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    *In a ghostly voice* Whoooooooooooooooooo (Picture: Lush/Metro)

    Lush is a brand that knows how to pull at our heart strings.

    They gift us with a bath bomb subscription service before discontinuing some of our fave products, but then placate us by sending us to the land of nod with their sleepy lotion and creating a brand new range of perfumes.

    Now, the purveyors of super-scented toiletries have released their spookily squeaky clean Halloween collection.

    Sure some of it has been in store for years (we see you, Lord of Misrule shower cream), but if it’s a spooky colour, then we’ll allow, y’know?

    Okay, now… Read the full story

    Lush HalloweenlisambowmanLush Halloweenlisambowman

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    (Picture: Rui Vieira/PA Wire)

    McDonald’s can be pretty hit and miss. At its best, it’s a brilliant hangover cure. At its worst, it’s enough to put you off beef for life.

    A lot of that dissatisfaction comes from freshness. You can always tell when your burger’s brand new or whether it’s been left under the heat lamp for a while.

    It’s no big deal, given the price, but obviously we’d all prefer to taste something that has just come off the grill (or out of the microwave).

    And so obviously, we were fairly excited when an ex-McDonald’s employee revealed the secret to getting a fresh meal every time.

    Kamran Adnan, who worked for a year in… Read the full story

    A McDonald's Big Mac Challenge Is Offering A Cash PrizehattiegladwellmetroA McDonald's Big Mac Challenge Is Offering A Cash Prizehattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Mercury Press)

    For many, a night of gaming and a McDonald’s is a total dream.

    Mot of us just go through the drive-thru and then head home to snack on our fries as we play Fifa (or Destiny, depending on what you’re into).

    But one guy isn’t most people – one guy was so dedicated to both his games console and his food that he bought his PS4 along to his local McDonald’s so that he didn’t have to stop playing it as he ordered food.

    Max Clayton confused McDonald’s staff when he entered the Plymouth-based restaurant with his PS4 and a 32-inch widescreen TV.

    After ordering a Big Mac meal, Max sat down and… Read the full story

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    It all starts with a letter (Picture: Getty)

    You’ve probably watched enough courtroom dramas to be aware of the role juries play in our justice system.

    Those 12 silent and impartial watchers who decide the guilt or innocence of a stranger.

    Designer Patrick Cox sells home with a 'disco loo' and a walk-in shoe den for £2.7 million

    While they may seem to be all-powerful beings, they are actually just normal people. Like you. In fact they could be you.

    So what happens if you are called upon for jury service? What can you expect?

    1. You gotta do it

    Statistically it’s unlikely you’ll ever receive that big red summons. But… Read the full story

    Jury Duty SummonsmykitchenhellJury Duty Summonsmykitchenhell

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    (Picture: Ellen Scott/Getty)

    Scents can have an odd effect on people.

    I once followed someone who resembled Fat Joe around a nightclub for the entire night because he smelt so hypnotic.

    The memory of that smell, even all these years later, still gives me goosebumps (although still very glad it was just mild stalking and nothing else).

    Other smells – like that of damp garages – immediately provoke in me an overwhelming feeling of being home.

    But why do scents foster such specific feelings?

    Gemma Hopkins is an armoachnologist (that’s someone who mixes scents to you and me), who’s just been working on a project with Carphone Warehouse to create a fragrance that apparently mimics the feeling of… Read the full story

    perfume featured imagemkylperfume featured imagemkyl

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    What could be better than fresh fruit and vegetables? (Picture: Getty)

    I’ve been vegan for 10 years.

    Six years ago, when I first announced my pregnancy, I had the odd comment from friends or family members who wanted to know if I would be raising the baby on a similar diet.

    Why scents can evoke different emotions

    The thought of feeding my baby anything but vegan food didn’t even cross my mind.

    She would eat what we ate, it was really that simple.

    Here’s why I’m raising my kids on a plant-based diet.

    It’s healthy

    The food we put into our body is… Read the full story


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    Picture: Instagram/Glossier)

    If you’re not into skincare and beauty, this isn’t for you.

    If you are, however, a skincare and beauty devotee passionate about serums and ready to wax lyrical about sheet masks, you’ll want to read on. And maybe sit down first, because this is very exciting.

    Why we should all try to give sober dating a go once in our miserable lives

    A few weeks ago we learned that Glossier – a massive skincare and beauty brand from the US loved by a bunch of celebs and bloggers – would be coming to the UK.

    What we didn’t know, however, was exactly when and where we’d… Read the full story

    glossier 2ellencscottglossier 2ellencscott

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    (Picture: Nando’s)

    It’s genuinely disappointing when a brand which you really like and respect turns out to be less ethical than you had hoped.

