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Superfan says she constantly gets mistaken for Mariah Carey

Woman looks like Mariah Carey
(Picture: Caters News)

It’s always a bit weird when we find someone who looks just like a famous person. It makes us wonder if doppelgangers are a real thing, or if there’s some kind of secret cloning going on.

We’ve seen a woman who looks so much like Beyoncé it’s truly bizarre, a guy that looks exactly like Michael Jackson (he is an MJ impersonator, to be fair), and a Taylor Swift lookalike.

And now we’ve got a Mariah Carey double.

Kimberly Ortiz is a sales assistant from Las Vegas, Nevada, who happens to look quite a bit like Mariah… Read the full story

Rihanna is launching 14 new Fenty Beauty lipstick shades

fenty beauty new matte lipstick shades
(Picture: Instagram/badgalriri)

Rumours have been bubbling for the last few days that a new shade of lip paint or lipstick might be joining the Fenty Beauty family.

It started when Rihanna shared a picture wearing a violet lip (very fitting considering 2018’s colour of the year), then excitement ramped up when we saw a picture of what looked like a blue lipstick from the collection.

We should have known better. Rihanna doesn’t do things by halves.

Instead of just bringing out one measly lipstick shade, Rihanna is of course bringing out fourteen.

The fourteen new shades form the Mattemoiselle collection, a range of… Read the full story

Yes, your younger sister is likely to get the most presents this Christmas

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Your suspicions are correct – your younger sister truly does get spoiled the most over Christmas.

A new survey from Give As You Live has found that one sibling is the most likely to be spoiled than any other member of the family at Christmas: The youngest girl.

In a poll of 1,000 people, one in ten said the youngest sister gets the most gifts on 25 December.

Now, that’s the response from a range of ages, including parents (who are the ones buying the presents, remember). When you focus on people aged 18 to 24, 24% of them said the youngest sister gets preferential treatment at Christmas.… Read the full story

These are the most used fashion words of 2017

(Picture:Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

What word would you use to sum up fashion in 2017?

Our personal style would probably be summed up with ‘jumpers’ or ‘that same pair of jeans over and over again’.

But in the actual legit fashion world, certain words have popped up over and over again to give us a sense of what we were keen on wearing in the last twelve months.

Global fashion search engine Lyst has analysed more than 30,000 online articles from 100 different fashion and lifestyle publications from the past year to find the most used fashion words of the year, looking at the most frequently occurring combinations and using sentiment… Read the full story

Meghan Markle’s handbag worn during Nottingham visit is being auctioned off for charity

Meghan Markle handbag
The bag Meghan Markle wore for her first official engagement with Prince Harry is going up for auction (Picture: Getty)

It’s a guarantee that, from now on, anything Meghan Markle wears will sell out in seconds.

And the burgundy, navy and vanilla Strathberry leather bag she wore for her first official outing with fiance Prince Harry in Nottingham on Friday 1 December was no exception.

Within 11 minutes of the nano tote’s outing on Meghan’s arm, it had sold out online.


15 people reveal what they really think about condoms

People talking about how their relationship with condoms ? crowd source (Rosy Edwards)
Condoms: love them or loathe them? (Picture: MMUFFIN for Metro.co.uk)

Things that are sexy: stockings. Massages. Pedro Pascal in 80s Levis.

Want to know what’s not sexy?

Men don’t like wearing condoms because condoms aren’t good enough


From the first time I watched Mrs Taylor unfurl a condom over a banana in Year 9 PSHE, I knew I was destined to have a love-hate relationship with condoms.

I loved that they stopped me from getting pregnant and being infected with STDs.

I hated everything else.

But if you don’t get on with the pill – and… Read the full story

You can now bid for a stay in a glamping igloo and help homeless people in the process

(Picture: campsites/Ben Crutch)

Fancy a stay in an igloo?

‘Course you do. It’s the dream.

Now, finally, you can – without the effort of actually lugging around blocks of snow and understanding the physics of a dome structure.

Ben Crutch’s igloo – the one that got loads of attention online this week – is now available to stay inside.

