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Our beloved pets help us lead a higher quality of life

(Picture: Getty)

In what is possibly the least surprising news of the day, pets have been found to improve our quality of life.

Researchers from the universities of Liverpool, Manchester and Southampton have been looking into how pets can contribute to long-term mental health management.

They’ve studied 17 international papers to determine the effect our furry friends can have on those of us with various psychological conditions.

And the overarching conclusion has been that pets can ‘provide benefits’ in those situations.

‘Our review suggests that pets provide benefits to those with mental health conditions,’ says lead study author, Dr Helen Brooks.

‘Further research is required to test the nature and extent of this… Read the full story

Amsterdam cargo ship has been transformed into a stunning luxury houseboat

(Picture: Mediadrumworld)

A former cargo ship which resides on Amsterdam’s canals has been turned into a luxury houseboat.

Stunning images show the ship in its former life, while others show the new and improved version, with its new sparkling interior.

The white-walled and wood-panelled hallway leads to a similarly designed kitchen and bedrooms.

The Kempenaar boat from 1957, De Novatie, was converted by Dutch architects ANA to a sailing residential ship.

What is Lo Hei, the Chinese New Year dish, and where can I get it in London?

Lo Hei is more than just a meal (Picture: Getty)

Lo Hei is the Cantonese name for a unique salad dish that has only been made popular during Chinese New Year in recent years.

Chinese New Year in Trafalgar Square 2017Chinese New Year 2018: Where to celebrate the Year of the Dog in London

It is a really colourful, fun, interactive dish which is served at the start of a Chinese New Year banquet.

It was created as a dish to celebrate everybody’s birthday which falls on the 7th day of the Lunar New Year. This day is sometimes called the Birthday… Read the full story

The best 7 savoury pancake fillings for Shrove Tuesday

(Picture: Getty)

Pancake day is tomorrow, which means stuffing our faces with fluffy deliciousness.

There tends to be a lot of debate, though, about what toppings are acceptable on this day.

Purists argue that nothing but lemon and sugar should be on the menu, while other slather their short-stacks with all manner of chocolate spreads, chips, and sauces.

Some people don’t actually like sweet stuff, though, which changes the game entirely.

If you’d be happy to never see a Nutella crepe again, try these savoury fillings instead.

Woman with rare health conditions wakes up every morning feeling hungover

(Picture: PA Real Life)

A woman with a number of rare health conditions has revealed how she wakes almost every morning with a ‘terrible hangover’ despite being teetotal.

34-year-old Sarah Moughtin, an assistant buyer for upmarket department store John Lewis, went from being healthy and active to virtually bedridden within months of experiencing strange headaches and facial pains.

She was diagnosed with lymphocytic hypophysitis, hypopituitarism and diabetes insipidus – all pituitary conditions.

Sarah says her life was ‘turned upside down’ following a packed tube ride on her evening commute.

She said: ‘I was on the underground, going home, going home from work one day and it was very busy. I sort of put my… Read the full story

If your engagement is called off, who gets to keep the ring?

An illustration of a bride with anxiety
(Picture: Irene Palacio for Metro.co.uk)

As Valentine’s Day approaches, most couples are gearing for a romantic day, evening or quick trip away.

With the most wedding proposals occurring between November and February, a few couples are likely to get engaged this week.

And not to be a pessimist, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out.

So if your fiancée unexpectedly breaks off the relationship, who gets to keep the engagement ring?

The answer might depend on the duration of your engagement or the time you spent together. Or it could be the circumstances under which the engagement was called off.

Someone who cheated on their partner, for example,… Read the full story

London Dungeon is worried people will sh*t themselves at their seance


Seances might not be the most family-friendly activity as conjuring other worldly entities doesn’t exactly fit everyone’s definition of fun.

But if you did happen to be into that sort of thing then the London Dungeon has prepared for your arrival.

They’re giving out adult nappies.

Yes, you read correctly. ‘Dungeons Diapers’ will be given out to those who might, you know, might be scared enough to poop their pants.

