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Black cats are at risk on Halloween so please keep yours in tonight

(Picture: Getty)

Black cats are undoubtedly the most magical kind of felines.

Shimmering in the dark, black cats never look dirty or mangled – even if they’ve been out roughhousing with other critters.

And yet, unreasonably, loads of people are scared of black cats.

In America, the Puritan Pilgrims distrusted anything associated with witchcraft – including black cats – and they actively persecuted them (including actually burning black cats on Shrove Tuesday).

Today, people still think they bring bad luck – one of the reasons that folk tend to avoid adopting black cats (that, and the fact that they’re apparently Instagram unfriendly…).

According to Gizmodo, people have been known to torture black cats on Halloween, which is… Read the full story

Women share stories of sexual harassment and assault for powerful #MeToo photo series


In the wake of Harvey Weinstein allegations, brave people have been coming forward on social media to share their experiences of sexual harassment and assault with #MeToo.

Sending a tweet with a hashtag might not seem like much, but to publicly share an upsetting experience can be terrifying – and calling people out can have serious consequences.

So it’s incredibly important to support and champion those who have stepped up to share their experience.*

*We must also support those who aren’t ready to talk about what they went through yet.

Believe victims. Read their stories and take in just how many there are, just how common sexual assault truly is. Share their stories and continue to call out those who are abusing their power.

Take inspiration from these women, who posed for a photo series to share their experiences.

Samantha Hanahentzen, 17

What is Halloween? The origins and meaning behind All Hallows’ Eve

(Picture: Getty)

Happy Halloween! Today the walls between our world and the next are thin and allow spirits to pass through and reek havoc on our night.

Warning: Eating too much liquorice could be dangerous

Some ghouls may trick some may treat but the real spooky visitors you will want to look out for are the ones on your doorsteps looking for sweets.

But why do we fear ghosts and all things supernatural on this day in particular? Why are there random kids on your doorstep looking for sweets? Surely that should be illegal.

The customs of Halloween go back centuries and are so deeply steeped… Read the full story

Halloween jokes that are scarily funny this All Hallows’ Eve

Time to get out the sweets and these hatful of jokes to make you scream (Picture: Getty)

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is the time for trick-or-treating, scary costumes and trying not to get egged!

This pus-filled pimple nail art is the most terrifying thing you'll see today

But, it’s also about having having lots of fun and getting into the spooky Halloween spirit.

So, get those sweets ready for the kids, and have these series of scarily funny Halloween jokes ready to make you scream with laughter (or not make you laugh).

Your lunchtime meal deal contains up to 30 teaspoons of sugar

(Picture: Instagram)

Your daily Boots/Tesco/Morrisons meal deal might be a bargain but it might not be as healthy as you think it is.

Because, according to a new report, some lunchtime combos are absolutely packed with sugar.

In fact, some meal deals have been found to contain as much as 30 teaspoons of the white stuff – the equivalent of eating 79 chocolate fingers.


The worst offender?

A tuna and sweetcorn sandwich, Mountain Dew Citrus Blast 500ml drink and a bag of Skittles Crazy Sours from WH Smith. That combination contains four times the recommended sugar allowance for adults, according to Action on Sugar.

Instagram Photo

The… Read the full story

Christopher Bailey leaves Burberry – will Phoebe Philo replace him?

(Picture: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Burberry)

Christopher Bailey, chief designer at Burberry and the man responsible for all your dream trench coats, is stepping down from the global fashion brand.

Burberry has confirmed that Christopher Bailey will step down from the board, on which he serves as chief creative officer, by 31 March 2018, then leave the brand entirely in December 2018.

He’s stated that he will provide his full support to chief executive Marco Gobbetti and the team to help them through the transition from March to December.

Christopher first joined Burberry back in 2001, and became chief executive as well as chief creative offer in 2014.

Earlier this year Marco Gobbetti took over as chief… Read the full story

14 terrifying cocktails to make this Halloween

(Picture: Morrisons/ Rocket/ Jolly Thompson )

It’s Halloween!

Today is all about terrifying friends, family and any small children caught in the crossfire.

