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Women are finally ditching high heeled shoes


You know that moment, somewhere around the early hours of the morning, when you’ve had three glasses of wine too many and you pull your heels off.

The relief is  enormous. It’s a great feeling.

But it looks like women are discovering an even better feeling. The feeling of wearing pain-free shoes in the first place.

Heels are, generally speaking, not that comfortable. They’re also not great for your back and make it harder to drive or run away from predators/boring parties. And yet women have persisted in wearing them.

At least, they persisted in wearing them until recently. According to the NPD’s retail tracking service, there’s been a sharp decrease in popularity of heel wearing.

Sales of high heels dropped 12 percent last year.

Stay in bed with me: ME Hotel London’s 48-hour lie-in is the solution to the hateful morning check-out

stay in bed with me neon by Sara Pope
One of the seductive Stay In Bed With ME neons by Sara Pope that hang in ME London’s suites

We can all agree, I think, that the worst thing about staying in a luxury hotel is the moment you have to leave.

Not only do you have to leave, but you usually have to leave at 11am, no matter what you got up to the night before, how little sleep you’ve had and how much time you’ve had to actually appreciate your surroundings.

The spectre of morning check-out looms over you as you dive into the minibar at 3am. It robs you of a… Read the full story

It’s okay to be your own role model this International Women’s Day

(Picture: Giphy)

While International Women’s Day is a chance to celebrate extraordinary women, not everyone has a female role model.

I mean sure, Michelle Obama should be everyone’s idol. But choosing to follow one person’s trail isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

You might be inspired by lots of women and admire them a great deal, but it’s also perfectly okay to be your own role model too.

Now, I know a role model by definition is someone to look up to and you can’t really look up to yourself…but it also means being proud of that figure, and who says you can’t be proud of yourself?

Guys, ASOS is now selling MAC

(Picture: Mac/ Metro.co.uk)

If there are two places where money seems to turn into a fine dust and blow away on the wind, it’s ASOS and MAC. 

So honestly you might as well just look into selling your eggs, because now two of our favourite shops are teaming up. That’s right. ASOS is going to be selling MAC make up.

This is even more exciting than when ASOS started doing active wear (read: walking around the house looking sporty-wear).

‘You’re a slippery serpent of language’: 9 reasons why people with a weird hybrid accent should be proud of it

An accent from everywhere (Picture: Getty)

Some days I’m Bristolian. Occasionally I’m posh Bathonian. I’ve been anaemic ‘North of London’ (love ya, Reading).

I’ve lapsed into musical Welsh. And I regularly fall back into my original Lancashire slur.

A picture of Bath and Bristol8 reasons Bath is better than Bristol

Am I having an identity crisis? Have I had a stroke? Am I rehearsing for 15 plays set in different areas of the UK?

No to all of the above: I’m just ‘accent confused’.

Having lived all over the bloody place for half my life, my original accent, whatever that was, has permanently… Read the full story

It’s official: people who regularly exercise are in much better nick in old age

(Picture: Ella Byworth)

It might not come as any surprise to discover that regular exercise can help to slow the ageing process.

But now researchers at the University of Birmingham and King’s College London have confirmed that those who regularly workout manage to reduce their biological age as they get older.

They studied 125 amateur cyclists aged between 55 and 79 – 84 of whom were male and 41 were female.

They underwent a series of tests in a lab and were compared to adults who did not partake in regular exercise, but who were aged between 20 and 36.

And scientists found that as well as managing to keep hold of muscle mass and strength… Read the full story

Alton Towers’ wood and fire rollercoaster is here and it’s a beauty


Remember when Alton Towers revealed they were going to open a fire-themed rollercoaster, made out of wood?

Well, they’ve just finished putting the bad boy together and it looks as terrifying as it was intended to be.

The Wicker Man, inspired by the horror film character, is to open to brave members of the public in two weeks.

Alton Towers Resort says it’s the first wooden roller coaster to be built in the UK for 21 years – and there’s real fire involved.

As people ride through the rollercoaster on a 2,028ft wooden track, a 58ft wicker man will appear to… Read the full story

How Lush is empowering women in Ghana to help themselves through shea butter


Lush is a paragon of heavenly smells and luxurious materials.

