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Can Lidl’s £3.49 budget moisturiser really be as good as La Prairie’s £494 face cream?

(Picture: Lidl)

There are some cult beauty products that people are willing to pay any amount of money to get their hands on.

In the pursuit of eternal youth, we’ll part with huge wedges of cash.

But, if Lidl is to be believed, we really don’t need to.

Because Lidl is selling a mega cheap face cream which it claims is on a par with La Prairie’s cellular radiance cream.

It’s part of a Cien range of four bargain beauty products, including a day cream, night cream, eye mousse and a serum – all of which cost £3.49 each.

Together, they claim to give your skin a real moisture boost, more elasticity and increased radiance.

But the… Read the full story

Crown eyeshadow is the regal trend every queen needs to try

crown eyeshadow
(Picture: Instagram/ellen_the_creator)

You are royalty. Your aesthetic should convey that.

You might not be up for wearing a tiara all day, every day, so it’s good there’s a more subdued alternative.

If crown eyebrows weren’t your speed, you can hop on the new makeup trend instead: Crown eyeshadow.

The name’s pretty self-explanatory. You paint a crown on to your eyelid with eyeshadow, covering your lid with metallic shadow then drawing on multiple points.

If you fancy jazzing it up further you can stick gemstones on each point, line your crown with glitter, or go all out with sequins and sparkle.

Why not, right? You’re a queen.

Instagram Photo

Or… Read the full story

PSA: If you delete your Facebook you won’t be able to use Tinder anymore

No Facebook, no cry – or Tinder (Picture: Getty, Tinder)

Facebook lost its crown as many people’s favourite social media platform a while back, but the latest data breach scandal has jolted many users into permanently deleting their accounts.

Recently, it was alleged that data firm Cambridge Analytica had harvested data from 50 million Facebook users in 2014 and used that information to influence votes in elections.

While the feature that allowed the company to access private data no longer exists, your data can still be mined from any apps that you use via Facebook.

This includes dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, which require you to sign up… Read the full story

Exercising while pregnant might help you give birth quicker

Ethnic pregnant mother waiting to do yoga outside
(Picture: Getty)

Working out can be a massive drag.

Working out when you’re pregnant, one imagines, is even more so. Suddenly it’s not just your frame that you’ve got to move but a baby’s too.

But it’s worth doing for a number of reasons.

Not only is it good for your physical and mental health, but exercising during pregnancy might reduce the amount of time mums-to-be spend in labour.

The theory was put to the test by a team from the Technical University of Madrid, who assessed 508 healthy pregnant women.

They were split into two random groups, with one advised to do no exercise and the other… Read the full story

22 people reveal their best beauty bargains you’ll want to buy asap

*illustration request* xx people reveal their best budget beauty buys
Beauty bargains you’re going to want to snap up (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Whether it is a supermarket brand cleanser or a cheap mascara – who doesn’t love a beauty bargain, right?!

There are so many brands out there though that it can be difficult to know what’s a decent bargain and what’s just a waste of money.

Well, we asked people to reveal their best cheap beauty buys and turns out there are so many great bargains to be had.

How can I delete Facebook when it has all my memories and photographs?How can… Read the full story

Girl sends guy’s unsolicited dick pic to his grandmother

(Picture: tamitxgrl/Imgur)

Unfortunately, many of us have fallen victim to an unsolicited dick pic.

For some reason, guys think it’s necessary to send photos of their genitals without even having been asked – even when it is made clear that that is not what the recipient wanted.

One woman who received an unsolicited photo of a penis was Tamira, an Imgur user who was so angry with what happened that she went on to forward the photo to the guy’s grandmother.

Yep, it was the ultimate payback.

It all started when Tamira received an out of the blue message from an old classmate, Hank

Corkscrew nails are a thing, so you can open wine bottles wherever you go

(Picture: Instagram)

Corkscrew nails are exactly what they sound like: nails made to look like corkscrews strong enough to open a bottle of wine.

A creation of the look was recently shared by Kiara Sky Nails, an Instagrammer who posted a how-to video on her account.

To create the nails, Kiara filed her nails, before placing a plastic straw against them and weaving a corkscrew shape around the straw using acrylic.

She then removed the straw once the shape had formed, before completing the nails with glitter and gel polish.

