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Are squiggly eyebrows really going to be the next big brow trend?

(Picture: Promise Tamang/Instagram)

Are you worried that your brows are starting to look a little…basic?

Are you tired of having to fill them in and fade them out? Do you wish you had a bit of facial furniture that wasn’t identical to everyone else?

Forget McDonald's: A burger festival is happening next week

If the answer’s yes, then stop what you’re doing, grab a pencil and some tweezers and settle down.

Because apparently, the hottest way to have your eyebrows right now is in the shape of squiggly lines.

Beauty influencer Promise Tamang recently uploaded the look to Instagram and told PopSugar that she’d… Read the full story

If you think you drink too much rosé, you should see how much Americans are ploughing through

(Picture: Barrymore Rose/Instagram)

Once upon a time, rosé was deemed crash, tasteless.

Brits dismissed it as an Essex Girl tipple, suitable only for downing before a night out in Faces nightclub.

Nude blogger fires back at Instagram after they finally reactivate her account

But then everyone pulled their heads out of their arses and finally realised that it can be delicious.

And we’ve been supping it relentlessly ever since.

Frosé, pink champagne, rosé jelly…we’ve lost our goddamn minds in the pink haze.

If you’re worrying that you’d been drinking too much of it this summer, however, let me allay your fears by… Read the full story

ICYMI, Tooting has made it onto Lonely Planet’s ’10 Coolest Neighbourhoods’ in the world

(Picture: tootingdailyprss/Instagram)

South London has been having something of an artsy renaissance for the past few years.

It began with Brixton being gentrified out of all recognition and then spread to Peckham and Camberwell thanks to an incessant stream of resident graphic design students.

Drinking coffee might makes your pesky sugar cravings worse

But we’ve now reached the apex of this south side love-in.

Because Tooting – that odd area at the bottom of the Northern Line that up until now had been written off as social Siberia – has just been named one of the world’s top 10 ‘coolest neighbourhoods’.

Yep, the Broadway and Bec are up there on Lonely… Read the full story

What I learned reading the Harry Potter books for the first time aged 31

‘It’s about time I read this’ (Picture: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

In a move at odds with a sizeable portion of the global populous, my introduction to the Harry Potter universe occurred in reverse to what is typically recommended. 

Why I’ll always love Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves

As sacrilegious as it may be, I watched all of the movies before reading a single line from one of JK Rowling’s books.

I’ll pause here for a moment to let you gather your composure.

While this is undeniably an unconventional introductory route to take, it didn’t stop me enjoying the movies, for the most part.

Obviously the first two were a… Read the full story

Constance Hall proves why you shouldn’t judge women before talking to them first

(Picture: Constance Hall/Facebook)

We’re all guilty of writing people off before we’ve even heard them open their mouths.

It’s human nature to weigh people up and sack off those who don’t look like they’re going to mesh well with us.

If you think you drink too much rosé, you should see how much Americans get through

And no group does it better than parents.

Mums and dads are always gossiping about each other at school gates. After all, parenting is stressful and it’s easy to allay your anxieties by digging out someone else for their slovenly morning attire, their tardiness, their idiot kids.

But Australian blogger and mum… Read the full story

Walmart employee proves customer service isn’t dead by propping up an elderly woman

(Picture: Brittany McKee/Love What Matters/Facebook)

People who work in supermarkets are usually too rushed off their feet to see what’s going on with customers.

They’re busy running between check out and aisle to check if a special offer is still special. Replacing damaged packets. Mopping up that bottle of Merlot you smashed.

Israeli artist draws NSFW doodles on herself to challenge how we think about our bodies

But one Walmart employee has set the bar for anyone who works in retail.

Shopper Brittany McKee was walking to the frozen section with her husband when they noticed a woman had passed out and fallen on the floor.

A… Read the full story

11 places in Europe that serve gluten-free McDonald’s buns

Is it OK to fly across the world just to eat gluten-free McDonald’s? (Picture: Getty)

Patriotism aside, there are a few things that Europe does better than the UK.

10 things gluten-free people are tired of hearing

One of those things is gluten-free McDonald’s.

First off: yes, you can get gluten-free McDonald’s in the UK.

