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If you’re still looking for a gift, here are the UK’s most romantic city getaways

(Picture: The Roman Baths/Instagram)

The dreaded day is almost upon us and you still haven’t found anything tasteful.

You don’t have buckets of cash but you’re a cut above buying garage forecourt roses and Thorntons truffles.

What you need is…a weekend away.

And you don’t have to bother with Flight Scanner, because the UK is full of romantic cities which will leave your partner feeling all gooey and you all smug.

After all, the best presents are the ones you can enjoy together.

Trip Advisor has just published the top ten most romantic cities in the UK, which its come up with using a special algorithm that scans the site for reviews mentioning… Read the full story

Why is there still such a stigma around having a c-section?

**ILLUSTRATION REQUEST**Why is there still such a stigma about having a c-section? (Georgina Fuller)
It doesn’t matter how your baby arrives, so long as everyone’s healthy (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I had just spent half an hour hobbling to and from the loo, clutching at the side rail on the hospital corridor.

I felt battered and bruised after a 48-hour labour and emergency c-section.

Metro Illustrations Ambitious MotherHow becoming a mum has made me more ambitious

I had been on the verge of having to have a blood transfusion after hemorrhaging and had been transferred to the ICU unit when I got… Read the full story

Objectifying men’s crotches isn’t equality – and it makes sexism towards women worse


As a rampant feminist kill joy, you might think that I’d be in favour of objectifying men. 

After all, it’s another step in our ultimate quest to subjugate men, force them to live as our breeding slaves and create an idllyic female only society.

Actually, I, like lots of feminists find the objectification of men extremely troubling.

Women are objectified far more than men are. Men are often boosted by their looks whereas being sexually attractive can impede a woman’s professional and even personal relationships.

But, even with those imbalances taken into consideration, the objectification of men is unacceptable.

The winter Olympics is currently taking place in South Korea, and with the Olympics traditionally comes lots of photographs of fit, attractive people’s bodies.

In the summer Olympics it’s the volleyball players, in their hot pants, who bear the brunt of it. But, for a change, it seems to be the men who are bearing the brunt of the objectification this… Read the full story

We’re all these little fat unicorn cakes at heart

(Picture: crazysweets.de/Instagram)

We’ve all eaten a load of cakes in our time – but few manage to illustrate just how we feel afterwards.

Fat unicorn cakes, however, are the perfect embodiment of food-coma collapse.

And they’re getting a whole load of love on Instagram.

The premise is a simple one: create a dazed, fat little unicorn and plonk it next to a cake which has had a bite taken out of it.

Despite the unicorn being kind of dead and boring, these cakes are something else.

For one thing, the skill involved in creating a unicorn out of fondant isn’t an easy feat. Secondly, we’ve all been these fat unicorns. So yeah, we’re digging them.

They’re not… Read the full story

That Mean Girls bottomless brunch is coming to Manchester

You can’t sit with us unless you buy a ticket (Picture: Paramount Pictures)

If there’s one thing us basic humans love, it’s a themed brunch.

In recent time, we’ve had a Harry Potter brunch, a hip hop brunch and a 90s brunch.

Earlier this month, Londoners were treated to a Mean Girls bottomless brunch which had some northerners sighing, ‘Why do all those horrible humans in that polluted hell hole of a city get everything?’.

Well, northern pals, your luck is in, for the Mean Girls bottomless brunch is making its way to Manchester.

Read the full story

Should the Nike Londoner advert have included south Asian people?


Nike’s Nothing Beats A Londoner campaign, in all its brilliance, has divided many.

The three minute clip celebrates the capital’s culture as a proud host to athletes, musicians and youngsters from all backgrounds.

It boasts mega stars like Big Shaq, Skepta, Giggs, Dave, as well as a reported 285 British athletes, some of whom include like Harry Kane, Mo Farah, Alex Iwobi, Diner Asher-Smith, Steph Houghton and more.

It’s a salute to London’s diversity.

Cultural hubs like Peckham, Dalston, and Brixton are at the forefront of the campaign.

