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Where to get the earrings Meghan Markle wore for her engagement photocall

(Picture: Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Alright, so you’ve already obsessed over Meghan Markle’s engagement ring (just FYI, there’s a dupe that’s only £22.50), her coat, her shoes, and her glorious hair and makeup.

Now you might as well complete the close analysis of everything Meghan wore for the announcement of her engagement by taking a look at her earrings.

Yes, for the majority of the time her hair covered up the decoration on her lobes, but for a few brief moments we spotted some sparkle.

That sparkle was a set of Maison Birks 18ct yellow gold and white opal earrings.

Those earrings are from the… Read the full story

Nine reasons why you should move to Golders Green right away

Yes, really (Picture: Getty)

Golders Green: this quiet north-west London suburb will never be hipster central.

But with handy access for the Tube, broad leafy avenues and chunky high-ceilinged housing stock, it’s the perfect enclave for people who love London but like being able to duck out of the hurly-burly once in a while.

9 reasons you should move to Brighton immediately

So, if you like the quieter side of the big city, here’s nine reasons why, like me, you may well find your own slice of heaven in NW11.

1. Round-the-clock treats

A Bloody Mary café is coming for all your hangover needs

(Picture: TABASCO)

December is nearly upon us and so are the inevitable hangovers.

Open for two days, London commuters can have a pick-me-up on 14 and 15 December at Boxpark Shoreditch.

Food and drink inspired by the Bloody Mary will be dished out.

Best of all? It’s free.

So no need to check your bank balance while covering your eyes.

The shortlist of remedies to soothe your aching head includes savoury pizza and scotch eggs, marshmallows and mince pies and, of course, Bloody Mary cocktails.

Savoury fans can tuck into The Bloody Margherita Pizza with tabasco sauce and smoked mozzarella.

And continuing the trend of weird mince pie concoctions, a Bloody Mary mince pie will be… Read the full story

Hot chocolate liner is the cosy beauty trend we’ll be recreating this winter

(Picture: Instagram)

If when you think of winter, you think of hot chocolate, this trend is definitely for you.

While everyone will be cosying up on the sofa with their favourite hot beverage (topped with cream and marshmallows, of course) this winter, you can do it in style.

Don’t worry, people aren’t actually painting mugs of drinking chocolate on their eyelids. The hot chocolate eyeliner trend is a lot more subtle than that. It’s basically just a normal cat eye, half using a brown liquid liner and half using a white.

Beauty-lovers are creating the look using an ombré technique – with some using a cut crease for extra effect.

Read the full story

It’s time to accept the truth – salt and vinegar crisps are trash

Crisps (Picture: Getty)
The worst (Picture: Getty)

Bitter. Salty. Harsh.

No, I am not describing my last Bumble date, I am describing the vile taste of the worst flavour of crisps.

Salt and vinegar.

Whenever I buy a multi pack of glorious crisps, there is no worse feeling than opening up a nearly empty bag to see that there is only salt and vinegar ones left.

A YouGov 2014 survey found that cheese and onion is the most popular flavour in the UK, with 31% of people claiming it as their all time fave.

Ready salted sits in an unsurprisingly bland second at 28%.

The loathsome salt… Read the full story

7 alternative family activities you could do during Advent

Mother and son making Christmas decorations (Picture: Getty)

Christmas may be a time of celebration, but my gosh it’s stressful if you have kids.

While TV shows may depict smiling families revelling in the joy of gift shopping, home baking and simply being together, the reality is squabbling siblings and a lot of staring at the calendar, anxiously anticipating the moment you can open your presents.

Still, there is a glimmer of hope, in the shape of this list. If you’ve got children, and are thinking of ways to get through December with your sanity intact, we’re here to help.

Advent: When does it start, what… Read the full story

Visiting Asia’s youngest country: why East Timor should be next on your bucket list

Timor Leste
With views like this, what’s not to love? (Picture: Grad Gone Global)

East Timor could practically be the definition of off-the-beaten-track.

It only gained independence in 2002, and gets just 60,000 tourists a year.

Morning light from East Timor's highest peakHitch hiking up mountains: Climbing East Timor’s highest peak

By comparison, neighbouring Indonesia gets 10.4million.

