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    (Peter White/Getty Images)

    Want to be on trend for SS18? Whip out your nan’s detachable hood, turn your tupperware into a hat, and cover yourself in clingfilm. According to Chanel, clear plastic accessories are in.

    For the Chanel Paris Fashion Week show, Karl Lagerfeld sent models down the runway in the classic tweeds and boucle synonymous with the brand, topped with all manner of clear plastic accouterments.

    There may have been a reason behind all the plastic, waterproof wear – the runway had been transformed into the Gorges du Verdon in Provence, complete with six ten metre high waterfalls.

    If you’re walking by a waterfall, it makes sense to wear a layer of plastic. If… Read the full story

    Chanel : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2018ellencscottChanel : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2018ellencscott

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    (Picture: World Animal Day)

    World Animal Day is celebrated every year on October 4 and highlights the issue of protecting and saving the world’s most endangered species.

    smushed pieBrilliant video explains why you shouldn't call a pie you drop on the floor 'gay'

    The aim of World Animal Day is to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe.

    It is a chance for world animal movements to unite and become a global force that will make the world a better place for all animals.

    world animal day logoaislingtmworld animal day logoaislingtm

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    Oh hello (Picture: Getty)

    In a headline that won’t shock anyone who works on the Metro Lifestyle desk, it’s been reported that women eat 10,000 calories worth of office snacks at their desks a year.

    In fact just yesterday the Metro office held the Great Metro Bake Off, and we reckon most people consumed 10,000 calories during that alone.

    The study was conducted by Kallø (purveyors of rice cakes) who spoke to 1,000 women who work in offices.

    Now, we hate to be cynical Susans, but we’re guessing that a rice cake manufacturer is going to want you to feel bad about your snacking and to guilt you into switching to…maybe…oh, I dunno, say, something a little more… Read the full story

    Binge eater hiding doughnut in desk drawerlisambowmanBinge eater hiding doughnut in desk drawerlisambowman

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    I’m not an alcoholic.

    I can’t be, right? I only drink about once a week, and when I do, I’ll have about four drinks at the pub before I declare that I’m tipsy and would quite like to go home and watch Celebs Go Dating (I know. I was skeptical at first too, but it’s great TV).

    It’s only when I’m out out that I go a bit hard on the drinking, downing a sufficient number of rum and lemonades until I’m comfortable enough to dance, then enough to throw up out of the Uber window on the ride home.

    I don’t drink a lot, and I drink infrequently. My tolerance is low as a result, so while other people are pounding back shots I’ll be comfortably sloshed half way through my third cocktail.

    I can’t have a drinking problem, because I don’t really drink.

    Except I’ve started to realise that you can have a drinking problem without actually drinking that much alcohol.

    It comes down to the… Read the full story

    Sober october: I didn't need to be drinking a lot to realise I have an unhealthy relationship with alcoholellencscottmetro illustrationsSober october: I didn't need to be drinking a lot to realise I have an unhealthy relationship with alcoholellencscottmetro illustrations

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    smushed pie
    (Picture: RainbowYOUTH)

    It’s a simple concept, really.

    If you call something that’s a bit rubbish ‘gay’, you’re implying that ‘gay’ is a rubbish thing to be. Which it’s not.

    That should be easy to understand, and thus, people should have stopped using ‘gay’ as an insult, or a lament, ages ago.

    But we forget the impact of our words. We ignore the meaning behind what we’re saying. And so people have continued to describe uncool things as ‘gay’ – even after Hilary Duff’s iconic ‘that’s so gay’ PSA.

    So here’s a reminder from RainbowYOUTH, explaining why you shouldn’t call a pie you drop on the floor ‘gay’.

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    (Picture: Shutterstock/Getty)

    Charcoal is everywhere right now.

    It’s in our peel-off face masks, our lattes, and in every other wellness supplement or beauty product around at the moment.

    It’s a massive trend, thanks to a combination of our obsession with all things natural and piles of celebs mentioning how they use charcoal as a miracle ingredient for everything from tiredness to dull skin.

    We’ve previously warned against downing charcoal in the form of hot beverages, but now dentists are hitting out at those super popular charcoal toothpastes, suggesting that not only do charcoal pastes not make teeth any whiter, but they may also increase the risk of tooth decay.

    The… Read the full story

    Dental charity warns against trendy charcoal toothpasteellencscottDental charity warns against trendy charcoal toothpasteellencscott

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    (Picture: roseandmaryfood/Instagram)

    At times it seems like nothing that tastes delicious is good for you.

