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It’s really fine if you never, ever want to try anal sex

(Picture: Ellen Scott/Rebecca Reid/ Getty)

I announced that I wasn’t ever going to have anal sex when I was 19. 

A friend, older, much more sexually experienced than me, told me that I was wrong. ‘Of course you will’ she said. ‘You can’t go through your entire life without ever having anal. Besides. You’ll like it.’

Now, on one level she was right. I did try anal sex, and it was fine. But on a much bigger level, she was wrong. She was wrong to tell me that it was inevitable to try anal sex, or that I would like it.

There is literally nothing wrong with not wanting anal. There is nothing wrong with… Read the full story

As a carrier of the sickle cell gene trait, I have to be extra selective about who the father of my kids will be

Blood cells take on a different shape if you have sickle-cell disease (Picture: Getty)

I can’t let fate alone decide the love of my life and who I want to make babies with. A bit of science has to play a part – and I’m not talking chemistry.

It’s biology – and no, not what you’re thinking either.

I am a carrier of the sickle cell gene. A faulty gene that is primarily found and very common among those of African-Caribbean heritage that could lead to having children with sickle cell disease.

METRO ILLUSTRATIONS8 things you know if you have… Read the full story

How to deal with vacne

(Picture: Ella Byworth/Metro.co.uk)

The biggest pile of sh*t we were ever sold was that spots are a teenage thing, that we’d ‘grow out of it’.

Tell that to the massive pimples currently lurking on my chin and cheek, mum.

Not only do we have to put up with facial blemishes ranging from full-blown acne to the occasional hormonal breakout, but we also have to deal with bumps and blackheads on other bits of our bod, too.

Excuse me, but why were we not warned about this? Why did I spend so long wishing I’d hit my twenties so my skin would be perfect, only to have to deal with swollen ingrown hairs embedded in my… Read the full story

Teenage girls want relationships with older men – that’s why it’s men’s responsibility to say no

(Picture: Getty)

Woody Allen has made his film again. 

You know the one. A young woman with metric f**ktonnes of attitude and sexual agency goes after a neurotic man.

In this case the girl in question (though we might as well go full Nabokov and call her a nymphet) is fifteen. And she comes on to Jude Law who is in his fourties. Similarly, Chloe Grace Moretz is starring in the grim looking I Love You, Daddy.

(Yes, they are making a film called that).

The upshot of these films is broadly speaking the same. Beautiful young women striving for relationships with men considerably older than them.

The response to the news that these films are being made… Read the full story

12 super easy and super spooky Halloween food ideas

Easy Halloween recipe ideas
Spooky (Picture: Getty Images)

Halloween is nearly upon us and with that comes scary costumes, trick or treating and copious amounts of candy.

If you are planning on having a Halloween party, or if you are just planning on impressing your children, then it isn’t just your costumes or decorations that need to spook – your food does too!

10 top recipes to make with the kids this weekend

Here are 12 easy, weird and creepy Halloween treats that you can whip up in minutes and are guaranteed to amaze and probably scare the children a bit too.

But that is what Halloween… Read the full story

Vegan Halloween – 4 ways to enjoy the celebration with your family

Teach your kids to identify which vegan sweets they can eat and which to leave out for the Switch Witch (Picture: Getty)

The ground is carpeted with fallen leaves, there is a chill in the air and the dark evenings are creeping in which can only mean one thing – Halloween is almost upon us.

The supermarket shelves are filled with plastic devil forks and witches’ hats, and kids are starting to get excited at the prospect of trick or treating.

How to deal with vacne

Many people mistakenly assume vegan kids miss out on the sweet chocolately fun of Halloween, but this doesn’t… Read the full story

Best gluten-free and dairy-free brunch spots in London

Brunch time! (Picture: Getty)

We are a nation of brunch-a-holics.

Especially in the capital where you’d be hard pressed to find a millennial who hadn’t ‘had brunch’ in the past month… if not week!

Brunch is fantastic sure, but what if you’re dairy AND gluten free?

I’ve gone exploring and found you the best gluten and dairy free brunches in London – and it’s not all porridge.

1. Kin, Oxford Circus

Read the full story

Dad-to-be? Your sympathy pregnancy symptoms are real!

