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    (Picture: River Island)

    It’s official, fashion is officially over.

    River Island is selling a £180 sleeping bag coat and fashion has definitely gone too far

    We thought we’d seen it all when ASOS released a range of questionable clothing items, and we lost even more faith when Spanx came forward with some arm tights – but it’s River Island who’s winning the ‘WTF?’ clothing award of the year.

    The clothing brand has released an oversized sleeping bag coat which comes in pink and khaki.

    It’s made using padded fabric and features a zipped detachable blanket, cuffed sleeves, a funnel neck and a concealed zip… Read the full story


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    Immersing the idol of Goddess Durga is a ritual on Navratri (Picture: Prabhat Kumar Verma/Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty Images)

    The 10-day Hindu festival Navratri has begun and people are dressing in the Navratri colours, dancing in the streets and showing love and compassion for everyone.

    Thursday, September 21 is the first day of Navratri and the day Hindus celebrate Goddess Durga as Shailputri.

    metro illustrationsHow a guy acts during a pregnancy scare tells you everything you need to know

    The nine-night festival ends with Dussehra which is the celebration of good over evil.

    The festival and rituals associated with Navratri will differ across India and the world but no matter what,… Read the full story

    Hindu Devotee immerse idol of Goddess Durga in a pond nearaislingtmHindu Devotee immerse idol of Goddess Durga in a pond nearaislingtm

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    (Picture: Superdrug)

    Superdrug has jumped on the early advent calendar hype with their own Beauty and the Beast-inspired calendar, which celebrates the 12 days of Christmas. 

    metro illustrations26 women share the things they don't want you to do when you go down on them

    The calendar features twelve beauty-themed gifts, hidden in each window of a pink gift-box, which comes decorated with images of Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth and the enchanted rose.

    Everything fittingly comes rose-coloured, and while you won’t be opening the first window to a Chip purse or any of Lorac’s makeup collection, there will be lots of goodies including two… Read the full story

    Superdrug Is Selling A ?6 Beauty And The Beast Advent Calendar Full Of Bath Time TreatshattiegladwellmetroSuperdrug Is Selling A ?6 Beauty And The Beast Advent Calendar Full Of Bath Time Treatshattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: ASOS)

    If you’re a beauty-fanatic whose idea of luxury is sitting back in front of a good old Disney movie while unblocking your pores, we’ve found the perfect face mask for you.

    How a 'hug button' could help children with their back to school anxiety

    ASOS is now selling a Minnie Mouse face mask – which will turn you into the famous mouse as it soothes your skin.

    The Minnie Mouse sheet masks, which come in the shape of Minnie’s face and feature her cute bow, is enriched with rose water and is ‘designed to calm the skin’.

    Granted, it looks a little bit… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    In today’s most impressive ‘no s**t, Sherlock’ news, researchers have found that 80% of women don’t orgasm from penetrative sex. 

    If you own a vagina then there’s a 4 in 5 chance that you’ve already worked this out for yourself by having penetrative sex that didn’t result in your orgasm.

    metro illustrationsWhat happens when you call off your wedding

    Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy took a poll of 1,000 women aged 18 to 94 and lo and behold, most of them said that they can’t come without clitoral stimulation. Which is what sex writers and sexperts have been… Read the full story

    12 reasons why doggy style is the best sexual position there is (katy red)rebeccacnreid12 reasons why doggy style is the best sexual position there is (katy red)rebeccacnreid

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    Cheryl Cole wore a crop top to charity event #GAME4GRENFELL. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

    Cheryl Cole has it all – she’s a singer, she’s gorgeous, she’s a millionaire and has a loving partner and is now a mum to a cute little baby.

    Outwardly, her life looks pretty damn fantastic.

    Which is probably why people feel she’s fair game when it comes to slagging her off.

    She won’t care, will she? What harm does it do?

    Actually, probably quite a lot.

    Two fellow celeb mums have come out and commented about her weight loss since she gave birth to baby Bear in March, her first child with partner Liam Payne.

    First to make a dig was Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead,… Read the full story

    Chanelle Hayes calls Cheryl 'a bad example'celebricatChanelle Hayes calls Cheryl 'a bad example'celebricat

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Although it feels a little touch and go sometimes, we’d like to think that society is progressing a little.