Amid the fizzing bath bombs, beautiful blocks of soap and solid shower gels, creamy massage bars and lip balms jostle for space – seeking to moisturise our skin and relax our muscles.

But these buttery offerings do more than nourish our gnarled knuckles and knees; they’re also helping to give women in the Upper Region of Ghana a future.

Gabbi Leodolff is the creative buyer at Lush, and it’s her job to source things like shea butter – the incredible substance that leaves you feeling all supple and smooth after a round with the Buffy body butter.

Lush’s shea is produced by the Ojoba Collective – a co-op dedicated to teaching the women of Ghana appropriate farming methods, without the use of harmful chemicals.

These techniques aren’t, however, imported from the West – these are African techniques. And that’s important. By working with sustainable projects like the Ojoba, Lush is seeking to improve… Read the full story

If your sex life is crap it might be because you don’t sleep enough

couple in bed
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

A third of British people suffers with insomnia. 

Just over a third of British people is unsatisfied by their sex life.

And (can you see where I’m going with this?) it looks like there might be a connection between to two – that not getting a sleep might be sabotaging your sex life.

It’s easy to think that skipping sleep in order to have sex is the way to a healthy sex life, and during the ‘I can’t get enough of you I want to drink your bath water’ phase, that might be true.

But when it comes to sustaining a happy sex life with your partner,… Read the full story

How can the sports industry be more inclusive to women?

(Picture: This Girl Can)

Although the gender gap is narrowing, women still face some real inequalities, and sport is a particularly rough area for women.

At a high level, female athletes are paid less and draw a considerably smaller viewership.

Women from less affluent backgrounds are unlikely to have access to sporting facilities, and there’s still a stigma attached to being active – with women, especially teenager, worry about how they look, how skilled they are, or what other people might think.

This Girl Can, which celebrates active women, has inspired 2.8 million women to start or restart sports activities.

The campaign is using International Women’s Day to reflect on why… Read the full story

British Science Week 2018: The best museums, exhibitions and activities in the UK

There’s plenty to do with the kids this Science Week (Picture: Rex/Shutterstock, Amanda Hawes/Flickr)

Budding scientists can look forward to British Science Week, which runs from March 9 to 18, as there are lots of family-friendly events across the country.

Don’t fancy being replaced by a robot? You could give these careers a try

It a great opportunity to educate your kids – and yourself – about science, whether it’s the science of poo in Newcastle or fighting robots in Derby.

With careers in STEM becoming ever more crucial (and lucrative), it’s never too early to get your kids interested in science.

So… Read the full story

Best London gift experiences for Mother’s Day 2018

(Picture: Virgin Experience Days)

With Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s time treat your biggest fan and wisest adviser.

But rather than hitting your local supermarket a day before in the hopes of snapping up a bunch of flowers.

How about stepping up the grand gestures and spoil her to an experience this Mother’s Day instead?

The good news is you don’t have to break the bank for a decent afternoon tea, or gourmet meal.

Plus, you can print off your gift and pop it straight into a card.


1 Pamper Day and Prosecco Lunch for Two at the 5* Montcalm Hotel

10 Mother’s Day tea treats to make mum smile

10 Mother’s Day tea treats to make mum smile (Suzy Pelta) picture: getty/supplied
Surprise your mum this Mother’s day (Picture: Getty/Instagram)

Mother’s Day should be all about making your lovely mum feel really special.

After all, with all of the running around, cooking, washing, chauffeuring and worrying that she does, or has done for you in the past, isn’t it about time that you showed her how much you love her?

So how about making her a yummy Mother’s Day tea? Nothing says ‘I love you’ like cake right?

Here are 10 Mother’s Day tea recipes to make mum smile.

Oh, but please make sure that you do the washing up afterwards.

1. Cupcake bouquet

Read the full story

8 gluten-free food boxes you need to subscribe to

The best gluten-free subscription boxes to try (Jenna Farmer)
Gluten-free treats through your post box (Picture: Various)

Most of the time, we don’t get very excited when the postman arrives.

It’s always a reminder that a) we’ve spent too much or b) we’re broke (how can electricity possibly be so expensive?)

That’s what makes subscription boxes so exciting – each month, your favourite product will drop through the letterbox, saving you time, and possibly money and brightening up your day.

