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    (Picture: Elizabeth Whycer)

    Alright. Anyone who’s spent the last few weeks looking at increasingly tiny studio flats with fold-out beds, you may want to look away. This’ll hurt.

    Art Deco fans happy to gaze at a pretty house without feeling seething resentment, continue onwards. You’ll enjoy this.

    ASOS is selling a bag designed to look like the poo from The Emoji Movie

    An Art Deco house that’s been pretty much left untouched since it was built in the thirties has just gone on sale for £550,000.

    And for fans of 30s design, it’s absolutely dreamy.

    It’s a semi-detached house on Willow Estate in Enfield (that’s in the… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Starbucks/metro.co.uk)

    If you didn’t know, all the cool kids have been drinking something fancy called golden milk.

    If you like Pepsi and your partner likes Coke, your relationship might be doomed

    No, that’s not a euphemism for drugs.

    It’s one of those fancy, healthy lattes that’s on offer at every hipster café and health shop, along with charcoal lattes (which aren’t as good for you as everyone claims, FYI) and mermaid drinks with algae.

    Golden milk is just a term for a turmeric latte – milk or coffee mixed in with a hefty dose of turmeric.

    And now, finally, Starbucks has hopped on… Read the full story

    Starbucks turmeric latteellencscottStarbucks turmeric latteellencscott

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    (Picture: Wikipedia/ Evan-Amos)

    Oh, come on.

    Today in shocking news of shrinkflation, Nestle has announced that their Walnut Whips will now be called Whips.

    You can now get pink tequila, so at least your rough night out will look pretty

    Why? Because they’ll no longer have walnuts on top.

    This. Is. An. Outrage.

    Say goodbye to the familiar Walnut Whip you know and very rarely enjoy, and meet Whip, the same thing, but sans a decorative walnut on top, and thus a much less visually exciting affair.

    The move is down to the increased price of walnuts (they’ve always been a fancy nut, no?), as well as Nestle’s attempt to… Read the full story

    Walnut whips will no longer have walnuts on topellencscottWalnut whips will no longer have walnuts on topellencscott

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    Ever noticed that when you’re watching a cartoon or a film, scars are nearly always on the villains, rather than the heroes?

    Think Lion King, Dr Who, James Bond.

    From childhood, we’re taught that there’s something dark and dangerous about scars. That’s a pretty dangerous message to receive, and one that filters in, settles in our brains, and makes those of us with scars view them as flaws.

    Beautiful photo series documents people's scars and the stories behind them

    Photographer Sophie Mayanne is working to break down that message.

    Her series, Behind the Scars, began as a piece for Petrie magazine in 2016, capturing people’s scars and the stories behind them.

    After the project was published, dozens of other people reached out to Sophie to see if they could get involved, too – so she’s just kept going.

    The resulting photo series is a celebration of scars which have long been hidden, a reframing of the way… Read the full story

    featured image scarsellencscottfeatured image scarsellencscott

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    I live in America: land of the free and home of the Big Whopper.

    If you’ve never had the displeasure of surviving on a diet here, let me feel you in real quick: Salt salt salt, mammoth portions, and wrong-sounding food names (it’s coriander, not cilantro, okay?).

    I made no changes to my eating habits for the first few months after moving from England, save for the odd Instagram-friendly novelty item like chicken in a cone because part of me is a basic bitch.

    But I began to notice changes in my body. For a start, I put on weight. Nothing too drastic, but enough to make me look like I’d been buying toddler-sized shirts for the past year.

    Then there were the stomach pains, and this is what got my attention. A spaghetti bolognese dish would make my belly swell to the circumference of a bowling ball. I’d been making it exactly how I did back home, with all the same ingredients, save… Read the full story

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    People wrongly assume so many things (Picture: Charly Clements for Metro.co.uk)

    ‘You’re just a schizophrenic clown’ was Batman’s jibe to eternal baddy The Joker in The Dark Knight Rises.

    But according to Professor Kamaldeep S Bhui CBE at QMUL, people with schizophrenia continue to be socially excluded and feared in response to the stigma and myths of mental illness and popular but often inaccurate portrayals in the media and on such films.

    I have schizophrenia: Here are 10 things I can’t live without

    He tells me: ‘Despite fears, we know people with schizophrenia are more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators, and in… Read the full story

    schizophrenia-charlycromptonericaschizophreniametro illustrationsmetro illustrationsschizophrenia-charlycromptonericaschizophreniametro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    metro illustrations
    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    We’ve already heartlessly murdered marmalade and fabric conditioner.