While it gained the admiration of thousands, many… Read the full story

How I handled a Tinder date, work event and group holiday with social anxiety

(Illustration: Deirdre Spain for Metro.co.uk)

Social anxiety sucks. It makes you a trembling wreck, you dream up nightmare scenarios in your head, you stand with a group of people feeling sick, your mind goes blank if you’re asked something and everyone’s staring at you….most of the time, you end up bailing on going out and getting into bed with Netflix instead because Archie from Riverdale isn’t going to judge you.

But a few months ago, I realised I had a week coming up where I’d be doing something social every single day.

Teen thanks her mates for giving… Read the full story

In case you weren’t already aware, pizza boxes aren’t recyclable

(Picture: Getty)

If you’re a half decent person, you already recycle.

Bottles, tins and cardboard in one bin, the rest in another.

It’s not hard to be a little environmentally friendly – and it stops your general bin from filling up days before the collectors come round.

But what you might not know is that not all cardboard can be recycled.

Pizza boxes, in particular, can’t be.

Lucy Watson, Made in Chelsea star, vegan and environmental activist, posted on Instagram stories last night the fact that pizza boxes are non-recyclable due to grease contamination.

5 things no one tells you about talking to a therapist

10 vegan and gluten-free pancake recipes you need to try this Pancake Day

Sure, they LOOK tasty, but are they vegan and gluten-free?

Have you perfected your vegan and gluten-free pancakes ready for Shrove Tuesday yet? If not, never fear. 

Whether you’re looking for a huge stack of fluffy pancakes or light and thin crepes, you’re guaranteed to find a recipe for you below.

If you’re gluten-free and using buckwheat flour, make sure it’s gluten-free. It is naturally, but there’s often cross contamination in the farming process unless stated otherwise.

For vegans, feel free to revel in all of these beautiful recipes without egg or milk in sight.

1. Fluffy Buckwheat Pancakes

Why is it acceptable to structure your social life around a sports event?


‘So I’ve booked a taxi to take us to the station, and booked the train tickets. That’ll leave you with an 11 minute window between getting home and the rugby starting, is that okay?’ 

That’s an actual sentence that I said, on Saturday. My husband and I were going out for lunch with friends. Usually the planning for that kind of activity would be as simple as finding an outfit and getting on a train. But no. It’s rugby season.

So if I wanted to attend this lunch as a couple, it would have to fit around the rugby.

If you’d told me years ago, before I was with my husband, that I would consent to having my social life wrapped around sporting fixtures, I would have laughed in your face.

After years of watching my younger brother be excused clearing up duties after lunch because Chelsea was playing, I swore I would never let my life… Read the full story

Dad hides 12-inch sex toy in son’s hand luggage and films the moment airport security find it

Ted Andressen filmed the moment airport security found a dildo in his son's hand luggage
Oh. Dear (Picture: Ted Andressen/Facebook)

A New Orleans man has taken ‘Dad jokes’ to a new level by planting a sex toy in his horrified son’s hand luggage.

Ted Andressen thought it might be nice to plant a 12 inch dildo and some lube in his son’s carry-on, and film the ensuing scenes.

His son can be seen looking surprised and embarrassed as he watches the airport worker take the toy out of his bag, before turning to the group he’s with and covering his face, while they howl with laughter.

The airport worker starts laughing, and says, ‘Well look… Read the full story

Weight Watchers dropping their ‘before and after’ photos is massive for body positivity

(Picture: Weight Watchers)

Guilty confession: I love transformation photos.

Always have.

My mum, who’s been on a diet for as long as I can remember, used to buy all kinds of diet magazines which featured epic transformations when we were growing up.

As small kids, my sister and I would be hooked on the stories in Slimming World and Weight Watchers magazines, ogling the incredible ‘before and after’ photos and mad diet diaries.

These days, I’m obsessed with Instagram transformations. I’m always disappointed when they’re not dramatic enough, or talk about mental transformations rather than physical ones. #TransformationTuesday is the best hashtag on the entire platform.

And while I know it’s probably an unhealthy obsession, I… Read the full story

Best prosecco deals for Valentine’s Day

(Credit: Asda, Getty)

Even if you think Valentine’s Day is a load of commercialised claptrap, it’s still a great excuse to enjoy a night in or out with a loved one.