    Which, sadly, is what’s happening for Nando’s fans all over the UK today, as it becomes clear that Nando’s is in fact not using free range chicken in their restaurants.

    For obvious reasons (it’s cheaper) they’re choosing to use non-free range chickens. Unfortunately, if chickens aren’t free range they have a pretty horrible experience.

    Nando’s admit to the welfare standards of their chickens on their website, writing: ‘Nando’s prides itself in offering great tasting food at great value. Chicken welfare is of utmost importance, however, we also need to consider the… Read the full story

    Nando'srebeccacnreidchurrasco nando's burgerNando'srebeccacnreidchurrasco nando's burger

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    Raise a glass to Halloween (Picture: Getty)

    Something wicked this way comes, so get ready to party.

    Yes, spooksters, Halloween is just around the corner, and once again we’re in a quandary (and multiple WhatsApp groups) about how to nail the festivities in style.

    McDonald's employee reveals how asking for a receipt can get you a fresher meal

    So much more than just knocking around the local estate in a few ducktaped bin liners trying to fleece your neighbours for treats, Halloween has become the bona fide banger night out of the year.

    With so many weird and wonderful shindigs happening in London, is it any wonder we’re planning… Read the full story

    Get your freak on: The X alternative events to attend this Halloween (Amy Locke)amiejolockeGet your freak on: The X alternative events to attend this Halloween (Amy Locke)amiejolocke

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    ‘Black history’ should be part of mainstream history lessons (Picture: Getty/Myles Goode)

    It’s October, which means it’s Black History Month in the UK.

    Yet BHM wouldn’t be needed if the full history of this country and its black contribution were taught in our schools.

    14 of the most inspirational British women of colour you should know about

    Academics, researchers and community groups have begun uncovering a history that has, for too long, remained untold: how black Britons shaped the UK’s culture and society from its earliest times.

    Black, Asian and other minority communities have been a part of British history centuries before slavery, the Windrush… Read the full story

    featured imagejdotiwalafeatured imagejdotiwala

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    (Picture: Getty/ Ella Byworth)

    It sounds bad but I don’t think I’ve ever soberly pulled someone before.

    Not like stone cold sober.

    metro illustrationsGuys, please stay out of your girlfriend's arguments

    That initial meeting is always fuelled by a few drinks, after which I become absolutely irresistible.

    I’m sure that’s also the case for the vast majority of people; if you’ve met your S.O in a pub, club or bar, chances are that you were smashed at the time. If you met them at a bus stop or library and the initial approach was sober, it’s highly likely that the subsequent date would involve indulging in… Read the full story

    Banning men from approaching women isn't the answer to our sexual harassment problemmkylmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsBanning men from approaching women isn't the answer to our sexual harassment problemmkylmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Reese’s)

    Fans of Reese’s Pieces will be overjoyed to know that their favourite chocolate brand has released an exclusive chocolate and peanut butter Christmas collection.

    The brand, which is famous for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, has released a line of Christmas-themed products, including an advent calendar, a selection box, a peanut butter filled snowman and individual chocolate stocking fillers that kids (and adults) will go nuts for.

    The Reese’s Christmas collection hit the shelves late September, and is already available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Lidl, B&M, Poundworld, Wilkinson’s and a selection of other retailers. All the products are said to be selling quickly, so you’d better be quick.

    Xmas Product Group ShothattiegladwellmetroXmas Product Group Shothattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: cuckooland.com)

    Back in January we introduced you to the Bacon Express.

    For those who don’t know, the Bacon Express looks exactly like a toaster oven, but is actually a vertical grill – and works by grilling up to six pieces of bacon at a time without leaving a greasy mess.

    The Bacon Express came courtesy of masterminds Nostalgia Electronics, who believe their toaster oven design is a ‘healthier’ way to cook bacon, is easy to clean, and has the potential to make crispy bacon that doesn’t shrivel.

    The bacon toaster is now available in the UK and brunch just got so much betterhattiegladwellmetroThe bacon toaster is now available in the UK and brunch just got so much betterhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Instagram/swayzemorgan/abbyrobertsartistry)

    Halloween is just around the corner and we can’t lie, we’re super excited. 

    We can’t wait to put up our Halloween trees, try on a number of spooky costumes (including this Kylie Jenner one, obvs) and eat all the Colin the Caterpillar cake our hearts desire.

    But before we do so, we should probably start perfecting this new Halloween eye makeup look that’s gracing our Instagram feeds.

    Introducing: Batliner. Or the bat eye, if you will.

    It sounds like exactly what it is – eyeliner but in the shape of a bat’s wing. And while it may sound simple, it’s a bold look – and we’re all for it.

    Read the full story


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    (Picture: kaycustoms)

    An artist has created a range of dolls in hopes to show children that diversity is beautiful.

