick to making a space your own.

So, get scattering cushions and draping throws. You could go for a spot of indulgence with a sheepskin rug strewn over the back of an armchair or add brightly-coloured towels to a boring bathroom.

Colour contrasting is also a fun way to add some personality; don’t be afraid to combine different styles, shades and eras to create an eclectic space.

Plants, plants, plants

Nothing adds life to a room like some flora. Not only does it make the air naturally cleaner, but pot plants add texture, colour and vibrancy to your space.

Start by filling your windowsills with a range of botanics; cheese and rubber plants look great and are very hard to kill, so are fantastic for those of us who are green round the gills when it comes to inside gardening.

The bathroom is also a great place to have plants; spider , bamboo and orchid varieties especially love it hot and steamy.


Photos, artwork and quirky wall hangings make any space your own.

And one of the biggest trends at the moment is to cover whole walls in frames, prints and posters.

It doesn’t need to be expensive, either; buy frames from charity stores then add your own images in them. Birthday cards, love letters, your favourite fabrics all look great framed on the wall and ensure your life is all around you.

Life's a beach! Air Wick's scents that bring the seaside into your home:

Now you’ve freshened up your flat, freshen up your atmosphere with Air Wick’s invigorating new range.

Well, Air Wick have launched a new summer range which are all inspired by getting away to the seaside. The Beach Escapes range will instantly bring a burst of fresh, coastal air into any area of your house – and freshen up your spirit in the process. Here, are the three new amazing fragrances for you to choose from…

Mykonos White Sand 

Dip your toes in the sparkling waters along the white sandy beaches of Mykonos, while enjoying the fresh salty sea air, and the delightful scent of fragrant pink flowers.

Bali Blue Waters

Escape to a pastel beach paradise with perfect pink sunsets. Take in the aroma of fresh coconut, exotic fruits and tropical blooms, and immerse your senses in the tranquillity of Bali Blue Waters.

Malibu Beach & Hibiscus 

Feel the cool ocean breeze and the warmth of the sun caressing your skin as you escape to your Malibu beach hideaway, feeling a beautiful blend of sweet cream and pretty petals.

These 250ml refills are for a Air Wick Freshmatic Max kit. It releases bursts of fragrance to constantly freshen your home and neutralise odours for up to 60 days.

It couldn’t be easier to bring a beach escape to your home – click HERE to buy your Freshmatic Max kit today…

KFC is launching a vegan chicken burger

KFC vegan chicken - embargoed until 6am
The Imposter burger (Picture: Getty/KFC)

2019 has been the year of the vegan fast food.

We had the Greggs sausage roll, Burger King’s Impossible burger trial and Ikea’s meat-free meatballs.

Now it’s KFC’s turn with the Imposter Burger.

The specially created Quorn burger is coated in their signature blend of herbs and spices, with lettuce and vegan mayo in a bun to create the plant-based version of their classic burger.

The burger is being trialled in stores in London, Bristol and The Midlands for four weeks before the fast food brand decides whether to roll it out nationally.

It launches in select stores from 17 June and will run until 15 July.

The KFC Imposter burger packaging
The box for the Imposter burger (Picture: Laura Abernethy)

From 15 July and the four weeks that follow, the same stores will test a new vegetarian meal called the Southern Fritter Stacker, which is a mix of vegetables in a crispy coating. It will be available as a wrap and ricebox.

The Imposter burger will cost £2.99 on its own and £3.49 with a drink, while the wrap with a drink will be £3.99 and the salad with a drink will cost £3.79.

The KFC Imposter burger
The real life Imposter burger (Picture: Laura Abernethy)

Victoria Robertson, Chief Vegetable Enthusiast at KFC UK & Ireland commented: ‘Vegans have been cruelly denied the incredible taste of KFC up to now, which is why we’ve worked hard to perfect The Imposter – a vegan burger that the Colonel would be proud of.’

The Quorn burger for the KFC Imposter burger
Honestly, its hard to tell (Picture:Laura Abernethy)

Tony Davison, Head of Global Foodservice & QSR at Quorn commented: ‘A vegan KFC? We couldn’t believe it either.

‘But we’ve done it – working with KFC we’ve created a bespoke Quorn fillet that does the Colonel’s recipe justice. We have no doubt that KFC fans are going to love the modern take on a finger lickin’ favourite.’