Campsites.co.uk has created a listing for a glamping experience in Ben’s handmade igloo, which people can bid for online. The highest bidder will win one night’s stay in the igloo and all the proceeds will go to homelessness charity Shelter. So you can do some good while you’re enjoying the magic of… Read the full story

This father-to-be staged his own food baby pregnancy photoshoot

Dad McDonald's belly maternity shoot
So touching (Picture: Stephen Cwiok)

We’ve all been there – you’ve gorged on fast food or eaten something that doesn’t agree with you and now you look six months pregnant.

But instead of a steadily growing foetus, all you’re brewing is a ball of gas or a little baby poo.

Most of us would just wait until it’s time to excrete our digestive babies but not Nick Roberts, who thought he’d make the most of his burgeoning belly after a particularly large McDonald’s binge.

The 26-year-old from Boston, USA decided to stage his own tongue-in-cheek maternity photoshoot after joking about it with a pal – made all the funnier… Read the full story

How to make slime and be forever satisfied

(Picture: Instagram/ slimequeeens)

The internet is a place of many wonderful inventions, people come together to share ideas and spread igniting thoughts – no phenomenon exhibits all that more than slime.

How to get through the Christmas party season when you have a chronic illness

You may have played with it as a child, a slimey ball of mushy plastic goodness than can be morphed into whatever you desired.

People on the internet have propelled the humble pummelled child’s toy to new heights as Instagram profiles are dedicated to people plunging their hands into the goo, and it is incredibly satisfying.

Read the full story

What you need to know about dead vagina syndrome

Dead vagina syndrome
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The legend of dead vagina syndrome has been spread around for years.

It’s had the blame for women’s lack of orgasms, it’s been used as a warning away from vibrators, and stories about its effects have been spread to put us off anything rechargeable for the rest of our lives.

But is dead vagina syndrome actually a real thing? Or is it a myth used to put women off solo sexual pleasure?

If you didn’t know, dead vagina syndrome refers to a massive decrease in vaginal sensitivity following use of vibrators.

The theory goes that if you use a vibrator ‘too much’, you’ll essentially build up a… Read the full story

Tips and tricks for celebrating Christmas if you’re in an interfaith family

Photo of a young family with one child, decorating for the first Christmas they are spending together with a baby
Finding your own way is key when it comes to celebrating Christmas as an inter-faith family (Picture: Getty)

Most of the year I don’t really think much about the fact that we’re an interfaith family. And then December comes around.

My husband is Jewish. I’m not religious but I grew up celebrating Christmas and it’s one of my favourite times of year.

If you’re in the same boat, how you tackle this will depend on your individual family, the faiths involved and how you’ve decided to raise your children. It doesn’t need… Read the full story

Vegemite has lost the plot with Vegemite ice lollies

Vegemite ice lollies
It would be unwise to put this in the toaster (Picture: Getty/ Vegemite)

Vegemite is going hell for leather with the marketing gimmicks lately.

Back in October they launched a limited edition, premium version of their yeasty spread, called Blend 17, which was much stronger than the standard, and probably ruined people’s lives as well as their breakfasts.

If that wasn’t enough they’ve now outraged consumers the world over by suggesting you use their salty spread to make…ice lollies.

Yup, on the other side of the world AKA Australia AKA Vegemite’s homeland, it’s currently summer – and what better way to cool down than by suckling on the… Read the full story

Your guide to doing Secret Santa right, and getting a great gift in return

Great at gift buying (Picture: Getty)

Secret Santa has become the staple solution for buying Christmas gifts when in a big group, but it’s not always one people are pleased about.

In a standard office, anywhere from 10 to maybe 25 people will take turns pulling names out of the proverbial hat and then be required to find the perfect gift for their recipient.

Last-minute gifts you can buy in Poundland

This is OK if you get your lunch-eating mate Mark, but not so much if you get Susan from accounts who you’ve never got on with.

There are some great things about Secret Santa though, and… Read the full story

Warburtons crumpets apologises after using a hashtag linked to furry fetish group

Any hole’s a goal (Credit: @ohmnog/Getty)

Warburtons are such a wholesome little company, with their family-friendly ads and delicious, fluffy crumpets.

Think of a Warburtons crumpet and you probably think of your grandpa slathering butter and jam on them as he sips a cup of tea, in his string vest (Just me?).

You probably don’t think of grown adults dressed up as furry animals having sex with each other, no?

