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Lonely widower receives hundreds of invites to Christmas dinner after leaving a note in a supermarket

(Picture: Getty)

Christmas can be a cripplingly lonely time for many older people.

If they’ve lost their spouses or they don’t have any family near them, the festive season is one of rumination and sadness.

Take one lonely elderly widower in Berlin.

He’s so worried about being alone at Christmas that he posted a note at his local supermarket.

‘Where can a lonely pensioner and widower find a place in a small group for Christmas?’ his note read.

A shopper called Lisa found the note pinned up at the market and was so moved that she posted it on her Facebook page.

She told Stuttgarter Nachrichten that she uploaded a picture of the note because she was afraid no one would… Read the full story

Want to electrify your sex life? Electro-stimulation is a thing and we tried it

ElectraStim flick
It’s a real buzz (Picture: Metro.co.uk/ElectraStim)

In my previous features about weird sex products, I’ve done such things as riding a Sybian and made jelly eggs for fantasy alien impregnation, so it was going to take some serious thinking to find anything else as out of the ordinary as those.

And actually, I don’t think that the subject of this feature is particularly weird – but after asking around, it appears that others do.

So – would you attach electrodes to your genitals and then switch on the power?

Why you should dump someone for being bad… Read the full story

Children’s imaginary friends are in trouble and here’s how you can help

Imaginary friends are dying out (Picture: PeopleImages/Getty)

This year’s John Lewis advertisement is, by now, probably very familiar to all of us.

The little boy and his imaginary friend called Moz the Monster who hides under the bed snoring and eventually comes out at night to spread a bit of fun.

Sadly, these nocturnal play dates take their toll on the little lad and, realising that his friend is becoming too tired from all that playing around, Moz decides to give him a bit of space.

Family donating gifts and toys to charity for Christmas holiday (Picture: Getty)Nine kind things you can easily do this… Read the full story

Model shares how endometriosis makes her so bloated she looks pregnant

(Picture: SWNS)

Endometriosis isn’t just bad period pains.

The incurable disorder, which makes tissue that normally grows in the uterus growing outside of it, is a leading cause of infertility, can cause excruciating pain, and leaves many women with severe bloating.

One woman dealing with the struggles of ‘endo belly’ is model Kayla Vincent, who says her bloating is triggered by anything from caffeine and carbs to water.

Kayla, who runs her own clothing boutique alongside taking part in local brand campaigns, says she’s forced to wear maternity clothes to fit her swollen belly.

‘I see photos of myself and I am horrified,’ she says. ‘I’m so self conscious about it… Read the full story

Bloggers aren’t at all happy about Louise Thompson’s new ‘Body Positive’ book

(Picture: Twitter)

Louise Thompson has gone from ‘an anxiety-ridden party girl, battling with mental health and an unhealthy relationship with eating’ to a fitness guru seemingly almost overnight.

One week she was swigging champers on TV, weeping and claiming she couldn’t remember who she’d got with the night before, and the next, she’d become wellness personified.

She’s reinvented herself as a #fitspocouple with the help of her PT boyfriend, Ryan.

And there’s no denying it, she looks incredible. Her Instagram feed is one of athletic stunts, abs and plates of perfectly curated food.

No doubt loads of women want to look like her, which is why she’s just brought out a recipe and HIIT workout… Read the full story

6 people share the sex tips they learnt from their best shag

sex positions
It’s not just about sex positions (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

There are some exes we never forget.

Maybe they made you laugh more than any other. Perhaps they broke your heart like never before. Or could it be they got your dad’s sister pregnant and you’re now cousins to their twins Jeremy and Kyle.

6 people reveal their worst sex injuries ever

Whatever it is, there are some people that won’t leave your head and heart.

Or your below bits. For they are the exes you really remember – the ones who taught you some seriously sexy, sexy stuff.

Well, spread the ‘spreading… Read the full story

Letters to Santa reveal most wanted toys this Christmas include scooters

(Picture: Getty – Amazon – Xbox)

If you’re wondering what toy to buy the child in your life, wonder no more.

Royal Mail has compiled a survey of wishes from young boys and girls who’ve sent letters to Father Christmas revealing what they want to open on Christmas day.

