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An artist has finally made vulva nails a thing

vulva nails
(Picture: Instagram/projectobject.co)

We’re big fans of vag chat.

By which we mean open conversation around the vulva (that’s the outside bit) and the vagina (that’s the inside bit).

We want these McDonald's molten chocolate pies in the UK

Chat to us about labia. Ask us why you shouldn’t put glitter in your nature’s pocket. Celebrate the wonders of the clit. We’re here for all of it.

So naturally, after discovering that nipple nail art exists in the world, we eagerly waited for someone to follow up the sensation with vulva nails to match.

We waited. Now, someone… Read the full story

We want these McDonald’s molten chocolate pies in the UK

So damn good. (Picture: McDonald)

Life is so unfair. 

Okay, there are some great things about living in the UK. Stuff like universal health care and a commitment to proper queuing.

How The Crosstitutes are using embroidery to take down sexism and slut-shaming

But there are also some not great things. Namely, having to take the tube and rarely getting any of the really exciting offerings from international establishments like McDonald’s and Starbucks.

Last week we found out we couldn’t get the divine sounding new Hatcha drink from Starbucks, only in US stores. Now, another blow.

In South Korea you can get a molten chocolate pie.

It’s like… Read the full story

13 types of drunk we have all experienced

There is a special type of hangover for those who get absolutely drunk (Picture: Warner Bros.)

When it comes to getting drunk there is no such thing as a one type of drunk feeling for all.

How The Crosstitutes are using embroidery to take down sexism and slut-shaming

We’ve all started an evening with the best of intentions, only for it to mildly escalate into a heavy night out, with a lot of booze.

Like the time you took over the dance floor with your best John Travolta moves aka the dancing drunk.

Or the other weekend when you were an emotional drunk and ended the night… Read the full story

Instagrammer has a brilliant response to her photo being used for a body-shaming meme

(Picture: Instagram/noonie_regardless)

Instagrammer and body positive model Noonie Regardless has worked hard on loving and accepting her body – and she won’t let anyone take that away from her.

Instagrammer has a brilliant response to her photo being used for a body-shaming meme

As a plus-size woman with more than 50,000 followers, Noonie is used to getting the occasional comment, but that didn’t stop her feeling shocked when she spotted that a photo of her wearing a crop top had been turned into a cruel, body-shaming meme.

‘I was on the explore page looking at other beautiful women that I admired and… Read the full story

When do babies crawl? What age should your little ones get moving?

Mother playing with baby girl

You may regret encouraging the curious little thing to be mobile, but when a baby starts to crawl is a big moment in their young life.

When does the milestone of crawling come for the bundle of joy (and tears, and poop)?

How The Crosstitutes are using embroidery to take down sexism and slut-shaming

For a baby being able to get around marks a huge day in their physical and mental development as they are no longer joined at the hip to their parents or carers.

Babies typically begin to crawl between six and 10 months, but some may never crawl… Read the full story

What does it mean if you’re dreaming about snakes?

Don’t worry, it’s not necessarily a bad thing (Picture: Getty Images)

We all want our dreams to be about beating up the school bully, or winning the lottery, or defeating the White Walkers alongside Jon Snow, but sadly we have little control over the stories out minds conjur up at night.

Dreams are often considered to be a manifestation of what’s plaguing your thoughts in waking life.

What is deep sleep and how much of it should you be getting?

People who hate their job dream about the office, while those trying to lose weight will dream about eating.

However many people confess to having a… Read the full story

Almost 60% of women want more sex than their partner does

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If you believe what you see in American films, all men are desperate for sex, and most women don’t want to give it to them.

We want these McDonald's molten chocolate pies in the UK

This is, of course, complete bollocks. As we know, women have sexual identities, desires and fantasies of their own, just like men do. In fact, as new research from Voucher Codes Pro demonstrates, many women actually have even more of a sex drive than men.

The research was carried out as part of an ongoing study into Britons relationships and after a rise in searches for… Read the full story

Why I won’t be taking any pictures of my charity trip to Africa

(Picture: Getty)

My summer holiday is a little different to perhaps what’s expected.

