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This sexy Santa outfit truly is the stuff of nightmares

(Picture: Asos)

Look, we fully understand the desire to be festive. 

December has arrived, it’s chilly outside, research declared that those of us who get into the festive spirit earlier are happier. So please, don’t think we’re being anti-Christmas here.

But no matter how much you love the festive season, or how deep your commitment to Christmas cheer, could you really imagine wearing this?

What possible situation could ever, ever require a sexy Father Christmas outfit?

And, as a secondary consideration, Christmas is a period where lots of people enjoy filling their homes with candles. How could anyone bring themselves to wear something that flammable? Aren’t… Read the full story

What to do if you have a jealous friend (or you are one)

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When you’re like sisters and brothers with your best friends, you need to know how to fight properly. 

The classic sibling fights where you get them in a headlock or steal their favourite top just won’t do.

One of the biggest problems that occur with BFFs, is that you might be at different life stages at different times.

Say you met at school. By 25, half of your friendship group could be on track to marriage, while the rest still haven’t learned how to make pasta.

That doesn’t seem like a problem, but it can lead to jealousy.

Perhaps one side wishes they were as settled as the other, or… Read the full story

An alcoholic tell us how he navigates Christmas parties

(Picture: Dave Anderson)

There’s no doubt about it: Christmas and booze go hand in hand.

Sometimes, a glass of bubbly can be a welcome relief after a frenetic month.

But what happens when you struggle with an alcohol addiction or have a bad relationship with alcohol all year round?

After all, it’s difficult to avoid it during a month where a ban on Monday-Friday drinking goes out of the window.

Then there’s the dread of the Christmas party where you don’t want to be a spoilsport but drinking just isn’t on the cards.

We spoke to 40-year-old Ben (who’s been in recovery for seven years) about how he survives this time of year.

(Please… Read the full story

What happened when I stopped eating for a month

What happened when I stopped eating for a month picture: MMUFFIN
‘I was hallucinating– seeing chocolate eclairs when it was a stapler and Big Macs as people’s heads in meetings’ (Picture: Monica Muffin)

It was day two of the four-week liquid diet and I was ravenous.

I was drinking enough supplementary liquids to provide me with enough calories, but my body was screaming for a cake.

An Open Letter to my Crohns Disease

Or bread. Or pasta. Basically anything.

My boyfriend came round after work, after gobbling down his dinner while walking to me so I didn’t have to watch him eat.

But the next morning… Read the full story

Lidl is launching magnums of champagne for less than £30

(Picture: Lidl)

Nothing says Christmas like a cold glass of champers.

Except perhaps having the entire bottle to yourself.

Champagne, however, is expensive and often, you’re forced to share fizz out with family members and anyone else in the vicinity.

But this year, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Because Lidl has just launched a range of champagne magnums – and it only costs £29.99.

That’s almost half the price of champagne magnums on sale at Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.

Bargain central.

‘If an occasion is made more special by a bottle of Champagne, imagine the impact of a magnum!’ says Richard Bampfield, Lidl UK’s Master of Wine consultant.

‘Perfect for Christmas festivities, this is an attractive and… Read the full story

All the Christmas party dresses you need in your life


It’s December! Which means that it’s officially Christmas party season.

Whether it’s a big work hoopla, a family event or a night out which ends with you washing sick out of your hair, you want to at least start the night feeling amazing.

Christmas party season provides a perfect opportunity to buy something new, probably sparkly, which makes you feel a billion dollars (at least until you’re trying to hail a cab with a burger in your hand).

& Other Stories, £49

This doesn’t look that exciting on the hanger, but I actually own it and it’s amazing. Perfect if, like me, you’ve got huge tits and you don’t want to hide them but you also don’t want one nipple hanging out.

Zara, £39.99

Everything about this dress is amazing, it’s a proper party dress, with a hint… Read the full story

‘I could not cope in the world,’ Brent Williams talks about depicting his depression and anxiety in a graphic novel


‘I left my family – my four lovely children, my wife of 30-something years, my house, I walked away from my business which I’d developed over many years, I just wanted to give everything away and leave the world.’

Brent Williams talked about how depression and anxiety transformed his life on Metro.co.uk’s weekly mental health podcast Mentally Yours.

He went from working as a busy human rights lawyer, educator and family man to self-imposed isolation brought on by mental illness.

