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This dog waits for the same train every day but no-one ever comes

Dog waiting for train in Mumbai, India
Who are you waiting for, little pup? (Picture: Newsflare)

A lonely dog has caused quite a stir in India after commuters started noticing her waiting for the same train every day.

The dog appears at Kanjurmarg station in Mumbai, India every night, and chases after trains that arrive past 11pm on platform number one.

Passenger say she waits for the train to stop, peers into the ladies carriage as if looking for someone, and then chases the train as it leaves.

‘I spotted the dog while returning from work,’ commuter Sameer Thorat told the Mumbai Mirror.

‘The way it waits for the late-night trains and tries to… Read the full story

Surprise surprise, millennials are super reliant on their parents for advice

Millennials inheritance boom
USELESS. ALL OF YOU. (Picture: Getty)

You’ll all be shocked to hear that millennials, even the ones who don’t live at home, are still reliant on their mother’s for help around the house.

A survey of 1,000 UK adults carried out by DiscountFlooringDepot.co.uk has found that 38% of adults still call their mums for help and advice on anything domestic.

The most popular topic for consultation was laundry, with 41% of those surveyed admitting that they get their mum to help them out. The definition of help ranges from asking for advice (fine) to dropping it off for her to do (not okay) or simply getting her to do it… Read the full story

What’s the difference between disordered eating and an eating disorder?

Why I’ve ditched women’s underwear in favour of men’s boxers

There is a better option than a tiny thong or holey old knickers, and it’s right in front of you (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

If you Google ‘women’s underwear’, the results you’re greeted with are enough to send any horny man wild.

‘Lacy thong’, ‘low-cut bra’, ‘lace bodice,’ the search engine screams at you, complete with pictures of washboard abs and peachy bums adorned in the kind of delicate designer wear you’d imagine Christian Grey ripping off with his teeth.

Newsflash: not all of us have washboard abs and peachy bums.

More to the point, women don’t usually feel like walking into the office wearing a pair of crotchless panties.

The last… Read the full story

This is not a drill: Nando’s is launching halloumi fries

Nando's new halloumi fries
What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror? (Picture: Nando’s)

Nando’s has long been many people’s go-to for a chicken fix.

Everyone has their order down to the finest detail – from spice level (lemon and herb or hot?), to salt preference (peri-peri or regular?) to sides.

For many people, one of those sides will always be a couple of slices of halloumi, the Cypriot cheese that the world adores.

Now, Nando’s are making dreams come true by combining two of our favourite sides (chips and halloumi) into one – halloumi fries.

You get five squeaky hot baes, and they come with a side of… Read the full story

Students may no longer be able to afford pasta and sauce in the near future

Close-Up Of Food On Table
(Picture: Getty)

This year is just getting worse and worse.

First, we found out that houmous is becoming a scarce commodity, thanks to a shortage of chickpeas. Then came the news that a poor raisin harvest was going to push up prices of hot cross buns just in time for Easter.

And now, friends, an even more significant part of our culinary lives is under threat.

Something we can all cook. Something we can all eat.

The price of pasta and tomato sauce is rocketing. In fact, the cost has almost risen 20% in the past year.

According to mySupermarket, tinned tomatoes, puree and passata are the worst hit, with… Read the full story

Finding your ‘Cinderella weight’ is the latest ridiculous dieting trend

(Picture: Disney/Giphy)

Remember when women were trying to make their bodies small enough that they could pose for a photo with their torso hidden by a piece of A4 paper?

Well, now there’s an even stupider dieting trend. Cinderella weights.

Your Cinderella weight, so called because it’s the weight at which you’ll be Disney princess levels of tiny, is a dieting goal that is spreading like wild fire over Instagram and online dieting communities.

Instagram Photo

If you want to know what your Cinderella weight is (please do this out of curiosity, not intention to starve), here’s how:

Square your height – so I’m 5”7, which… Read the full story

Running a marathon at -40c might leave you with frozen eyelashes

(Picture: Wales News Service)

Running a marathon has its challenges.

Like, the running part. But one superfit woman, Laura Jones, set out to not only run one, but seven marathons, in seven different continents.