No, it’s not just a beer belly (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

A man’s role in producing a baby is supposedly pretty straightforward, right?

It’s the woman who swaps a moment of pleasure – or however long that may be – for nine months of, well, pain.

metro illustrations5 things to avoid doing while your partner is pregnant

However, men don’t always get away with it very easily. Those sympathy symptoms he so often jokes about are actually real – and there’s proof!

It’s called couvade syndrome and many men experience at least one indication of it throughout their partner’s pregnancy – so stick… Read the full story

Photographer captures cats in their ultimate ninja state

(Picture: Hisakata Hiroyuki)

Cats are incredibly graceful beings.*

*Just ignore all the times you’ve spotted them walking into doors, falling off the bed, or getting tangled in a blanket.

Capturing cats at their most graceful is Japanese photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki, who documents cats during their practice of ninja skills.

As you know, cats take being tiny, furry ninjas very seriously. They practice daily. That’s why little Cinnamon keeps running up and down the stairs at 3am before doing massive jumps around the bathroom. It’s all part of honing their skills.

Thankfully, Hisakata Hiroyuki is around to document moments of cats in action. Each pictures shows a freeze frame of just the right second, to show off… Read the full story

McVitie’s explains why bourbon biscuits have holes in them

(Picture: Shutterstock/metro.co.uk)

Let’s just be real: You have probably never thought about the little holes in bourbon biscuits.

You have never wondered what they are for, why they are there, and what purpose they serve – because you’re too busy shoveling biscuits into your mouth to ponder their structure.

But now your attention’s been drawn to that little design feature, you’re intrigued. Not so intrigued that you’re going to call up everyone you know to chat about biscuit holes, but curious enough to remember this fact and bring it up the next time you see someone eating a bourbon.

Bourbon biscuits have little holes in them – ten little holes, in fact – and there’s… Read the full story

Block of flats covered in 2,000 trees, plants, and shrubs will double as a vertical forest in Paris

(Picture: Stefano Boeri Architetti)

It’s a real struggle.

You want all the benefits of living in a city, but occasionally find yourself internally screaming for a glimpse of some nature.

Grey building after grey building with no more than the occasional bush in sight can really mess with your sense of wellbeing.

But while we recognise the need for more greenery in our capitals, it’s difficult to work out a way to incorporate natural spaces while also packing as much housing as possible into these highly populated areas.

Hence our obsession with indoor plants and desk cacti.

One Italian firm has an alternative solution.

Stefano Boeri Architetti will soon begin construction on a forest covered… Read the full story

10 things you should know if you have a criminal record

metro illustrations
Even if you haven’t spent time in prison, you could still have a criminal record (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It is a surprising statistic but over 11 million people in the UK have a criminal record.

A third of men and nine per cent of women will have been convicted of an offence by the age of 53.

metro illustrationsA former prisoner reveals what everyday life was like in prisons

Dr Andrew Henley is a criminologist at Keele University who conducts research on the impact of previous convictions on former lawbreakers.

He says that, ‘In the vast majority of cases, a criminal… Read the full story

Sorry, but you’re probably not properly wiping the poo off your bum

(Picture: Ella Byworth/ Shutterstock)

We interrupt your day for an important announcement.

If you did your daily poo already, you likely didn’t correctly clean your bum afterwards. It’s likely that there are still miniscule scraps of poo nestling between your buttcheeks right this moment.

Not a pleasant thought, we know.

But we share this bit of information with you because we’re sure you’d like to know: If you’re relying on toilet paper alone to clean up after you take a dump, you’re not doing a very good job of getting yourself entirely poo-free.

As pooing expert Rose George explained to Tonic, dry toilet paper doesn’t work to clean dirt – it just moves… Read the full story

20 secret Birmingham hotspots you need to know about

Even local Brummies won’t have seen all of these (Picture: Elliott Brown/Flickr, Getty, Oosoom – Wikicommons, Peter Lowe/Flickr)

Living in a Birmingham postcode no longer commands a grimace of pity or laser-beam looks of disdain.

