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Couple who posed as a fake bride and groom for a school video get married for real in the same spot

(Picture: PA Real Life/Mark Robbins Photography)

A couple who posed as a fake bride and groom in a school video have tied the knot for real in the same church exactly 13 years later.

When 36-year-old Carrie Horner first walked down the aisle of Holy Trinity Church in Fareham, Hampshire, to greet her ‘groom’ Ian Horner, 34, she was just acting – as part of a religious education video for schools. The pair lost touch shortly after.

Carrie, who officially married Ian in June 2017, said: ‘The fake wedding itself was so much fun to film. All my family were extras as we’d been having a party anyway just around the corner,… Read the full story

Why do Christians wear ashes on their head on Ash Wednesday?

Why do Christians wear ashes on their head? (Picture: Getty)

Today marks an auspicious date in the Christian calendar as it is Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday holds religious significance for Christians as it marks the start of Lent or the Lenten season.

For 40 days from today, Christians go through a period of fasting which is to remember the same amount of time Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness.

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Dive into the deep blue sea with these breathtaking Underwater Photographer of the Year images

(Picture: Jacob Degee)

Few of us have taken a deep dive into the vast and majestic ocean.

So while we save up for a scuba diving trip to Thailand or Indonesia, we’ll have to do with documentaries and photographs.

Thankfully, pictures from the Underwater Photographer of the Year awards are immersive enough to make you realise the wonderful scale of our oceans and rivers.

The competition returns this year with equally incredible pictures, with the title of Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018 going to Tobias Friedrich for his panoramic image of a sunken navy ship.

Marvel at some of the other images of underwater lurkings submitted in the competition.

Winner: Cycle-War by Tobias Friedrich

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Quiz: Can you guess the romantic movie?

Romantic movie and chill anyone? (Picture: New Line Cinema)

Valentine’s Day is upon us all, and of course the best way to spend it is by watching a romantic movie. 

Have you watched all of the classics? Do you know all of the iconic duos, kisses and greatest love stories ever to grace the screen?

Can you quote the cringe-worthy romantic bits? Do you secretly wish your love like was like the plot of your favourite romantic movie?

Take this quiz and determine just how much of a romantic movie expert you really are.

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Tinder poo guy is still looking for love, ladies

Liam Smyth AKA Tinder poo guy
Remember this beautiful image? (Picture: Liam Smyth/ITV)

Our favourite thing about morning TV is their ability to take a joke and run with it.

Something funny will happen on the internet and This Morning or Lorraine will get that person/lizard/inanimate object on and interrogate them long enough to fill out a 10 minute segment.

It’s really something quite remarkable.

The great thing about today’s version of that is that they’ve dredged up a funny from last year, and got him on the show to tell the exact same story. Again.


Remember Liam Smyth AKA Tinder poo boy? The guy who had a Tinder date back to his house,… Read the full story

How to deal with the pressure to have amazing romantic sex on Valentine’s Day

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Valentine’s Day is the day of love.

By which we mean, obviously, that Valentine’s Day is the only officially recognised day of sex.

That adds on a pile of pressure.

Not only do you have to be coupled up, not only does your significant other need to shower you with love and affection, but you also need to have mindblowing sex.

That sex can be raunchy or romantic, but it needs to happen, and it needs to be incredible. That’s judging by all the sex tips and adverts for lingerie you spot around 14 February, anyway.

That all leads to a lot of buildup and pressure, which isn’t exactly conducive to… Read the full story

An amateur baker has created life-size versions of her twins out of cake

‘Babies or cake’ is the new ‘Daddy or chips’ (Picture: SWNS)

An amateur baker has made life-size versions of her twin daughters out of cake, to celebrate their first birthday.

31-year-old Lara Mason spent over 100 hours creating the edible versions of her daughters, Lily and Lyla.

She said she wanted to make something extra special for their upcoming birthday next week, so spent a whopping three weeks making the cakes.

A whopping 44 eggs, 2.2 kg flour and 4 kg buttercream was used to create the monster cakes.

Lara from Walsall, West Midlands says her work was cut out making the cakes, because the twins’ cuteness was hard to replicate.