One of her toughest terrains was in Yukon, Canada where the -40 degree weather left her with frozen eyelashes.

That’s basically the same temperature as London this week.

Pictures show Laura after she ran one of the world’s toughest marathons which left her entire face mask covered in ice.

It might not be light work but Laura, from Dunvant in Swansea, is used to harsh conditions, having completed races in Everest, Patagonia, London,  Rottnest Island in Australia, and Seattle.

And it’s all… Read the full story

Everyone’s loving the Bluebella Pandora bra on Instagram

(Credit: Bluebella)

Lingerie can be really pretty to look at.

It’s sexy, fun, and – most importantly – makes you feel good

But if you like to look at other people rocking frilly, ruffly delicates, in a totally non-creepy way, you’ll love the Pandora bra.

Lingerie brand Blubella is taking over Instagram and is loved by beauty bloggers and celebrities alike.

Even Nicki Minaj and Maggie Gylenhall have apparently worn the sensual stuff in photo shoots.

Apparently you should wash new clothes before wearing them unless you like the idea of scabies

Man at home doing laundry, putting clothes in the washing machine.
No scabies for you, pal (Picture: Getty)

ASOS’ Premier Next Day delivery scheme works for a reason – people want their new clothes, and they want them yesterday.

You order the top and can be wearing it at your mate’s birthday less than 24 hours later. What a time to be alive.

Except, you guys, we’ve been doing it all wrong.

Apparently, we shouldn’t be wearing clothes straight from the hanger/package – we should be washing them first.


Because you can’t be sure how many times someone else has tried on the item, and unwashed clothes can transmit lice, scabies and other infectious diseases.

Mean Girls retch… <a href=Read the full story

Nando’s admits to using McCain oven chips in its meals

Nandos Credit: Nandos
(Picture: Nando’s)

We all love Nando’s, but sometimes it’s just easier to recreate the menu at home, to save some money and braving the cold weather.

But it turns out recreating a Nando’s might be easier than you think – in fact, you might already have one of their ingredients in the freezer.

What is that ingredient, you ask? McCain chips.

Yep, apparently, Nando’s uses frozen oven chips. You know, the £2 ones that can be found in pretty much every supermarket ever.

In a recent article on Leicester Mercury, one Nando’s employee revealed that Nando’s uses standard oven chips, alongside a whole load of the restaurant’s secrets.

Read the full story

Oh great, this cold weather is even bad for your iPhone

If Apple is slowing down your old iPhone, here’s what you can do (Ewan Spence)
(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Have you ever noticed how your phone’s battery isn’t consistent?

Sometimes the last 1% will last you for several hours, other times it’ll randomly die at 15% ad leave you standing in the street screaming ‘where’s my uber?’ at the sky.

There’s a litany of reasons why your battery might be playing up, one of which is the weather. The temperature around you has a big impact on how your phone’s battery will perform, with extremes at either end of the scale taking a toll on its abilities.

When it’s chilly outside you might experience little problems… Read the full story

All the details for What the Pitta’s new Camden location

What the Pitta vegan kebab
(Picture: What the Pitta/Ashur Stanley)

The thing I missed most when I stopped eating meat wasn’t bacon sandwiches.

It wasn’t lamb roasts. It wasn’t beef burgers.

It was kebabs.

Too often, kebabs are seen as a food you only get when you’re drunk at 2am, but they are of course a legitimate food, gifted to us by the Turks.

My family’s go-to takeaway is a kebab (shout out to Bon Appetit in Aylesbury) and while my order has shifted from doner, to veggie kebab with cheese, to the bespoke vegan creation they now make me, my love for the humble kebab will never die.

So when What the Pitta opened in… Read the full story

Tate Britain’s new ‘All Too Human’ exhibition celebrates artists who showed human life in its most intimate form

epa06566034 Lucian Freud's assistant, David Dawson with Freud's painting of him titled 'David & Eli (2003-4) during the 'All Too Human' exhibit at the Tate Britain in London, Britain, 26 February 2018. All Too Human celebrates the painters in Britain who strove to represent human figures, their relationships and surroundings in the most intimate of ways. EPA/ANDY RAIN
Lucian Freud’s assistant, David Dawson with Freud’s painting of him titled ‘David & Eli’ (2003-4) (Picture: EPA/ANDY RAIN)

Tate Britain’s new exhibition, ‘All Too Human’ celebrates artists who strove to represent humans, their relationships and surroundings in the most intimate ways possible.

