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    personal trainer shares photo of butt dimples
    (Picture: Instagram/madalingiorgetta)

    You know those women with incredible bums you see all over Instagram?

    Yeah, their bums don’t always look like that.

    Man spent four months and £3,500 making a Crystal Maze inspired home for his two tortoises

    Even the most toned, sculpted people can still have cellulite, stretch-marks, or even just angles from which their body doesn’t look as glorious as it does in all the photos they share on their social media.

    That’s normal – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of these things we consider ‘flaws’.

    Just remember that the person whose body you’re… Read the full story

    personal trainer butt dimplesellencscottpersonal trainer shares photo of butt dimplespersonal trainer butt dimplesellencscottpersonal trainer shares photo of butt dimples

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    vibrator dave anderson
    (Picture: Dave Anderson)

    Think of yourself as a bit of a genius when it comes to bringing people the joy of orgasms?

    Well, congratulations – you might be in with the chance of winning £2,000, and earning more than £200,000, if you can prove your stuff.

    There's a bath bomb advent calendar that'll keep you smelling dreamy all through December

    LoveHoney has just launched their annual Design A Sex Toy competition, which – you guessed it – asks people from around the world to design their very own sex toy.

    While the main prize is £3,000, there’s the opportunity to make much, much more… Read the full story

    vibrator dave andersonellencscottvibrator dave andersonmetro illustrationsvibrator dave andersonellencscottvibrator dave andersonmetro illustrations

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    We all know that breakfast is important and that we’re not supposed to post a doughnut and a pint of black coffee in to our faces every morning if we want to live long, healthy lives. 

    Should we be worried about plus size children's clothes?

    But being organised enough to wake up at six AM and blend wheat grass with almond milk is a bit beyond a lot of us. Which might be why Dorset Cereals (those nice fancy ones that come in the pretty boxes) have gone and put vegetables in a cereal.

    Now this idea was met by a collective nose wrinkle in the Metro.co.uk offices. I don’t want to pour milk on to freeze dried broccoli, thanks very much.

    But are we being to quick to dismiss something which might actually be quite nice? Just because it has the word vegetable in… Read the full story


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    (Picture: SWNS)

    Shiloh the Labrador has a little bit of a snacking problem.

    The Temperley London LFW show was a French Riviera inspired dream

    After months of stealing cookies, begging for a constant stream of treats, and raiding the bins and the fridge to grab extra food, the dog had started to pile on the pounds.

    At his biggest, Shiloh weighed in at 146lbs. He was too big to run around or play fetch, and would lie down mid-walk and refuse to get up for half an hour.

    Thankfully, in October of last year Shiloh was adopted by photographer Heidi Flore, of Nahant, Massachusetts, who cared… Read the full story

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    Yes, I will eat that (Picture:  Michael Gottschalk/Photothek/Getty)

    This week is National Cupcake week so rejoice and visit your local cupcakery – or get out the flour and bake some yourself.

    There will be plenty of opportunity to eat your way through every flavour of cupcake imaginable, but maybe you can do more than just eat them and go through the process of lovingly baking some fairy cakes yourself.

    Graffiti Camp For Girls is empowering young girls through street art

    Cupcakes are also known as fairy cakes, queen cakes, buns, or patty cakes and the first mention of a type of cupcake was in 1796 when… Read the full story


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    metro illustrations
    We need to talk more about mental illness in the workplace (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    The reaction of employers when they have discovered that I experience schizoaffective disorder has been wide-ranging.

    ‘I will not crumble. You will not win’: An open letter to my depression

    I have been marched unceremoniously from the premises when I became unwell in an office environment, but I also had a wonderful rare experience with a university HR department who understood the value of employing people from a diverse variety of backgrounds and who talked me through my fear of speaking to a lecture hall full of first… Read the full story

    Illustration: Why we need mental health education in schoolsabbychandlermetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsIllustration: Why we need mental health education in schoolsabbychandlermetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Etsy)

    ‘They’ve made a pumpkin spiced pizza’ I said, sadly, as the news reached my screen. ‘I suppose we will have to write about it.’ 

    The 'Pie Face' is every Northerner's sandwich dreams come true

    There are many wonderful things about being a journalist. Apart from the occasional death threats and the fact that none of your friends trust you because you turned their relationship issue into content ONE TIME.

    But one of the few, less lovely parts, is the number of time a year that you are given cause to write the words ‘pumpkin spiced X is now a thing’.

    ‘Now a thing’ is… Read the full story

    Pumpkin spice latte candlesrebeccacnreidPumpkin spice latte candlesrebeccacnreid

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    (Picture: Laura Dale/Mercury Press)

    We’d pay to live here, tbh. It’s better than most of tiny studio flats we’ve been viewing.