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Couple who met on Twitter celebrate with 280 character wedding vows

(Picture: Solent News)

A couple have become the first to share 280-character wedding vows as they celebrated their wedding ceremony – which will officially take place on 3 March – at the Twitter head office in London.

Simon Savidge, 35, met his fiancé Chris Burton, 46, on Twitter and the pair fell in love after initially bonding over a mutual love of cheese and beards.

Following some flirtatious Tweets and messages, their relationship blossomed and the couple, both from Wirral, Merseyside, got engaged before being invited to exchange 280-character vows in a ceremony at Twitter HQ.

Back in 2012, Simon dedicated his Twitter bio to his love for ‘cheese, books and beards’, which… Read the full story

Delicious slow cooker recipes for Chinese New Year

Chinese lanterns
Keep things simple with these slow cooker recipes (Picture: Getty)

We are about to celebrate the Year of the Dog this Chinese New Year.

As with every celebration, food plays a big part in the festivities.

What is Lo Hei, the Chinese New Year dish, and where can I get it in London?

The Reunion Dinner on Chinese New Year’s eve is the one occasion a year that all the family gathers together for a big feast.

On the menu are a variety of dishes, some are especially important as they use special ingredients that are auspicious and lucky.

A whole fish is a… Read the full story

An adorable kitten born with his legs back to front can finally walk for the first time

A wobbly kitten born with back to front legs and six toes can finally walk properly for the first time
(Picture: Caters News)

A wobbly kitten born with back to front legs and six toes can finally walk properly for the first time.

Lee, a tiny tabby cat, was born with a soft tissue deformity which means his front legs were bent the wrong way, and he also had an extra toe on each back leg.

Rescuers took him to the vets at the ASPCA, who put both of his front legs in splints to train his muscles to move the right way.

The splints were changed every few days. They stopped his legs… Read the full story

How long do you need to be dating before you can fart in front of your partner?

(Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

It’s a question as old as time: How long do you need to have been dating before you can fart in front of your partner?

There’s just no definitive answer. Couples reach milestones at different points into their relationship.

But there is definitely too soon or not soon enough when it comes to the more flatulent problems.

So when is the right time to be comfortable enough to break wind in front of your lover?

It might not be the most romantic topic at hand for Valentine’s Day but plenty of couples have been going strong for the last few months.

If you’ve hit the magic number of five months… Read the full story

The best thing to give up this Lent is plastic, not chocolate


For as long as I can remember, I’ve gone plant-based for Lent.

Being a full-time vegan now, however, I thought I’d dial the change back a bit and simply give up vegan chocolate this year. After all, Vego is life.

And then I went to the Lush Summit – the annual convention hosted by the cosmetics brand – and realised that giving up chocolate would benefit no one but myself.

Never one to shy away from the big environmental topics, one big element of this year’s Lush summit is the ocean and our role in the destruction and regeneration of ocean life.

And most of that centres around our absurd use of plastic.

We’re currently experiencing a ‘plastic smog’ in our oceans. You don’t have to go to places like West Africa or East Asia to see the impact. When we think about plastic pollution, it’s easy to conjure up images of shantytowns drowning in black plastic sacks or dirty beaches in far-flung developing countries.… Read the full story

This couple accidentally proposed to each other at the same time

The girl after the double proposal (Credit: Twitter/@Toorriiiiiiiiii)

A couple have posted a video of the moment they realised they’d planned to propose to each other at the same time.

Tori and Berkley from Austin, Texas had been dating for four years when they somehow managed to pick the same day to propose.

The girls only came out eight months earlier, making the story all the sweeter.

Tori wrote on Twitter that she’d been planning the proposal for months, not realising that girlfriend Berkley had been planning one too.

And it all happened during a game of Pictionary.

Dog who was so badly neglected that she was covered in dreadlocks gets an amazing makeover

(Picture: Caters News)

When little Millie was found in the Bahamas, rescuers couldn’t even tell what kind of dog she was.

Her fur had become so matted it had turned into dreadlocks, covering her face and causing her pain when she tried to get around.