27 last minute pumpkin carving ideas for the Halloween-fanatics out there

Those not out trick or treating (or ignoring Halloween entirely) probably will find themselves at some form of party throwing back a few cocktails.

And there are some awesome Halloween themed cocktail out there… from the pumpkin flavoured Smashing Pumpkin complete with web to the Cosmopolitan of Darkness with floating eyeball.

Here are some to try at home.

1) Rump-Kin 43

Route 66 – Illinois to Missouri: Where to eat, what to see and what to do


So you think you might want to drive Route 66?

Well, buckle up because it’s going to be a seriously long road trip, spanning thousands of miles.

Route 66 – Chicago, Illinois: Where to eat, what to see and what to do

But this most iconic American road trip will not disappoint – you will have many places to stop and hidden gems to discover along the way, and you definitely won’t get bored (unless you hate driving obviously, in which case this is probably not the journey of a lifetime for you).

Like the historic route, my journey along the Mother Road started in Chicago – the biggest city on my itinerary.

From there on, it’s all about small towns, middle America and the cities you’ve probably heard of but never thought to visit.

Pontiac, Illinois

If you’re short on time, you will probably miss Pontiac – but it’s certainly worth a visit if… Read the full story

Owner of Corona beer is about to start producing cannabis-infused drinks

(Picture: jaliscomexican/Instagram)

The company behind Corona has announced that it’s going to be launching a range of cannabis-infused drinks.

Constellation Brands, who own Corona, Modelo and Sveddka, say they’re all set to invest almost $200 million into producing liquid edibles.

According to the company’s CEO, Rob Sands, it’s a business no-brainer.

As weed is becoming legal in more and more states in America, bigger companies are posing themselves to cash in from new, green products.

‘Our company’s success is the result of our focus on identifying early stage consumer trends, and this is another step in that direction,’ says Rob.

Instagram Photo

He predicts that eventually, marijuana is going to… Read the full story

How do you mourn for someone you only knew online?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Reading an online forum recently, I stumbled upon a post which said a regular user had died. 

I didn’t know her posts, I wasn’t aware of her, and reading the thread felt voyeuristic, so I clicked out of it. But for several days, it left me thinking. There were hundreds of messages where people were recalling memories of her, posts she had made.

People were mourning.

The vast majority of these users had never met the woman who died. They didn’t even know what she looked like. Her real name was a mystery – their memories of her were tethered to a lighthearted nickname. The only way that they… Read the full story

Heat or Eat popup aims to showcase the reality of fuel poverty in the UK

(Picture: npower)

Winter brings its own trials – from seasonal affective disorders to fantasising about Barbados getaways. But the thought of a hot cocoa by the heating can make it just that bit bearable.

But what happens if you have to choose between central heating and a hot meal?

To highlight this reality faced by many families this winter, chef, activist, and food writer Jack Monroe has partnered with energy company npower to create a popup dining experience.

Diners at Fuel, a one-off dining event, will have to choose between warm food in freezing surroundings or forgoing food for a warmer setting.

Diners were in for a shock at their trial run in Whitechapel.

‘Nobody expected to have their… Read the full story

Elza the puppy has a lion cub as her best friend

(Picture: Yuri Smityuk\TASS via Getty Images)

It’s cold, it’s wet, and summer seems oh so far away.

If you’re feeling grumpy despite news that  Christmas treats have already graced the shelves, here’s something to cheer up your dreary winter morning.

A Central Asian Shepherd puppy called Elza and a two-month old lion cub called Astra at the Sadgorod Zoo are now best friends.

The unlikely duo met after the zoo brought in Elza to keep Astra company as she grows up.

If the pictures are anything to go by, the pair has been inseparable ever since, playing together, snuggling up to sleep, and running around outside.

We’re not jealous. At all.

‘Swim Reaper’ is the only Instagram you need to see this Halloween

(Picture: The Swim Reaper/Instagram)

If you’re sick of seeing everyone floating around on unicorn floats and pictures of your loved up mate sipping cocktails with The Boy in far flung bars, then we’ve got just the antidote.

Enter: The Swim Reaper.

He’s the Grim Reaper’s beach-lovin’ brother who loves nothing better than riding floatable pink flamingos and making heart shapes with his hands on beaches.

