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Lidl launches baby sale with brands including Fisher Price and Tommee Tippee

Lidl baby sale
Some of the items in the Lidl baby sale (Picture: Lidl)

When your kids are tiny, it feels like there’s always something else you need to buy.

But hopefully, you can keep some of the costs down with this baby sale at Lidl.

The baby essentials event starts this Thursday 12 September, with products only available while stocks last.

Products include a My Babiie Billie Faiers stroller on sale for £49.99 and a hop-on stroller platform for £19.99, giving slightly older kids a place to stand.

There’s also a whole range of Tommee Tippe plates, bibs, spoons, cups, bottles and bowls starting from £2.49.

The sale also includes a baby healthcare kit for £9.99 and digital bath and room thermometer for £9.99.

The Fisher Price duck or penguin potty, with an RRP of £14.99, is on sale for £9.99.

If you’re in need of a baby monitor, the sale includes a Motorola video baby monitor for £39.99.

There are also lots of toys to keep little ones entertained including an activity gym for £17.99, Galt The Very Hungry Caterpillar playnest for £19.99 and bath toys on offer for two for £6 or £3.49 each.

We also love the hand puppet book for £2.99 that would make bedtimes story even more fun.

With the colder weather approaching, there’s also warm cardigans, trousers, bodysuits, sleepsuits, tights and a sleep bag on offer.

The baby sale runs alongside the launch of a range of maternity clothes so if you are expecting another baby, you can stock up on things for you throughout your pregnancy and your new arrival.

Products include leggings, nursing tops, pyjamas and a cardigan with prices starting at £3.99.

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You can get a free McDonald’s McMuffin for breakfast this week

A bacon and egg mcmuffin
This could be yours (Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Mornings are a struggle but the good news is that this week, you can treat yourself to a McDonald’s breakfast for free.

The offer runs from this morning until Friday 13 September.

You can pick up a sausage and egg, bacon and egg or egg and cheese McMuffin – the only catch is that you have to buy a hot drink to go with it.

Still, with prices for hot drinks starting at 99p in most restaurants (remember prices can vary in different locations), it’s a pretty good deal.

Normally, a McMuffin with sausage or bacon is £2.49, while the cheese version is £2.09 but with this deal, you can get a drink and something to eat for 99p.

To get the offer, you have to download the McDonald’s app. They’ve previously given away free cheeseburgers and drinks on the app.

You can download it for free on any smartphone.

Once you have installed it, you can click on the deals section and find the offer. You have to order on the app and then pick it up for it to be valid.

Unfortunately, it is only one per person so don’t expect breakfast every day this week.

Of course, don’t leave it too late as McDonald’s breakfast is only available until 10.30am – but it was recently expanded to 11 am in some areas.

Now 122 stores across the country are trialling adding the extra half hour before they switch to the main menu.

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I don’t care if you’re ‘fascinated’ by my afro, stop touching it

For me and many other Black women, it’s more than ‘just hair’ – it’s a vital source of empowerment (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Solange wrote a song about it. Emma Dabiri has written a fantastic book about it.

Yet in the year of our good Lord 2019, white people (women more so) are still rooting their hands through Black women’s hair – whether natural, braided, wigged or weaved – completely unsolicited.

There are so many ways to compliment a Black woman’s hair without going out of your way to touch it. The easiest way? By simply saying ‘I like your hair!’. That’s literally it.

This past week, I attended an event where the majority of attendees were middle aged white women and in the hour that I was there, no fewer than six women came up to me and plunged their hands into my hair.

One woman told me, while doing so, that she knew she wasn’t supposed to, but she’d do it anyway. I removed my hair from her grip and told her that it was incredibly inappropriate and rude, then walked away and left the event. 

I recently started sporting this magnificent, excellent afro and I knew that wearing this style would garner some stares and attention in public, as well as a degree of interest.

What I didn’t anticipate, however, was to have a plethora of unclean hands digging around my ‘fro when I least expected it. I felt like an animal at a petting zoo; not cool at all.

Upon retelling the story on Twitter, I was met with a few queries from white women asking why touching Black women’s hair was seen as a huge problem.

*le sigh*.

Black women have been using our hair to make more than just fashion statements for hundreds of years. It can also be used as a political statement and a way to express our personalities and confidence. 

During the early stages of civilization, Black women would have beautiful textured hairstyles to show off their status, and this fascination with the texture of Black hair is certainly not new. 

Back during slavery, white women would often cut off the hair of enslaved female servants because it supposedly ‘confused white men’. 

Given this, not only is it just plain rude, and a disgusting abuse of personal space to touch a Black women’s hair, but it is also a super common racial microaggression, which is a subtle form of racism often done by someone who doesn’t ‘mean’ to be racist.

The objectification of Black bodies has been a part of US and British culture since slavery, and it’s still going strong as one of our everyday struggles. 

But hold on a minute – when you touch Black women’s hair, you don’t have racist or sexist intentions! So how does this relate to racism or sexism? 

The answer comes down to one of our core feminist values – consent and respecting everyone’s agency over their own bodies, including their hair. Having our hair touched is just one of the ways Black women are often denied this agency in our society. 

Let’s go into some reasons why white women may want to touch our hair, and reasons why this is a no-go.

When they say they are doing it as a compliment: this is a tough one, because I appreciate the good intentions, but then I feel bad for rejecting the compliment. 

For many of us, natural hair is a political statement of embracing our beauty instead of the idea that we have to change to be acceptable. 

Take what happened to me above as an example. I arrived at the venue with my hair all fluffed and shaped out, looking amazing. I wouldn’t mind at all if you were to say how great my hair looks.

But then you reach out, telling me my hair is beautiful and you’d give anything to run your fingers through it. And we have to stop you right there, because you’re shifting from a kind compliment into fascination territory. It’s not flattering to be petted like a strange creature – even if you mean it in a ‘good’ way. 

‘I wouldn’t be offended if someone touched my hair’: That’s great for you, but If you treat others like you’d want to be treated, you should respect Black women’s boundaries like you’d want yours respected – even if their boundaries are different from yours.

Because for me and many other Black women, it’s more than ‘just hair’ – it’s a vital source of empowerment. For many of us, natural hair is a political statement of embracing our beauty instead of the idea that we have to change to be acceptable. 

So owning and loving our hair is a revolutionary act of reclaiming our worth. It’s an integral part of our cultural experience. A white person touching our hair carries a different context than when you, as a white person whose humanity is affirmed far more often, have someone touch your hair.