    Dad of two Paul Gordon has spent four months working to create a glass dome the size of a garage for his two pet sulcata tortoises, George and Mozart.

    METRO GRAPHICSSex and sleep are more powerful than money when it comes to happiness

    But this is not just any glass dome. This is a luxurious tortoise home inspired by the Crystal Maze, with plenty of room for the tortoises to roam.

    Paul, 42, spent 10 hours every day learning carpentry and laying concrete by… Read the full story

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    (Picture: The New Cake and Sandwich Shop)

    Northerners, rejoice: You can now enjoy a bunch of your favourite comfort foods all at the same time. 

    Graffiti Camp For Girls is empowering young girls through street art

    Everybody knows that chip butties, pies, and, of course, the holy gravy are just a few Northern favourites – which is why Samantha Mitchell and her husband Garry, who own The New Cake and Sandwich Shop in Manchester, just knew they had to make a new sandwich filled with all of the above.

    Samantha and Garry have recently introduced the ‘Pie Face’ to their menu, as part of their… Read the full story

    A Cafe Has Created The 'Most Northern Sandwich Ever'hattiegladwellmetroA Cafe Has Created The 'Most Northern Sandwich Ever'hattiegladwellmetro

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    When you think of graffiti, you probably think of teenage boys in hoodies.

    When you take graffiti up a few levels and get into street art, you’ll probably think of Banksy.

    Notice anything missing from those pictures?

    Oh, right. It’s women.

    personal trainer shares photo of butt dimplesPersonal trainer's photo of her butt dimples makes an important point about body image

    If you haven’t noticed, the world of graffiti is dominated by boys and men, with hardly any girls getting to try the art form out for themselves.

    One artist, who goes by GIRL MOBB, is trying to change that.

    GIRL MOBB is the creator of Graffiti Camp for Girls, a scheme that provides week-long courses for girls to learn all about street art.

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    Edinburgh Castle still shows graffiti left by prisoners in the 1700s (Picture: Getty)

    If you’ve exhausted Netflix’s collection of horror films and feel you’re a little too old for trick or treating, there’s a grown-up way to enjoy Halloween.

    And no, it’s not just sinking so many drinks that you feel like a ghoul in the morning.

    Edinburgh now has a Walking Dead themed bar

    Tourists after a spooky city break can ditch the embarrassing set-up ghost encounters and zombie walks to get a taster of the very real dark and twisted past of Edinburgh.

    The Scottish capital is steeped in rich and bloody history and now the darkest… Read the full story

    View of Edinburgh Castle (UNESCO World Heritage List, 1995), at night, Edinburgh, Scotland, United KingdomnicolemorleyView of Edinburgh Castle (UNESCO World Heritage List, 1995), at night, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdomnicolemorley

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    (Picture: The Dadbag/Cover Images)

    Those who fancy themselves a dad bod every so often can now achieve it without having to change their lifestyles.

    METRO GRAPHICSSex and sleep are more powerful than money when it comes to happiness

    Well, sort of.

    A dad bod bag, dubbed ‘The DadBag’ is here and it’s been made specifically for guys who want a dad bod but don’t want to put on any weight to achieve it.

    The DadBag is a bum bag that sits right across your stomach to give off the impression you’re slouching down with your belly hanging out.

    It’s round, it’s hairy, and it’s everything the… Read the full story

    The 'Dadbag' Was Made For Men Who Want A Dad Bod But Without Eating Junk FoodhattiegladwellmetroThe 'Dadbag' Was Made For Men Who Want A Dad Bod But Without Eating Junk Foodhattiegladwellmetro

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    For most people, their idea of a dream holiday involves lounging in the sun with good food and good wine – which describes Napa Valley in a nutshell.

    Why Taipei should be your next Asia holiday

    Nestled in leafy northern California, Napa Valley has such a unique terrain and climate that it can grow grapes for a wide variety of wines – and they’re all bloomin’ delicious.

    It also has more Michelin-starred restaurants per capita than any other wine region in the world, so you can soak up all that booze in style.

    Here are some of the reasons wine connoisseurs – or wine amateurs, like I was prior to my Napa education/bender – should book themselves a trip to Napa right away.

    The wine

    Pine Ridge VineyardabbychandlerPine Ridge Vineyardabbychandler

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    (Picture: Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage)

    If you haven’t noticed*, this weekend was London Fashion Week.

    *Really? You didn’t see a bunch of bloggers wearing fancy skirts swanning around the city? That’s a bit unobservant.