And, of course, beaches are a good place because loads of idiot swimmers make all kinds of fatal decisions in the water. Prime pickings for any kind of reaper.

The Swim Reaper actually works for the New Zealand government and is trying ot promote water safety. According to Water Safety New Zealand,… Read the full story

Australian couple tie the knot in Halloween themed wedding

(Picture: Scott Parlett)

If you dream of bouquets and a lavender colour theme for your wedding, look away now. This won’t be up your street.

One couple has thrown out the rulebook for their nuptials by paying tribute for their love of all things spooky, throwing a Halloween-themed reception for their big day.

Australian couple Misaki Revecca Fujiwara and husband Ryan Montgomery tied the knot as Michael Jackson’s Thriller played.

A standard white dress was nowhere to be found as Misaki swapped a traditional look for a silver ruffled frock and long black gloves.

What time does trick or treating start in the US?

You can now train to be a Master Kebab Chef at ‘Kebab Academy’

(Picture: dublinkebabclub/Instagram)

So you’re partial to the odd 4am doner.

All that wretched, greasy meat. The garlic sauce. The crusty salad.

There’s nothing quite like it after 10 beers and a night spent smelling someone else’s BO on the dance floor.

But if you want to know how to make a properly gourmet kebab that you’d actually want to eat sober, then you might want to head over to Normandy, France.

Because France Kebab has actually developed a new training program which will give you a genuine diploma in kebab making.

Instagram Photo

It’s called Kebab Academy and is a course aimed at restaurant professionals looking to fast-track it into… Read the full story

18-30 Stone Holiday documentary proves why we need to treat fat people better

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

There are, broadly speaking, two positions on fatness.

There’s the ‘your fatness is your own perfectly valid life choice and you should celebrate & love yourself’ (my tendency) and the ‘you are single handedly draining the NHS of resources you selfish, evil fatty’ side.

Which ever side you fall on, I don’t think you could fail to take something away from the recent ITV documentary, 18-30 stone holiday.

The program follows a group of severely overweight people going on holiday. If you’re not obese, you probably worry about getting sunburnt or getting burgled while you’re away.

But for these people, it’s a whole different world.

Will you fit in the plane seat?… Read the full story

By adjusting holidays to fit plus-size bodies, 18-30 Stone Holiday encourages dangerously disordered eating

(Picture: ITV)

Last night I watched 18-30 Stone Holiday, an ITV documentary that focuses on eight plus-size people enjoying a resort specially designed for them.

The hallways have been widened, the bath tub lowered for easier balance, the beds are stronger, and even the sun loungers were made with steel – to avoid the embarrassment of breaking them, as many of the holiday-goers recalled happening in the past.

I was welling up all throughout the documentary. It was an incredibly emotional show and really tore at my heart strings. I could relate to the inability to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

But there are some serious issues with the concept.

The holiday-goers, who… Read the full story

10 things you’ll only know if you drive a large people carrier

The stress of trying to park a big car in a small space. (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

I love our car. It is the best we’ve ever had.

I’ve driven superminis and hatchbacks. But when you have four children, a Nissan Micra just won’t cut it anymore.

So these days we have an eight-seater minibus. It fits all of us, plus room for luggage and the odd passenger. It is great.

It is also a pain in the neck, and if you have a large car yourself, you’ll know why. For the benefit of everyone else, let me enlighten you.

MORE: The Coca-Cola Christmas lorry could be banned from Liverpool

1. Car parks… Read the full story

How to get rid of your heavy Halloween makeup without wrecking your skin

(Picture: Ella BYworth for Metro.co.uk)

So you’ve gone hard for your Halloween costume, and smothered yourself in piles of makeup and SFX wizardry. Well done, you.

Now how are you going to get all of that gunk off before you fall into bed?

Don’t just leave it on. Don’t do a half-hearted makeup wipe. You will end up with face paint on your sheets and you will have to head to work with a slight green tinge.

Even if you manage to get all of your Halloween makeup off before you pass out, there’s still the likelihood that you’ve enraged your skin with heavy products and aggressive scrubbing.

Strategy is key. Be gentle. Be kind. But make sure to get… Read the full story

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