You find our hair fascinating: sometimes my hair stirs up more than curiosity – it fills people, like the women at the event I attended, with wonder. Yet being fascinating can be a bad thing. 

Black women are often ‘othered’ in society, often treated as if we don’t exist by the media. 

Our hair is othered with insults and misunderstandings and even when the othering seems ‘positive,’ it still doesn’t feel good. It essentially disrupts our efforts to simply exist without being treated like we’re abnormal. 

When you rarely see Black women in the media, and even ‘positive’ images objectify us, you’re influenced to treat Black women as objects. That’s not a good thing.

People can say it’s ‘just’ hair. But it’s an extension of one’s self and an expression of our identity. To infringe upon and police our hair is to deny us agency.

If we can’t run our own hair, we certainly have no ownership of ourselves. My hair is one of the ways I have control over my image – it’s not just some anomaly for people to touch. Let me reclaim my own beauty and exist without being exoticised. 

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What is the Day of Ashura and do you have to fast?

Ashura commemoration procession in Turkey's Kars
Ashura commemoration procession in Turkey (Picture: Huseyin Demirci/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and on the ninth day begins Ashura.

This historic date is one of the most important for Muslims as it marks the day that the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, Husayn ibn Ali, was killed in the Battle of Karbala.

This occasion is commemorated more by Shiites (a sect of Muslim followers) who believe the Prophet’s son-in-law Ali is their first imam, a leader divinely appointed by God.

Ali’s youngest son, Husayn, was martyred after a 10-day standoff at Karbala, in modern-day Iraq after political tensions between different groups.

In honour of his martyrdom, Shia Muslims take part in ceremonies of self-flagellation (where men march and beat their chests).

Others will forgo the flagellation and instead opt to give blood.

For Sunnis (the largest Muslim group), Ashura also marks the day that Moses and the Israelites were saved from Pharaoh when God parted the Sea.

Sunni Muslims believe that when Prophet Muhammad saw Jews fasting on this day (Yom Kippur) he asked for them to also atone through this.

When is Ashura 2019?

Ashura falls on the 10th day of the first month of the Islamic calendar, which is Muharram.

So, since the first day was 1 September, Ashura 2019 will begin in the evening of Monday 9 September and ends in the evening of Tuesday 10 September.

Do you have to fast on Ashura?

While fasting in Ramadan is obligatory (one of the five pillars of Islam), fasting on Ashura is not compulsory.

Muslims follow the ways of Prophet Muhammed (the sunnah) and as he fasted during Ashura, many Sunnis may follow suit.

Around the world, Muslims may also attend the mosque for extra worship or perform long prayers at home.

During this time some Shia Muslims flog themselves in parades to express their grief for Husayn’s suffering.

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H&M bans Brazilian leather following devestating Amazon rainforest fires

H&M bans Brazilian leather following Amazon fires
Fashion giant H&M has made a bold move for sustainability (Picture: Getty)

High street favourite H&M has taken a stand against deforestation, stating that it will be ditching Brazilian leather to help the environment.

The world’s second largest retailer announced the move following concerns over Brazil’s cattle industry.

It comes after reports that the country’s industry has contributed to the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.

The retailer announced in a statement it would be pursuing a temporary ban, until systems are in place to ensure no environmental damage to the rainforest.

It read: ‘Due to the severe fires in the Brazilian part of the Amazon rainforest and the connections to cattle production, we have decided to place a temporary ban on leather from Brazil.

‘The ban will be active until there are credible assurance systems in place to verify that the leather does not contribute to environmental harm in the Amazon.’

A H&M store in London
H&M stores will be pursuing a temporary ban on Brazilian leather (Picture: LightRocket via Getty Images/SOPA Images)

What’s more, the leather ban will extent to all of H&M’s brands – including & Other Stories and COS.

A H&M spokesperson also clarified that most of the company’s leather is sourced from Europe, with a small amount coming from Brazil.

The move from the brand follows in the footsteps of VF Corp – owner of clothing brands such as Timberland, North Face and Vans – which made a similar announcement in response to the devastating fires.

So far in 2019, almost 50,000 fires have been detected in the Brazilian Amazon – the highest number in nearly a decade.

Despite only being a temporary ban, the scope of H&M’s reach (with thousands of stores in more than 70 markets) means that even smaller decisions and moves will have wide-reaching effects.

Well done H&M.

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The Love Not Hate Mate burger is here and it’s drizzled in Marmite

Burger drizzled with bacon, Marmite, cheese
The Love Not Hate Mate burger (Picture: 7Bone Burger Co.)

Restaurants have a penchant for trying out weird and wacky additions to their burgers.

Some get it oh so right, looking at you Burger King – the halloumi burger sounds like a dream.

But other fast food joints are not all about appeasing their customers. American diner 7Bone Burger Co, which has stores around the country, is set to divide fans.

That’s because they’ve added the most controversial condiment to their menu – Marmite.

The Love Not Hate Mate 6oz beef patty is drizzled with the infamous spread and then covered in a smoked yeast and Parmesan-infused mayonnaise.

Marmite has long been a divisive staple and there’s no getting away from it in this burger.

The cheese sauce used generously in this meal is ‘Marmite and cheese on toast’ flavoured. It is then topped off with a deep-fried Bovril onion bhaji.

Those who are on the ‘love it’ side of the spectrum can get their hands on the stuff for £9.95 in various locations of 7Bone Burger Co.

Love Not Hate Mate burger
It’s a big ‘un (Picture: 7Bone Burger Co.)

Users on the 7Bone Burger Co Facebook group were divided, as expected.

‘I really need this! Marmite is life!’ wrote one person and echoing the sentiment, another wrote: ‘That sounds delicious! Want!’.

Another said: ‘We need to go to this place. The burgers and all the other food are so nice and it’s such a good price for what it is!’.

Some were not so keen. One person wrote: ‘I like marmite but not sure about this,’ and ‘This looks horrible’.

Others don’t mind being converted: ‘I’m not a fan of marmite but this burger looks good’.

If quirky burgers are your thing then you’ll enjoy 7Bone Burger Co’s other staples which include the Prince Charles Is Overrated burger, which includes bacon, cheese and pickles.

Others include the deep-fried pizza cheese stuffed Donnie J Trump.