She was also incredibly thin and covered in ticks.

We don’t know much about Millie’s former owners, but it’s clear that she’d been neglected for years to reach this state.

Thankfully she was found by the Bahamas Humane Society, who were able to give Millie the makeover she needed to feel healthy and happy again.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this Turkish delight flavoured gin

(Picture: Metro.co.uk/31Dover)

Turkish Delight flavoured gin is here, and it comes courtesy of Zymurgorium, the company behind the Parma Violets flavoured gin.

The Zymurgorium Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur is the latest release from the experimental Manchester distillery.

It’s a gin-based liqueur, which according to the product description, features the ‘aromatic, fragrant flavours of Turkish delight’, and has floral notes of rose petals, light juniper and a touch of mint for a fresh aftertaste.

The gin is pink, inspired by rose Turkish delight, and is a ‘must try’ for gin-lovers looking for something a little different.

This gin should be enjoyed differently, too. 31 Dover, where the gin is currently being sold… Read the full story

An all-you-can-eat hummus festival is coming to Manchester

(Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

Everyone knows hummus is massively underrated. It’s a dip worthy of all sorts of foods – and it deserves to be celebrated.

And so, obviously, we were super excited when we found out there is going to be an actual hummus festival, for people who just can’t get enough of the chickpea dip.

The hummus festival is being hosted by the University of Manchester’s Lebanese Society.

It’ll take place in the Students’ Union of the university, from 10am to 4pm on 1st March.

According to the event’s description, the festival will give hummus-lover a chance to dig in to some ‘authentic Lebanese hummus’ with ‘exciting events’.

9 reusable coffee cups to avoid that ‘latte levy’

Take your pick, yeah? (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Human beings love coffee.

For many, it’s seen as a survival tool – that morning latte on the way to the station is as reviving as a slap around the face with cold water.

But those takeaway coffee cups aren’t recyclable, which was news that came as a shock to many of us.

The UK throws away around 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups a year, and almost all of these are incinerated, exported or sent to landfill, because their plastic lining makes them expensive to recycle.

Some coffee shops have started offering customers a discount to encourage them to bring their own reusable cup, but the… Read the full story

Mind your language when it comes to mental health issues

Mental health series: Is a diagnosis that important?
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Thankfully we live in a time where mental health discussions are quite commonplace.

There’s a significant amount of work still to be done, but we’ve made huge leaps and strides in making mental health a key topic of conversation.

But how do we talk about such issues? Are we always mindful of some of the terminology we use? Some words, after all, are more loaded than others.

A lot of the things which were seen to be acceptable some time ago have now been obliterated, and rightly so.

So should we stop casually saying words like ‘bipolar’, ‘schizophrenic’ and even ‘autistic’ unless… Read the full story

Basil the beagle works as a funeral therapy dog to help people through their toughest days

(Picture: Richard Dawson/Bav Media)

Meet Basil, the beagle helping people through their toughest days.

Basil works as a funeral therapy dog at Clive Pugh Funeral Directors in Shrewsbury.

He’s introduced to grieving families when they come in to discuss funeral arrangements, when people can decide if they’d like to have the soothing presence of a dog around while they discuss the difficult topic.

‘We know right away if people don’t want him there,’ explains Rosalinda, who runs the funeral directors with her husband, Clive. ‘We have a little article about him they can read.

‘We introduce him as a comfort dog. It’s up to the family if they want him to be with them.’

If… Read the full story

Does veganism go against Muslim beliefs?

(Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

Vegan lifestyles are becoming more popular for many reasons.

Whether it’s for health benefits, the cost of raising agriculture on the environment, due to upbringing, or simply because consuming meat seems morally repulsive, veganism is going mainstream, and thankfully there are plenty of animal product alternatives available to meet the demand.

One group of people who are not often associated with vegetarianism, let alone veganism, are Muslims, for whom meat-eating may be a daily staple.

Historically, though, this was not the case. The same meat fervour was not shared by Muslims of prophet Muhammed’s time who ate so little meat, they were practically vegetarians.

Muhammed himself was not an advocate of daily… Read the full story

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