Well, you might do now after Warburtons made the classic faux pas of not checking who had already claimed a hashtag they decided to use for their latest competition.

On Friday, the bakers launched a comp with wholesome family man, children’s book author, and… Read the full story

Shockingly enough, women find strong arms and muscles attractive when they look at pictures of shirtless men

metro graphics metro illustrations
(Picture: Getty/ Ella Byworth)

Apologies to all men who do not look like they’ve been cut from marble – it turns out that women are most attracted to men who look strong, with muscular arms, and toned torsos, preferring these bodies to those that look slimmer and weaker.

Shocking, huh? Women having physical preferences is so unfair. It’s a bit like how men tend to prefer slim women with curves, but ridiculous because women aren’t allowed to have lusty physical desires.

But before all skinny boys cry in a corner, we’d like to point out that the study used to ‘prove’ women’s preferences is actually pretty limited. We don’t think the… Read the full story

Who sent and received the first Christmas card?

Christmas cards are a booming industry (Picture: Deanpictures)

Nothing will get you in the festive mood like the sending and receiving of Christmas cards.

The humble Christmas card brings such joy in your house at Christmas that it is important to know something about the traditional card’s equally humble beginnings.

Dead vagina syndromeIs dead vagina syndrome a real thing?

The custom of sending Christmas cards is a British tradition that began in 1843.

Sir Henry Cole thought of the timeless tradition after setting up the Public Record Office, which is our modern day Post Office, as a way of getting ordinary people to use the service.

The… Read the full story

Chip shop owner creates a battered Christmas dinner

(Picture: Marshall’s Fish Bar)

A fish and chip shop in Devon has started selling a battered Christmas dinner, taking the famous battered Brussels sprouts one step further.

Marshall’s Fish Bar in Cullompton is serving up a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, fried in batter, for £9.95.

The festive dinner includes a chicken leg, battered sprouts, battered carrots, battered stuffing balls, battered pigs in blankets, and a gravy bomb – which is a gravy ice cube wrapped in mash potato and bread crumbs.

To finish off with something sweet, the meal also includes a battered mince pie.

Meet Merlin the Ragdoll cat, the grumpiest feline you’ll ever see

(Picture: Instagram/merlinragdoll)

Merlin the Ragdoll cat is the grumpiest feline you’ll ever see.

The cat looks like he’s constantly scowling. He looks so angry that his cat-parent decided to create an Instagram account solely dedicated to his disgruntled look.

Merlin has become quite the internet sensation, racking up more than 46,700 followers – with his pictures receiving thousands of likes at a time.

Alongside his frustrated look, people are falling in love with Merlin’s piercing blue eyes and fluffy coat.

No matter what the situation, Merlin always looks very angry

Instagram Photo


A day in the garden? Nope.

Instagram Photo


Bath time?… Read the full story

21 last minute gifts to stash away for unexpected guests

Last minute gifts to stash away for the unexpected guest picture: metro.co.uk
(Picture: metro.co.uk)

You think you’ve bought all of your gifts for Christmas this year.

Then your neighbour comes round with a box of chocolates. Soon after, your mum’s friend drops by as she’s in town. And so on and so on.

It’s a familiar process: you don’t want to leave them empty-handed but you haven’t actually got any spare presents bar a half-eaten Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

We’ve come to the rescue with our guide for buying some last-minute gifts to stash away for any family, friends or neighbours that suddenly drop by.

Oh, and if no one turns up? Even better – keep them… Read the full story

Glittery tinsel lashes are the trendy new way to make your face festive

tinsel lashes
(Picture: coolgirlswearmugler/Instagram)

If you want to make sure your face is as festive as your Christmas jumper, you know the key is a bit of sparkle.

Glitter brows, glitter lips, glitter highlighter, whatever. As long as you’ve made yourself twinkle under the fairy lights, you’re set – even if you haven’t yet mastered santa brows or festive nail art.

But if none of the previous glitter application trends have hit the spot, don’t panic – there’s a new sparkly trend on the block.

Behold tinsel lashes. They’re eyelashes, but with added tinsel – because what says Christmas more than tinsel?

Instagram Photo

The creation of @coolgirlswearmugler,… Read the full story

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