Artists showing include Lucian Freud, Frank Auerbach and Paula Rego, and three… Read the full story

Please stop asking me to sponsor you to take a glorified holiday


We’ve all been there. 

You open an email, you’ve been tricked into thinking it might be a friendly missive, and it turns out to be someone, probably someone you haven’t seen for ages, asking you for money.

Not money that they owe you or anything. Money so that they can go off and so something really fun that they’ve always wanted to do, in the name of ‘charity’.

The first time this happened to me I was eighteen and also on my gap year. Some bright spark I hardly knew thought that tapping other teenagers for cash was going to be a sensible way to get to ‘Ahhfrica’ nice and quickly so they could start saving the orphans (and working on their tan).

A Disney themed bottomless brunch is coming to London

(Picture: Disney/Rex/Shutterstock)

If you love Disney and you’re a fan of fancy breakfasts, you’re in luck, because a Disney themed brunch is coming to London.

The When You Wish Upon A Brunch is taking place on Saturday 21 April at Aeronaut.

The event is for anyone looking to channel their inner princess or prince. It’ll be an afternoon of Disney singalongs, bottomless brunch and a whole load of booze.

The event description reads: ‘Jive along with our fabulous theatrical troupe as they perform classic skits and your favourite toe-tapping fairytale tunes.’

Anyone looking to go all out at the event should dress up as their favourite character – though make sure if you’re… Read the full story

You can now get fancy boxes of KitKats and they come in three flavours

(Picture: Nestle)

You can now buy fancy boxes of KitKats, so you can stop buying big boxes of Maltesers when you run out of gift ideas.

Nestle has launched KitKat Senses, a box of individually-wrapped bite-size chocolates, each with the combination of chocolate, wafer and indulgent praline.

The chocolates come in three flavours: hazelnut, double chocolate, and salted caramel.

(Picture: Nestle)

The hazelnut… Read the full story

Mr Kipling now does dreamy Unicorn Slices

(Picture: Getty/Mr Kipling)

It may be 2018 but the unicorn phase isn’t over yet.

Now Mr Kipling has jumped on the trend; launching new multi-coloured Unicorn Slices.

The vanilla-flavoured cakes resemble the company’s famous Angel Slices but have purple icing instead of pink, and feature a yellow swirl in the shape of a unicorn horn.

They can only be found in one supermarket – and that’s ASDA, where they’re selling for £1 for six in a box – however they will be launching in Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores from March.

A festival totally dedicated to tea is coming to London

(Picture: Getty – Fes-Tea-Val 2018)

A tea festival is coming to London, so that all city-based Brits can pay homage to National Tea Day, which celebrates the nation’s favourite hot beverage.

Fes-Tea-Val is the ultimate tea party, happening in West London on Saturday 21 April and Sunday 22 April.

According to the events description, attendees will get to join ‘tea tastings galore, indulge in Tea ‘n’ Treat Village or experiment in Tea ‘n’ Tipple Boulevard’.

‘It’s an activity-packed, family-friendly day with fun for all, including blending your own tea, afternoon tea etiquette lessons and viewing a collection of the world’s most valuable teapots,’ the description reads.

The Tea ‘n’ Tipple Boulevard is a… Read the full story

Ben & Jerry’s is celebrating its 40th birthday with a free ice cream ball pit party

(Picture: Ben & Jerry’s)

Attention, big kids: Ben & Jerry’s is bringing a giant birthday cake inspired swirling ball pit to London.

To celebrate its 40th birthday, and its new Birthday Cake flavour, Ben & Jerry’s is bringing a giant birthday cake themed ball pit to Spitalfields.

For one day only on Saturday 10 March at Old Spitalfields Market, ice cream lovers can dive into a ball pit while being churned around like the making of the Birthday Cake ice cream.

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