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For the first time ever, a black model opened the show for Louis Vuitton

(Picture: Peter White/Getty Images)

A black woman walking the runway at Louis Vuitton shouldn’t be a big deal.

It should be pretty bloody commonplace, actually.

But in Louis Vuitton’s 163 year history, a black woman has never, not once, opened the show.*

*When a model opens a show, it means they’re the first one to walk down the runway, and they lead the models for their final walk at the end. It’s a coveted role.

Until this week, that is, when Janaye Furman made fashion history by being the first ever black model to open for Louis Vuitton.

Again, this shouldn’t be a big deal. But being the first black woman to open a Louis Vuitton runway… Read the full story

A surgeon says women are getting designer vagina surgery to look better in leggings

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Let us preface this by saying that there’s nothing wrong with getting labiaplasty.

It’s entirely within everyone’s rights to make alterations to their body for whatever reason, and many people with vaginas undergo surgery to deal with pain and discomfort caused by longer labia.

For the first time ever, a black model opened the show for Louis Vuitton

It’s just a shame that there seems to be a trend for labiaplasty done purely for cosmetic reasons, to fit an ideal of what the vulva ‘should’ look like.

The Sun reports that many women are asking for ‘designer… Read the full story

10 best gluten-free snacks on the go

Fill your pockets with these bad boys (Picture: Gratify/Nairn’s/FODY Foods/Perkier/Metro)

Hands up if you still take a gluten-free snack everywhere with you in case of emergency?

Yes, even in 2017, it’s still totally necessary.

14 things all gluten-free people think during The Great British Bake Off

I have to admit that gluten-free options have improved a hell of a lot lately. But sometimes you still might find yourself in what I like to call ‘gluten-free limbo’.

So whether you’re a busy person who eats on the go, or you just always want the security of having a plan B, here’s 10 great gluten-free snacks.

1. Read the full story

London Cocktail Week 2017: How to get £6 cocktails in London this weekend

(Picture: Getty)

If you are at a loss about where to go out tonight – there’s a little good news.

This week it is London Cocktail Week 2017 and that means loads of good bargains at cocktail bars across the capital.

MORE: Pineapple rum is your new favourite drink, you just don’t know it yet

And it isn’t just good value drinks, there’s also plenty to learn this week with the history of drinks is explored as well as different new flavours being rolled out.

Cocktail passes are available on the London Cocktail Week website as well as the London Cocktail Week app.

They cost £10 a pop but mean cheap drinks… Read the full story

When do babies smile? When to look out for smiles and laughs

(Picture: E+/Getty)

New parents better start practising their baby comedy skills quick as the little tikes are able to smile a lot sooner than one would expect.

A baby will generally begin to smile at 6 to 12 weeks old, this is when you need to be giving some prime tickles to introduce your baby to the pleasure of smiling as early as possible.

McDonald's is finally trialling a vegan burger

However, smiling won’t be a surprise to your little bundle as babies can actually smile in the womb.

The first few smiles your baby will crack will be reflex smiles as your baby tests out the… Read the full story

You can now get your ashes scattered in space

(Puicture: Shutterstock/Getty)

You’re too good to be buried in the ground.

You deserve something a little more out there. Something out of this world. You’ll get it in a second.

You should send your ashes into space.

And thankfully, you can.

No, we’re not talking about your dodgy uncle who says he’ll send things into the stars for £20 but actually just buries them in the back garden.

Ascension Flights is launching a handy new service next month that will carry cremated remains 22 miles up to be released into the stratosphere, allowing ashes to flow wild and free through the expanse of our universe. Fun.

The package is pretty pricey, costing upwards of £795, but this does include the… Read the full story

These terrifying Halloween candles have a gruesome surprise when you burn them

Gruesomely great (Credit: Etsy)

There are two types of people – those who love Halloween and those who are very much ‘meh’ about the whole affair.

The first category have had their costume planned since last November, and spent the majority of September sat indoors making it.

They were the first to snap up pumpkins at Tesco, their cat has already been hexed and the trick or treat bucket at the door is already being filled with sweets.

And they will be jumping at the chance to buy these gruesome severed hand candles.