In Britain, if we’re not taking an all-inclusive to a sunny Balearic island, we tend to be taking exotic paradisaical trips out to Thailand for an other-worldly experience.

Why I won't be taking any pictures of my charity trip to Africa

But for me, my summer holiday will see me join global development charity Tearfund to see how communities in Malawi are helping each other tackle HIV diagnoses.

Following a group of Malawian women using smartphone technology to avoid passing on HIV to their children, I cannot wait to hear what these women have to tell… Read the full story

Is using the Fullips lip enhancer to plump your lips worth the faff?

(Picture: Ellen Scott/Metro.co.uk)

My mind haunted with memories of the Kylie Jenner Challenge, I stuck a tiny cup onto my lips and sucked, hard.

I’ll be honest. I don’t have lips so thin they’re almost invisible. I’m actually rather proud of my bottom lip, which is plump enough to smudge lipstick on my chin if I eat on a night out.

My top lip, however, could do with some inflating.

Instagrammer has a brilliant response to her photo being used for a body-shaming meme

Seeing Instagrammers, celebs, and people from my secondary school with increasingly full lips on Instagram has made me seriously… Read the full story

How to travel on the Tube if you have anxiety

Pole-hogging is the new manspreading METRO_pole-hoggers-Danilella-Birtley-2
(Picture: Daniella Birtley/metro.co.uk)

The first time I rode the London Underground was four years ago, when I was a budding student journalist off to work experience at a national newspaper.

As someone who’d barely been to London before that week, having grown up in the Cotswolds and then moved to Devon for my undergraduate studies, the only transport I was used to were buses chugging through the countryside or quiet trains sauntering along the south coast.

How to travel on the Tube if you have anxiety

I was prepared for a whole new world of travel when… Read the full story

Upcoming sex party leaves people disgusted in Tunbridge Wells

Let’s face it, it’s not the sexiest place in the world. (Picture: Getty)

As a former resident of Tunbridge Wells, I can assure you that almost nothing interesting has ever happened there. 

How to travel on the Tube if you have anxiety

We’re talking about a town who were genuinely excited to get a branch of Pret. A town with two of the worst night clubs in the UK, arguably in the world.

It’s very pretty and it’s got some nice shops, but I’ll level with you, it’s bloody boring.

So you’d think they’d be pleased to see things changing up. But no. Local residents are apparently not very… Read the full story

15 things everybody in Scotland will do this summer

Yes, Scotland does have a summer (Picture: Getty)

Scots have a weird relationship with summer.

More than just deep fried Mars Bars – why Scotland needs to embrace its local produce

It’s so unpredictable that most kids are back at school and adults back at work long before any good weather arrives.

But when it does, we go mad for it: Tops come off, sense goes out the window and we get eaten alive by terrifying flying monsters. And don’t even get us started on the uneven sunburn.

Here are 15 things everybody in Scotland will do this summer.

1. Say ‘taps aff!’ when it isn’t that warm

There are some… Read the full story

Personal trainer shares side by side photos to show how she poses to hide her cellulite

(Picture: Instagram/sophactivelife)

Anyone can have cellulite.

It doesn’t matter if you’re super fit and toned or haven’t exercised in your life, cellulite can happen. It’s totally normal, it doesn’t mean anything about your health, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s easy to assume that you’re the only one with dimpled thighs when cellulite is edited out of every advert and Instagram post, so it’s always appreciated when someone gets real and shows that yes, they’ve got cellulite too.

Take a look at personal trainer Sophie Allen.

She’s super fit and toned. Her ‘Gram is filled with pics of her toned abs and excellent sports bra collection.

Instagram PhotoRead the full story

The 8 stages of handing in your notice

‘I’m outta here… er, yes, I suppose I should clean this up’ (Picture: Getty)

You’ve done it.

The 19 stages of going for ‘one’ drink after work

You’ve smashed the interview, secured the epic I-no-longer-need-to-live-on-beans salary and managed to go get yourself an assistant.