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Sainsbury’s is selling Christmas pudding and mince pies – four months early

sainsbury's selling mince pies in September
Sainsbury’s is selling yuletide treats in September (Picture: Sainsbury, Getty)

Balmy summer days may be behind us but one supermarket is already stocking its shelves ready for 25 December.

Despite being four months early, Christmas puddings and mince pies have been spotted in Sainsbury’s stores.

The deep filled mince pies, which are sold with six in a box, are priced at £1.

Three different sizes of Christmas puddings (100g, 400g and 800g) are also available, priced at £1.20, £3.00 and £4.50 respectively – alongside a Taste The Difference Cognac-laced pudding.


METROGRAB - Sainsbury's selling mince pies and Christams puddings From Sainsbury
The Christmas treats causing a stir (Picture: Sainsbury)

A picture of the mince pies was posted in popular money-saving Facebook group called Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK – prompting shoppers to make their opinions known about the arrival of festive foods.

One said: ‘Summer is officially over according to Sainsbury’s…. Either that or they have some new bakery staff practicing ready for Christmas…. Mince pies in September!’

Another posted: ‘No wonder we all say “time goes by so quickly”, we force it to by filling shelves as full as this, with mince pie in the summer and Easter eggs at Christmas.’

While a different member was not impressed, saying: ‘Have a word with yourself Sainsbury’s it’s only September.’

Other users even went as far to point out that it seemed like the supermarket was stocking up ahead of Brexit.

One said: ‘With kids going back to school this week @sainsburys are already selling Mince Pies for Christmas at the front of their stores… Reminded me I need to stockpile for Brexit.’

Some people were simply keen to share their love for the Sainsbury’s yuletide treats.

One Facebook user said: ‘I know they are early but they are the nicest mince pie.’

But Sainsbury’s is not the first supermarket to be going heavy on the festive foods.

Last week, Asda welcomed mince pies into their stores – despite the edible goods going off before Christmas, in October.

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28 images from largest crowdsourced photo exhibition show life for millennials in modern Britain

A selection of some of the images from the FujiFilm MyLife exhibition
A selection of some of the images (Picture: FujiFilm My Life)

Millennials have a lot going on – they’re busy buying avocados and tending to their succulents, right?

Well, these 28 images from millennials show the things that are actually important to them.

The pictures are part of the FujiFilm MyLife Exhibition – the world’s largest crowdsourced photo exhibition.

The camera brand is asking people to send in their pictures, taken on any device for a huge event next month.

These 28 pictures are just a small part of the whole exhibition – over 10,000 will be displayed at London’s Truman Brewery from 24–27 October 2019.

Gloria McCann of Fujifilm, said: ‘We were amazed by the sheer volume of images we received that were focused around seeking justice, celebrating life, and spreading happiness. Of the thousands of entries we’ve received so far, fewer than 3% are selfies – shattering the image of younger people as self-obsessed and naive.

‘We received so many honest stories about personal hardship, and there is a consistent theme of people being unafraid to show vulnerability. We’re so pleased to have received such thought-provoking and powerful submissions to our exhibit so far.

‘Our aim is to show what life is like through the lens of younger people in this country, and what we have seen so far tells a compelling story of friendship, creativity and unapologetic defiance.’

And if you are inspired by the images below, you can still get involved. The exhibition is accepting entries until this Friday 13 September.

For every image displayed in the gallery, Fujifilm will also donate £2.50 to youth charity, The Mix, and all entrants will receive a free high-quality print and have a chance to win 1 of 10 cameras.

Let’s take a look at the 28 images released so far:

I love the optimism of Londoners on the beach in the rain, by David Allcock
I love the optimism of Londoners on the beach in the rain (Picture: David Allcock)


I never felt comfortable being myself until I took this photo (Picture: Glyn Weaver)
I never felt comfortable being myself until I took this photo (Picture: Glyn Weaver)


I noticed a bee resting (Picture: David Roy)
I noticed a bee resting (Picture: David Roy)


International Women's Day, captured in passing on the Millennium bridge (Picture: Jeff Sofroniou)
International Women’s Day, captured in passing on the Millennium bridge (Picture: Jeff Sofroniou)


A self portrait of me reading a story to my daughter on a summer afternoon (Picture: Akanksha Agarwal)
A self-portrait of me reading a story to my daughter on a summer afternoon (Picture: Akanksha Agarwal)


A self portrait taken to explore growth and intimacy at a time of high anxiety (Picture: Elizabeth Corrall)
A self-portrait taken to explore growth and intimacy at a time of high anxiety (Picture: Elizabeth Corrall)


As a wheelchair user, I want to show people who I am and how I see the world (Picture: Christopher Purnell)
As a wheelchair user, I want to show people who I am and how I see the world (Picture: Christopher Purnell)


Autumnal moonset (Picture: Michael Umhofer)
Autumnal moonset (Picture: Michael Umhofer)


Being Diabetic has shown me how strong I truly am (Picture: Sophie-Leanne Rose)
Being Diabetic has shown me how strong I truly am (Picture: Sophie-Leanne Rose)


Caught mid-play (Picture: Andrew Bays)
Caught mid-play (Picture: Andrew Bays)


Pride (Picture: Sian Tudor)
Pride (Picture: Sian Tudor)


People's Vote Protesters Getting Ready to March (Picture: Shaun Davey)
People’s Vote Protesters Getting Ready to March (Picture: Shaun Davey)


Part of my Breastfeeding in Public Project, by Nitin Sachania
Part of my Breastfeeding in Public Project (Picture: Nitin Sachania)


Night Dancer, by Veronica Teodorescu
Night Dancer (Picture: Veronica Teodorescu)


Murder or feeding a population (Picture: Michael Kitney)
Murder or feeding a population (Picture: Michael Kitney)


A pro-Brexit supporter sings outside Parliament, (Picture: Michael Oliver)
A pro-Brexit supporter sings outside Parliament, (Picture: Michael Oliver)


Funniest joke ever, but nobody can remember it, (Picture: Phil Huff)
Funniest joke ever, but nobody can remember it, (Picture: Phil Huff)


Friends, throughout my journey with mental health, are always there, (Picture: Angela Harnett)
Friends, throughout my journey with mental health, are always there, (Picture: Angela Harnett)


Children standing together outside parliament on a climate youth strike, by Gabriella Barcellona
Children standing together outside parliament on a climate youth strike (Picture: Gabriella Barcellona)


