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May all your Christmases be partially white now Princess Mixed-Race is here

(Picture: Apple)

‘Tis the season to be mixed-race.

Not only are we all over the Christmas ads like a series of very impressive photobombs but as of this week, we even have our own princess.

On behalf of culturally complicated people everywhere, I say about bloody time.

First, allow me to introduce my ethnicity.

My mum is black and my dad is white.

Add to that some Jewishness and you end up with, what a friend’s mum once described as ‘an Egyptian Bob Dylan’.

Growing up, I didn’t see many mixed-race role models. As a teenager, I remember getting excited when I found out Lenny… Read the full story

Girl pranks dad with a fake tan face mask and the results are hilarious

(Picture: Taylor Tansey)

39-year-old Craig Tansey, a dad from Colchester, Essex, will now be sporting a heavy tan throughout the first few days of December – thanks to his 17-year-old daughter, Taylor.

Taylor had convinced her dad that he’d really benefit from a face mask – telling him that’d it’d help him relax and close up his pores.

Taylor told Metro.co.uk that her dad was ‘so up for’ the face mask – especially as Taylor had told him that it was a clear-coloured mask.

How people live on low wages: £19.5k a year

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Given that the average UK salary is £28,758 (according to the Office for National Statistics), what’s it like living on a lower wage?

As part of Money Month, we’re opening up the purse strings to find out how people get by on much less.

Leo Maxwell* is a 34-year-old IT service analyst from Suffolk earning £19,500.

He tells Metro.co.uk that his situation is ‘not so bad that I can’t live but it’s bad enough I can’t save up.’

Here’s how he manages:


I have two children (a six-month-old and a three-year-old) from a previous relationship and both are living with their mother (my ex-partner). I’m currently seeing someone and she’s kindly… Read the full story

I was spiked on a night out


Ever since I was in primary school I have been warned that some people in the world want to hurt others. Sometimes they do that by slipping something into your drink so you can’t fight back.

Women are given every cautionary tale, list of red flags, and mechanisms of defence out there. From reactive nail polish to bottle tops that stop anything from falling in, we feel like we’re covered.

I genuinely believed that it would never happen to me. I truly thought that men that spike drinks look like obvious criminals, lurking in the dark corner of a bar, potentially wearing an eye patch and laughing an evil laugh to themselves periodically.

But they don’t, I think.

All I can remember about the men (yes, plural) who spiked my drinks is that they wore ‘posh city boy work shirts’ that were so white they almost glowed and they all had coiffed hair. You know the type.

Banker wankers with loafers and a trust fund… Read the full story

13 signs you have a work BFF

You are practically joined at the hip (Picture: Getty)

Having a work best friend forever aka BFF is the best feeling in the entire world.

Barbie is now wearing a 'Love Wins' t-shirt to support LGBT rights

Some of us go into work for the salary, some of us quite like our job, and the lucky few amongst us simply go to work just to spend time with a special someone.

A work BFF is the magical being that makes going into work bearable. They are always there to listen to your problems, have a drawer full of your favourite biscuits and make the best person… Read the full story

All the holiday spots you visited in the 80s are the hot new travel trends

(Picture: Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

Costa Brava, Madeira and Malta: all favourites with UK holidaymakers back in the 1980s.

With the emergence of wellness resorts and foodie destinations, more and more people have shunned these locations.

But now, they could be tipped for a comeback according to Thomas Cook.

With the influx of higher-end restaurants and architecture, the tour operator believes it will attract a new wave of tourists.

Chris Mottershead said: ‘We’ve seen destinations move up and down the popularity stakes and next year we’re predicting that Malta, Madeira and Costa Brava will catch the attention of holidaymakers who perhaps didn’t think they ticked the right box for their needs.

‘From Michelin star restaurants in Costa Brava… Read the full story

Sorry, but you can’t replace intimacy with a robot

ry but you can’t replace intimacy with a robot picture: Getty Images / Metro.co.uk
(Picture: Getty Images / Metro.co.uk)

From stashing to working out the best ways to make you more attractive on dating site, love is a minefield nowadays.

But now, we’ve got a new problem on our hands because experts have now warned against a a rise in ‘digisexuals’.

And what are digisexuals you ask?

They’re people who are satisfied by the virtual world – so much so that they’d rather have relationships with sex robots than humans.