Instagram Photo

Since sharing the technique to Instagram, the nails have become a full-on trend, with many… Read the full story

The UK’s first ever brunch festival is coming to London

Avoado on toast
That’s a weird way to make avocado toast but I’ll eat it anyway (Picture: Getty)

Show me a person who doesn’t love brunch and festivals and I’ll…side-eye them as I sip my flat white and inhale hash browns, while wearing a wristband that I’ve failed to remove from the last festival I attended.

Brunch is the best thing ever, and festivals are my happy place, so imagine if the two were combined?

Well, imagine no more, pals, for the UK’s first ever brunch festival is coming to London.

The two day affair will involve delicious coffee, brunch cocktails (do you like espresso martinis? Do ya? Do ya?), live music, a brunch marketplace and… Read the full story

What are the McDonalds Monopoly 2018 prizes and how do you win them?

mdonalds monopoly picture: McDonald's METROGRAB
(Picture: McDonald’s)

McDonald’s Monopoly is officially back, and it’s worth eating your weight in nuggets for the prizes.

Up for grabs is a Mini Cooper, £100k in cash, a trip to Orlando, and an Xbox One, among other things.

You’re more likely to win one of the smaller prizes – a McFlurry or discount voucher, for example – but that’s still not a bad extra with your extra value meal.

Here are types of prizes you can win and how to get your hands on them.

Can you get fired for sexting at work?

Caption: Is it okay to sext at work?
(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

It’s 2pm and you’re horny. What better move than to send some filth direct to your sex buddy’s DMs?

A suggestive emoji, a ‘can’t wait to [insert explicit content] tonight’, an awkwardly angled photo of your genitals, whatever you fancy.

But could firing off a quick sexy message under your desk get you in trouble?

You know that it’s not behaviour you’d tell your boss about, but it’s hard to draw the line between what’s standard not-strictly-appropriate-but-acceptable office behaviour – like pausing your work to scroll through Instagram – and what’s completely out of order.

After all, you know you’re not technically getting paid to… Read the full story

Krispy Kreme adds a doughnut filled with Reese’s peanut butter to its menu

​Krispy Kreme Releases A New Reese’s Egg Doughnut Stuffed With Peanut Butter picture: Krispy Kreme
(Picture: Krispy Kreme)

Krispy Kreme’s US branch has just added a load of spring themed doughnuts to its menu, just in time for Easter.

The doughnut company took to its Instagram page yesterday to unveil the new flavours, which include the Spring Chick Doughnut, The Reese’s Peanut Butter Doughnut and the Chocolate Iced Glazed Doughnut with Sprinkles.

The Spring Chick Doughnut features an unglazed shell filled with White Kreme, dipped in yellow icing, topped with yellow sanding sugar and decorated like a chick with chocolate and orange icing.

Instagram Photo

The Chocolate… Read the full story

Man who was bullied for his weight becomes a plus-size model

(Picture: PA Real Life)

A man who was once excruciatingly insecure about his size has overcome his fears by landing a prestigious modelling deal.

22-year-old Thomas Saunders, who fits into an XXL to XXXL, remembers his burning embarrassment when he was only nine and faced with changing in front of other boys for PE lessons.

But, after a lightbulb moment during a Tenerife holiday with pals, he has overcome his demons and landed a modelling deal.

Thomas was on a friends’ trip to the Canary Island of Tenerife in February 2017, sat by the pool in sweltering heat with his shirt on, when he suddenly decided to strip off and jump into the… Read the full story

Youngest mum to have a baby with Down’s Syndrome celebrates prom in the hospital

(Picture: Caters News)

A teenage mum who graduated school at 36 weeks pregnant celebrated her school prom with a formal in hospital at her sick son’s bedside.

Brodee Hampton is believed to be the youngest mum in Australia to have a baby with Down’s Syndrome. She gave birth to Elijah on 31 October last year aged 17.

Brodee found out a month after her 17th birthday that she was pregnant. She split with Elijah’s dad soon after falling pregnant, but decided she would raise her son alone.

At her 21 week scan, Brodee was told her son would be born with Down’s Syndrome and doctors advised her to have a termination, but she… Read the full story

There’s an Instagram account for weird and wonderful designs found in people’s homes

hideous things in peoples homes
(Picture: Instagram/pleasehatethesethings)

Dina Holland from Boston, U.S, is an interior design connoisseur, so naturally she objects to hideous things in the home.

So when she started spotting some truly ‘absurd, ill conceived, and plain stupid’ home designs, she decided to post them on her social media.

And thus began her Instagram page Please Hate These Things. Hate people did, sending in their own pictures of travesties they witnessed.

