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Ever had a long, thick facial ‘pube’ hair grow overnight?

(Picture: Monika Muffin)

Our bodies do the weirdest things sometimes.

People have woken up with strange marks on their bodies, some suddenly have a beauty spot (or dimples in extreme cases, if you’re lucky), and one woman grew a two-inch curly black hair on her face. Out of nowhere.

Posting on Mumsnet, Rebecca shared how she, or her ‘friend’ as she pretends, sprouted a rogue hair overnight.

The post was met with other users detailing how they also grew strange bodily hairs, with one saying red wine made her eyebrows grow quicker.

‘I am mid 40s and three times now, since December a thick, wiry, curled, coarse black hair has erupted overnight,’ she explains.

‘There is… Read the full story

Working with a phobia

(Picture: Ella Byworth/mylo)

If you have a big phobia, and that phobia happens to be exacerbated in your workplace, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

On one hand, you need to go to work so you don’t die.

On the other hand, you might feel like death is pretty much imminent when you’re faced with your fear.

Phobias come in all shapes and sizes, and range from the standard ones – like heights and spiders – up to being afraid of different fruit or veg.

It’s not completely known where they come from. Some think there’s a genetic predisposition, while others think that they’re a mixture of what we experience and… Read the full story

Can’t we just scrap February half term?

(Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Grey, wet and cold – the first day of the February half term didn’t leave me with much hope for the rest of the week.

But, if I had my way, we would scrap this week off school for good.

What point does it serve?

What is capsaicin intolerance and how does it affect you?Chilli peppers: What is capsaicin intolerance and how does it affect you?

It feels like we have only just got back into the swing of it all since the Christmas break and following quickly on February’s heels will be the Easter break.

The weather is usually… Read the full story

A Parma Violets gin cocktail is here and it looks incredible

(Picture: Anna’s)

We were so excited when we found out Parma Violets gin was an actual thing, so imagine how amazed we are now that we know someone’s actually gone and created a Parma Violets cocktail.

Anna’s, a restaurant in Whitehaven, has created its own Parma Violets cocktail recipe, using Parma Violets gin they brew themselves.

The violet cocktail, which comes with actual Parma Violets and is topped with candy floss, is made using Parma Violets gin, Parma Violets syrup and lemonade, which is all blended together.

The brains behind the creation is manager Adam Fitzsimons, who creates all the cocktails at Anna’s.

Woman devastated to find her Mozzarella Dippers were hollow and empty

(Picture: Liverpool Echo/Twitter)

Imagine the utter heartbreak of biting into a McDonald’s mozzarella dipper to find there’s no cheese inside. Nothing but the cruel emptiness of the breaded stick.

This is what one woman had to endure after ordering her favourite side at the fast food chain, only to be met with absolutely nothing in the middle.

A devastated Catherine Murphy, 24, paid £1.59 for a three-pack of the cheesy dippers from one of the chain’s Liverpool restaurants after the item was put back on the menu for a limited time.

After biting into the first one, she found they were missing the signature filling.

Catherine told the Liverpool Echo: ‘I was… Read the full story

Liz Earle’s hot cloth cleanser sells every 20 seconds but Aldi’s cheaper alternative is back

Aldi hot cloth cleanser
(Picture: metro.co.uk)

Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is a cult favourite, with a bottle selling every 20 seconds around the world.

The cleansing hero has gained a loyal following of editors, celebs, bloggers and beauty addicts alike for its cleansing capabilities

Aldi’s more humble version also has a respectable following. The Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser, which gently removes make-up and dirt while purifying your face, was a sell-out hit last year.

And now by popular demand, it’s back, at a snip of the price.

Liz Earle’s 200ml starter kit and two muslin cloths will set you back £28.

Its cheaper cousin, the Lacura tube, also 200ml and including a muslin cloth… Read the full story

Chocolate peanut butter Baileys is a thing and it sounds amazing

(Picture: Marks and Spencers)

Reese’s Pieces fans, rejoice: Chocolate peanut butter Baileys exists and everything in the world is good again.

Well, sort of. It’s not actually Baileys, rather an M&S own brand variation. However, according to the reviews, it tastes just like the creamy alcoholic beverage.