Whether you need a supply of snacks, cake or even pasta, there are now also lots of gluten-free options to subscribe to.

Here are some of my favourites:

1. Lifebox

Read the full story

ASOS has created a bra which looks like misery and torment

(Picture: ASOS)

You know the feeling of drying to wrestle your damp body into clothing? 

Or the equally pleasant sensation of trying to get a damp swimming costume on to your bod?

Well, ASOS has managed to make a bra which perfectly represents that experience, but dry and in lace.

‘But why?’ I hear you ask. ‘Why would anyone want that?’

Well, dear readers, we honestly cannot answer that question. What we can do is show you pictures of the torturous garment and ask you to join us in our confusion and outrage.

We usually love ASOS. The news that they’re now stocking MAC makeup was literally a joy to hear. But… Read the full story

You can now buy cannabis oil-infused spring water from Ocado

Love Hemp Water
(Picture: Love Hemp Water/Metro.co.uk)

The UK is seriously lagging behind the US when it comes to legalising cannabis.

Cannabis is legal for medicinal use in the majority of states in the US, and is now completely legal in states like California, Alaska and Colorado.

The edibles market has boomed, with products like weed-infused botanical cocktails, and weed-infused beer and (alcohol-free) wine hitting the shelves.

Some US states even allow Girl Scouts to sell cookies outside legal dispensaries, which is a great business strategy, to be quite honest.

While our fair isle isn’t letting us have any… Read the full story

8 delicious things you have to try on London’s Brick Lane plus a recipe to try at home

best dishes to try on London?s Brick Lane
So many things to try (Picture: Peter Watson/Getty)

The diverse food culture of Brick Lane has become even more tantalising over the past few years and it’s easily one of the best markets in London.

Famed for the largest concentration of curry houses, this foodie hub not only houses a permanent, winding street full of restaurants and eateries, but it’s also at the cutting edge of street food.

From Shoreditch to Whitechapel, you’ll find well over 200 food stalls over the weekend, offering practically everything your heart desires.

Here, I’ve rounded up eight of my top Brick Lane eats.

Beigel Shop’s salt beef beigel

Read the full story

Ikea is launching a record player

Ikea to bring out a record player picture: IKEAtoday
The Frekvens collection (Picture: IKEA)

Ikea is getting set to launch its very own record player, in a bid to take over your hearts and your homes.

The furniture giant is developing the players as part of a collaboration with Swedish electronics company, Teenage Engineering.

They’ll also be selling party lighting, an electronic chair (you what, Ikea?), and ‘everything else you need in order to throw a really good music party wherever you are’, as part of a group of products called ‘Frekvens’.

‘Frekvens’ means ‘frequency’ in Swedish’, linguistic fans. We really hope that comes up in a pub quiz in the near future.

They showcased the prototypes… Read the full story

Loyal doggo refuses to leave hospital where owner died months ago

Loyal dog outside hospital where owner die months ago
The dog waits on a rug by reception (Picture: Cristine Sardella/ Facebook)

A confused and grieving dog has been waiting outside the hospital where his owner died four months ago.

His 59-year-old owner was stabbed during a street fight in Novo Horizonte, Brazil, and was taken to the hospital where he later died, according to local media, Globo.

The dog waits on a rug outside reception, staring inside the hospital as if expecting its owner to appear. He sometimes goes for a walk during the day in search of more food, but will always return.

Locals and staff… Read the full story

It looks like the perm is making a comeback


Given that we’ve brought back shoulder pads and high legged swimwear, it’s not much of a surprise that trends from the 80’s refuse to die. 

But one thing I really hadn’t expected to be welcoming back was the perm.

For the uninitiated, a perm is a way of making straight hair curly, and it involved covering your hair in some pretty noxious chemicals, wrapping it into a curl and then setting it that way, so that the hair was permanently altered.

All accounts suggest that it didn’t smell good and it was pretty awful for your hair. But if left you with that huge cloud of curly hair that any self respecting 1980’s fashionista couldn’t live with out.

Instagram Photo

Then the 90’s and 00’s and Rachel from friends came and it was all about straight hair – flicky layers if you were feeling wild, but predominately straight.

But now… Read the full story

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