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Boohoo is selling a goal weight sign and no one’s here for it

(Picture: BooHoo, Getty)

If you’re trying to slim down, you might have a goal weight in mind.

Often, if you’ve got a lot to lose, that can seem like an insurmountable challenge – so it can be useful to have some form of motivation on hand.

What you don’t expect, however, is highstreet chains marketing weight-loss incentives.

BooHoo has been caught selling a chalkboard sign saying  ‘…lbs until I reach my goal weight’ – with space for people to fill in the number.

And surprise, surprise, people aren’t happy about it.

Aldi’s sell-out Spa Pools are back for £279.99

(Picture: Aldi)

Attention, bargain hunters: Aldi’s sell-out Spa Pool is back, and we’re just willing summer to hurry up.

On 29 March, Aldi will be selling its luxury hot tubs – which can be used indoors or outdoors – once again.

Due to the tubs being such a success last year, the supermarket will be selling 50 per cent more of them this year.

However, to make sure they’re distributed fairly, the store will be selling them on a one-per-person basis, at £279.99 each – which is pretty incredible, given that hot tubs can cost thousands.

Model Bec Craven opens up about learning to love her heart transplant scars

bec craven model
Picture: Instagram/beccraven)

Self-love and body positivity isn’t only about loving your body at every size – it’s about embracing the parts of yourself we’ve been taught to view as flaws.

For model Bec Craven, that means learning to accept the scars left behind by her heart transplant.

When Bec was 24, she headed on a trip to Bali. There she contracted a virus, which resulted in chronic heart disease cardiomyopathy.

She had to have a mechanical pump inserted into her body, then received a heart transplant.

Now, a heart transplant is a pretty big deal, so naturally it’s going to leave behind some scars.

But as a model, Bec’s body faces a high level… Read the full story

ASOS brilliantly styles out printing 17,000 bags with a typo on

(Picture: Instagram)

Success isn’t about never making mistakes – it’s about how you recover from them.

Take note from ASOS, who, yes, messed up, but recovered in a brilliant way.

ASOS managed to print 17,000 packaging bags with a rather prominent typo on them.

Their slogan, ‘discover fashion online’, had the word ‘onilne’ instead of ‘online’.

Not exactly what you want when you’re positioning yourself as a massive digital fashion brand that knows all about tech-y stuff. Being unable to handle a keyboard does make people doubt your abilities.

Now, ASOS could have pretended this hadn’t happened. Most people probably wouldn’t have noticed anyway, right? And any snarky tweets about the brand’s spelling could have… Read the full story

Woman spray paints, dresses up and throws parties for her five dogs


A bride-to-be is sacrificing her chance of having children, so she can focus on being a mum to her five dogs – who she dresses up, throws parties for, and spends hours spray painting in exotic colours.

Stephanie Ard, 32, an animal groomer from Woodstock, Georgia, USA, is set to marry her partner, Christopher Sands, 34, a canine massage therapist at a museum in September.

Alongside their family and friends, all of their pooches will be coming to the… Read the full story

These 90s baby names are about to make a comeback

(Picture: Erin Aniker)

We’ve already welcomed bumbags and flatforms back into our lives. We might as well go the whole hog and bring back all other bits of 90s nostalgia, too.

That extends to baby names, according to BabyCentre, the baby name idea site that suggests that a list of names that were big back in the 90s are due for a comeback in 2018.

‘Vintage names from the 1920s and 30s have been so ubiquitous in the past decade or two,’ explain BabyCentre. ‘Is it time to take a  look at some popular names from later in the century?

‘While these names may sound over-familiar and even old-fashioned to… Read the full story

‘Protect yourself first’– How to help a family member who’s suffering from addiction

Addiction can be very destructive to families (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Addiction gets a bad name if you ask me.

An illustration of an alcoholic in bedHow my alcohol addiction became the making of me

Homeless people are often branded as good-for-nothing junkies whilst functioning alcoholics are downplayed as ‘party animals’ who just don’t know when to stop.

It’s definitely got a stigma attached and not many addicts are open about their problems.