That’s if your idea of ordering a cheeseburger is this:

Instagram Photo

If you pop over to quite a few other European destinations you will very quickly realise that us Brits are missing out massively.

Not all branches of McDonald’s in these countries provide gluten-free, so always check… Read the full story

Why are my teeth yellow? 12 reasons your pearly whites are off-colour

(Picture: Getty)

We’ve all looked in the mirror and noticed our teeth aren’t quite the colour we’d like them to be.

Despite brushing them regularly, sometimes we’re still greeted with a mouth full of yellow teeth – and it can be frustrating.

Do we really need to brush our teeth twice daily?

Fortunately, there are many lifestyle changes you can make to try and combat this common problem, and it doesn’t usually indicate anything serious.

Here are 12 reasons your smile isn’t the radiant white gleam you’re hoping for.

1. Food

The 10 best ways to end a relationship

Ain’t no flowers going to save this relationship (Picture:Getty)

Calling it a day on your relationship is always going to be tricky, and having ‘the conversation’ is something many of us will go to great lengths to avoid.

Are there any good ways to end a relationship, or will you always walk away being the baddie?

It is certainly a minefield. But the good news is, it isn’t difficult to recognise ways in which to reduce your arsehole rating.

MORE: 11 reasons why you should have a one night stand

So, if you’re ready to jump but not sure the best way to do it – here are the 10 do’s and don’t’s of how… Read the full story

All the outfits you need to see from the 2017 MTV VMAs Red Carpet

(Picture: Getty/Rex/metro.co.uk)

Attention, please: It’s the 2017 MTV VMAs

All the outfits you need to see from the VMAs red carpet

Usually this is an event filled with all kinds of sexual performances, drama (the ‘Miley, what’s good?’ moment AND Kanye’s ‘Imma let you finish’ rant both happened at the VMAs, FYI), and, less importantly, music.

But when musically inclined celebs are doing all of that stuff, they’ll also be wearing stuff – mostly on the red carpet, where they’ll turn up to show off their excellent style choices.

So if you’re more in to seeing what people are wearing than listening to their music, stick… Read the full story

All the outfits Katy Perry wore while hosting the VMAs

(Picture: Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Katy Perry is hosting tonight’s MTV VMAs awards.

All the outfits you need to see from the VMAs red carpet

That’s a big deal for many reasons (the Taylor Swift feud, the Swish Swish video, her relationship status), but it’s also the perfect opportunity for Katy to wear a sh*t-tonne of outfits.

We’re guessing she’ll do around 12 outfit changes in the hours of the show, and will be updating this article each time she changes up her look.

Her first outfit was a simple white dress, so she can only go more extreme from here.

1. The White Dress

The best beauty looks at the MTV VMAs 2017

(Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

You’ve seen the dresses. You’ve closely analysed every second of Taylor Swift’s video for Look What You Made Me Do. You’ve marvelled at Kendrick Lamar’s performance.

All the outfits you need to see from the VMAs red carpet

Now, can we PLEASE spend a minute appreciating the beauty looks at this year’s MTV VMAs? They’re important.

The VMAs tend to be a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to fashion and beauty. There’s no unifying theme, and the degree of fanciness varies widely between celebs, ranging from full on ballgowns to… Read the full story

8 all you can eat deals in London that are actually good

Don’t mind if I do (Picture: Getty)

Generally speaking, anything advertised as ‘all you can eat’ is to be avoided at all costs, unless you like your dinner with a side portion of salmonella.

Afternoon Tea Week: 11 of London’s quirkiest afternoon teas

That said, London is home to quite a few little-known bottomless menus that are a) good and b) won’t make you extremely ill (unless you really go to town on it and end up having to get your stomach pumped).

Go hungry to extract maximum value. Consider it payback for all the times you’ve been charged £8 for a… Read the full story

How to get started on finding a private therapist


Trying to find a therapist is a lot like online dating.

You try to pick the best one based off a tiny bio and how sane they look in their photo.

It’s draining, time-consuming, and there are moments you think about giving up entirely and being alone.

But if you find the one, it’s all worth it… right?