The horror show creators, who put on terrifying displays of London history, from Jack the Ripper to infamous barber of Fleet Street, Sweeney Todd, want to prepare guests for… Read the full story

There’s nothing wrong with giving teenagers free memberships to Weight Watchers

plus size woman
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When I was a teenager I was, like so many teenage girls, obsessed with my weight. 

I spent lots of my evenings on pro-anorexia websites, reading up on the best tips for making yourself sick. Every hope, dream and aspiration I had was about being thin.

Thinness was the holy grail, the only thing worth having. I would drag myself on long, sweaty, miserable runs where my headphones slid out of my damp ears and I forced myself up hills with visions of bikinis and mini dresses and finally being a person worthy of love and respect.

This dogged misery was combined with a total lack… Read the full story

There’s going to be a Clueless themed bottomless brunch in London

This could be you if you buy a ticket (Picture: Paramount/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock)

Today has been a great day for brunch news.

We found out that the Mean Girls brunch that recently took place in London is heading to Manchester (all the deets here).

And now? We discovered that London is getting a Clueless brunch. As if!

It’s in the same ilk of the Mean Girls brunch (‘cos it’s done by the same people, who obviously love brunch as much as we do) so the general gist is that the film will be playing in the background while you play Clueless themed games and consume themed… Read the full story

A London hotel is offering the UK’s first fully plant-based room service

Woman with breakfast in bed
(Picture: Getty)

Vegans often get a rough time of it when travelling.

Just last year ‘no menus for vegans’ was seventh on The Good Hotel Guide’s top 10 gripes of 2017.

And rightly so – it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you’ve paid loads to stay in a hotel and there’s nothing for you eat there.

The smallest gesture can totally change your experience – I had a hotel leave a flask of soy milk in my room last week, when I usually have to have black in-room coffee, as I can’t drink the UHT dairy milk that hotels usually provide. I did a happy dance… Read the full story

How to make the perfect pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

There are so many toppings to try (Picture: Getty)

Shrove Tuesday is nearly here and that means pancakes. Lots and lots of delicious pancakes.

Before you reach for the pancake mix or (shock horror) a packet of ready made pancakes, why not try making them from scratch this year?

My foolproof pancake recipe, including tips on how to make sure your pancakes are always perfect, will be all that you need to make this Pancake Day a mouth-watering success.

The hard part will be deciding which toppings to have. My personal favourite is melted chocolate chips and sliced bananas.


120g plain flour

pinch of salt

Read the full story

This woman is advertising for a boyfriend on Facebook

Do you want to date this lady? (Credit: Facebook/Rachel Salisbury)

Navigating the dating scene in 2018 can be tough.

Remember the days where you’d go on a night, meet someone over a few rum and cokes and fall into a relationship? What happened to that?

Now dating seems like a full-time job, what with all the swiping, chatting and meeting up with total strangers.

Apps like Tinder and Bumble have changed the way we date, and not for good – what initially seemed like the perfect situation (an online store for prospective partners? Wahoo!) quickly crumbled into a pit of despair, rife with ghosting,… Read the full story

Sandy beaches, seafood and cocktails: Why you should visit Anna Maria Island


Anna Maria Island is a quaint barrier island nestled in the Gulf of Mexico.

Beautiful turquoise waters and white sandy beaches are the main attraction.

Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, CaliforniaWhy Palm Springs is the perfect Californian winter getaway

The island is seven miles long with access to beaches on both the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay.

The island has two rustic fishing piers: Anna Maria City Pier and Rod n’ Reel Pier, which are popular with visitors and anglers.

There’s an important fact to learn about the seven miles of beach Anna Maria Island offers up: not all beaches are created equal.

Some are great for just sitting, others beckon you to explore your adventurous side.

The Bradenton Area has the variety of spots to throw down your towel.

And with five of their beaches being Blue Wave Certified and declared eco-friendly by the Clean Beach Council in Washington D.C., you can feel good about… Read the full story

10-year-old ‘drag kid’ completely steals the show at New York Fashion Week

(Picture: desmondisamazing/instagram)

This is Desmond Napoles. Or as he’s more generally known, Desmond is Amazing.

At just 10-years-old, he’s a performer, drag kid, model, designer, awarded LGBTQ advocate from New York.