    Sugar’s going to kill us all, prosecco will make your teeth fall out and putting coconut oil in anything is a one way street to Heart Attack City.

    And now you can add pesto to that list.

    That’s right – your favourite mid-week supper sauce is now being touted as THE NEXT BIG HEALTH SCARE.


    Because a new survey has revealed that a number of pesto sauces contain astronomical amounts of salt – with some having as much as much as 3.3g of salt per 100g.

    According to Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH), ‘that’s 30% saltier than seawater’.

    Read the full story


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    metro illustrations
    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    We’re at the O phase of our A to Z of sexual arousal, and to say this one’s a mixed bag would be an understatement: if you don’t find at least one of these fetishes incredibly strange then you’re more open-minded than we are.

    Come with us as we discover vampires, dental equipment and what not to do with a snake.

    1. Objectum Sexuality

    If you didn’t catch Big Boi’s 2012 song Objectum Sexuality you may be unfamiliar with this one: it’s a strong attraction to specific inanimate objects, and was made famous by Erika Eiffel when she discussed her marriage to the Eiffel Tower (although it didn’t… Read the full story

    ***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** Metro’s A to Z of fetishes: O is for Orville, opticians and getting thrown out of Pets At Homebyowebsitemetro illustrations***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** Metro’s A to Z of fetishes: O is for Orville, opticians and getting thrown out of Pets At Homebyowebsitemetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Nando’s/INstagram)

    We all like to feel special, exclusive.

    And nothing makes us feel like the VIPs we were born to be quite like going off-menu at a chain restaurant.

    Starbucks and McDonalds both have options that don’t appear on standard menus…but they’re hardly the coolest of chains.

    It now transpires, however, that Nando’s – YES, NANDO’S – has a secret menu.

    Our favourite cheeky chicken hotspot has a range of off-menu dishes which superfans can order.

    Fans have worked out ways of improving the stuff Nando’s currently has on offer with these very simple hacks:

    Nando’s burrito

    Instagram Photo

    You can make any meal into a burrito by asking for it in… Read the full story


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    This is not the guy, this is a stock model – hello stock model (Picture: Getty)

    The internet can be a cruel mistress.

    One minute you’re innocently surfing the world wide web, chuckling at memes and watching GIFs on a loop, and the next you’re the subject of wrath after posting an ad asking for naked models.

    Well, you are if your name’s Chris Dodd.

    The amateur photographer posted an ad in a private Facebook group for aspiring models called ‘London Models’, asking for ‘female models to sit for a naked portrait in their own home’.

    He claims to be a ‘top 200 photographer worldwide’ and seeks ‘female models who are comfortable sitting naked for a fine art project… Read the full story

    Portrait of a photographer with camera in front of his facelisambowmanPortrait of a photographer with camera in front of his facelisambowman

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    (Picture: Kortney J. Peterson)

    When most brides get married, the ‘something borrowed’ tends to be something small…like a piece of jewellery or a hairclip.

    But not bride-to-be Jordyn Cleverly.

    She decided to make her borrowed item into the main event at her wedding by wearing her widowed grandma’s wedding dress.

    And her grandma had no idea until she saw Jordyn walking down the aisle.

    (Picture: Kortney J.… Read the full story

    Widow moved to tears as granddaughter surprises her by wearing her 55-year-old wedding dressmkylWidow moved to tears as granddaughter surprises her by wearing her 55-year-old wedding dressmkyl

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    Oh my days (Picture: Wagamama)

    Going to Wagamama as a vegan used to be a minefield.

    Granted, their staff were really good at fetching the allergen menu, but the realisation that you could no longer eat katsu curry was nothing short of earth-shattering.

    You’d have to scour the menu, find something veggie that you wanted and swap out nice, chunky egg noodles for slippery rice noodles that kind of ruined the dish. I’m looking at you yasai yaki soba.

    Well, folks, that’s all changed because from today Wagamama has launched a brand new, completely separate vegan and vegetarian menu, that they’ve carefully developed to ensure you’re not missing out on any of that distinctive Wagamama… Read the full story

    Kare Burosu Vegan RamenlisambowmanKare Burosu Vegan Ramenlisambowman

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    Jean Charles Castelbajac sent colourful phone holsters down the catwalk in Paris
    Jean Charles Castelbajac sent colourful phone holsters down the catwalk in Paris

    If you are the type whose phone is better dressed than you are then you will like this.

    French designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac has created a range of holsters for smartphones, which means you will never have to lose your phone out of your back pocket and into the loo again.