But statistics show that over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 actually have an addiction, whilst the UK reported over 500,000 dependent drinkers of whom… Read the full story

Super chill baby arrives in the world after four days of labour with his hands in the air like he just doesn’t care

Super chill baby After four grueling days in labor battling high blood pressure and fears of a uterine rupture, Angel Taylor was petrified for the health of her third child. But when the little boy, Sullivan, arrived, he was relaxed as can be, with his arms outstretched. Angel, 33, from Bremerton, Washington delivered her son a week early after a routine doctor's appointment revealed her blood pressure was dangerously high. Picture:Laura Shockley Photography? www.Facebook.com/LauraShockleyPhotography
(Picture:Laura Shockley Photography)

Something tells us this baby doesn’t quite get what his mum went through to bring him into the world.

He’s definitely not treating this moment as seriously as some might expect, considering before he emerged his parents… Read the full story

People are taking the piss out of these £700 rubber Gucci bags

(Picture: Gucci)

Fashion is going through a rather odd period right now.

Gone are the days of excess and baroque-esque grandeur – right now, there’s nothing more chic than dressing like a normo.

First, we saw Balenciaga do a £1400 take on the Ikea blue bag. Then we saw Celine bring out a £423 clear plastic bag.

And now Gucci is trying to make us all look like old washerwomen by bringing out a rubber tote.

It looks eerily like the washing basket your gran might have in her utilities room…except her’s probably cost a quid down her local market and this one costs $980 (£691).

The bags come in various colours and is imprinted… Read the full story

Millennials are risking vitamin D deficiency because they don’t eat Spam, apparently

Spam, a popular food in Hawaii, Kihei, South West Maui.

Young folk are risking vitamin D deficiency by not eating war-time favourites like Spam, kippers or cod liver oil, a new study suggests.

And who can blame us? Who really wants to be chowing down on tinned meats when they could be enjoying fresh produce? Kippers smell to high heavens and if you’re a vegan, cod liver oil isn’t the one.

But that attitude has left kids in this country generally eating around four times below the national average of vitamin D and has rendered one in five adults deficient in vitamin D3.

Almost half of the under-30s surveyed say they wouldn’t choose to eat food rich in… Read the full story

Tracksuit berets are now a thing

Beams x Champion sweat beret
New essential? (Picture: Beams/Instagram)

It’s hard being a dedicated follower of fashion.

Sometimes you don’t know when you’re latching onto a Super Quirky Trend™ and when you’re being merked by a brand’s designer.

Case in point – jeans over jeans, chest bumbags over skirt suits, and belts as chokers.

Do we blindly buy these new offerings and risk getting pointed at by Year Nines on the bus?

The latest sartorial stumper is the tracksuit beret.

Yes, that’s right, a beret that goes with your trackies – the spawn of a collaboration between Japanese clothing brand, Beam, and US brand, Champion, for Beam’s… Read the full story

PSA: Blueberry muffins contain sugar and probably quite a lot of it

(Picture: Getty)

It’s come to our attention that many people are labouring under the misapprehension that blueberry muffins – the most disappointing of breakfast foods – are sugar-free.

Perhaps it’s because they’re touted as ‘healthy’ alternatives to their chocolate brethren.

Perhaps it’s because every #wellness influencer makes a living out of posting photos of them with coconut mylk lattes.

Who knows.

The point is that blueberry muffins obviously contain sugar – and probably quite a lot of it.

According to Action on Sugar and the Obesity Health Alliance, some blueberry muffins being sold by cafes and supermarkets contain more than the recommended daily intake of sugar for adults – in one go.

They looked at 28 muffins sold… Read the full story

You can hang out with flamingos at this beach in the Caribbean

Flamingo Beach at Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino
Hey bae (Picture: Instagram/ @gezellerenee)

If you’re stuck on where to go for your next holiday, then we may have just the suggestion for you.

Aruba is a tiny Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela, with a dry, sunny climate and a gentle, lapping ocean.

It sounds perfect just like that to be honest, but there’s more – it’s the home to loads of cute as hell flamingos.

You’ll find the pink baes on the adult-only beach at the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino, which is situated on a private island just off the coast of the island’s capital, Oranjestad.

As expected, a stay at the Renaissance is… Read the full story

Is getting a vampire facial worth the faff?


