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McDonald’s new share box might be the perfect hangover cure

(Picture: McDonald’s)

If you’re a McDonald’s lover, you may want to think about packing up your stuff and flying over to New Zealand, because the fast food chains over there have just launched a McDonald’s share box – and yes, it’s the hangover cure of our dreams.

While we’re still making do with the return of the Mozzarella Dippers and the Maltesers McFlurry, New Zealand has totally one-upped us with the mighty share box.

It costs $40 AUD, and includes 2 Big Macs, 2 McChickens, 2 cheeseburgers, 4 packs of medium fries, four medium soft drinks and four regular sundaes.

Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are redefining the all inclusive holiday


The words ‘all inclusive holiday’ usually conjure up images of soggy chips, questionable accommodation and sunburned bodies by the pool.

Don’t get me wrong, endless supplies of chips impressed me as a teenager but as I got older, I assumed all inclusive wasn’t for me – why would you want to be tied to your (grotty) hotel and its even grottier buffet?

Unspoiled archipelago: 6 reasons why you should visit the Isles Of Scilly

However, in recent years, all inclusive has got itself a luxe makeover, and nowhere is championing this harder than Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

‘Where?’ Oh, trust me, I asked the same question. The two towns sit next to each other on the country’s Pacific coast – far, far away from the better known (and much rowdier) Cancun and Cabo.

I split my time between each town for the purpose of this feature, but you could easily stay in one… Read the full story

Plus size male model wants to inspire men to embrace their bodies

(Picture: SWNS)

Arcadio Del Valle always wanted to work in fashion, but he feared his 29-stone figure would quash his chances of success.

Thanks to the growing body positivity movement, he is finally working in his dream industry – fashion.

Arcadio’s career is taking off as he has stopped being ashamed of his size and embraces his 5XL frame.

He even walked the runway at New York Fashion Week as a plus size model.

The 30-year-old’s unapologetic and honest Instagram photos have also gained a respectable following.

His topless pictures are helping to break down fashion norms and encourage larger men to celebrate their bodies.

Stylist gives the geode hair trend a sparkling upgrade

geode hair trend
(Picture: Instagram/caitlinfordhair)

Getting inspiration from gemstones and crystals isn’t a new phenomenon.

Hair, makeup, and fashion have all found something to nick from the colours and glimmers of a sparkling geode.

But while most have settled for just the colour, one stylist has taken the geode hair trend a little further, recreating the twinkling depths of amethyst on a client’s hair.

The effect is pretty impressive – it really does look like a geode, rather than just hair loosely inspired by some pretty crystals.

Instagram Photo

Caitlin Ford says she created the look by first dyeing the hair a light, soft lilac,… Read the full story

7 things you need to know before you go to Nepal

pigeons above boudhanath stupa
Pigeons flies over around the Boudhanath stupa at Kathmandu, Nepal (Picture: Narayan Maharjan/NurPhoto/ Getty Images)

Nepal is surely one of the friendliest countries on the planet.

In places, it’s also one of the most beautiful.

Though you’ll probably fly into dust-choked Kathmandu, you’ll soon breathe freely again as you begin to explore the fresh air of national parks, vast lakes and, of course, the indomitable Himalayas.

Nepal has great food, abundant sites of cultural and historic interest. It’s more than worth the visit.

Here are seven things you need to know before you go.

The people are the best

Having a binge-eating disorder doesn’t mean I love food


Sometimes, when I wake up, I can eat a packet of biscuits before I’m even completely conscious.

Then when I’m properly awake I’ll find the empty packets surrounding me, and the guilt sets in.

I have an eating disorder. I have a binge eating disorder. I have to say this to myself, as a sort of mantra, as part of my ‘self care’, as if I don’t I drown in the shame I feel.

‘You’re ugly.’

‘You deserve this.’

‘You make me sick.’

These insults swim round my head.

I feel ashamed to talk about binge-eating because I fear people will call me greedy and say that it’s not a ‘real’ disorder. I eat lots of food in a short space of time until I feel physically sick. Trust me, there is no enjoyment in it.

My disorder seemingly says that I love food but I hate it, it’s just a substance that I have to tackle daily. Truthfully, I eat to feel numb.