A house that looks like a grumpy elephant is on the market for £365,000

(Picture: Caters News)

Looks aren’t everything – especially when it comes to buying a house.

So don’t be put off by this house’s grey finish, or that it looks a bit like an elephant.

We think that’s part of the appeal, actually.

An award-winning house is now on sale for £365,000 – despite being bashed as ‘ugly’, ‘creepy’ and looking like an elephant. Poor house.

It’s a three-storey, three-bedroom home in Frimley, Surrey, with a modernist design, with big U shaped windows and a curved staircase, which, from the outside, looks like an elephant’s trunk.

It was one of several homes built in the sixties by architect Lawrence Abbott, who was keen to create more affordable housing… Read the full story

Finally someone’s made trousers that make your legs look like fried chicken

Not sure which ones to bite into first, TBH (Credit: Twitter/k_kazu_magi/Getty Images)

You’ve got to be clucking kidding me?!

Finally, after years of writing to high street stores like Topshop, M&S and H&M to no avail, someone has answered our prayers.

Our prayers for someone to make trousers that look like fried chicken.

We know, right?

The world loves fried chicken! Just last year we were all obsessed with YouTube sensation/chicken shop reviewer Chicken Connoisseur (who’s now getting his own TV show), vegans were #blessed with cruelty-free fried chicken and a small, family-run chicken shop in Luton was voted Britain’s best takeaway.

The chicken lickin’ continued into 2017 with… Read the full story

5 things I wish I’d known about getting older

In my head I’m still 18, but my body tells me otherwise (Picture: Linda Braucht for Metro.co.uk)

I was out with my friend SH the other day.

She thought it was a date. It wasn’t. But that’s a story for another time.

Conversations with Bibi & Alice: Giving up on dreams

She was talking about her new shorter hair do: ‘It’s to make my hair look thicker, isn’t it? Because it’s bloody thinning. My hair is thinning! No-one told me that would happen. What other crap didn’t they tell us about getting older?’

I pondered SH’s slightly hysterical words as I drunk-shopped in M&S after I put her on… Read the full story

After years of comparing my body to the hot women I photograph, sharing this self-portrait set me free


I’ve been wanting to take this photo for a while.

Years, actually.

The reason it’s taken me so long is it terrified me. The idea of taking a photo showing the real me, the unretouched me, was an idea that filled me with dread and empowered me at the same time, equal measures of the opposing emotions.

When you’re a photographer you have Photoshop and the skills to use it at your fingertips. It is so easy to touch myself up. I can mould myself into the most ideal version of myself.

I live in a world where I am constantly photographing the most ‘desired’ women. I shoot them so frequently that slowly but surely, over the years, it has broken down my self confidence to zero.

I compared myself and saw I came up short, so short that I felt like a Hobbit next to everyone.

My favourite things about people are their imperfections. I adore the story behind scars, the pattern of moles, the… Read the full story

The world’s 50 best bars have been announced and eight are in London

What you’re seeing here is an award-winning bar – the American Bar at The Savoy, London (Picture: Erik Lorincz)

London can be a real sh*t sometimes.

It’s often grey and gloomy, its inhabitants are miserable and everything is expensive.

But there’s one spark in the gloom – we have loads and loads of bars to drown our sorrows in.

And it turns out that we have some of the world’s best bars – eight of them, in fact!

Even better – the world’s best bar is on our doorstep, too! Result!

The world’s 50 best bars were announced last night at an awards ceremony in London’s Southwark Cathedral.

(We’re not sure if God approves of… Read the full story

15 things to make you happy on World Smile Day

(Picture: Getty)

If you thought the fact that it was Friday and not raining was the best thing about waking up this morning, think again.

Today is possibly one of the nicest of all themed days: World Smile Day, invented by the man behind the smiley face illustration as a day to perform acts of kindness.

Is there anything better than making someone smile? We think not. So here are some of the most heartwarming, funny, cute and enjoyable things we could find to add a little extra joy to your day.

1. Smiling houses are a thing

Stop comparing bulimia to anorexia – both diseases are incredibly serious

(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler)

There was outrage when people discovered Amazon was selling a hoodie that discredited the seriousness of bulimia by comparing it to anorexia.