And he’s just been walking at Gypsy Sport’s NYFW show, where he completely stole the show.

‘I’m a drag kid, dragutante, dragketeer, and draganista doing what I like to call kinderdrag,’ he says.

‘I’m a total drag slayer. I am also the youngest member of the original iconic pioneering voguing ballroom house, the House of UltraOmni.’

The androgynous, ‘avant drag’ dresser wore an oversize black blazer with Elizabethan ruffles around the neckline.

Instagram Photo

He was an obvious candidate, according… Read the full story

18 Nickelodeon-themed nail designs for 90s kids

(XX) Nickelodeon nails
(Picture: @pampernailgallery/@cutie_pienails)

We’re big fans of anything that takes us back to the 90s.

We were so excited when Sola Look debuted its Saved By The Bell lipsticks, and even more so when we found out there was an actual Nickelodeon eye shadow palette.

And so, following the beauty theme, we’ve found some of the best Nickelodeon-themed nail designs to so that you can make yourself up head to toe in your favourite 90s programmes.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Nickelodeon nail art, from Rugrats to CatDog – and don’t forget about Hey Arnold!

We love these nails, inspired by Hey Arnold!

Read the full story

Chicago Town is selling a new mac ‘n’ cheese pizza

(Picture: Chicago Town)

Chicago Town has just released two mini mac ‘n’ cheese pizzas, which come topped with bacon.

The deep dish pizzas come as a new limited edition addition to the range, and are currently on offer in selected stores.

According to Chicago Town, the Mac ‘N’ Cheese pizzas combine the classic Chicago Town Deep Dish crust with a mozzarella and cheddar-based mac ‘n’ cheese topping, which features bite-size pasta pieces and bacon bits.

‘Chicago Town’s new American-inspired pizza offers ultimate versatility and is the perfect meal solution whether it’s for a family dinner, quick lunch at work or tea time with the kids,’ the company says.

Get your cocktail glasses out: Espresso flavoured gin is a thing

(Picture: Tavistock Hospitality)

If you love coffee and you’re a fan of gin, you’ll be super excited to know that someone has mixed the two together.

Just a couple of days we wrote about a new Parma Violets flavoured gin, which tastes exactly like the soapy sweets.

And it seems the flavoured gins just keep coming, thanks to Tavistock Hospitality.

The espresso gin has only just been launched, and is currently on pre-sale for £34.95.

Trample on your ex’s face with these anti-Valentine’s shoe insoles

(Credit: Bompas & Parr)

There’s nothing like a commercialised love fest to have you doubting whether you should have sacked off your ex or not.

Sure, they were a massive d*ck but you know, maybe you acted hastily. Maybe they were misunderstood. Maybe you should ring and ask if they want to chill tomorrow…together. Just friends, natch.


Delete that bad hombres number and get yourself to the Bombas & Parr website.

Because they’re offering to print your ex’s face onto a pair of insoles so you can ‘walk all over your ex’.

A London gym is banning all single-use plastic

Woman drinking water out of a plastic bottle at the gym
Sorry love, that water bottle’s going to have to go (Picture: Getty)

If us humans excel at anything, it’s trashing the planet.

We use single-use plastic like there’s no tomorrow, giving absolutely no regard for the fact that plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose.

Floating on the surface of the oceans right now, there’s up to 245,000 metric tons of plastic, and scientists predict that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. Which isn’t ideal really, is it?

Luckily, companies are already stepping up, with Wetherspoons banning… Read the full story

Last minute Valentine’s gifts for her – that you can sort out today


It’s Valentine’s day on Wednesday, so if you’ve forgotten to shop, you need to get a wiggle on. 

Which is why we’ve put together a list of things that you can buy on your way home, if you commute through any large stations, or order online and still have delivered on time.

Just think of us as your friendly internet shopping fairy. Don’t forget to buy a card!

Gucci, Bloom, £62 for 50ml

(Picture: Boots)

It would be difficult not to like this fragrance. It’s light, floral and gorgeous. It also settles well and stays for hours (there’s nothing worse than a nice… Read the full story

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