‘I knew that’s all I could do, I could not cope in the world, I couldn’t do my job, I couldn’t be a father, I couldn’t be a partner, I couldn’t be a friend to anybody.

‘I just had to retreat, I just had to withdraw, and of course part of that was wanting to end my life.’

He added: ‘It was burnout, it was depression, it was anxiety, it was all one big mess.’

A glimmer of hope came… Read the full story

It’s okay to struggle with maintaining your healthy lifestyle at Christmas

(Picture: Deidre Spain)

I am trying to live my best, healthy life.

I’m doing a kind of body transformation which pairs a pretty intense workout regime with a healthy macro-lead meal plan.

It’s all very manageable and feel-good. In fact, I’m sleeping better than ever and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.

There’s only one problem: I’m absolutely bricking it about festive socialising.

When you’re on a serious diet, socialising can be stressful – particularly if you have quite poor self-image to begin with.

You want to succeed, to change your body, to look and feel better. And you know what drinking is not going to help… Read the full story

What is a Strep A infection and what are the symptoms?

Streptococcus under a microscope (Picture: Getty)

It’s about this time of year that we all give daggers to anyone who coughs or sneezes without covering their face, because you definitely don’t want what they have.

There are hundreds of different flus, colds, coughs and sicknesses travelling around in the cold air as everyone’s immune system is at a low point., and it can be hard to avoid these pesky illnesses.

One group of bold bacteria, in particular, reeks havoc each year and that is group A streptococcal (GAS).

Mental health series: How to look after your mental health when you're moving house, because it's bloody stressfulRead the full story

Sarah Jessica Parker is collaborating with GAP to create an affordable childrenswear collection

(Picture: Venturelli/WireImage)

Lots of actresses love to add another string to their bow whether that’s music or fashion.

And now, Sarah Jessica Parker will join them as she launches a childrenswear collection with GAP.

According to reports from WWD, the limited-edition collection will be available from spring 2018.

It will be sold across the UK, US, Canada, France, Italy, China, Hong Kong and Japan both online and in store.

And this isn’t her first foray into fashion either.

The actress has collaborated with the brand several times before – she starred in the campaign in 2010 and has launched her own footwear and accessories collection in 2014.

Chip shop owner is selling a foot-long battered pig in a blanket for £2

Foot-long battered pig in a blanket
(Picture: SWNS)

A chip shop owner has created a giant foot-long pig in a blanket as a Christmas treat for his customers – and it contains over 1000 calories.

28-year-old Matthew Wilson says his customers have been queuing up around the corner of his shop to get their hands on the pig in a blanket, which comes battered and is accompanied by two stuffing balls and a gravy topping.

And it at only £2.30, it’s the perfect bargain centrepiece for Christmas Day.

Matthew says the idea for the giant bacon-wrapped battered sausage came after being bored of the same old Christmas classics.

Mum left in hysterics after 8-year-old thanks her for ‘having sex’ to conceive her

A fun-loving parent says she was in hysterics when she discovered a note from her young daughter thanking her mum for HAVING SEX so she could bring herself and her brother into the world.
(Picture: Fortitude Press)

An easy-going parent says she was in hysterics when she discovered a note left for her by her young daughter – thanking her mum for having sex so that she and her brother could be born.

Sophie Boyns has crept into eight-year-old Libbi’s room to say goodnight when she was confronted with her daughter’s rather unusual message written on her whiteboard.

The message read: ‘I love you Daddy and Mummy. Thank you for having sex so… Read the full story

10 tips for dealing with your first colonoscopy

Illustration of a woman in a hospital bed while a doctor makes notes
I’m not going to lie, colonoscopies aren’t fun (Picture: Irene Palacio)

As this week is Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week, it’s important to not only raise awareness of IBD but also all the different procedures that come with it.

Why it took me 12 years to be diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease

One of the worst is undoubtedly a colonoscopy – a procedure which involves the insertion of a narrow camera through the rectum (yes, I said rectum!) to take a look at your digestive tract.

There’s no doubt about it… Read the full story

Matt Smith has been crowned by GQ as the best dressed man of 2018

GQ fashion top 10
(Credit: Getty/Rex)

Noone is better qualified than GQ to judge men on their sartorial choices.