    And one of the key markers of that progression is the fact that people are thinking a little bit more about where the products they buy are coming from.

    Throw on your favourite Disney film and relax with this Minnie Mouse face mask

    Organic tampons may be an ethical alternative, and some companies may donate money to worthy causes, but the jury’s out on whether or not non-organic tampons might have any negative effects on your vagina.

    ‘Tampons are basically wads of absorbent cotton,’ consultant… Read the full story

    Close Up Of TamponsjasmineanderssonClose Up Of Tamponsjasmineandersson

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    (Picture: Dr Jart/metro.co.uk)

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but sheet masks are kind of a big deal right now.

    metro illustrations26 women share the things they don't want you to do when you go down on them

    They’ve been a big deal for a while, actually, popping up in South Korea first before making their way to the US, then the UK, then going through all kinds of wonderful iterations ranging from panda designs to sheet masks that bubble and foam.

    But with so many sheet masks on the shelves, it’s tricky to know which ones actually have legit benefits, and which ones… Read the full story

    featured imageellencscottfeatured imageellencscott

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    There’s more to sex than orgasms (no, really) (Picture: Getty – Metro.co.uk)

    The male orgasm isn’t the be-all and end-all, trust me.

    Pleasing your partner is a pretty important thing – whether it’s in an emotional or physical sense.

    15 people reveal the worst thing someone has said to them during sex

    And while your other half will no doubt want you to orgasm during sex, it’s not absolutely essential.

    Sometimes it might just not happen, for whatever reason – and reasons do exist. Others can take an age to cum or find it difficult, so it ain’t all about racing to the finish line at… Read the full story

    Men don't need to have orgasms during sex (Mike Williams)mrmikepwilliamsMETRO GRAPHICSMen don't need to have orgasms during sex (Mike Williams)mrmikepwilliamsMETRO GRAPHICS

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    (Picture: Spanx)

    I’ve got to admit it, as someone who’s a little bit insecure about their body, I’m a massive fan of Spanx support underwear and tights. 

    Is the Dr Jart rubber mask worth the faff?

    They hold me in in all the right places and I never have to worry about a little bit of bloating in a tight dress. Quite frankly, they’re a lifesaver when your drink’s a rum and coke.

    What I’m not so sure about however, is Spanx’s newest release. Arm tights.

    Yes, you read that right: Arm tights. They’re exactly what they sound like – tights for your arms.

    Now, don’t get… Read the full story

    Arm tights existhattiegladwellmetroImage result for stuck in clothing gifArm tights existhattiegladwellmetroImage result for stuck in clothing gif

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    Colin the caterpillar Christmas makeover (Picture: M&S)

    Is it really your birthday if you don’t get a Colin? 

    You get all the feet you can eat, and the face (it’s your special day, Princess). It’s the purest and best cake. Does anyone not like a Colin?

    Guys we're getting a Christmassy Colin the Caterpillar!

    Probably, yes, but we don’t want to hear from you. This article is for fully paid up members of the Colin Fan Club only.

    So yes, back to Colin. Remember how last year they brought out Connie the Caterpillar who was a female version of Colin with a slightly fruitier flavour? And… Read the full story

    Colin the caterpillar Christmas makeoverrebeccacnreidColin the caterpillar Christmas makeoverrebeccacnreid

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    If you like beer, friends and fun, you’re in for a treat (Picture: Getty)

    It’s that time of year again!

    No, silly, not autumn – Oktoberfest! A time for beer, friends, food and fun!

    Did you know the first ever Oktoberfest happened in Munich in 1810 to honour the wedding of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen?

    Festivities have been repeated every year since, and these days it’s a brilliant festival of beer, music and friends, and the perfect way to say your final goodbyes to summer – we like to think of it as our final hurrah before the cold nights draw in.

    Lucky for you, you don’t even have to leave… Read the full story

    Beer at OktoberfestlisambowmanBeer at Oktoberfestlisambowman

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    ‘In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.’

    So began JRR Tolkien’s fantasy novel, The Hobbit, widely regarded as a classic of children’s literature and adored by young and old alike.

    Published on September 21, 1937, it still maintains the magic, humour and heart that made readers fall in love with it over the decades.

    It probably wasn’t the cover of The Hobbit’s first edition that drew the punters in

    It’s a testament to Tolkien’s story that 80 years later we’re still celebrating the home-loving hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, who – by self-admission – had ‘no use for adventures’.