The imposter burger with a bite taken out of it
It did taste pretty good (Picture: Laura Abernethy)

Dawn Carr, Director of Vegan Corporate Projects at PETA added: ‘We’ve been so excited to hear about this and play a part in KFC’s journey to reaching this game-changing new vegan range.

‘We’re confident it will be a huge hit with the skyrocketing numbers of vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians around the UK.’

How does the Imposter burger actually taste

I’m a meat eater but I do try to eat vegetarian or vegan food a few days a week so I’m happy to try new alternatives.

On first look, the burger looks pretty much the same as a normal chicken burger. I’m not sure I could tell the difference.

It tastes great too. Honestly chicken itself is pretty bland to replacing it with Quorn doesn’t make much difference. KFC is all about that addictive crispy, herby, spicy coating and that still comes through really well. I really did question if I’d accidentally picked up a meat one.

The vegan mayo is lovely and it is needed as my only criticism is that the Quorn is a little drier than chicken so the mayo helps to keep it moist.

It’s a tasty burger, much like the original and it’s great to see they’ve got such a close match. It’s still finger licking good.

You can try the KFC vegan burger, and later the new vegetarian fritter at:

  • Bristol – Fishponds
  • Bristol Bradley Stoke
  • Bristol – Winterstoke Road
  • Bristol – Eastgate Retail Park
  • Bristol – Avonmeads Retail Park
  • Bristol – Shield Retail Park
  • Bristol – Keynsham
  • Bristol – Hengrove Leisure Park
  • Bristol – The Venue Cribbs Causeway
  • Birmingham – Great Bridge Retail Pk
  • Bloxwich – Leamore Lane
  • Cannock – Orbital Retail Park
  • Tamworth – Ventura Retail Park
  • Tyburn – Kingsbury Road
  • Walsall – Junction 10 M6 Services
  • Walsall – Park Street
  • Dudley – Merry Hill Food Court
  • Stourbridge – St Johns Road
  • Dudley – Merry Hill Drive Thru
  • London – Gloucester Road

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Morrisons is selling its Big Daddy Breakfast for £5 this Father’s Day

The Morrisons Big Daddy Breakfast
The huge breakfast is just £5 (Picture: Morrisons)

Morrisons is selling its Big Daddy Breakfast at a discount for Father’s Day.

The massive breakfast features three rashers of bacon, three pork sausages, three hash browns, two slices of fried bread, two fried eggs, two half tomatoes, two black puddings, baked beans and sliced mushrooms.

Yes, it’s a lot.

The breakfast has been reduced from £6 to £5 to celebrate Father’s Day.

It’ll be available in all Morrisons cafes across the UK from this Sunday morning until 3pm – so your dad gets a lie-in if he fancies.

It was launched last year after customers asked the supermarket to make their breakfast bigger – and they made a statement with it.

The Morrisons big breakfast
The breakfast is huge (Picture: Morrisons)

Helen Tordoff, head of cafés at Morrisons said at the time: ‘Our standard cooked breakfast is one of our most popular meals on the menu, but customers have asked for one that’s even bigger.’

‘The ‘Big Daddy Breakfast’ is an excellent choice for customers with a big appetite.’

In more Father’s Day food news, Aldi has launched the Even Bigger Daddy Steak – a 28oz rump steak, which trumps the 16oz Big Daddy Steak.

It comes 21-day matured and extra thick, and it’ll cost just £7.99.

The steaks are being released to celebrate Father’s Day – so if you haven’t got enough money to take him out for a meal, we recommend cooking him one with this, instead.

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Teacher writes sweet note to the tooth fairy to prove her student lost a tooth

The note written by Mrs Roth
Mrs Roth is a very sweet teacher (Picture: Reddit/Getty)

A teacher wrote one of her students a love note to the tooth fairy after she lost her tooth.

The tooth had been accidentally thrown away at lunch time, and the teacher, Mrs Roth, wanted to make sure the little girl, Lily, didn’t miss out on money from the tooth fairy, and so wrote the sweet note for her to take home.

The note was shared on Twitter by the Assistant Superintendent at the school, which is in Pennsylvania.

He wrote: ‘Today one of our children @BurchfieldSASD lost their tooth during lunch and it tragically got misplaced!