Offering human lovers the chance to live out any fantasy (take your pick), there are a number of dolls already out there… Read the full story

19 festive eye makeup looks to inspire you to go all out this Christmas

(Picture: Instagram)

Christmas is coming, which means festive events and Christmas work parties galore.

Recently, we shared a number of intricate festive nail designs for anyone wanting to jazz up their hands this winter – and now, we’ve found the perfect way to accompany these nails: festive eye makeup.

While Christmas usually means wearing red and green – you shouldn’t feel limited to this – as there are so many looks to create that all fall under the festive-theme.

From snow queen looks to fairy light wings, here are 19 festive-themed eye makeup looks to inspire you to go all out this December.

Get the Frozen look with some white eyeliner

Read the full story

Someone wants to pay you to let them pop your pimples

What it's actually like to have adult acne Metro graphics/ Getty
(Picture: Metro / Getty)

There are few joys more grossly satisfying than squeezing out spots.

It feels so wrong, but also so right.

But what happens when you run out of blackheads and pustules on your own face?

If you’ve got a significant other, you might be lucky enough to have them offer up their bacne for comfort, but if you’re single, you’re going to have to get vicarious satisfaction through Dr Pimple Popper videos or that Instagram dedicated to tweezing out ingrown hairs.

Or you could follow in one person’s footsteps, and outsource your pimples by Read the full story

Miss Jamaica wore an Afro at Miss Universe 2017 providing the world with natural hair goals

Natural afro at Miss Universe
(Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

A few years ago, few black teenagers walked around with natural hair in the playground.

Relaxers were king and Afros were something confined to our parents’ past…or perhaps made an appearance on off-days when our GHDs were broken.

Fast forward to 2017, however, and we’ve just had our first Afro queen take to the stage at Miss Universe.

Miss Jamaica, Davina Bennett, competed wearing her natural hair – standing apart from a sea of blowdries.

And while she didn’t win the overall title, her presence is a massive coo for beauty inclusivity. And that, she says, was her main aim – to put black beauty front… Read the full story

Terry’s Chocolate Orange has nearly doubled in price since last Christmas despite being smaller

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

Hold on to your Christmas stockings, people. We have some news that may fill you with rage.

Your favourite Christmas treat, the Terry’s Chocolate Orange, has nearly doubled in price in the space of a year… despite being 10% smaller than it was two years ago.

The Grocer reports that a Terry’s Chocolate Orange is usually sold on promotion in supermarkets for £1. This year, however, Sainsbury’s upped the price of the Terry’s Chocolate Orange to £1.95. During the same week in 2016, the same shop sold it for £1.

It’s not just Sainsbury’s – Tesco’s at it too. While last year Tesco sold a Terry’s Chocolate Orange… Read the full story

H&M stops selling dogfighting hoodie after PETA complains

(Picture: change.org)

H&M has pulled a hoodie from their shelves after a change.org petition garnered nearly 45,000 signatures to have it removed.

The jumper emblazoned with ‘Dogfight in Random Alley’ was spotted at a mall in Georgia.

Apart from being just a dumb, unattractive design, dogfighting is an incredibly cruel ‘sport’ which sees dogs being brutalised and severely wounded – or killed.

So it’s no surprise that people were angered by H&M trying to make light of something so intrinsically wrong.

Dogfighting is not only completely inhumane but it’s actually illegal.

Vancouver-based Candise Nolan-Fine set up the petition to have the hoodie removed to let the chain know that ‘it is not only UNACCEPTABLE, but… Read the full story

Gynaecologist warns that vampire vagina injections won’t work to improve your orgasms

(Picture: Metro / Getty Images)

There’s been a lot of hype around the ‘O shot’, a trendy treatment that promises to improve your orgasms by injecting blood into the vagina and clitoris.

It’s the creation of Dr Charles Runels, who’s been promoting the injections for a few years now.

But gynaecologist and vagina expert Dr Jen Gunter is calling bullsh*t on his claims.

In a post on her blog, Dr Gunter notes that there is ‘no science that supports the O shot’, stating that claims the treatment is backed by medical science are ‘fake news’.

‘To say something is backed or supported or can be… Read the full story

30,000 people are on a waiting list to buy a £90 jumper

(Picture: sincerelyjules/Instagram)

Every season there’s one piece of clothing that goes viral.

You see it (usually a Zara coat) everywhere. There’s nothing like the thought of loads of people having something to make you want it too. That’s basically how fashion works – sheep mentality x style x price.