For the past three/four years,… Read the full story

Dating with an eating disorder: being honest helped me to find my perfect match

metro illustrations
If you’re trying online dating, the first decision is how much to share in your profile (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

As a sufferer’s relationship with food becomes disordered, their relationship with food may cause difficulties in their relationships with people.

I was diagnosed with depression and anorexia when I was at uni. At the same time I developed a relationship a man who quickly became my husband.

I didn’t love myself. But, I thought, if I could love someone else, that could fill the gap.

I was very ill throughout our relationship, it was very hard for him to see someone he loved in such pain.

He played the part of my… Read the full story

America just got its first full-time Muslim TV reporter who wears a hijab

Muslim woman becomes the first US reporter to wear a hijab full-time Picture: taheratv https://www.instagram.com/taheratv/
(Picture: TaheraTV/Twitter)

‘It’s my America too,’ says the first Muslim television reporter in the U.S to wear a hijab.

Tahera Rahman is ushering in a new era of broadcast journalism for Americans, showing that everyone deserves to be represented.

The journalist, from Naperville, Illinois, is a news reporter for WHBF-TV, a CBS affiliate based in Rock Island which serves the Quad cities

Tahera, 27, has vied for the on air position for several years and even after working at the station as a producer for two years, she was overlooked for the job.

But not losing sight of her dream of stepping… Read the full story

Patty & Bun launch their first ever vegan burger and it sounds incredible

Patty & Bun Whoopi Goldburger vegan burger
Oh holy night (Picture: Patty & Bun/Justin De Souza)

Patty & Bun is the sort of place you’d go to if you’re a die-hard carnivore.

Their menu is full of meat, with beef patties, lamb patties and buttermilk fried chicken.

The joint is also veggie-friendly, with a mushroom fritter patty on the menu, and the option to swap out the meat in all burgers with a fried cheese fritter.

However, it’s not been a place you could visit with your plant-based pal – up until now.

They’ve only gone and introduced a vegan option.

Is online #fitspo actually stopping millennials from getting fit?


Us millennials are set to be the fattest generation on record.

By the time we reach 44, more than seven out of 10 of us are going to be overweight or obese.

That’s a terrifying statistic, considering all the health risks that go along with being that much bigger. If we think the NHS is struggling now, imagine what it’ll be like in a decade when 70% of our generation will be begging for diabetes and cancer treatments.

Despite how much we hear about an ever-expanding population, I’d always assumed that millennials were exempt from the narrative, due to our #fitspo obsession.

It feels like we’re always slogging our guts out in spin classes, HIIT sessions and going on boot camp breaks.

All my mates have gym memberships. I’m always shocked when someone says that they don’t do some kind of weekly workout and it’s becoming increasingly unusual to find anyone not on some kind of health kick/diet/food fad hype.

It just doesn’t… Read the full story

Krispy Kreme now do doughnut bites so get your mouths ready

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut bites
(Picture: Krispy Kreme/Metro.co.uk)

Have you ever struggled to get a doughnut in your mouth?

Does the sweet, sweet, dough mound keep hitting the side of your mouth when you’re trying to concentrate on reading?

Wish you could safely eat a doughnut while driving? Pop one in your mouth while lighting a doughnut-scented candle?

Well, friends, all your dreams have just come true, as Krispy Kreme have launched doughnut bites.

Yes, your fave Original Glazed now comes in a more user-friendly bitesize shape, ready to be popped into your pie hole.

Single man builds boyfriend out of boxes of wine

(Picture: @blcksmth)

44-year-old artist and photographer Michael James Schneider has been single since the end of 2015.

Naturally he’s a little lonely. And he likes to drink.

So it makes total sense that to fill a romantic hole in his life, Michael would make Franz, a boyfriend made from boxes of wine.

‘I usually mark art from leaning into and embracing the most humiliating parts of my life,’ Michael tells Metro.co.uk. ‘When I’m clutzy, I take photos of me faceplanting.

‘When I’m single and lonely and drinking… well why not create a companion out of that loneliness?’

The idea of a box wine boyfriend, now named Franz, came after… Read the full story

‘Trans-species’ woman who identifies as a reptile has spent more than £42,000 turning herself into a dragon


Eva Tiamat Medusa, a transgender woman from Bruni, Texas, believes she’s the ‘most modified transgender person in the world’.

She also identifies as a dragon, and has spent more than £42,000 transforming herself into a reptile.