‘Knowing how important this was, one of our caring teachers took the opportunity to author a letter to our friend the Tooth Fairy! Check out the work of this caring teacher!’

The sweet note read: ‘Dear Tooth Fairy,

‘I can confirm with full confidence and authority that Lily lost her tooth at school today.

‘In the excitement and chaos of lunch time, it was tragically thrown away by accident.

‘We will ask Mr. Fred to keep an eye out for it, but we’re pretty sure he won’t find it.

‘Please take this note as proof of tooth loss.

‘If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time!

‘I hope you are doing well!

‘Sincerely, Mrs. Roth.’

The note received 350 likes and lots of replies from people who thought it was a lovely idea.

One person said: ‘This is the kind of sweet, considerate teacher every child needs at least once in his or her schooling adventure!’

Another wrote: ‘Love stories about teachers who go above & beyond their duties as teachers. Mrs. Roth is a good one.’

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Kellogg’s is launching two new beers made from Rice Krispies and Coco Pops waste

A packet of Coco Pops and Rice Krispies
The beer is being made to tackle food waste (Picture: Kellogg’s)

Kellogg’s has teamed up with Salford brewery Seven Bro7hers to turn its ‘less-than-perfect’ Rice Krispies and Coo Pops into beer.

This follows the success of the ‘Throw Away IPA’, which is beer made from leftover Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

And now, the brewers have created a coco-based ‘Sling it out Stout’ and a snap, crackle and pop ‘Cast off Pale Ale’.

The beers are made from discarded grains created in the cooking process at the cereal giant’s Manchester factory.

The new craft beers are made from rice-based flakes that are either overcooked, uncoated or discoloured, and therefore have not passed Kellogg’s strict quality control, would not make it into the pack and would inevitably go to animal feed.

Launching ‘Sling it Out Stout’ and ‘Cast off Pale Ale’, corporate social responsibility manager for Kellogg’s UK and Ireland, Kate Prince, said: ‘Our primary objective is to convert every kilo of grain we buy into food that we can sell. However, that’s not always possible.

People enjoying beer together
The beer will be made from Kellogg’s cereal (Picture: Getty)

‘Kellogg’s is always looking for innovative ways to use surplus food, the collaboration with Seven Bro7hers is a fun way to repurpose non-packaged, less-than-perfect cereal. This activity is part of our new “Better Days” commitments which aim to reduce our impact on the planet.’

The Sling it Out Stout brew – which was perfected over five days – uses 80kg of Kellogg’s Coco Pops to replace malted barley.

During the ‘mash’ process the cereal creates the chocolatey taste.

A similar process is used for the ‘Cast off Pale Ale’, using 80kg of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies to replace malted barley with the cereal creating sweet notes in the beer.

The beers will be limited edition, with the Throw Away IPA also making a comeback.

The three beers will be sold on tap aross Manchester in Seven Bro7thers Brewery pubs, as well as places that stock the brewer, from 13 June.

Keith McAcvoy, founder of Seven Bro7hers Brewery, in Salford, said: ‘Working with Kellogg’s on the production of our first sustainability conscious beer Throw Away IPA was amazing.

‘To carry on with this partnership and create two new exciting craft beers is even better. We are extremely proud to be working with Kellogg’s and being part of the fight against food waste.’

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Domestic violence survivor burns her wedding dress in epic divorce photoshoot

Alex burning her wedding dress
Alex burnt her wedding dress after the divorce (Picture: Tarah Hamilton/ Jam Press)

A woman said ‘I don’t’ in a ‘burn the dress’ photoshoot after divorcing from her husband.

27-year-old Alexandria Taschwer had been married for eight years, with five kids. After a long drawn out divorce, she decided to star in her own photoshoot, where she is seen burning her wedding dress.

Alex, a retail assistant manager from Ohio, teamed up with photographer Tarah B. Hamilton to stage the burning of the wedding dress, which signified the end of her marriage and the start of a new life.

Alex got engaged to her ex in October 2011 after finding out they were pregnant with their first child Abri who was born in July 2012. The pair were married on 29 September 2012.

They then had four more children in the next five years.

Alex in her wedding dress
She’d been married for eight years (Picture: Tarah Hamilton/ Jam Press)

But a few years later, cracks started to show in the relationship, and things became rocky.