    Of course we’d take on boobs next.

    Walnut Whips will no longer have walnuts on top

    A new PornHub study suggests that millennials aren’t that into boobs. Yup. Breasts. Millennials are ruining those, too.

    In collaboration with Mashable, PornHub carried out a deep dive into the searches around boobs on their site.

    They found that the number one breast related search on PornHub is ‘big tits’ followed by ‘big boobs’ and ‘huge tits’. At least they’re consistent, right?

    Also of note was the discovery that authenticity is… Read the full story

    In defense of big nipplesellencscottmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsIn defense of big nipplesellencscottmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Everyone dreams of having the perfect relationship.

    A partner who meets your every need –  emotionally, intellectually, sexually… a true soulmate.

    Unfortunately, the world isn’t quite so perfect – and we have to filter through a lot of sh*t before we have a chance at knowing what we really want, then finding the person who ticks all those boxes.

    Beautiful photo series documents people's scars and the stories behind them

    It’s not easy, trust me. I’ve had my fair share of disastrous relationships, and whenever another one crashes and burns, I’m increasingly tempted to just start… Read the full story

    XX reasons cowgirl sex is shit metro graphicsimigroome3metro illustrationsXX reasons cowgirl sex is shit metro graphicsimigroome3metro illustrations

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    (Picture: Chaotic Perfection Photography)

    Whether they’re with the traditional baby or a tiny puppy wrapped in a blanket, a newborn photoshoot is bound to be a hit.

    Think about it. No one’s going to scroll past the pictures without hitting ‘like’. There’d be too much guilt involved in ignoring someone’s offspring.

    metro illustrationsApparently millennials aren't interested in boobs

    Sadly, Rebecca Hayes and David Ward missed out on that opportunity with their son, Clayton.

    They never did a newborn photoshoot when he was born, thus robbing him of cute pictures to prove his parents love him and social media approval.

    The parents have now… Read the full story

    Parents take newborn photoshoot with their 21-year-old sonellencscottParents take newborn photoshoot with their 21-year-old sonellencscott

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    (Picture: Myles Goode/metro.co.uk)

    Here’s another reason to give up trimming your pubes and let your bush run wild and free.

    According to a new report, the number of people giving themselves injuries through grooming their bits is on the rise.

    How The Crosstitutes are using embroidery to take down sexism and slut-shaming

    The report, published in JAMA Dermatology, suggests that 25% of people who groom their pubic hair have had at least one injury as a result, making pubic hair grooming a significant risk factor for injuries.

    The most common place for men to get injured as a result of pube-grooming was the… Read the full story

    metro graphicsellencscottmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro graphicsellencscottmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    Be the star of the baby shower (Picture: Getty)

    All parents love the cards and flowers and offers of help around the house when they bring their newborn bundle home but, in all seriousness, all a new mum really wants is a bit of extra sleep, a new routine and to not have to think clearly for a couple of weeks.  

    5 fun things to do in half-an-hour while your child naps

    While you can’t guarantee her all of those things, you can still give her some presents that she’ll treasure – and actually use.

    So here are 11 gifts every new mum really needs… Read the full story

    Presents at baby shower partyiamtypecastPresents at baby shower partyiamtypecast

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    couple child
    (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

    There are a zillion things you don’t get taught in antenatal classes about life with a new baby but perhaps one of the most important is the effect that childbirth can have on the libido of new mums.

    The NHS advises that there is no specific timeframe after giving birth where it is safe for a woman to resume having sex with her partner and that the only relevant factor is whether you are comfortable enough down below to be able to enjoy sex free from pain.

    metro illustrationsEverything new parents need to know about postpartum love… Read the full story

    couple2 mmuffincheltenhammamancouple childWoman in eye mask asleep in bedcouple with babycouple2 mmuffincheltenhammamancouple childWoman in eye mask asleep in bedcouple with baby

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    (Picture: Getty)

    We already know that women of colour are seriously under-served by the beauty industry.

    I went vegan for 30 days and absolutely hated my life

    Major brands fail to provide shades for a range of skintones. ‘Nude’ lipsticks only work on white skin. Women of colour have to go to specialist brands, which often cost more, just to get products that match.

    And there’s another way women of colour are being screwed over by the beauty industry, according to a new report.

    According to a report published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, women of colour are coming into… Read the full story

    A make-up artist applying glitter to a model.ellencscottA make-up artist applying glitter to a model.ellencscott

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    (Picture: Crosstitutes)

    Looking through The Crosstitutes’ art work, it’s clear to see that cross stitching has undergone a revamp.