    Kay Customz has handmade some customised dolls with vitiligo, a skin condition that leaves pale white patches on the skin.

    Kay debuted the first doll to portray the skin condition back in September 2017, dubbing it her ‘Vitiligo Baby’ on her Instagram account.

    Since the first doll, Kay has been continuing on with her vitiligo range – even taking requests from parents of children with vitiligo themselves.

    Instagram Photo

    Artist Creates Dolls With Vitiligo For Kids With This Rare Skin ConditionhattiegladwellmetroArtist Creates Dolls With Vitiligo For Kids With This Rare Skin Conditionhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Disney)

    A Beauty and the Beast themed feast is coming to London, where guests are invite to arrive ‘as a beauty’, and ‘leave as a beast’.

    Thanks to Designers & Edge, you can now follow in the footsteps of Belle by arriving at the Beast’s grey palace for dinner and a show.

    The Beauty and the Beast feast is said to be ‘a daring, underground dining and theatrical experience’, featuring a ‘gutsy, modern and oh so adult, homage to panto’ that will have guests ‘frolicking through the well-known classic tale with all the characters you expect but in all the ways you won’t.’

    While neither Lumiere nor Mrs Potts will be making an appearance,… Read the full story

    This Beauty And The Beast Dining Experience Sounds IncrediblehattiegladwellmetroThis Beauty And The Beast Dining Experience Sounds Incrediblehattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Getty – Myles Goode)

    Ever since I first downloaded Snapchat a year ago, I’ve been obsessed with using the app’s filters.

    It got to a point where I felt uncomfortable sharing a photo of myself on social media without one.

    I’d grown accustomed to seeing Snapchat’s features on my face. Widened eyes, flawless skin, longer lashes and a cute flower band across my head.

    I could be wearing no makeup but still look as though I was wearing a full face with the right filter, and I loved that.

    But while it may have been effortless, over time, it left me feeling pretty insecure.

    I didn’t realise this until I was having the standard selfie-filled five… Read the full story

    metro illustrsationhattiegladwellmetrometro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrsationhattiegladwellmetrometro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    ‘Anxiety and depression’ is a term that’s often banded about as if it’s one illness.

    They’re two separate illnesses – but they often go hand in hand.

    According to a study by Nicholas C. Jacobson and Michelle G. Newman, previous research suggests that between 16-50% of people with a depressive disorder also have an anxiety disorder.

    This may be because the two conditions share some of the same symptoms according to the NHS, like having trouble concentrating or feeling worried – although anxiety often manifests in an abundance of energy, while depression often shows as lethargy.

    But why else?

    ‘They are flip sides of the same coin,’ therapist Geraldine Joaquim at Quest Hypnotherapy tells metro.co.uk. ‘Effectively we are all pre-programmed to fall back on these two conditions (as well as anger) from way back in our caveman days. They helped keep our ancestors safe.’

    Depression was an energy conserver when cavemen/women couldn’t go out to hunt, and anxiety kept hunters aware… Read the full story

    Almost half of people with depression also have anxietylisambowmanmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsAlmost half of people with depression also have anxietylisambowmanmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Denny’s)

    Forget your avocado toast or eggs benedict. In fact, forget fancy brunches entirely.

    Old school, stodgy breakfasts are coming. And this time, they’re coming from across the pond.

    American diner chain Denny’s, best known for their pancakes, bacon, and other breakfast-y delights (they do sell other meals though, just FYI), is finally making its move over to the UK.

    Denny’s is currently looking for area licensees in the UK to bring the chain over for all of us to enjoy. The brand’s starting out in South Wales, with their first confirmed branch opening in Swansea just after Christmas.

    Which means that in the new year, anyone hanging out in Swansea will be able to… Read the full story

    Food Fanatics Rejoice, Denny's Is Hitting The UKellencscottFood Fanatics Rejoice, Denny's Is Hitting The UKellencscott

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    (Picture: Legoland Windsor)

    Everyone knows that heading to Legoland is a truly joyous experience.

    When you’re a kid, anyway.

    When you’re an adult, the fun ever so slightly fades into the background of the not-so-relaxing sounds of hyper toddlers screaming their heads off and the looming knowledge that you’ve dropped £50 just so your kiddo can decide not to go on any rides because they’re too scary. *Sigh*.

    If tickets were free, that’d make going to Legoland seem like less of a stressful concept, right?

    Well, you’re in luck. LegoLand is currently giving out free tickets to adults and children… with a catch.

    From 13 October to 30 October, Legoland will be giving out free tickets to… Read the full story

    Legoland will let kids in for free if they have one of these namesellencscottLegoland will let kids in for free if they have one of these namesellencscott

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