Recycle! (Picture: Al Kent)
Recycle! (Picture: Al Kent)


'Save Guildford Crescent March (Picture: Tony De Sarzec)
‘Save Guildford Crescent March (Picture: Tony De Sarzec)


The cutest book exchange award goes to this phone box in Colton, Staffordshire (Picture: Jessica Davies)
The cutest book exchange award goes to this phone box in Colton, Staffordshire (Picture: Jessica Davies)


When my anxiety was worst, I took this photo, it was the best way to explain it (Picture: Emily Willadsen)
When my anxiety was worst, I took this photo, it was the best way to explain it (Picture: Emily Willadsen)


You try juggling four kids, a pram and the food shop (Picture: Stephen Poland)
You try juggling four kids, a pram and the food shop (Picture: Stephen Poland)



Your whole world in one photo (Picture: Abby Conlon)
Your whole world in one photo (Picture: Abby Conlon)


London Pride brings out the best in everyone, it's impossible not to smile! (Picture: Stuart Adam)
London Pride brings out the best in everyone, it’s impossible not to smile! (Picture: Stuart Adam)


A Christian at Bristol Pride, showing support to the LGBTQ+ community (Picture: Kieran Smith)
A Christian at Bristol Pride, showing support to the LGBTQ+ community (Picture: Kieran Smith)


A kind barber gives a free haircut to a homeless man outside Victoria station (Picture: Patrick Lawless)
A kind barber gives a free haircut to a homeless man outside Victoria station (Picture: Patrick Lawless)

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Mum mortified to find five-year-old daughter snacking on her tampon thinking it was a Twix bar

Mum carrying child next to image of chewed up tampon
What are you chewing on there, honey? (Picture: Getty, Facebook)

Most of us have been there – mistaking a tampon in our bag or the like for a sweet.

While we become disappointedly aware that it’s just a sanitary product and not a delicious bit of chocolate, one five-year-old didn’t quite get it.

Mum Carly Cox was left in hysterics when she realised her little girl Evie had been chewing on a tampon.

Posting on Facebook group The Motherload, Carly, from Cambridge, wrote how she’d absent-mindedly agreed to let the youngster take out a treat from her bag.

When Evie asked for the ‘sweets in the orange wrapper’, Carly gave her permission to eat one, thinking it was a Twix bar.

But after the youngster said it didn’t taste like chocolate, Carly quickly turned to Evie only to see her chewing on the menstruation product.

The whole exchange tickled users on the Facebook group who couldn’t believe it.

Facebook post of mum explaining how her five-year-old ended up eating a tampon
This doesn’t taste like Twix (Picture: Facebook)

In the post, she narrated the event saying how Evie led the exchange saying: ‘Mum can I eat one of those sweets in the orange wrapper’.

Carly then explained the rest of the conversation: ‘(Me thinking she meant a Twix): “Yes babe, sit at the table though”.

‘”Mum, how do I eat it?”.

‘”Like you do any chocolate, open it and bite it”.

‘”Mum, it doesn’t taste like chocolate”.’

Other parents could relate and said their youngsters had also mistook tampons and pads for other more fun things.

‘Mine thought they were sweets when they were younger,’ admitted one parent.

Another said: ‘[I] went upstairs when my lot were little to find sanitary pads all over the windows. They told me they were playing with aeroplanes.’

Some said the hilarious story left them howling.


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Primark’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas baubles are back with new designs

The DIsney baubles
We’ll take the lot (Picture: Primark/Getty)

We may only be in September, but Primark is already getting ready for Christmas, with the store launching its much-loved Mickey and Minnie Mouse baubles.

Primark has launched the baubles in all shapes and sizes and in true Primark fashion, they’re all super cheap.

The store is selling a set of four big baubles, which cost £4.

Mickey Mouse baubles
These are so cute (Picture: Primark)

The baubles are shaped like Mickey’s head, with a red one with the Disney logo stamped across it, another in green with snowflakes and ‘Ho, ho, ho’ written across it, a Mickey Mouse Santa themed bauble and also a Minnie Mouse bauble complete with black and white polka dots and a big red bow.

Also on offer are three sets of smaller baubles which also cost £4 per pack, and feature six baubles of different colours.

These orange, silver and brown baubles are also shaped like Mickey’s head, while another comes in the form of Mickey’s signature glove.

The pastel baubles
We love the pastel colours (Picture: Primark)

These are perfect for anyone planning a less traditional Christmas tree.

There are also some cute pastel versions, with purple, blue, silver and gold baubles on offer.

These feature lots of glitter, one of which also features Minnie’s bow in pink.

Pack of six baubles
The glove one is so cute (Picture: Primark)

If you don’t want to stop at just six baubles, Primark is also selling a bigger box of 25 – and this costs just £12.

You can get them in either pastel colours or black and red, depending on how colourful you see your tree being.

Box of 25 baubles
They also come in boxes of 25 (Picture: Primark)

The baubles in these boxes are all glittery and metallic – and of course, come shaped like the mouses’ heads and feature their iconic accessories.

Of course, if you’re a true Disney fan you could just buy the whole lot – as long as you’re not bothered about clashing colours on your tree, of course.

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The vegan eating contests that will have you cradling your gut

Vegan eating contests
London’s best vegan eating contests. (Picture: MEATLiquor/Biff’s Jack Shack/Young Vegans)

When you think of eating competitions, there’s a particular aesthetic that comes to mind. Diners going to town on an artery-clogging mountain of burger patties, competitors up to their elbows in greasy rib sauce and people heading to suffocation city thanks to all the hot dogs piled into their mouths.

These competitions might make you question how much progress we’ve made in the field of food waste and overindulgence, but for some, it’s just a bit of fun.

Due to the popularity of vegan food in the UK, eating competitions are no longer just for carnivores. Foodies on a plant-based diet, whose appetite is only surpassed by their competitive drive, don’t need to miss out.

Here are London’s top vegan eating competitions.

Vegan wingz eating competition, Biff’s Jack Shack


In 2018, Biff’s Jack Shack ran the first vegan ‘wingz’ eating competition. The event was created in response to National Chicken Wing Day and to raise funds for Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary.

The 2019 competition saw eight people battle it out at the Shoreditch-based eatery for the prize of a year’s supply of wingz.