Laid out on a black hoodie, bright pink words read: ‘Anorexia. Like bulimia, but with self-control.’

The message is dangerous.

Both are debilitating, mental illnesses and both have serious consequences. Sure, anorexia can often have more visual evidence, but that’s one of the few things differentiating the two.

Anorexia consists of a person losing a dangerous amount of weight due to restricting calories and exercising vigorously.

While many people with bulimia also exercise religiously, the disorder is based in bingeing and purging. A sufferer may not eat all day, but… Read the full story

How do you tie a Windsor knot exactly?

You’ll be looking like these fine gents (Picture: Getty)


For those who are familiar with the US hit show, ‘How I met your Mother’, will know that Barney will not go anywhere without wearing one of his beloved suits.

After years of photographing hot women, sharing this self-portrait set me free

Now – we’ve all been there.

On our first day of secondary school, we probably wore ridiculously over-sized blazers (thanks Mum), and were desperately trying to knot this flimsy material around our shirt collars.

What on earth is a Windsor knot I was asking myself?

You’re not a loser if you go to gigs by yourself

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Hi, my name’s Lisa, I’m 31 and last year, I willingly went to a gig by myself for the first time.

I’ve been to gigs by myself for work when I’ve been reviewing them, and I spend a lot of time breaking off from my friends at festivals and watching bands alone, but this was different.

This was purely for pleasure and I wouldn’t have friends who might nip in from another venue a few hundred feet away.

Aquilo are one of my favourite bands and I’d been wanting to see them live for ages, but had been living overseas where they hadn’t been touring.

Last year I was back… Read the full story

Woman is marrying guy she found on Twitter after looking for a wedding date following a breakup

(Picture: Twitter/ @MaddieJo_13)

A couple from Iowa have just got engaged after two and a half years of dating. 

Charlie Dohrmann proposed to his long-term girlfriend Madison O’Neill while in San Diago

Madison said yes, and the pair are set to live happily ever – but the proposal isn’t the best bit. It’s the story of how they met.

Madison first went on a date with Charlie after breaking up with her ex. She had previously RSVPed to a wedding while dating her ex, and after breaking up she had nobody to bring as a plus one.

She bravely took to Twitter to see if anyone wanted to accompany her.

The ‘Sloppy Chops’ toad in the hole sandwich is a Northerner’s dream

(Picture: The New Cake and Sandwich Shop)

There’s a toad in the hole-inspired sandwich and it’s the perfect lunch for a chilly autumn’s day.

The gravy-filled sandwich was created by The New Cake and Sandwich Shop – a shop which we recently wrote about when they released their own pie and chips stuffed bap as part of their ‘Sandwich of the Week’ menu.

The latest addition to the menu features the ‘Sloppy Chops’, a sandwich made up of a layer of fluffy mashed potato, three ‘succulent’ sausages, topped with mini Yorkshire puddings and smothered in onion gravy.

It’s every Northerner’s dream.

11 cocktails to try during this week’s London Cocktail Week

Caipirinha national cocktail (Picture: Getty)

It’s London Cocktail Week this week – meaning a good excuse to mix up a few drinks.

The world’s 50 best bars have been announced and eight are in London

While it’s possible to simply head to a bar, it might be fun to have a bit of a dabble yourself.

Here are a number of easy cocktails to make at home with gin, rum or Prosecco.

1) Gimlet

Instagram Photo


60ml gin (ideally Plymouth)
60ml Rose’s lime juice cordial
Lime wedge


Gimlets are a classic cocktail, thought to have originated as… Read the full story

Run for your lives… Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is back, and scarier than ever

(Picture: Universal)

I admit I’ve become a horror fanatic. Every year for the past four years I’ve eagerly awaited Halloween with the intention of heading across the pond to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, Florida.

There’s no need for fancy dress (although some do pull on their scariest outfits) but I recommend a sturdy pair of shoes – running ones to be specific – because by the end of the night you’ll want to leg it out of the park back to the safety of your hotel.

It’s hard to explain the concept of the event if you’ve never been, but Universal’s hugely talented design team create a series of horror houses, or… Read the full story

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