I’ve just left East Timor (also known as Timor-Leste) after a whirlwind trip: I climbed a mountain, explored the capital, visited an island and did some snorkelling.

I fell in love with the place.

It’s a country that bears exploring.

Here’s why you should… Read the full story

Keep nice and cosy by covering your neck in a snazzy penis scarf

(Picture: HappyUnderwearGifts/Etsy)

As temperatures drop and Christmas approaches, we are filled with an undeniable need to buy all kinds of wooly accessories.

Is it really cold enough to necessitate the purchase of six different bobble hats? Probably not, but we’ll buy it anyway.

It can be tricky to find the perfect hat, scarf, and gloves combo with all the options out there. Do you want a classic tartan? A simple grey option that goes with everything? A giant Lenny Kravitz style number?

Allow us to make things a little easier.

This is the scarf you’ve been searching for. We know this, because this particular scarf is designed to look like you’ve got two penises… Read the full story

Megan Markle’s very best fashion moments

(Picture: Getty)

We’re obsessed with what female royals and royals-to-be wear.

Kate Middleton could go out in a bin bag and Homebase would find themselves sold out of rolls of the stuff within 24 hours.

It doesn’t matter if what they’ve got on is totally unaffordable either; eventually, someone will come up with a good copycat and we’ll have the look for half the price.

And Meghan Markle will be no different.

In fact, she’s even more dreamy because she’s an actual star in her own right – she’s trodden the red carpet, she’s a screen siren. She may be able to do preppy but she’s not Sloany.

And… Read the full story

10 new London restaurants and pop ups to try this December

xx new London restaurants and pop ups to try this December picture: Supplied/Metro.co.uk
Comfort food ahoy! (Picture: Various/Metro.co.uk)

As you might expect from December, it’s a busy month for new restaurants and pop ups in London.

For this festive season, we have a few exciting projects from well-known faces and some old favourites returning to the scene.

This is what happens when the man behind one of the world’s best bars turns his hands to restaurants

It’s also the month where we finally see some of the long-awaited eateries opening their doors for the first time.

But it wouldn’t be December without its share of places… Read the full story

Meet the wheelchair user who’s on her way to the pole dancing championships


This is Erin Clark.

She’s a 36-year-old pole dancer from Canada. And she’s also a wheelchair user.

Taking up the sport last year, within months she was on her way to the World Championships in Netherlands.

But it hasn’t been plain sailing the whole time, as you might imagine.

Erin says she has spent her whole life combating discrimination as a… Read the full story

Stop panicking about who’s allowed in toilets and showers and just make them all private and gender neutral


There’s a lot of panic recently about letting people use toilets that match their gender identity.

The UK Girl Scouts’ ‘recent decision’ (not actually a recent decision, FYI) to allow those who identify as female to shower in the girls’ shower facilities has caused outraged headlines such as ‘UK girl scouts to allow adult males with penises to shower with girls’.*

The defence for the transphobic outrage about rules such as this tends to go along the line of safety.

It’s not safe for penises to be in the same room as vaginas, argue critics, because rape will happen. It’s also not fair on little girls who are uncomfortable seeing penises.

Now, we could get into why the assumption of rape and sexual assault on the basis of someone’s genitals is, quite frankly, absurd. We could also talk about why it’s a good thing for young people to learn about gender early.

Instead, here’s a handy solution that should please both those who want people… Read the full story

Your in-laws are the most likely to get you a rubbish Christmas present this year

(Picture: Getty)

When it comes to giving presents, you’re apparently least likely to get something that you like from your in-laws. 

Accoring to a study of over 2,000 people, by Vistaprint, your chances of getting something ‘upsetting’ ‘offensive’ or ‘bewildering’ are highest when you’re unwrapping a gift from your in-laws.

Which, to fair, might be because the only thing you’ve got in common with them is that you both really like the person that you’re married to.

If a bad present from an in-law wasn’t bad enough, one in twenty people say their partner often gets it wrong. Which, as you can imagine can create tension in a household. One in ten Brits… Read the full story

Disney parks have a secret reward system for nice customers

disneyland employees disney mickey mouse
(Picture: Getty)

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. It’s full of magic, smiling faces, amazing rides and fun, character-themed foods. We’d love to spend every day of the rest of our lives there if it was possible.