Why moving out of London might be the best thing for your career and your life

According to figures produced by the Office for National Statistics, 58,220 people aged between 30 and 39 left London between June 2012 and June 2013 – the highest number on record.

5,480 of those people moved to Birmingham – ahead of Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham then Oxford.

If you’re newly arrived in the city, there are… Read the full story

Man who uses wheelchair asks if women would be put off by his disability – gets a lovely response

(Picture: Mercury Press)

Tinder can be a harsh place.

It’s inherently superficial, and the endless options allow people to forget that they’re turning down real human with real feelings, meaning people can easily stop talking the second they catch an imperfection or find someone they prefer.

When you use a wheelchair, things become a little trickier.

Tinder is where people can easily expose their prejudice, either by unmatching the minute someone’s disability is revealed or by immediately dismissing anyone with a wheelchair in their profile picture.

Jack Hunter-Spivey, a Paralympic table tennis player born with cerebral palsy, who has used a wheelchair for his entire life, is fed up of it.

After finding women ghosted him after… Read the full story

There’s a magical place where you can eat unlimited chicken nuggets and fries

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

Chicken nuggets are a truly wonderful thing.

As a wise young boy once said, chicken nuggets is like my family.

So when we heard that a restaurant is offering unlimited nugs, we were, naturally, pretty blimmin’ excited. That’s why we’re sharing this news with you, because everyone needs to know that yes, there is a place in the world offering unlimited nuggets.

That place is Rub Smokehouse, a BBQ joint with restaurants in Newcastle, Berverley, Birmingham, and Nottingham.

On Monday 13 November (which happens to be chicken nugget day, in case that isn’t on your calendar), all of the Rub Smokehouse locations will be running evenings of unlimited chicken nuggets.

Here’s how it works.

Read the full story

10 lifesaving tips for coping with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Don’t let IBS control your life (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a debilitating condition that affects two in 10 people in the UK.

There’s no known cure, so managing your condition is vital to living a healthy, happy lifestyle.

IBD not IBS: Do you know the difference?

Firstly, it’s extremely important to head to your doctor first and get your symptoms checked out, especially if they change or worsen over time.

IBS has very similar symptoms to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Coeliac disease and even bowel cancer, so it’s important to rule these out first.

Once you’re diagnosed… Read the full story

A bluffer’s guide to Wagyu beef: Why is it so expensive? And how do you choose good meat?

Wagyu sirloin steak being held by butcher
How well do you know your meat? (Picture: Getty)

Wagyu is a highly prized meat because it is incredibly tender and has a buttery soft flavour.

It’s all about the intense, fat marbling in the meat, which is what gives it the rich flavour. And a good quality, high grade piece of Wagyu will simply melt in your mouth.

Pandan leaves – all you need to know about ‘the next big food trend’

But do you know what makes Wagyu different from a piece of Aberdeen Angus steak?

And why this meat commands such high prices in restaurants and supermarkets?

Here’s what you need… Read the full story

What is a soy boy?

(Picture: Getty)

Scrolling through aggressive insults in my Twitter mentions (as one does), I noticed something strange among the usual cries of ‘bitch’, ‘feminazi’, and ‘you are going to die alone’: Someone had called the person I’m dating ‘very soy’.

In the context (the person who’d tweeted it had paired it with a homophobic comment), I figured ‘soy’ meant something negative, rather than ‘enjoyable for those who are lactose-intolerant’, but quickly forgot all about it in the midst of all the other stuff on the internet.

Then an article popped up on The Daily Dot, titled: ‘Soy boys is the far right’s newest insult’.

That’s right, gang. Slinging ‘soy’ into my mentions… Read the full story

Liking fat girls is not a fetish – it’s a preference you need to stop being ashamed of

Stop pretending that a preference for bigger women is some sort of dark fetish (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

In a recent interview, I was explaining how I made money by having sex with men who were too ashamed to admit they liked fat girls.

Rather than pull me up and ask me about why men felt ashamed to love big women, the presenter instead took umbrage to the term ‘fat girl’.

‘But you’re curvy! Voluptuous! Not fat.’ he said.

Nope, I’m fat. I’m fat because I like crisps, and beer and a majority of my day is spent sitting at a desk. And that’s fine.

Read the full story
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