As the survey isn’t from toy companies trying to flog their products, you can be sure that the child in your life will *probably* want it.

And for anyone who knows how quickly children’s toys can sell out, we advise getting in there sharpish.

Among the most-wanted presents children requested included Lego sets, bikes and video games console.

The survey also found scooters and mobile phones… Read the full story

A dog who was stamped on as a puppy can walk again thanks to a new set of wheels

(Picture: SWNS)

A dog that was stamped on as a puppy will now be able to walk again thanks to a fresh set of wheels.

Malachi, a German shepherd, was born with a rare brain condition which affects the part of the brain which controls coordination.

When he was just a few weeks old, he was stamped on by a previous owner, leaving his spine and hip crushed.

Left unable to walk, Malachi’s luck changed after being adopted by Debby Blackwell, a former show jumper.

As he was recovering his new owner moved Malachi around in a pushchair. Now, she’s given him what he needs to walk again.

The bionic mutt has now been fitted… Read the full story

People have fallen in love with this cat’s permanently shocked expression


A cat dubbed Curious Zelda has become an internet sensation thanks to her permanently shocked expression.

Zelda, a rescue kitten, lives with owner Matt Taghioff in Beckenham, Kent. She’s amassed thousands of Twitter followers who can’t get enough of her startled look.

31-year-old Matt first rescued Zelda three years ago, when he spotted an ad that said ‘don’t be put off by my spooked expression’.

Soon after adopting her, Matt decided to create a social media page for Zelda, as he found whenever he introduced the cat to anyone… Read the full story

We’re all going to be eating edible flowers and dessert tacos next year, according to Whole Foods

(Picture: laraseesfood/Instagram)

Whole Foods is a siren of wellness and delicious grub.

They lure you in with the promise of health and freshly baked croissants and you leave £40 lighter and a bag full of all sorts of trendy nonsense.

So there’s no business better equipped to predict food trends than Whole Foods.

After all, they persuade us to buy into the most ridiculous fads going. And buy we do.

What will they try and make us buy next?

They’ve already cornered the vegan market. We’ve already accepted that £4 is a necessary price for a bag of kale crisps. Whole Foods have made chia puddings chic.

With that in mind, here’s its list of predicted… Read the full story

In other miraculous news, you can now turn water into sparkling wine

(Picture: SodaStream)

Jesus did it and now you can too.


Turning water into wine is everyone’s dream – and SodaStream is now selling something that’ll turn your flat water into something resembling a fizzy Riesling.

Apparently folk have been carbonating their alcohol in SodaStreams for years but the company has always advised against doing so; if you fill your bottle with booze, you risk voiding your warranty.

But they’ve just brought out a mix called Sparkling God which claims to turn your water into sparkling wine at the touch of a button.

They say it’ll give you a ‘fun’ drink ‘resembling the taste of a fruity Riesling wine’.

It’s only available in Germany for now, after… Read the full story

The UK’s first fully vegan pizzeria is finally coming to London

Purezza vegan pizza
Would you get a load of that? (Picture: Purezza)

Some mainstream pizza places have been catering for vegans for a few years now, with more and more joining in on the fun.

Firezza has been offering vegan cheese on pizza for ages, Pizza Express used to let you bring your own vegan cheese before finally serving their own and just the other day Pizza Hut confirmed that it would be launching a vegan cheese option across the UK after a successful trial.

This is all great and I’m very thankful, but like most vegans, I miss going to a pizza place and being… Read the full story

Why do half of women have fantasies about being raped?


There’s a wide range of sexual fantasies people have, ranging from entirely unrealistic to applicable to real life, sex with Superman through to banging on a plane.

But the fantasy of being raped, also known as nonconsent and forced sex fantasies, is common.

Sexual fantasies let you explore your sexuality, they’re what we use to get off in those harsh, cold wifi-free winters, and we get to use them in roleplay scenarios to make our sex lives even more fulfilling.

But this common fantasy is one that few of us feel comfortable sharing. It puts people on edge and makes us feel a bit wrong.

Recent research indicates that between 31% and 57% of women have fantasies in which they are forced into sex against their will. For 9% to 17% of those women, rape fantasies are their favourite or most frequent sexual fantasy.