‘The contestants had to go head to head to eat 10 of our crispy fried jackfruit wingz with a super-spicy version of our classic maple chipotle hot sauce,’ co-founder of Biff’s, Christa Bloom told to Metro.co.uk.

‘There were some really fierce competitors, but a guy called Harry absolutely smashed it! He won in 2:30, which was a massive 48 seconds fast than our 2018 winner!’

The vegan wingz are made of young green jackfruit, a ‘secret blend’ of herbs and spices and a panko crumb coating, all held together on sugarcane spear.

The annual competition is set to return next year.

‘Between this year and last it became so much bigger. We took over the bar at Boxpark, had DJs, doubled the contestants and quadrulpled the amount of money we raised for charity.

‘I can’t give details but we’re already planning the next incarnation and it’s going to be even bigger.’

Triple chilli challenge, MEATliquor

Don’t be fooled by the carnivorous name, burger chain MEATliquor has just introduced a new vegan triple chili challenge.

Their original triple chilli challenge was a staple on the London eating contest scene for more than six years, but after countless requests for a meatless version, they answered the plant-based call.

‘The vegan triple chilli challenge is what the people want, so we’ll give it to them!’ co-founder of MEATLiquor, Scott Collins, told Metro.co.uk.

Competitors can simply pop into the restaurant and devour black bean chilli fries, a vegan hot dog and a burger made up of spiced potato beetroot, onions, beans and pickles in under ten minutes. The prize is simple: you don’t have to pay for the food you just demolished.

Chilli pie contest, Young Vegans


Here’s another one with a spicy touch. If eating five versions of Young Vegans’ ‘chilli sin carne’ pie isn’t enough, bear in mind that each features a different chilli.

The Camden pie-makers begin with the relatively entry-level jalapeno and creep their way up to the hottest chilli in the world, the feared Carolina Reaper.

‘It’s nice for people to be able to do something for free once in a while in London.

‘Almost 100 people showed up and a lot of them were ready to pay and when they realised it was free they were genuinely so happy. A lot ended up turning into regular customers,’ co-owner of Young Vegans, Marco Casadei said.

There’s no time-limit on this bad boy, you’ve just got to be the fastest to eat all five pies.

The winner gets to saunter away with a t-shirt, a pie voucher and oh yeah, panties.

The contest was first held in November 2018 to celebrate Young Vegans’ first birthday, and they’re onto planning a follow-up tournament. We’re sweating in anticipation.

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Mum argues that dads should be allowed to stay overnight at maternity wards

a proud, smiling new father cradles is newborn daughter in his arms
Should dads be allowed to stay at the maternity ward? (Picture: Getty)

A mum has started a thought-provoking debate on Twitter about whether men should be allowed to stay in maternity wards for the same time as the new mum and baby.

Writer Annie Ridout, from London, explained that her local hospital doesn’t allow dads to stay in postnatal wards after their baby is born.

The author wrote: ‘I think this is outrageous – unfair on the mother; unfair on the father, who’s being made to feel unimportant. He needs to bond too.’

Since she posted the comment, people on Twitter have been debating whether it’s a good or bad idea.

One mum could see both sides. She replied to the tweet saying: ‘So tricky. I remember my husband and I were both crying when he had to leave a few hours after I had my first.

‘Absolutely the time we needed each other most. But I do see the predicament.’

Other mums said their partners were allowed to stay. One wrote: ‘That is insane!! I am in Leicester and my partner was able to stay as long as he wanted. You need support after giving birth.’

The post received hundreds of comments from mums and dads weighing in.

A dad said he thought it should work on a case by case basis.

He posted: ‘It needs to be dealt with on an individual basis and was managed well when my son was born.

‘Parental inclusion is important, but so is rest for mum and baby, plus the safety of other people on the ward.’

Some people commenting on the tweet said that in private rooms, partners and/or family members were allowed to stay with the mother.

But, of course, those on a lower income may not be able to afford private care.

Annie said: ‘Private rooms sound so nice to me! But then it becomes exclusive to those who can afford this.’

Most were concerned that it would lead to overcrowding.

One mum added: ‘With both my babies I was in postnatal ward rooms with 6/7 other mums – if partners had been in overnight it would have been overcrowded, noisy, and completely lacking in privacy.’

‘What would be ideal is more midwife support through the night.’

Others retold bad experiences they had in the maternity ward: ‘It sounds like a good thing, but after I had someone’s threatening partner staying next to me whilst bed-bound, I changed my mind.

‘You want your own partner there, but I really didn’t want anyone else’s.’

One person made a controversial claim that maternity wards should be male-free. They wrote: ‘I believe labour wards should be man-free because of the deeply female personal stuff going on, as well as to protect vulnerable women.

‘Women don’t want strange men about when recovering, as vaginas might need inspecting, etc (curtains no help). And secondly, abuse rates are very high after birth,’ she continued.

‘This rule prevents women from being raped/sexually abused by their partners after birth. Sad but true.’

At the moment, hospitals operate on an ad-hoc basis when it comes to dads and visitors so you should check visiting hours.

Some hospitals allow the birthing partners to stay overnight

The Royal Free Hospital, for example, says: ‘Partners or a chosen companion can stay overnight at the Royal Free Hospital on with mothers and babies.

‘We recognise that this aids with family bonding and can reduce anxiety and stress among mothers. The decision to stay overnight is entirely up to you, though staff may decide it’s not possible under certain circumstances.

‘Due to limited space, we cannot offer a bed, linen or showers. You can use the chair by the bed to rest and you will need to bring your own blanket or pillow.’

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Quality Street introduces Chocolate Caramel Brownie sweets to its tins

A tub of quality street
The Quality Street tubs are back, new and improved (Picture: Nestle)

Christmas is just a few months away, and brands are getting ready to launch their festive products.

This year Nestle’s Quality Street has had a revamp.

The sweets will be back and will be better than ever as there’s something new in the selection: the Chocolate Caramel Brownie.

Shoppers now have a number of options to choose from, including a range of sizes and formats on sale in the run-up to the festive season.

It comes after news that once again, chocolate tubs, including Quality Street, have got smaller.

Nestle’s tubs will go from 698g to 650g but bigger sizes will be available.

There will be 650g tubs and 1kg tins available in most major retailers, and a special 800g gold tin will be exclusively available at Tesco. If you want a really big tin, 2kg versions will be on sale in Costco.