Walmart employee proves customer service isn't dead by propping up an old woman

I’ve just started my search for a therapist, after my CBT course on the NHS came to an end.

I feel like I only sorted out a tiny portion of my issues, so I’m keen to talk to someone else to keep getting better.

I started out having no clue how to find a therapist (there’s no Tinder for finding one, FYI), but after doing some asking around, Googling, and researching, I’m working it out.

Here’s a very, very simple guide, designed for people… Read the full story

Why do I have asthma attacks at night? Nocturnal asthma explained

(Picture: Getty)

Asthma is a serious condition that needs to be treated and monitored, but what some may not realise is that it can occur at night too.

Symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing during the night can make sleep impossible.

World Asthma Day 2017: What is asthma, symptoms and treatment

It affects daily life, as lack of sleep can leave us feeling tired and irritable – plus, it makes daytime asthma more difficult to control.

If you believe you have nocturnal asthma, it’s worth seeing a doctor – here is everything you need to know.

What causes nocturnal asthma?

Read the full story

August Bank Holiday: 13 ways we will all waste the bank holiday

You’re going to waste so much time sleeping or being hungover (Picture: Getty)

Ah behold, it is the last Bank Holiday of the summer, and you’ve had this special day marked in your calendar for weeks now.

All the outfits you need to see from the VMAs red carpet

This event is a total guarantee of one glorious late summer’s day all to yourself, and most importantly not having to attend work.

You are all too painfully aware that the next time off like this won’t be until Christmas, and you are determined to make the most of this opportunity.

You have promised yourself great things for today, but… Read the full story

Is Aldi open? Aldi supermarket opening times for Bank Holiday Monday


(Picture: Getty Images)


Today is Bank Holiday Monday.

It’s traditionally a day of rest and a chance for family and friends to see one another.

August Bank Holiday: 13 ways we will all waste the bank holiday

However, with thousands of people taking the day off work that means many businesses will either be closed or operating reduced opening hours..

And that includes many shops and supermarkets.

For those wanting to nip down to their local Aldi store, most of the supermarkets across the UK will be running their standard opening hours on August 28.

Times will vary between stores so always double check the opening times for your local store in advance here.

That should at least save you a trip all the way there only to find the lights out and the doors closed.

In terms of times at other supermarket stores – here are the opening hours for… Read the full story

There’s a Hello Kitty pop-up coming and we just can’t wait

Too cute (Picture: Tombo)

Hey Hello Kitty lovers, it’s time to get excited because London is about to welcome a six-week Hello Kitty pop-up restaurant and it looks pretty amazing.

OK, we mean really darn cute.

You can now buy truffle gin – made with Italian white fungi

You will be able to tuck into everything from Hello Kitty poke bowls and cupcakes to Hello Kitty ice cream sundaes and desserts.

And you can even get your matcha latte fix with hot drinks featuring exclusive Hello Kitty designs.

If you, like us, can’t quite contain your excitement, we recommend you head down to Tombo in Fitzrovia… Read the full story

Is Tesco open? Supermarket opening times for Bank Holiday Monday

Do you know the opening hours?(Picture: Getty)

It is the last Bank Holiday Monday before Christmas today.

While it’s a perfect opportunity to have a big family lunch – it does mean some of the supermarkets will be operating reduced opening hours.

August Bank Holiday: 13 ways we will all waste the bank holiday

Tesco is among those with some closures and stores remaining open only on a Sunday service.

This includes Tesco Express, Tesco Extra and other superstores stores, and often it is the type of store that will determine whether or not it will be open.

As a general rule Express stores will be open… Read the full story

The world’s first premium corduroy brand is coming to London

(Picture: The Cords & Co)

Corduroy is an amazing material.

It might be associated with history teachers and small children, but anyone who owns a pair of cord dungarees will testify to the fact that it is a most versatile fabric.

Israeli artist draws NSFW doodles on herself to challenge how we think about our bodies

Unfairly maligned, it’s time corduroy took its rightful place next to denim in the fashion world.

And 2017 might well be the year that it finally gets the recognition it deserves.

Not only has Prada and Marc Jacobs featured it in recent collections but the world’s first premium cord brand is opening… Read the full story

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