    Oh FFS, now pesto's terrible for us too

    If you are wondering who the hell would let that happen anyway, then congratulations, you are truly a sensible grown-up who… Read the full story

    jean charles castelbajac phone holstersldnfashiongeekJean Charles Castelbajac sent colourful phone holsters down the catwalk in Paris Pope John Paul II in Castelbajac for a World Youth Day near Paris (Picture: BEAHUMOOEO)Jean Charles de Castelbajac holsterjean charles castelbajac phone holstersldnfashiongeekJean Charles Castelbajac sent colourful phone holsters down the catwalk in Paris Pope John Paul II in Castelbajac for a World Youth Day near Paris (Picture: BEAHUMOOEO)Jean Charles de Castelbajac holster

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    (Picture: North News)

    This is 56-year-old Andrea Harrison.

    She’s been bringing joy to children who have had limbs amputated by crocheting them personalised dolls with matching missing limbs, in a bid to help them feel more included.

    Andrea, who lost her own right leg to type 1 diabetes, started the project after coming across a Facebook post about eight-year-old Ffion.

    Ffion was having difficulties joining in with activities at school, having had her leg amputated below the knee.


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    WTF Amazon UK? (Picture: Authors Own)

    I am scared of spiders.

    I am also scared of the environment being destroyed.

    So when I ordered myself a £6.99 spider catcher from Amazon UK to help with my first phobia I did not expect I would be inadvertently helping to make the latter a reality.

    I was initially quite excited when a massive package the size of a wardrobe delivered to my house.

    ‘It is way too big to be the small spider catcher I ordered.” I thought. “Oh maybe it is a gift or something!”

    I ripped open the box in anticipation only to find…my bloody spider catcher in this giant box that was at… Read the full story

    Young man holding heavy box.emilyjaneclarkYoung man holding heavy box.emilyjaneclark

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    (Picture: Alice Wright)

    My dog died today. I knew he was going to, I’d booked the appointment the day before.

    You get given the last appointment, the ‘death slot’, so as the vet waiting room empties out only you and your dog are left.

    No one else to witness your loss.

    I got dressed up, put on some make-up, some perfume.

    I don’t know why but it seemed appropriate to have made an effort. But of course he didn’t know or care what I wore, just that I was there.

    His name was Basil, he was a big bouncing boxer dog. He liked footballs, chicken and to sleep on our bed.

    He’d been failing for a while, slowing… Read the full story


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    Trying to make a blended family Christmas work doesn’t have to be a last-minute nightmare (Picture: Getty)

    I did it: I said the C-word when we’re barely into autumn and the pubs don’t even have their Halloween decorations up yet.

    I didn't need to be drinking a lot to have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol

    I’m sorry, I really am. But if like me, the makeup of your family is less like a traditional tree and more like an overgrown ivy, intertwining with neighbouring plants and growing in all sorts of places it’s not supposed to, then Christmas can be a seriously complicated affair.

    If you have half siblings,… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Antonon Vrba/Folklorweb)

    When you picture yourself packing it all in and retiring, you probably imagine yourself hanging out in the park, finally writing your memoir, or just catching up on all those films on ‘100 movies everyone needs to see’ lists.

    I didn't need to be drinking a lot to have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol

    You know, classic self-indulgent stuff. Retirement’s meant to be a time when you stop working for the Man and start doing whatever the heck you like for yourself, right?

    But shockingly, there are people in this world who aren’t so self-involved – people who actually want to spend… Read the full story

    grandma paintsellencscottgrandma paintsellencscott

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    New best friends (Picture: Campsites.co.uk)

    If you’re in the market for a dog, we hope you’re thinking of adopting a rescue hound, as there are an estimate 100,000 homeless dogs in the UK at any given time, according to PETA.

    That’s a lot of lonely dogs.

    Wandering around rescue centres and making eyes at prospective pooches is all well and good, but what if there was a better way to meet and get to know them?

    What if you could spend an entire weekend frolicking with potential future fur babies to really make a connection?

    That’s about to become a reality with the world’s first rehoming dog camp, dubbed ‘Love Island for dogs’.

    Read the full story


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    (Picture: The Gainsborough)

    When the Monday to Friday of cramming into packed tube carriages becomes too much, a weekend getaway that’s not too far is a tempting idea.

    And with the city of Bath just a quick hour and 45 minutes on the train, it is the perfect destination to head for some relaxation.

    Nando's has a secret menu and here's what it includes

    Even more appealing for the busy Londoner is that Bath, a Unesco World Heritage site, is home to Britain’s only natural, hot and rich mineral waters that bubble up beneath it.

    After hopping on the train at Paddington, and one chapter of… Read the full story


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