The new brownie sweet
The new chocolate brownie sweet sounds amazing (Picture: Nestle)

After research found that the chocolate sweets are more popular than the toffee sweets, Quality Street has switched up the ratios in each assortment. Now, there will be 46% chocolate sweets instead of 35%.

Ellie Worley, senior brand manager for Quality Street said: ‘2019 is a huge year for Quality Street. We’ve got a new sweet, a new design and we are developing the brand in all areas ahead of the Christmas season.

‘I know just how much people love Quality Street and we work really hard to find that balance between keeping things fresh but also familiar.

‘We’ve been listening and I think we’ve got the perfect mix this year and made the changes that people have told us they’d like to see.’

Quality Street also knows how much customers love certain sweets so, they’re releasing three new products – each focusing on one of the chocolates.

This includes the Giant Strawberry Creme, the Giant Purple One and the Giant Chocolate Caramel Brownie.

These boxes will be exclusive to Asda.

Obviously, we’ll be stocking up on chocolates ready for Christmas Day spent watching festive movies.

Is there any other way to spend it?

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Honey trap for hire: Millionaire will pay you to seduce his fiancée

Man standing in a doorway with a woman behind him
The man wants to pay for someone to ‘honey trap’ his partner (Picture: Getty)

Ever find yourself fantasising about what you’d drop your cash on if you were a zillionaire?

A summer residence in Mykonos, the university tuition fees for your favourite cousins, a meet-and-greet with the surviving cast members of M*A*S*H, perhaps?

Well, here’s something almost definitely not on your ridiculous wish list.

According to luxury services website Hush Hush, a millionaire is looking to splash out a small fortune to test the loyalty of his soon-to-be wife.

The unnamed man – who admits he is ‘hardly in the prime of his life’ – is seeking a male ‘honey trapper’ to seduce his fiancée. The aim of the game? That she’ll be caught out and will reveal ‘her true intentions’.

‘His reasoning behind wanting to do it is pretty simple – he’s been messed around before for his money, and since getting engaged to his girlfriend, has become increasingly worried that this relationship might be heading in the same direction,’ the Hush Hush ad reads.

‘She has refused his suggestions of a pre-nup, and since getting engaged just a few weeks ago, is becoming ever-more agitated to tie the knot, despite there being no reason to rush the wedding.’

Everybody’s got their trust issues, sure, but if you’re already betting on your partner being a total golddigger, perhaps an elaborate trap isn’t necessary. Then again… where’s the fun in that?

If you believe you’ve got the makings of a high-stakes honey trapper, this is the millionaire’s selection criteria:

  1. Be a fit, young hunk.
  2. Have facial hair.
  3. Act convincingly rich.

The successful candidate will be given a luxury property, sports cars and a fixed budget to spend while completing the task.

It’s acknowledged in the Hush Hush ad that it isn’t the typical request they’re used to handling but they’re up for it.

‘As with all of our customers, if there’s something you need, we will always try to help,’ the ad reads.

The website is notorious for posting lavish requests from swanky folk all over the globe.

Some of their recent highlights include a millionaire (and music festival virgin) offering £5,000 for someone to help him party the summer away at European music festivals. Another classic was a different millionaire seeking out a rock face to transform into his family’s own Mount Rushmore. Add that one to your wish list.

Asda launches matching Halloween costumes for mums and daughters

asda mum and daughter matching costumes including a cat and skeleton
Matching costumes! (Picture: Asda)

Autumn is slowly creeping in – Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are back and Halloween is just around the corner.

So, if you are already thinking about costumes, how does matching ones for mums and their little ones sound?

Supermarket Asda has launched a range of spooky dressing-up clothes in both kids and adults sizes.

The range includes witches, cats and skeletons, plus a great unicorn outfit with a rainbow tutu.

Adult unicorn costume from Asda
One for adults… (Picture: Asda)
Kids unicorn costume from Asda
…One for kids(Picture: Asda)

Prices start at £5 for the kid’s costumes and £8 for adult ones.

The whole range is available in sizes small to large for women and ages one to 12 for kids.

Most of the costume sets are made up of a tutu and headgear, which you can team with a plain t-shirt and some leggings or tights.

The tulle tutu has lots of fluffy layers and an elasticated waist to make it comfortable and easy for everyone to wear.

For boys, there’s a cute rainbow skeleton costume, which doesn’t match exactly but would fit in with the theme.

Adult devil costume from Asda
The matching costumes include a tutu and headgear (Picture: Asda)
Kids devil costume from Asda
Perfect for mums and daughters who are fans of the spooky holiday (Picture: Asda)

We also love this spider costume, which costs £9, perfect for boys or girls.

And if you want to count down to the spookiest day of the year, there are now advent calendars for Halloween.

Over the last few years, advent calendars have become luxurious, filled with everything from make-up to cheese.

But now the Halloween version is becoming more popular.

You can pick up a reusable felt calendar from Amazon or a range of handmade ones from Etsy.

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One in four women feel too intimidated to go to the gym, study finds

Young people exercising in a gym on treadmill. Focus is on foreground.
Women are scared of being judged in the gym (Picture: Getty)

A new study has found that one in four women suffer from ‘gymtimidation’ and shy away from exercise for fear of being judged.

Almost half of women have at some point felt negatively judged when working out – this affects those aged 18-24 the most, with 70% feeling this way.

37% feel others believe they aren’t good enough to go to the gym and 28% worry people think they look unattractive when they work out

A third worry others will think they don’t know what they are doing, resulting in many ditching the gym altogether.

The study of 2,000 women, commissioned by Sure Women, also revealed women aren’t moving enough and it could have serious health implications.

The results revealed that the average UK woman is physically active for just four hours a day, equating to three-quarters of the waking day spent inactive.

More than one in five confessed to participating in physical exercise less than once a week, if at all, preferring to spend time watching TV, browsing the internet or doing nothing at home.

Picture of two beautiful fitness women in gym
The study was commissioned by Sure Women

Despite spending nearly £300 on gym memberships and fitness classes per year, many don’t take advantage of it.

Courtney Lucas, brand manager for Sure Women, said: ‘We were shocked when we discovered the extent of women’s lack of movement and the barriers they face to working out.

‘Our Your World Your Workout initiative aims to fuel a conversation about the importance of women having the confidence to move more in their everyday lives, using the world around them to feel more confident and benefit their long-term health.”