It’s natural if that makes you feel alarmed.

In real-life contexts, rape – meaning sex against your will – is… Read the full story

I have Social Imposter Syndrome and it’s holding me back – but it ends today

(Illustration: Deirdre Spain for Metro.co.uk)

The heaviest and hardest doors to open are those into rooms where you feel you might not belong.

When we hear of impostor syndrome, most of us think of the workplace, being out of our depth in a new job and believing our skills aren’t good enough.

But what if you feel like an impostor in your own social circle? A sort of Social Imposter Syndrome. How can you break free from nagging doubts over whether you really belong at that party, or if you’re just making up numbers?

What you need to know about fantasies of being raped/nonconsentRead the full story

Man peels a 2kg bag of potatoes in seconds using a drill


A YouTuber has mastered the art of peeling potatoes in seconds thanks to a handy tool.

Howard Taylor, a precision engineer from Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, who runs the YouTube channel Dubious Engineering – which is aimed at educating people on all things engineering in a humorous way – recently filmed himself peeling a 2kg bag of potatoes in seconds with a drill while with a friend, after deciding they fancied some mashed potato for lunch.

Obviously, the potato-peeling-drill hack is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for years –… Read the full story

Sorry to break it to you but love at first sight doesn’t exist

metro illustrations
Dudes are more likely to women to think they’ve fallen in love immediately (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We all like to think that one day, we’ll lock eyes with some rich, dark stranger, fall madly in love and live happily ever after.

But anyone holding out for love at first sight might be in for a lifetime of disappointment.

Because psychologists are refuting the idea that it’s possible to fall in love immediately.

Yep, a study from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands has been looking into whether there’s much truth behind the old rom-com trope.

And disappointingly, its concluded that what most of us think of as being love at… Read the full story

Disapproving dog destroys owner’s collection of porn

Pup destroys 10 year porn collection
(Picture: AsiaWire)

Let’s all take a moment for moralistic Momo, who, resistant to the sex positivity movement, is strongly taking a stand against his owner’s penchant for pornography.

Momo is a 16 month old Samoyed puppy who belongs to Chung Yu-tse, from North Taiwan’s New Taipei City.

As we all know, all dogs are good dogs. So Momo, as a dog, must be good.

He does misbehave a bit, though. He has little respect for Chung’s possessions, having previously destroyed his Sony Laptop, a hairdryer, a chest of drawers, and even a motorcycle helmet visor.

Girl shares angry texts from dad after he found what he thought was a sex toy in her room

(Picture: Twitter)

One girl was left having a pretty awkward chat with her dad after he found what he presumed was a sex toy in her bedroom.

Emily received a text from her dad, telling her they needed to talk.

Shortly afterwards, she was sent a photo of her purple portable phone charger – and an angry message from her dad, which read: ‘Well I found this. Why are you making these purchases. That is disgusting! You shouldn’t waste your money!’

Couple pose for extreme wedding photoshoot on the side of a cliff

(Picture: Jay Philbrick / Caters News)

Some people prefer to have their wedding photos in a garden or a beach.

But others prefer something a bit on the wilder side.

This was the case for New Hampshire couple Melissa Kornexl and her new husband, James, who opted for something a little less traditional.

The newlyweds posed for an extreme wedding photo shoots 400 feet up a cliff, braving winds of 45 miles per hour.

In one image, the bride can be seen hanging perilously from the cliff face at Cathedral Ledge in New Hampshire. In another, you can see just how high up the pair are.

Tesco is selling one-litre bottles of Baileys for £12

(Picture: Baileys)

Christmas is getting better and better – and cheaper and cheaper – thanks to supermarket rivals’ needs to one-up each other in the alcohol department.

Following Aldi’s super-cheap, super-huge bottle of Prosecco, Tesco has just starting flogging litre bottles of Baileys for £12.

Sure, it might not be Aldi’s under a tenner offer, but twelve quid for two pints of Baileys is pretty good.

A litre of the Irish cream liqueur would usually cost you £16 to £20 – so Tesco’s offer is actually impressive.

But you know what’s not impressive? The amount of calories in this bottle.

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