It’s the job you’ve always dreamed of, and now it’s all yours.

The annoying boss, infuriating expenses system and outright barbaric holiday allowance is now a thing of your past.

Come at me world!

But with a new job offer comes the standard and somewhat humdrum process of resigning.

And if you’ve just resigned, or on the cusp of it, you’ll know there a few inevitable stages you’ll… Read the full story

Deliveroo is giving out free fries today

(Picture: Deliveroo)

The world’s a bit sh*t and scary right now.

Free food won’t fix that. But it’ll help give us a little comfort while we wait and hope that things get better.

How to travel on the Tube if you have anxiety

The most comforting food type of all is, of course, carbs.

And so we’re very pleased to announce that this Friday, 18 August, Deliveroo is giving out free fries across the UK.

Yep, FREE chips. Exciting, we know.

Deliveroo has called the day Fry-Day (catchy), and the brand’s teamed up with a bunch of its partner restaurants to give customers free… Read the full story

7 of the best restaurants to try in Brighton

Brighton is more than just fish and chips on the beach (Picture: Getty)

There are over 500 restaurants in Brighton. Fish and chips on the beach are a firm favourite with day trippers and there are plenty of chip shops to choose from.

10 of the best places to eat gluten-free in Brighton

There are burger joints, kiss me quick shops full of candy floss and sticks of rock.

Brighton is also home to some seriously tasty food, top chefs and Silo, the only restaurant in the world to compost its own waste on the premises (this happens within 24 hours of processing).

There are… Read the full story

The cuticle tattoo trend is the perfect way to show off your manicure

(Picture: Instagram/itsclairekerby)

Anyone who has a tattoo can admit that they’re a tiiiiny bit addictive.

If I weren’t indecisive and committed to only getting tattooed if I’ve wanted something for more than two years, I reckon I’d be covered.

But once you’ve done the easily hidden places (hip bone, ankle, back), you start to run out of body real estate.

Instagrammer has a brilliant response to her photo being used for a body-shaming meme

Are you ready to be someone with tattooed arms? Do you want to commit to a massive design on your thigh? Do you keep going for smaller and smaller designs that can hardly be… Read the full story

Here are some of the best science photographs of 2017


Over 3,500 entries to win the competition for the best images in science have been whittled down to the final few.

How to travel on the Tube if you have anxiety

Amazing images shortlisted by the Royal Photographic Society show everything from the beauty of the universe to the tiny details in the smallest of insects.

The powerful images include a frozen bubble, beautiful landscapes and extreme close-up views of every-day objects such as a tissue.

Both professional and amateur photographers were tasked with finding the most visually appealing picture which tells a story about science.

Angels in Love (Picture: Andrey Narchuk/PA)

The competition is being supported by… Read the full story

Stop judging Amy Childs – mothers should be allowed to wean their baby early

Amy Childs with baby
(Picture: S Meddle/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

New mother Amy Childs posted a comment this week innocently asking for advice on weaning her 4-month-old daughter Polly.

Concerned that her daughter was going hungry despite normal milk feeding, Amy was considering trying one of the early foods formulated for babies, and suitable from four months old. All good so far?

Blood, vomit and emergency surgery: What it’s like to give birth to a huge baby

Well maybe not – because national guidelines suggest you don’t wean a child onto solid food until they’re 6-months-old so she was called ‘irresponsible’ by commenters.

Hmmm but the NHS site states… Read the full story

Pizzas are going to shrink by 20% and we are not okay about it

(Picture: Getty)

Far be it for me to try and start a revolution, but I’ve got bad, bad news. 

The kind of discovery that makes me want to start singing ‘Can you hear the people sing?’ and marching on Whitehall.

Instagrammer has a brilliant response to her photo being used for a body-shaming meme

The government, dear reader, is planning to shrink your pizza.

You remember pizza, right? That delicious, life giving, wondrous food? A beautiful concerto of cheese, tomato and dough? The purest and truest joy that a person can encounter?

Proof that it’s possible to find real ecstasy without doing anything illegal or immoral?

That’s what… Read the full story

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