    As we all know, Bilbo proceeded to have the… Read the full story

    hobbit mainnataliexenoshobbit mainnataliexenos

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    (Picture: Kittakone Sirisombath)

    When 17-year-old Kittakone Sirisombath from DeSoto, Texas, took his now-girlfriend Destiny La’nae Irish, also 17, on their first date, he didn’t have enough money for the both of them to eat out.

    metro illustrations26 women share the things they don't want you to do when you go down on them

    But not wanting to miss out on an amazing time with a girl he liked, Kittakone treated Destiny anyway – and sat back staring at an empty table himself.

    While out at Chili’s, Destiny had told Kittakone that she was hungry. Instead of letting on that he didn’t have the funds,… Read the full story

    Teen's Story Of Taking His Girlfriend On A First Date While Broke Is Too SweethattiegladwellmetroTeen's Story Of Taking His Girlfriend On A First Date While Broke Is Too Sweethattiegladwellmetro

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    metro illustrations
    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    In this day and age, it’s normal for your entire relationship to be documented online through the means of Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter, if you’re that dedicated.

    Teen wins the hearts of the internet after going hungry so he could treat his date

    But sadly, it’s also normal nowadays for people to feel as though their relationship is not valid unless it’s ‘official’ online.

    I can’t be the only one who, when starting out a new relationship, has been asked: ‘Is it Facebook official yet?’, as if allowing your partner to make the cut onto your profile information… Read the full story

    XX reasons why you really shouldn’t date a writer (Gary Marshall)hattiegladwellmetrometro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsXX reasons why you really shouldn’t date a writer (Gary Marshall)hattiegladwellmetrometro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

    Candle-lovers, rejoice: You can now buy candles that smell like your favourite comfort foods.

    Get ready: Rihanna is releasing a new Fenty Beauty collection in October

    Thanks to The Stinky Candle Company, a candle company that specialises in bringing all of your favourite scents to life, you can now burn the fragrance of french fries and nachos around your living room.

    Or fresh bread and wine if you’re feeling a little fancier.

    The Stinky Candle Company, a small start-up in the western suburbs of Chicago, was inspired to start creating the unique wax candles after realising everyday olfactory experiences with fragrances are seriously… Read the full story

    Candles that smell like your favourite foodshattiegladwellmetroCandles that smell like your favourite foodshattiegladwellmetro

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    It’s OK not to feel sociable at the school gates in the morning, isn’t it? (Picture: Dave Anderson)

    The new term is in full flow.

    Obviously, you miss your little terrors during the day, but it’s nice to have a little bit of time to yourself again.

    3 things you should never share with your children

    That doesn’t mean the school term is not without its downsides.

    Do any of these five super annoying things about the kids going back to school strike a chord with you?

    Packed lunches

    metro illustrationjomiddleton78Sleepy Couple, Sleep, Tiredmetro illustrationjomiddleton78Sleepy Couple, Sleep, Tired

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    (Picture: Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

    Just as our excitement was settling down from the initial release of Fenty Beauty (the range of foundation shades! The shimmer sticks! The gloss!), Rihanna’s swooped back in to announce another collection – dropping in less than a month.

    metro illustrationsWhy are we so bothered about making our relationships 'Facebook official'?

    She does like to keep us on our toes.

    At a launch event at Sephora in Paris on Thursday, Rihanna unveiled The Galaxy Collection – also known as The Holiday Collection.

    Unlike the neutrals of the first drop, the Galaxy Collection features shimmering metallics, bold… Read the full story

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    Festivals for foodies (Picture: Huw Jones/Getty)

    Food Festivals are definitely not just summer activities and they provide the perfect opportunity to pick up delicious foodie finds all year round.

    In fact, there are plenty coming up across the UK to whet appetites before Christmas time.

    10 top recipes to make with the kids this weekend

    Star bakers as well as cooking masterclasses and demonstrations are all set to feature at the events.

    Here are four that should take the fancy of every foodie.

    Thame Food Festival

    Thame Food Festival, originally based in the Oxfordshire town’s centre, has been going since 2008 and last year attracted in the region of 28,000… Read the full story

    Shoppers at Abergavenny food festival, WalessuzypeltaShoppers at Abergavenny food festival, Walessuzypelta

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