But you know what else makes the Disney parks so great? The staff.

Not only are they always there to make your day – whether they’re walking around in a Mickey Mouse costume or singing along to Frozen songs, there’s also an actual scheme which will make you love them even more.

In a recent article shared by the Insider, which revealed 21 things you may not know about… Read the full story

Attention, dog-lovers: You can stay in a hotel that’s shaped like a giant beagle

(Picture: Dog Bark Park/Airbnb)

Attention, dog-lovers: You can now stay in a completely pup-themed B&B that actually comes in the shape of a giant beagle.

Forget fancy hotels and spas, because any true dog-fanatic will be super excited to spend a night at Dog Park Bark, a beagle-shaped B&B located in Cottonwood in rural Idaho.

The B&B comes courtesy of owners Frances and Dennis, who own a golden retriever who works at the Dog Park Bark with them.

The building, which features two bedrooms and stairs leading up to the apartment, which consists of a roof designed to look like a beagle’s body, head and tail, is said to be filled… Read the full story

17 magical Christmas outings for you and your family to enjoy in or near London

Girl on the christmas market at the gifts in december in South Tyrol
Enjoy all the magic of Christmas with your kids this year (Picture: Getty)

Christmas is THE time of the year to treat the kids to a fun day out or to see a show. And this year it feels like there are more family-friendly Christmas outings and shows on offer than ever before.

Where to see the Christmas lights in LondonWhen and where to see the Christmas lights in London this Christmas

Whether you prefer a ballet or a panto, a market or ice rink or perhaps a trip to… Read the full story

Guy creates hilarious Spotify playlist to slam messy housemates

(Picture: Ben Winter/Twitter)

Anyone who’s ever lived in shared accommodation will know that you won’t always get on with your flatmates.

Especially if the people you’re living with are really lazy – and leave you to do all the cleaning up.

This is something 20-year-old Ben Winter knows all too well, and just recently he’s grown pretty sick of it. He’s tired of washing up the leftover dirty dishes and being the only one to take the bins out – and he’s finally decided to tell his housemates how he feels through the power of music.

Ben, who’s a presenter and assistant manager at Radio Sonar, created a hilarious Spotify playlist to tell… Read the full story

Obsessively tidy people are more likely to be racist, scientists claim

(Picture: Getty)

Scientists from Yale University claim to have found a link between a deep aversion to disorder and social prejudices.

They say that those who are obsessed with tidiness and symmetry are more likely to hold racist views.

Aversions to mess, out of place clothes, crooked pictures might explain why some folk take against ‘socially deviant’ groups like ethnic minorities and those who operate outside the mainstream.

Researchers conducted a series of eight experiments on American and Chinese children and adults and found that those who showed a hatred towards geometric oddities also scored highly for social discrimination.

Participants were asked to respond to images of broken visual patterns and fictional scenarios in… Read the full story

Barbie is now wearing a ‘Love Wins’ t-shirt to support LGBT rights

(Picture: barbiestyle/Instagram)

Barbie has really been earning her place in the diversity stakes recently.

A few weeks ago, she got a hijab. And now she’s openly supporting gay rights.

Taking to Instagram (where else would such an influential style maven go to share her message?), she posted a photo of herself wearing a ‘Love Wins’ t-shirt along with a doll of fashion blogger Aime Song, AKA Song of Style.

‘Proud to wear this “Love Wins” shirt with @songofstyle!”, she writes.

‘Did you know that her exclusive t-shirts benefit different causes and non-profits? Such an inspiring initiative and fabulous few days I have spent with Aimee, she’s a doll!’

And that’s kinda huge, because Barbie… Read the full story

How do you handle being the lower earning partner in a relationship?

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Relationships are about treating each other as equals. 

But that doesn’t mean that everything has to be equal. And most of the time, it’s not.

When I started going out with my husband (who is 11 years my senior) he had a high flying job in STEM. I was the receptionist at a PR company.

As you can imagine, there was something of a disparity in our earnings.

This disparity got even more stark when I decided that I wanted to become a writer. For the second year of our relationship I was an after school nanny and MA student. Suffice to say, I was not exactly making it… Read the full story

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