Eva’s journey to becoming a dragon started when, while living as a man, Eva was diagnosed with HIV. She became determined ‘not to die a human’.

Leaving her job as a vice president at a bank behind, Eva began to morph into the reptilian form she’d always longed to have, claiming… Read the full story

People aren’t pleased with Kim Kardashian being on the cover of Vogue India

Kim Kardashian Vogue India Cover
(Picture: Vogue India)

Kim Kardashian’s name is all over social media again.

Not because of a new selfie, or a new makeup product, or even adorable pictures of her children – but because Vogue India have put her on the front cover of their March issue.

And people aren’t too happy with it.

It’s not the first time one of the members of possibly the world’s most famous family have caused controversy by appearing on the cover.

When Kendall Jenner was on the cover for Vogue India’s tenth anniversary, many were outraged, feeling that Vogue should’ve used the moment to celebrate a successful Indian woman.

Read the full story

You can now have gin on toast thanks to this gin and tonic marmalade

(Picture: Firebox)

If you’re a gin lover, you’ll be happy to know that it comes in the form of marmalade.

Yep, you can now have gin and tonic on toast. What a concept.

The award-winning gin-infused preserve comes from Firebox. The spreadable gin and tonic marmalade is for anyone who’s bored of the standard G&T, and wants to try something more versatile.

The product description reads: ‘Spread it, drink it, bake with it, or gobble it straight out of the jar’.

9 reasons New Cross is actually an awesome place to live

Yes, ‘the bus out of there’, good one (Picture: Getty)

Fun pubs, fried chicken and foxy androgynous students.

If you only ever go through it on public transport, you might be forgiven for thinking New Cross is just your standard-issue scuzzy southeast-London den of iniquity and fried poultry.

But look a little harder and you’ll discover, I’d argue, the quintessential exemplar of London multiculturalism in action.

It’s also a useful case study in well-managed gentrification that upwardly-mobile cities the world over could learn from.

Yes, the A2 – running bang through the middle – is a noisy pain in the arse.

We know. Get over it.

Come check out what you’re missing.

1. Goldsmiths College

8 new London restaurants to try this March

March new restos
The stuff of March (Picture: Various/Metro.co.uk )

The Beast from the East might be bringing snow across the country but spring is definitely coming.

If you haven’t already spotted it thanks to the longer days – it’s actually light outside when you leave work – then let the number of new restaurant openings in March be a signal.

5 new restaurants to try this February5 new London restaurants to try this February

The coming month is bringing with it a whole host of flavours from afavr, including the Middle East, Asia and the US.

And you have a fine picking of… Read the full story

Tips for staying warm in this wretched weather

Girl catching snowflakes which are falling on her orange knitted gloves.
Bit cold, that (Picture: Getty)

Cold, crisp weather is adorable in the lead-up to Christmas.

Rugging up with a huge scarf and your fave winter coat as you frolic in the frost with a steaming, hot coffee to warm your cockles as you admire the twinkling Christmas lights and fill yourself with festive cheer.

Come 1 January though, the cold weather can do one. Christmas is over and we are well and truly ready for spring. But we accept that January is bleak and cold, and we soldier on, hoping for February to pull us through.

Except this year, February lured us in… Read the full story

You can now get pyjamas with your pet’s face all over them

(Picture: Patricia’s Couture)

You can now buy pyjamas covered in photos of your pet and SIGN. US. UP.

Patricia’s Couture is selling customisable pyjamas for pet lovers who want to go the extra mile by declaring their love for their pet by wearing photos of them with pride.

All you need to do is upload an image of your pet to the website, and you’ll be sent a pair of comfy pjs covered in your favourite furry friend.

According to the product description, the pjs, which cost $149.99 (£108), are designed for both men and women and have a ‘relaxed, comfortable fit’.

They feature a pair of bottoms styled with an elastic-drawstring waist and… Read the full story

Can you claim compensation for travel delays on tubes, trains and flights?

The Beast from the East has caused travel disruptions across the country (Picture: EPA)

Blizzards, or in our case, mere centimetres of snow can be consternation for many of us as we find our travel network disrupted with a series of delays.

If you, like many others, have had their flight or daily commute to work ruined by the Beast from the East then there are some ways where you could be entitled to compensation.

If your train or plane journey was interrupted by sub-zero conditions then you may be entitled to some money back.

Here’s a quick guide to see if you can claim.

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