Oh, and it’s important that we add this isn’t a new thing – we actually wrote about it last year. But people are only just discovering it now.

M&S’s Chocolate & Peanut Cream is a ‘delicious chocolate and peanut flavoured liqueur made with fresh dairy Irish cream’.

Sounds amazing.

There’s currently an offer going where you can get six bottles of the creamy drink for £48, with… Read the full story

From Berlin to Bangkok: the best sex parties around the world

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: Sex parties and fetish events around the world (Miranda Kane) Picture: Dave Anderson
(Picture: Dave Anderson)

As we sit in the freezing climes, I’m sure I’m not the only person dreaming about upcoming holidays.

Where are you thinking this year? Looking for a beach holiday? Something by the pool? Maybe a city break, or even a staycation?

Kinky days (and nights) out for fetish fans who are sick of dating sites

Or how about packing your best latex and jetting off somewhere to enjoy a different kind of hedonism?

We’re lucky enough to live in a country that is home to kink clubs… Read the full story

Stock images of crying women curled up in pain are fuelling period shame

woman crying in bed
(Picture: Getty)

When you search for pictures of a woman on her period on Getty and other stock image sites, you tend to be greeted with the same type of photos: Women clutching their stomachs, doubled over in pain, and looking sad.

Then in tampon adverts we’ve got women riding horses and spinning on beaches in white dresses.

Can’t we have a happy, more true-to-life medium?

New research suggests those negative online images of periods are having an impact on the way we all view menstruation.

Pink Parcel took a look at period-related content across 100 websites, including Google, Bing, and the NHS, and found that 91% of images depicting menstruation… Read the full story

Model Anastasiya Zayika responds to claims she refused to give her Instagram handle to black photographers

Anastasiya Zayika accused of racist comments at LFW
(Picture: Instagram/abdiwali_samatar)

Model Anastasiya Zayika has deleted her Instagram account following claims from two photographers that she refused to give her Instagram handle to black people – but not before posted a photo denying the accusations.

Two photographers claimed that when stopped at London Fashion Week for a street style photo, model Anastasiya posed for the photo, but when asked for her Instagram handle, allegedly responded: ‘I don’t give my Instagram to black people.’

‘I came across of this lady @ana.staciya and took a picture of her today,’ wrote photographer Abdiwali Samatar on Instagram. ‘I asked her for her Instagram her reply was disgusting.

‘She said… Read the full story

What is shibari, the art of Japanese rope bondage, and how can you practice it?

Illustration of woman tied up shibari style
Shibari is more than just an erotic fetish (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Japanese rope bondage – more often known as ‘shibari’ – is an ancient art form which is becoming ever more popular.

Transvestic Fetishism - everything you need to know (Violet)What is transvestic fetishism? We investigate the fetish for dressing in the opposite gender’s clothes

Although often associated with fetish practitioners, shibari is a learned skill that can be used for mental stimulation and relaxation, both by the roper (usually called a rigger) and the person being trussed up… Read the full story

Think dating apps are perilous? Try using Tinder when you’re trans

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: * you think dating’s hard? Try using tinder while trans (dating apps really can’t handle anything non binary) (Carrie Marshall)
Dating apps aren’t always lovely for trans and non-conforming people (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

One of my best friends has a new man. Where did she meet him? Tinder, of course.

Tinder’s where boys go to meet girls and girls go to meet boys.

But where do you go if you’re aren’t binary?

If you’re trans or non-binary, apps offer only disappointment or dick picks.

That’s not what they say. Tinder says its multiple gender options have created 13million matches for non-binary users.

That’s lovely, but I imagine the bulk… Read the full story

Now people are proposing with avocados

Photo Taken In Tokyo, Japan

Oh, look, we’ve reached peak millennial stereotypes.

In between killing fabric softener and slaughtering marmalade, us millennials have had the time to create a hot new proposal trend with one of our favourite foods: the avocado.

Rather than slathering them on toast or desperately using avocados to build a house (because we’ll never be able to afford a real one), we’re now using avocados as makeshift boxes for engagement rings. Of course we are.

It all started on Instagram.