GQ is full of tastemakers and men who know what it takes to be fly as hell.

So we should really trust their annual list of Best Dressed Men.

Except you can’t.

Because their list is always baffling.

Last year, they named Drake as the best-dressed man in the world. DRAKE. Timberlands-and-check-shirt DRAKE.

And now they’ve just crowned Matt Smith as 2018’s top dog.

A star-studded ‘cutthroat’ panel including Giorgio Armani, Christopher Baily and Michael Kors, are claiming that the former Doctor Who actor is the best-dressed man in the world.

Meet this ripped grandpa who’s more fit than you’ll ever be

Ripped Grandpa
(Picture: Jean Titus / mediadrumworld.com)

If you thought going to the gym was tough, think again.

A fifty-year-old known as Ripped Grandpa has been weight-lifting for over 30 years puts most people half his age to shame.

Jean Titus, who has an impressive 48-inch chest and 18-inch biceps, said it was a different story a few years ago.

‘Before I got into fitness, I was a skinny kid,’ the Washington DC resident recalls.

‘Looking back, I feel that I wasn’t as strong and that I had not tapped into my true physical potential.’

Video footage shows the fitness consultant and motivational speaker working up a sweat as he goes through various workouts… Read the full story

15 non-toxic and vegan beauty gifts you need in your life

Vegan / non toxic beauty gift guide
(Picture: metro.co.uk)

Finding non-toxic and vegan beauty products can be a minefield.

Particularly so for those who are buying for someone who doesn’t want any nasties in their beauty bits.

But what constitutes as non-toxic?  And how can you tell which products are non-toxic?

Dr Anjali Mahto, author of The Skincare Bible: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Having Great Skin, tells Metro.co.uk that ‘non-toxic essentially means something that will not cause harm to your body’.

However, she says the difficulty lies in the lack of standard regulation and definition of ‘non-toxic’ products

She says: ‘Vegan products do not contain animal products or by-products but still may contain certain chemicals.

‘You therefore can’t assume… Read the full story

Experts share their advice on how to save money over Christmas

You don’t want your Christmas to be ruined by financial stress (Picture: Getty)

Christmas may be full of festive cheer, but for most people it’s also very expensive.

easy mince pies recipeChristmas recipe: How to make easy mince pies

The gifts for friends, family, work Secret Santa, party clothes, events, transport and not to mention the cost of the food and booze on the big day.

One in three of us will get into debt over the Christmas period, half of whom will spend the following year paying it off.

While it’s undeniably a financially tricky time, there are ways to mitigate the cost, and… Read the full story

Why are we acting like women need to be ‘protected’ from porn?

dating feedback
(Picture: Ella Byworth/ Getty/ shutterstock)

When an MP is accused of doing something, however true or untrue the accusation might be, it starts a conversation. 

In the case of the recent accusation that one MP was watching porn at work, the discussion is about the consumption of porn. Is it forgivable to watch it at work?

What if it’s on your own phone, but the work wifi? What if it’s late at night in a private office, or in the bathroom?

The questions go on and on. Personally I can see both sides. I can’t seem to care about a person watching porn at work, just as long as it wasn’t used… Read the full story

Where can I buy Amazon vouchers?

(Picture: Amazon)

Give the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas with Amazon vouchers and cut the anxiety out of choosing what you should get your loved ones.

GQ fashion top 10Matt Smith has been crowned by GQ as the best dressed man of 2018

Christmas, and any gift-giving time, is a source of a lot of stress as people struggle to read the minds of those closest to them.

There is a way to get ahead of the curve with your seasonal presents and throw the power over to the recipient for a change.

Toby Carvery is looking to hire an official mystery Christmas Dinner Diner, and it could be you

(Picture: calyj89/Instagram)

You know the problem with Christmas dinner?

You only get it once a year.

Sure, you could have a Chrimbo sandwich but that’s cold and covered in bread and is often hastily consumed over your horrible keyboard while desperately filing reports.

But what if we were to say that you could end endless Christmas dinners…for free?

Well, friends, that could be a reality for one festive fan.

Because Toby Carvery is looking to hire a ‘festive meal taster’ to go around and try out all of the Christmas grub.

They’re looking for someone to join their team as an official mystery Christmas Dinner Diner, helping the roast giants to perfect and launch new… Read the full story

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