Ever since Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her face covered in blood, vampire facials have become the go-to answer when tasked with thinking up strange beauty treatments.

But I’ve always dismissed it as an entirely pointless, very expensive fad – one of those weird things celebs do purely for the selfie opportunity.

Is It Worth the Faff is all about trying weird fads, though, and working out if they’re worth the time, effort, pain, and embarrassment. So… Read the full story

87-year-old grandma creates incredible images using Microsoft Paint

(Picture: Concha Garcia Zaera/Instagram)

Concha Garcia Zaera is an 87-year-old grandma who lives in Valencia, Spain.

Unlike many octogenarians, she can often be found at her PC, creating incredible pictures on Microsoft Paint.

She discovered the programme after her children gave her and her husband a computer 12 years ago and she’s never looked back since.

She had to leave her painting classes at the local senior centre and found that the oil paints were too strong to use at home – so she turned to digital art.

‘My husband fell ill and I had to take care of him, so I couldn’t go out very often,’ she tells El Mundo.

‘I began painting little… Read the full story

14 of the best places to eat vegan food in Brighton

Brighton pier
Iconic Brighton is one of the best places in the UK to get vegan food (Picture: Getty)

For as long as I can remember Brighton has had a well-deserved reputation as the place to go in the UK for vegetarian food. Nowhere else can match the huge choice of vegetarian cafes, restaurants and shops that the Sussex seaside town has to offer.

And now that veganism is rising enormously Brighton’s vegan offerings are just as good.

How mums are taking the small business world by storm

This summer (June 2-3) there will be a vegan festival in Brighton, there are pops… Read the full story

How I realised that, as a new dad, I needed to start putting my family first

How/exactly when I realised family must come first (Jamie Roberts)
This is the most important part of my life now (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Being a new parent is great, right? Definitely!

5 things new dads automatically get used to, from projectile pooping to sleepless nights

A lifetime of new adventures awaits and you have your very own bundle to love and appreciate.

So, why do so many of us take it for granted?

I have to admit I may have fallen into this category from time to time, but not anymore.

My now four-month-old daughter is my pride and joy and everyone who knows… Read the full story

Symptoms of depression escalate quickly when exercise is stopped suddenly

(Illustration: Ella Byworth/Metro.co.uk)
Exercise has been shown to alleviate symptoms of depression (Picture: Ella Byworth/Metro.co.uk)

A new study has shown that suddenly stopping exercise can result in increased depression symptoms.

PhD student Julie Morgan from the University of Adelaide in Australia reviewed studies that looked at the effects of stopping exercise in 152 frequently active adults, with and without prior mental health disorders.

This includes adults who were doing at least 30 minutes of exercise, three times a week, for at least three months.

Her work – published in the Journal of Affective Disorders – found that in some cases, ceasing exercise meant the participant experienced an increase in depressive symptoms, just… Read the full story

Why are so many GPs dismissing women’s health as PMS and women’s troubles?

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Throughout 2014, I visited the doctors twenty times.

I had been booking appointments to talk about the symptoms I was living with. Weight loss. Stomach cramps. Rectal bleeding.

The symptoms were debilitating. They would cause chronic constipation which would last for days and at times I’d be crippled over in pain.

Every time I sought advice, I was turned away. I was told it was probably just hormonal. Probably just periods. I probably had an eating disorder.

I went back again and again disputing this, struggling to put my case across. But I was ignored, because I was an 18-year-old young woman who was just going through ‘women’s troubles’.

Fast… Read the full story

Starbucks introduces a Crystal Ball Frappuccino that will tell you your fortune

METRO GRAB - taken from Starbucks without permission Starbucks fortune telling frap Starbucks
(Picture: Starbucks)

Starbucks are forever introducing new drinks.

Their latest concoction isn’t just any old drink though, it’s supposed to tell you your future.

Don’t worry, the coffee giant isn’t going into the fortune-telling business, but is rather using a new gimmick to draw in more customers.

It’s pretty tempting stuff.

The Crystal Ball Frappucino is a colour-splashed blended coffee with a difference – coloured candy gems sprinkled on top of the whipped cream will tell you what the future has in store for you.

Instagram Photo

Rest assured, it doesn’t mean baristas will be… Read the full story

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