    With designs like ‘I’ve had sex in this room’, ‘braless and flawless’ and ‘the bush is back’ making up their collection, the group is proving that the art form is no longer the mainstay of our elder relatives – it’s part of a young feminist’s creative artillery.

    How The Crosstitutes are using embroidery to take down sexism and slut-shaming

    Cue the arrival of The Crosstitutes, aka Haley Stendahl, Briony Deege, Anna Stanton, and Serena Zendejas, a cross-stitching girl gang based in Oregon who are spreading messages of sex,… Read the full story

    viva la vulvajasmineanderssonviva la vulvajasmineandersson

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    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Remember earlier this summer when we went to a sugar baby conference and brought you all the dirt? 

    An incredible Art Deco house that's been left untouched since the 1930s is now on sale

    Well, if our feature made you want to become one, then we’ve got exciting news.

    And if it just left you fascinated by the bizarre world of dating older men for money? You’re going to love this.

    Arrangement.com, one of the websites which hooks young, attractive women up with wealthy men, has rolled out a subscription service which allows Daddies to send their babies (such an odd… Read the full story

    ***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** How I broke the golden rule of sex work and fell in love with a client (Miranda Kane)rebeccacnreid***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** How I broke the golden rule of sex work and fell in love with a client (Miranda Kane)rebeccacnreid

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    (Picture: Nando’s)

    Oi, students.

    Whether your A-level results were brilliant or bad, today’s probably a good idea to head to your local Nando’s, to either celebrate or commiserate.

    Parents pose for glorious newborn photoshoot with their 21-year-old son

    Thankfully, you won’t need to dip into your maintenance loan yet for a decent meal – as is their yearly tradition, Nando’s is giving out a free 1/4 chicken or Fire-Starter (if you’re veggie or not a chicken fan) to anyone receiving their A-level results today.

    All you need to do is pop to your nearest Nando’s, bringing your ID and your results with you.… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Jasmine Andersson)

    ‘You’re looking in the mirror again,’ laughed my friend as he saw me staring at myself in a bar mirror.

    Even thought I felt pretty embarrassed to have been caught, it might have been even more embarrassing to explain why I was doing it; that selfies are a huge part of my self-confidence.

    Growing up, I struggled with my body image. With severe acne and three years’ of braces, I was never going to fit into anyone’s stereotype of a classic beauty.

    Anyone getting their A-level results today can get free chicken from Nando's

    The outside world didn’t help either. If I wasn’t… Read the full story

    selfie jasminejasmineanderssonselfie jasminejasmineandersson

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    Three boys are a handful, but I wouldn’t change them (Picture: Getty – posed by models)

    The other day an elegant lady in her seventies watched me march my two boys and push the third across a car park to get a ticket.

    5 fun things to do in half-an-hour while your child naps

    I was in full military mum mode.

    ‘Hold hands, don’t run off and listen to everything I say or else you will get nothing’.

    As we were queueing for our tickets she asked me if the baby in the pram was a boy too and then she said ‘Oh, you poor darling’.

    There… Read the full story

    Boys playing together in a gardenmadmumof3boysMETRO Illustrationspregnancy stickBoys playing together in a gardenmadmumof3boysMETRO Illustrationspregnancy stick

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    Metro Illustrations
    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Like a typical summery August, mixed with hot sunny days and threatening dark clouds and thunder storms, your astrological late August is a mix of still days and alarming lightning.

    Parents pose for glorious newborn photoshoot with their 21-year-old son

    In almost all the signs Venus is causing trouble and doing her best to bring the doom.

    Some of you will feel this drop in mood more than others, and much of it depends on who you have working on your side. Mercury is a hero later this month, evening the balance and bringing good things.

    But for most of… Read the full story

    How running helps my general anxiety disorder (Lousie via The Mix, on email)ellencscottMetro IllustrationsHow running helps my general anxiety disorder (Lousie via The Mix, on email)ellencscottMetro Illustrations

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    Soz guys, this isn’t actually the healthy one. (Picture: Getty)

    The world is a  stressful place right now. 

    We like to think that it’s our job as lifestyle writers to bring you the nicer side of things. The little silver linings that remind you that there are still good people, and that good things can still happen.

    Anyone getting their A-level results today can get free chicken from Nando's

    Which is why we are so pleased to tell you that actual real science people who have letters after their names, have suggested that cheese might actually be really good for you.

    Scientists in Korea have found… Read the full story

    featured imagerebeccacnreidfeatured imagerebeccacnreid

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