Regardless of whether you have a significant other or not, a bottle of bubbly never goes amiss.

These days, you don’t need to go all out with champagne, as prosecco is a perfectly acceptable alternative and much, much cheaper.

For this loved-up season, lots of supermarkets have also lowered the price of the Italian fizz. Check out the best deals ahead of Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Aldi – Prosecco Duca Del Poggio Doc – £4.99

Weight-loss TV shows aren’t helping anyone – they need to stop

The shows give false information – and make people obsess about their bodies even more (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Diets, weight-loss and fitness are always at the forefront of people’s minds.

Whether it’s ‘new year, new me’, a dress that you need to fit into for a wedding, or a school reunion that you want to look good for, everybody’s got a goal in mind.

Weight illo‘Hey, I’m on a diet’: 6 ways you can lose weight and all of your friends at the same time

And TV programmers know how to capitalise on this, coming up with enticing-sounding shows… Read the full story

Hair doesn’t define beauty, says this woman who has alopecia

(Picture: Mediadrumworld)

Thankfully, the concept of beauty is changing.

What was once considered attractive fifty years ago, for example, is not the same as what we find beautiful today – which can be a great thing.

Differences and uniqueness are now celebrated.

Hair is a huge component of traditional beauty, but not everyone has it. Men, women, and children may be affected by medical or hereditary conditions, or simply just shave off all their locks.

And hair needn’t be the epitome of good looks.

One woman from Scotland wants people to know the difficulties of unlearning that hair is everything and is now embracing her baldness.

Sarah McManus, 20, from Wishaw got alopecia when… Read the full story

Woman describes how a 19-year-old girl stepped in to save her from a potential gym creep

No, gym boy, no (Picture: Getty)

The gym can be an intimidating place for many.

Half of us have no idea what we’re doingsome of us feel hella awkward parading our less-than-ripped bodies around the toned gym freaks, and the rest of us don’t really want to be there.

And then there are the gym creepers. People who think a place of exercise is the perfect place to try and pick up their next sexual partner.

If you saw someone else being hit on in the gym, what would you do?

Assess the situation, then intervene if necessary? Tweet about it from the treadmill? Stealthily film it and… Read the full story

Powerful photos of mother and daughter show the realities of battling breast cancer

(Picture: Tim Bradshaw Photography/Mercury Press)

This is 76-year-old Helen Sheil and her daughter Nikki.

Helen had a double mastectomy 20 years ago – but unfortunately, the cancer has returned and spread to her bones.

And she’s been taking part in a powerful photo series in a bid to show the realities of battling breast cancer.

Helen, from Sydney, has been baring her scars alongside her 52-year-old daughter, who has helped care for her during the course of her various treatments.

‘I thought we really need to highlight this and I’m not shy about putting it out there,’ Nikki says.

‘I am really feeling the imminent death of my mother.’

Nikki says that the process has been… Read the full story

You can now cook pancakes with your mouth but it involves an ‘egg blow job’


Nothing says happy Valentine’s Day like food bitten and chewed up by your loved one and then cooked to your satisfaction.

Remember that weird Cooking With Your Mouth video from Christmas?

Well, Riva Godfrey is back and gracing our screens once again with the food trend we never asked for. Not even a little bit.

She’s using her talented mouth to make beetroot pancakes, topped with fruit and honey, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Creator Nathan Ceddia is embracing the reception of the performance art videos which people have said is ‘bizarre… Read the full story

Woman with lipoedema will spend her entire divorce settlement on liposuction

Meet the woman who is using her divorce money to fund ‘industrial scale’ liposuction
(Picture: PA Real Life)

A woman is paying £22,000 for an operation to remove 17 pints of fat from her ‘cankles’ – and she’s using her divorce settlement money to do it.

49-year-old Lisa Muckle has tried every diet and exercise regime she can find in a bid to shift the weight from her legs, hips, bottom and feet, but so far nothing has worked.

Diagnosed with lipoedema and lymphoedema, which have caused her swollen appearance, Lisa, of Redditch, Worcestershire, said: ‘For me, surgery is a no-brainer and I will pay for it with money from my divorce.

‘I sell… Read the full story

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