‘It could be as simple as getting off the bus a stop early to walk, taking the stairs instead of the lift or just simply heading out for a long stroll on a Sunday with the family – these are all examples of small movements that can make a big impact.’

Although 67% of women wish they worked out more, excuses such as ‘getting too red and sweaty’ and the fear of not being good enough are preventing many from going.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, an expert in women’s health, wants to educate women on the importance of moving more in their everyday lives.

She said: ‘Exercise has been touted to be a cure for so many things in life; from depression to memory loss.

‘A variety of studies warn that sedentary lifestyles are likely to be causing as many deaths as smoking and certain types of cancers but there are incremental changes women can make to their everyday lives that will see their movement increase and thus the benefits that come with that activity.’

The top ten reasons for avoiding working out

  1. Not having enough money for the gym/classes (27%)
  2. Feeling too intimidated by the gym (25%)
  3. Worrying about looking unfit in front of other people (21%)
  4. Worrying about what other people think of me (19%)
  5. Not knowing how to use machinery or exercise efficiently (16%)
  6. Worrying about getting too red and sweaty (15%)
  7. Fear of not being good enough (14%)
  8. Feeling that I need to be better before I work out in public (14%)
  9. Feeling intimidated by the gym because of male trainers (14%)
  10. Not liking how I look in workout clothing (12%)

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B&M launches chilli sauce filled advent calendar for £4.99

The new chilli advent calendar
Fancy a spicy advent calendar? (Picture: B&M)

B&M has launched a new advent calendar ready for Christmas – but it doesn’t feature chocolate.

Instead, this calendar features ’24 days of hot sauce’. Yes, it’s an advent calendar filled with chilli sauce, and it’s not suitable for those who can’t handle heat.

The calendar is currently available for £4.99 in B&M stores, and apparently the heat level of the sauces is ‘extreme’.

The calendar includes 24 windows with eight different chilli sauces, weighing 7g each.

These are called Thai-riffic, Hawaiian lava flow, Egyptian fire scarab, death valley, my outback is burning, dragons breath, Indian tigerblood and thunder downunder.

Apparently, the sauces can be eaten with anything – chilli chocolate, anyone?

The advent calendar
It’s super cheap (Picture: eBay)

In other advent calendar news, Cult Beauty has launched its first ever advent calendar.

The calendar is worth £680 and features 25 doors, with 10 products plus an extra little treat behind door 25. Amazing.

The calendar features a range of beauty products, including moisturiser, lip serums, beautyblenders, matte lipsticks, loose setting powder, cooling water, facial oil and face masks.

The waiting list for the calendar opened on 5 September, and there’s also the chance to win big.

If you open a door and find a golden ticket (Willy Wonka vibes here), then you will automatically win £1,000 Cult Beauty points, which can be used on the site to buy anything you want.

Just imagine the size of your makeup bag after a shopping spree like that.

As mentioned, the calendar is worth more than £600 – but it’s going to be selling for just £195.

Which sure, is still a lot for a calendar, but just look at all the stuff that comes with it.

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Second Hand September: Seven practical ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable

ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable
Are you doing everything you can to make your wardrobe more sustainable? (Picture: Getty)

Second Hand September, coined by charity Oxfam, is an initiative to put stop throwaway fashion and it’s got us thinking about more ways we can be sustainable with our clothing.

Shopping second-hand is a great, eco-friendly way to challenge the fast fashion industry, but sadly it’s not always possible.

Luckily, there are a number of other ways to make a wardrobe more sustainable.

Here are some alternative ways to make eco-friendly choices when it comes to clothes and to ensure garments stand the test of time.

Look after (and wash) items with care

wash clothes less to help the environment
Hold off chucking pieces in the wash (Picture: iStockphoto)

We’re all guilty of throwing clothes into a washing machine without looking at which wash cycle suits each piece.

The truth is that clothes labels exist for a reason and we should be paying more attention to them.

Essentially, they’re a DIY manual for wearers, telling us what temperature the piece needs to be washed on, whether it’s hand wash only and if it’s suitable for the tumble dryer – all to keep the piece in tip-top condition.

Shrinking clothes because they’ve been on the wrong wash setting is a common misfortune that’s easily preventable.

Take an extra minute during your laundry session to check the labels on garments and sort out washing piles accordingly – be it hand wash, cotton cycle, 40 degree cycles or more. Clothes will last longer as a result, giving you months (and hopefully years) more enjoyment from them.

A little TLC never does any harm, after all.

Wash items less and use natural detergents

Some of the most influential people in the fashion world are telling us to wash our clothes less, like designer Stella McCartney who told The Observer: ‘Basically, in life, rule of thumb: if you don’t absolutely have to clean anything, don’t clean it.’

Every time a washing machine is used, significant amounts of energy go into powering it – not to mention the 13,500 gallons of water a year used by an average household.

When washing is absolutely necessary, Stella recommends doing it on lower temperature and using a liquid detergent.

She said: ‘Powder detergent creates more friction between the clothes [during washing], so more fibres are released, whereas liquid is smoother. The less friction there is in general, the fewer fibres are released.’

According to Fashion Revolution, up to 25% of each garment’s carbon footprint comes from the way we wash and care for it.

Too many clothes are ending up in landfills before they need to, all due to overwashing.

Choose sustainable materials

Some fabrics which are branded as ‘natural’ are actually doing considerable harm to the environment. This is due to the efforts that go into making the garment, including sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, production, transport, washing and disposal. It’s important to be aware of the different materials and their impact.

Cotton is one of the biggest culprits. It’s estimated that buying a new white cotton shirt produces the same amount of emissions as driving a car for 35 miles.

Organic cotton, however, is a more eco-friendly alternative, as it’s grown without harmful chemicals. That is, if you buy items that have not had dyes added. Stay safe and buy clothing in shades that cotton is grown in – that’s cream, light brown and pale green (in case you were wondering).

It’s generally best to avoid any clothing that isn’t made out of natural materials (so anything synthetic) such as polyester, nylon and acrylic.

Opting for clothes made from recycled materials is another great option.

30 wears test

how to make your wardrobe more sustainable
Do you think about the lifespan of purchases? (Picture: iStockphoto)

A study by Barnardos found that women wear clothes an average of seven times before they throw them away. An attitude which is fuelling the harmful fast fashion industry.

Of course, buying new clothes is sometimes necessary, but sustainability consultancy Eco Age say we should be considering the lifespan of clothes when we purchase them. They’ve launched a #30wears campaign, encouraging shoppers to think about whether they will wear an item 30 times or more. If not, its longevity comes into question.