Alex said: ‘In 2017 when Christian was 4 months old I finally moved and tried to get him to sign divorce papers but he wouldn’t, but during this we were able to remain amicable with him to the point we even vacationed together last summer.

‘In August on 2018 he became violent once again and with the help of good friends he was arrested for domestic violence and I finally broke completely free.

Alex burning the dress
She wanted to ‘break free’ (Picture: Tarah Hamilton/ Jam Press)

‘The divorce was long and drawn out due to his pending criminal charges.’

Alex’s husband eventually filed for divorce in October 2018 and it was finalised in April 2019.

Alex said she did her best to make it a quick divorce so she could leave her violent past behind and start fresh.

She said: ‘I tried not to fight on to many issues because I mostly just wanted out of the marriage and to be done with the situation.’

Alex added that burning her dress was a symbolic act she had always planned to undertake.

She explained: ‘Burning the dress was something I had wanted to do since we originally separated but it was even more important to me after the divorce.

Alex with the burning dress
Her ex is pending criminal charges (Picture: Tarah Hamilton/ Jam Press)

‘I was finally free after so long of being unhappy and miserable. It was like a new starting point in my life.’

Photographer Tarah said: ‘‘I had seen many “Trash the dress” shoots but to burn it? I had to think this over.

‘We decided to tell a story because she never got photos done by a professional when she got married. We went with opposite colors to show the stark difference.’

Tarah, who knows Alex as a fellow Baseball mum, said the shoot came out exactly as they wanted it.

She said: ‘I think the setting was perfect for what we wanted and telling it like a story shows the change in her personality.’

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Grim video shows someone picking at the thick yellow skin on their foot


We’re sorry to ruin your day, but this is a video we just have to share.

The minute-long clip starts out like any other grossly satisfying video on the internet (think pimple popping, back cracking and ingrown hair tweezing), with someone touching the sole of their foot.

Their foot is covered in thick yellow skin that looks dry and cracked.

But rather than any satisfaction of seeing it removed or buffed away, the person just taunts us by poking and prodding at the hardened skin.

A grim watch, absolutely. But you won’t be able to look away.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in watching in horror. The video was shared on the Medical Sharing Facebook page where it was viewed more than 13 million times.

It looks as though the person in the video has hyperkeratosis, a condition which causes the thickening of the skin’s outer layer.

Lots of us have slightly harder, thicker skin on our feet – that’s expected as we spend so much time on our feet – but hyperkeratosis can be more extreme.

person peels hard yellow skin off their feet
Leave it alone (Picture: Medical Sharing)

There are different types of hyperkeratosis, including eczema, actinic keratosis (small, reddish, scaly bumps), seborrheic keratosis (brown patches), epidermolytic hyperkeratosis (thickened patches on the hands and feet), keratosis pilaris (tiny bumps on the upper arms), follicular hyperkeratosis (a single bump), and psoriasis (scaly skin).

According to Podiatry Today, the condition in this video is likely plantar hyperkeratosis, which specifically refers to hyperkeratosis on the feet.

Plantar hyperkeratosis can appear in different forms, including circular indentations on the feet and chronic verrucae.

To get even more specific, the foot in the video seems to be suffering from keratoderma climactericum, also known as Hasthausen’s disease, which causes painful cracking of the heel area. It often affects postmenopausal women but is also associated with obesity and arthritis.

A quick note that poking and prodding at hardened skin such as that shown in the video really isn’t recommended, as it’s far too easy to cause pain, irritation, and infection.

In extreme cases such as these, treatment will usually rely on a topical cream that decreases the thickness of the skin – essentially a chemical exfoliant.

This isn’t something to try at home. If you’ve got extremely thick, hardened skin on your feet, it’s worth chatting to your GP or a podiatrist, who’ll be able to recommend safe treatments.

For your average build-up of dry skin on the feet, picking isn’t a good idea either.

Instead, it’s worth trying a chemical exfoliating product such as BabyFeet or Footner (they’re basically plastic socks you wear for an hour or so that will make dry skin peel away), using a special foot file, or going for a professional pedicure.

No matter what the internet says, do not attempt to cut away dry skin. Again, that’s a path straight to pain and infection.

Moisturise your feet well, give them a break from heels and walking, wear comfortable shoes that don’t pinch or rub, and give them an occasional soak in warm water. They carry you around all day – treat them kindly.

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