Food Deco and mindful_af each shared photos of a sliced open avocado with an engagement ring in the place of the pit, with captions suggesting such a thing would be… Read the full story

The winners of the 2018 BBH Birth Photography Contest are in and they’re absolutely stunning

Baby being born in water tank and meeting sibling through glass
Overall winner and people’s choice overall winner – Marijke Thoen of Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie, from Lochristi, Belguim (Picture: Marijke Thoen)

We’ve seen some great birth photography in our time.

The woman who gave birth in the car on the way to the hospital? The birth photographer who gave birth in a parking lot and conducted her own photoshoot?

The woman who birthed her cat?

So you see, we thought we’d seen it all, but then the winners of the 2018 Birth Becomes Her Birth Birth Photography Contest appeared and we were floored.

Featuring… Read the full story

How to improve on-screen depictions of mental illness

**Illustration request** Bipolar disorder and stigma – we deserve better depictions of mental health in films and TV (Eleanor)
Portrayals of mental health conditions on film or TV can be a force for good (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

As someone with bipolar disorder, I am often intrigued by depictions of mental illness on TV and film.

For many years, mental illness has been stigmatised, and this has been reflected on screen.

Thankfully, this stigma is beginning to be broken down, but it is still present.

In her award-winning article, Mental Illness in the Media, for the International Bipolar Foundation, Hosana Tagomori, who was a high school student when she worked on the piece,… Read the full story

Woman with polycystic ovary syndrome shares how she finally learned to embrace her body hair

(Picture: SWNS)

A common side effect of polycystic ovary syndrome is speedy growth of thick, dark hair on your face and body.

It’s not something we often see – hair anywhere below the the eyebrows remains a taboo – and so those with more hair than the norm can feel like pressured to shave, wax, or epilate.

That can be time-consuming and painful, not to mention the general unpleasantness of feeling like you’re weird and unattractive for something entirely natural.

That’s why it’s important when someone does showcase their body hair, as a reminder to others that they’re not alone in having a little extra fur.

Leah Jorgensen, 33, has spent years shaving… Read the full story

Missguided’s new mannequins have stretch marks and vitiligo

(Picture: Missguided)

We all applauded Missguided when they announced they’d stop editing out models’ stretch marks.

That shouldn’t be a big deal, really, but it is. We’re so used to seeing one type of model – super slim, white, and with any ‘flaws’ photoshopped away – that seeing one that looks a tiny bit like us still feels like a revelation.

Now, Missguided is turning their focus to mannequins – because we’d quite like to see ourselves represented by the models used to show the clothes in-store, too.

Missguided has now debuted a range of mannequins with stretch marks, freckles, and vitiligo, on display in the brand’s… Read the full story

Leia the cat needed a two-hour operation after she ate 30 hair ties

(Picture: SWNS)

A word of warning to all cat-owners: Make sure you’re not leaving any hair ties lying around – they could make your pet very poorly.

Leia’s owners learned this lesson when their beloved cat had to undergo a two-hour operation to remove a massive ball of hair ties from her stomach.

Leia, a three-year-old long-haired cat, was undergoing a routine vaccination examination at Avonvale Vets in Warwick when vets found a hard lump in the cat’s abdomen.

They performed an ultrasound, which allowed them to spot a large five-inch long object pressing into Leia’s ribs.

She was rushed into surgery to have the object removed. It took two hours for the ball… Read the full story

Potter fans, rejoice: A Sorting Hat Easter egg is here

(Picture: Slattery’s Patissier and Chocolatie)

A chocolate shop has created a Harry Potter themed Sorting Hat Egg just in time for Easter.

Slattery’s Patissier & Chocolatie has just started selling The Sorting Egg, a milk chocolate Easter egg which comes filled with milk chocolate callets and a house which is chosen at random.

On the outside of the egg is a sugar paste hat and a chocolate pretzel dipped wand.

Naked dining is the next big food trend in Bristol

naked restaurant
A brand new dining experience (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

There are many dining gimmicks flying around at the moment.

We’ve had a Harry Potter themed brunch, a Mean Girls bottomless brunch and a Clueless themed – wait for it – brunch.

Then there’s a chocolate brunch, for all you chocoholics in the house.

But the next trend in dining is a little more extreme, and is taking off in Bristol in a big way – naked dining. London had its first naked restaurant back in 2016, Paris opened one last year, and now Bristol wants a… Read the full story

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