If the piece is of poor quality and won’t last 30 wears, or if it’s a trend piece that might not be as appealing next season – give it a miss.

Clothes that meet this 30-wear criteria can be purchased, but it’s important to really take the time to consider it when purchasing any new clothing and to make it a part of your shopping routine.

Instead of binning items of clothing when boredom strikes, think about holding onto them and popping them in storage. Certain pre-owned, trend-based pieces may be of interest in a few years time when styles come back around – which they usually always do.

Repair items or get creative

Invest in a sewing kit or machine so that any damaged or ripped pieces of clothing can be fixed.

This won’t work for all cases, but why not get creative with the ones that are beyond repair?

Use the material from a ripped woolen jumper and upcycle it, turning it into something different like a pair of snug socks. Or, if a dress has a few buttons missing, take the rest off and find some new ones to replace them. New buttons will cost considerably less than a new dress and the planet will thank you, too.

Quality over quantity

When it comes to sustainability it’s all about standing the test of time. So it’s about choosing high-quality clothes that will offer years of wear, over low-quality garments that might not make it through the year.

These sustainable clothes usually come with a higher price but will last considerably longer.

Invest in fewer, versatile garments that can form a capsule wardrobe, over cheap, trend-based pieces.

Change your mentality around consumption

The hard truth is that we as a society buy too much, and generally want too much.

Fast fashion has made this worse than ever, with £3.99 pieces available with just a few simple clicks and delivered the next day.

Challenging ideas around consumption and focusing on what we really need as opposed to what we really want will help make our wardrobes (and consequently the fashion industry) more sustainable.

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Did you know you may not need to see a GP to treat your cystitis?

You no longer need to wait for an appointment with your GP to test and treat the symptoms of cystitis

Having cystitis is never a comfortable experience.

Aside from the pain, there can be the embarrassment of talking about an intimate condition, bringing a urine sample to your doctor and managing the urgency to be near a toilet. At. All. Times.

Yet up to half of all women will face cystitis in their lifetime*, which means that in the UK the condition accounts for up to 3 per cent of all GP visits**.

But what if we no longer needed a doctor’s appointment to get tested and treated for a urinary tract infection (UTI)?

Thankfully, high street favourite Boots has devised a ‘test and treat’ service to detect a UTI and treat it quickly, where appropriate, without a visit to your GP.

Get advice for treating cystitis using Boots’ new Cystitis Test and Treat Service
It’s easy to have your needs assessed at your own convenience

Cystitis, a UTI particularly common in women, is usually caused by a bacterial infection.

Some of the symptoms can include lower tummy pain, cloudy urine, needing to go to the loo more often than usual and a burning sensation when you do.

Putting off getting advice due to inconvenience, time constraints or embarrassment can lead to more pain – and occasionally added complications.

But thanks to the new Boots Cystitis Test and Treat Service, which is available in around 300 stores, women can test their own urine at a time that works best for them, helping to ensure they receive the advice and care they require.

So how does the service work?

Simply head to your local participating Boots store***, discuss your concerns with the pharmacy team, and if suitable you can pick up the £10 DIP UTI self-testing kit (you can also buy it online).

This is an easy-to-use urine dipstick test, which you can do wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you.

You will need to download the free app to your compatible smartphone and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the urine dipstick test. Your results will show up on your phone within a few minutes, which you then bring with you to discuss with the pharmacist at a participating store. They’ll discuss your results and advise you on the next steps.

This may include prescription-only medicine, which the pharmacist can supply at a cost of £15. There is no charge for the pharmacist consultation if prescription medicine is not supplied.

If your symptoms are severe or persistent, then you will need to be seen by your GP.

Download the free app to find out how to use your kit

The option to visit Boots first makes cystitis testing more accessible to women, saving you and your GP valuable time.

So, not only is Boots’ new service a convenient way to help determine your treatment needs swiftly, it will also help you tackle the issue early so you can get on with your life.

The Boots Cystitis Test & Treat Service starts from £10, and the pharmacist consultation and supply of prescription medicine, if appropriate, is a further £15. Plus you’ll get the added bonus of collecting your Boots Advantage points when you visit in-store.

*According to https://cks.nice.org.uk/urinary-tract-infection-lower-women

**According to https://www.gpnotebook.co.uk/simplepage.cfm?ID=-375783424

***Boots Cystitis Test & Treat Service is available at selected stores across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Compatible smartphone required. This service is suitable for women, aged 16 to 64, who have symptoms of an uncomplicated lower UTI, such as burning pain when passing urine, cloudy urine, or needing to pass urine more often than usual. Subject to availability, eligibility criteria and charges apply. There is no charge for the pharmacist consultation if prescription-only medicine is not supplied. Click here for further information on health services at Boots.

Asda is trialling a new coating technology that triples fruit shelf life

Asda trials new coating technology to improve fruit shelf life
Has Asda answered our food waste prayers? (Picture: Asda/Getty)

We all know supermarkets throw away an alarming amount of food every year, but one chain is finally taking a stand against waste.

Asda is trialling a new coating technology in a hope to reduce the amount of fresh food ending up in landfills.

The supermarket giant has teamed up Apeel Sciences to create a product designed to triple the shelf life of fresh food.

The pioneering plant-derived, water-based coating acts as an extra invisible skin or ‘peel’ and dramatically slows the rate of spoilage – meaning food lasts longer.

Asda has said the new coating could reduce the amount of pesticides needed on foods post-harvest.

Not only that, but the invisible ‘peel’ means that less plastic packaging will be required.

Apeel-coated clementines are currently being trialled at two UK stores – Chatham in Kent and Glasshoughton in Yorkshire.

It’s the first time the impressive foodie tech has been rolled out in the UK, after it won approval from EU regulators back in June.

Nasir Ahmed, produce and technical manager at Asda, said: ‘We’re always looking at how we can reduce food waste right the way through our supply chain and into our customers’ homes.

‘Increasing shelf life means our customers can enjoy fresher produce for longer, so we’re really excited about the potential of Apeel and I’m delighted Asda is part of this trial.’

The innovative technology can be found in Costco, Kroger and Harps stores across the US – where it’s helping to extend the shelf life of apples, asparagus, limes and lemons.

It’s a positive sign for things to come and a promising step in the battle against food waste.

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