‘I did a story about trends I don’t like and hope go away and that sort of morphed into things I hate,’ she told Metro.co.uk. ‘It really resonated with my followers because I started to receive dozens and dozens of messages… Read the full story

Can we still use naked female bodies to sell stuff?


Sex sells.

That’s the most fundamental truth about marketing. If we’re told that a scent will make us more sexually attractive, we want it. If we think a hot woman will want us more if we buy a flash car, we’ll buy one.

But in an increasingly PC world, how legitimate is it to use our sexual desires or insecurities to sell us stuff?

The #MeToo campaign has sparked a kind of sexual revolution in which society has finally started to speak openly about and understand the reality of sexually inappropriate behaviour – both current and historical. We’re now more woke than ever about our rights and expectations.

If we want women to stop being constantly objectified, the storytellers have to change the narrative. We’ve got to get gratuitous rape scenes off our stages, violence against women off our screens and negative, genderised images off our magazine pages.

In that vein, it seems reasonable to require brands to stop using naked and female bodies in… Read the full story

What can parents do if they suspect their child is self-harming?

‘Reassuring them that you love them and are not ashamed or embarrassed will provide the emotional stability they need’ (Picture: Dean Noroozi/Metro.co.uk)

As a parent, there are few things more distressing than seeing your child hurt.

And when their injuries are self-inflicted, it can be particularly distressing.

‘My illness has clouded your entire childhood’: A letter to my children from their mentally ill mother

One in 12 children and teenagers have harmed themselves at some point, with increasing numbers needing hospital treatment.

‘There’s a wide variety of reasons why young people self-harm,’ says Emma Saddleton, YoungMinds helpline manager.

‘These range from exam… Read the full story

Nobody panic, but Wetherspoon might have to stop selling Prosecco soon

(Picture: Getty/Tetra images RF)

We love Wetherspoon for lots of reasons.

Its super cheap alcohol, its range of desserts, and now the fact you can order your drinks through an app, which means no more queuing at the bar.

Plus you can use said app to send strangers plates of peas, which is a delight.

However, if you’re someone who enjoys a fancy flute of bubbly over a Jack Daniels and Coke, we have bad news: Wetherspoon might soon be binning its bottles of Prosecco and Champagne, depending on how Brexit negotiations go.

Nobody panic, it won’t be happening yet – it all depends on what happens when we leave the EU in 2019.

The… Read the full story

Vets urge people to stop feeding their rabbits muesli

Rabbit eating muesli
‘Is this..muesli? NO THANKS, MARGARET’ (Picture: Getty)

Rabbits, unlike humans, don’t have that much of a varied diet, so it’s pretty hard to get wrong, right?

Well, no, actually.

Rabbits need fresh water, hay, selected fresh vegetables and dry food – but not all dry food is created equally.

In fact, animal welfare experts are urging rabbit owners to stop feeding their pets rabbit muesli, as it’s making them sick.

But why? Turns out that rabbits who eat muesli will often selectively feed, which means they pick the bits they like out of the muesli, and leave the rest.

In the case of my (late, great) rabbits, they used to eat the high starch, high sugar… Read the full story

Carluccio’s will give you a free breakfast if you turn up in your pyjamas

(Picture: Carluccio’s)

On Saturday 31 March, Carluccio’s is offering free breakfast to its loyal customers – as long as you turn up to the restaurant in your dressing gown.

The offer comes in celebration of the Italian restaurant group’s new breakfast menu, which will include a number of fancy new dishes.

Carluccio’s new breakfast dishes include an extended range of cooked breakfasts, with vegetarian and vegan options.

The veggie Magnifica is a plate laden with eggs, courgette fritters, sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes and toasted ciabatta, whilst the vegan Magifica features baked borlotti beans, summer squash, tomatoes, spinach and toasted ciabatta.

Scottish artist gives historical portraits a modern makeover by turning them into ‘neds’

Ross Muri's ned-tastic makeovers
(Picture: Ross Muir/Deadline News)

A Scottish artist will have his artistic predecessors turning in their graves, after he gave their works a little makeover.

Ross Muir has added the Adidas stripes to a number of classic artworks, and turned the historic characters in modern day ‘neds’ – a derogatory term used in Scotland used for hooligans, who are stereotypically addocaited with sportswear, much like the English use of the word ‘chav’.

The Glasgow artist usually creates oil paintings of females, but started doodling Adidas jackets on his iPad one day, where the idea begun.

He’s since digitally manipulated classic works from the likes of Michealangelo and James Guthrie, and has even created a… Read the full story

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