But nothing can explain exactly why over 30,000 are waiting to buy one particular jumper from French label Sezane.

The Barry Cardigan is possibly the most coveted cardigan in the world.

Obviously, it’s sold out but it’s about to be restocked.

It’s part of the label’s La Liste collection of iconic Parisian pieces and can be worn backwards, casually slipping… Read the full story

Meet Zahra Lari, the first figure skater to compete internationally while wearing a headscarf

First figure skater to compete wearing a headscarf
(Picture: Tom Dulat/Getty Images)

Zahra Lari is pretty cool.

Not only is she the first skater from a Persian Gulf State to participate in an international figure skating competition – she’s also the first professional figure skater to compete internationally while wearing a headscarf.

Oh, and last year Nike designed a high performance hijab for Muslim athletes, and let Zahra test it. Cool, right?

Zahra’s journey to success hasn’t been as simple as chucking on a headscarf and hitting the ice rink. She’s had to push hard for her headscarf to be accepted, campaigning for the International Skating Union to not consider a… Read the full story

Pets turned into bottles of fizzy drinks is our new favourite thing

(Picture: @OUMxBP/Twitter)

Dogs are the most blessed creatures on earth, they really are.

They’re just so malleable – put them in canine Christmas outfits? Cute. Let them pack on a bit of weight? Cute. Hell, even when they’re swollen from being stung by bees they’re the cutest!

You know the latest cute canine thing to hit the internet, though?

Pup soda.

Dog owners in Taiwan have been wrapping fizzy drinks labels around their dogs and gently placing matching bottle tops on their sweet little heads, magically turn their furry friends into refreshing drinks.

Here are the latest pup sodas on the market.

Fancy a refreshing glass of Borka… Read the full story

Anti-theft tag badges are the hottest new accessory, doncha know

(Picture: Etsy)

Remember when everyone used to go around with enamel pins to look quirky-individual?

Ah, innocent days.

Anyway, the youth still want to accessorize and apparently, they’re doing so with anti-theft tags.

At least that’s what Etsy would have you believe.

Shop owner Michal Jonca is selling a range of perfectly fake’ security tags in pastel and primary colours to help give your look that shoplifting edge.

Chic and simple, nothing says ‘loveable rogue’ like pretending that you’ve stolen your cheap beanie hat.

‘How much more cheeky does Jewellery get?! ‘ Anke Kindle – a fan, writes.

Plus-size model Hunter McGrady responds to Victoria’s Secret show by reminding everyone their bodies are beautiful

hunter mcgrady responds to Victoria's Secret show
(Picture: Instagram/huntermcgrady)

If the Victoria’s Secret show left you feeling a little disappointed, you’re not alone.

The restrictive ideal of beauty shown on the runway, year after year, is pretty dismaying. There hasn’t been a single plus-size model to walk for Victoria’s Secret, despite multiple calls for inclusivity by Ashley Graham.

No wonder that some women are taking matters into their own hands, recreating Victoria’s Secret ad campaigns and hosting their own anti Victoria’s Secret shows.

After the show aired last night, plus-size model Hunter McGrady has added her voice to the backlash against Victoria’s Secret, taking to… Read the full story

‘The shower is always clogged’: guys and girls discuss what shocked them after moving in together

Mess…everywhere! (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler)

Moving in together is a massive deal for any couple.

Some do it simply for love.

5 men share some of the slightly surprising things they love about women

Some to save money.

Others because they can’t be arsed trekking across town for a booty call and, anyway, their boyfriend has a bigger telly.

Aside from the clear benefits – shared bills, daily snuggling, theoretically on-tap sex – living together always throws up a ton of surprises.

Metro.co.uk sat down with six people at various stages of cohabitation to get their take on living under one roof with their partner.

Read the full story

Why has the price of a Christmas meal gone up?

(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro)

Christmas is coming.

We’ve found many ways you can save a bob but it’s not just gifts and presents that are going to be leaving a dent in your wallet.

According to Good Housekeeping magazine, Christmas dinner will set you back 16% more than it did last year.

If maths isn’t your strong subject, let’s break it down for you.

The magazine found the cheapest meal on Christmas Day for eight people will set you back £23.53.

Last year, it was £19.82.

Or £2.94 per person compared to £2.48 if we’re going to get specific.

The price comparison includes Christmas essentials including turkey weighing at 3.5kg, 880g of potatoes, a… Read the full story

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