    One of our favourite shows was the Temperley London runway, with designer Alice Temperley showcasing a SS18 range that offered all kinds of sparkling, glamorous inspiration.

    ‘This collection was inspired by the south of france,’ Alice Temperley told metro.co.uk. ‘I wanted to create looks to lounge around poolside in the French riviera, watching the sunset and drinking martinis.’

    Graffiti Camp For Girls is empowering young girls through street art

    Well, mission accomplished… Read the full story

    Temperley London - Runway - LFW September 2017ellencscottTemperley London - Runway - LFW September 2017ellencscott

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    Best of the burgers (Picture: Pinterest)

    For coeliacs and those on a gluten-free diet, it’s become much easier to eat out on the high street.

    Of course, for every gluten-free triumph – when it’s so delicious we get the waiter to check it really is gluten-free – there are just as many disasters (what do you mean you can only offer us a jacket potato?).

    10 gluten-free restaurants in Birmingham you need to try

    The ultimate test is the humble burger.

    We rank the high-street offerings from worst to best for their gluten-free burger offerings

    8. Burger King

    By default the worst, since it’s not clear what we can actually… Read the full story

    Picture: Pinterest 'Gluten Free Burgers: Ranked from Best to Worst.'jensmilePicture: Pinterest 'Gluten Free Burgers: Ranked from Best to Worst.'jensmile

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Atheism may be more popular than it’s ever been, but that doesn’t mean the churches are empty.

    And believe it or not, the two may be connected. Andy Hill doesn’t believe in God, but he still comes to church. And there’s evidence to suggest that atheist church attendance may be higher than you think.

    But how do the Christians feel about all these non-believers turning up on a Sunday morning?

    Well, actually, we’re fine with it. We’d love to have you along. And here’s why.

    MORE: Churches have been working on their sign game with hilarious results

    Picture: Gettyreverend61Picture: Gettyreverend61

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    (Picture: House of Harris)

    Forget chocolates and alcohol, because an advent calendar is here that’ll make every bath throughout December smell totally dreamy.

    The 'Pie Face' is every Northerner's sandwich dreams come true

    House of Harris has released a bath bomb-filled advent calendar that features a variety of 24 soaps and bath bombs.

    The calendar is said to be filled with the gift retailer’s best-selling handmade, luxury bath products, which are all filled with natural ingredients and ‘gorgeous fragrance’.

    As the evenings get colder, hot bubble baths sound way more tempting than showers, and with this calendar you won’t have to make a single… Read the full story

    We need this bath bomb advent calendarhattiegladwellmetroWe need this bath bomb advent calendarhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Getty)

    When articles are written about weight, you can tell what the person writing it really thinks from the first word they use to describe the people in question. 

    Politely saying ‘plus size’ implies low-level respect for the topic, or perhaps a sense of discomfort. ‘Overweight’ is safe territory because it feels medical but it also come with a hefty lug of judgement (‘I’m just worried about your health’ style).

    METRO GRAPHICSSex and sleep are more powerful than money when it comes to happiness

    And then there are those who call a spade a spade and go with fat – ironically it’s the… Read the full story

    Children's plus size clothesrebeccacnreidChildren's plus size clothesrebeccacnreid

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    (Picture: Instagram/templeofseitan)

    Attention, attention, anyone who’d prefer an evening spent filling their tums with delicious vegan food to a night spent downing pints.

    While vegan markets have been a thing for a while, and you’ve likely been to every single one that’s an offer, there haven’t been many night-time events for our plant-based friends.

    Graffiti Camp For Girls is empowering young girls through street art

    Not anymore.

    A vegan night market (that’s a food market that happens after 5pm, FYI) has just been announced, offering up all kinds of delicious delights including dairy-free chocolate milkshakes, seitan steaks, and mock fried chicken. Yum.

    It’ll take place on Brick… Read the full story


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    Christine Yahya, known as Pink Bits on Instagram, is pretty much a body positivity icon.

    She’s got more than 28,800 followers on Instagram, where she shares illustrations of all kinds of women – different sizes, races, sexualities, and more – and has dedicated herself to the celebration of all bodies.

    Eating disorder survivor creates illustrations to inspire women to love their bodies

    But she hasn’t always been confident in the way she looks.

    In her younger years, Christine struggled with eating disorders – and it took her a long time to learn how to accept her body.

    ‘I had a very unhealthy relationship with food,’ Christine tells metro.co.uk. ‘I did not have any self-love.

    ‘Recovery took a long time, and had many slips and falls in its pursuit.  It took a lot of conscious effort, and realigning my view of food and health. It also took a lot of support from those around… Read the full story

    hairy legsellencscotthairy legsellencscott

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