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Escape the hustle and bustle: 7 reasons why you should visit the smaller Channel Islands of Alderney, Sark and Herm

Beautiful Sark (Picture: Getty)

The Channel Islands are the perfect destination if you’re looking for some short-haul R&R.

Situated in the English Channel, just off the coast of Normandy, the islands offer up old-world charm, unspoiled beaches, pretty harbours and picturesque cliff walks.

Unspoiled archipelago: 6 reasons why you should visit the Isles Of Scilly

While the larger, more popular islands of Jersey and Guernsey are lovely for a short break, it’s the lesser-known islands of Alderney, Sark and Herm that are the secret gems of the channel.

Here are seven reasons why you should take a spring jaunt to these small but beautiful islands.

Minimal travel time

Whether… Read the full story

Meet 71-year-old marathon legend Kathrine Switzer: 100% athlete, 100% woman


Kathrine Switzer is a running legend.

In 1967, she became the first women to officially run the Boston Marathon; a race official attacked her and tried to rip off her bib.

She went on to win the New York Marathon and run 40 more. Last year, she ran Boston and New York, and today, she’s running the London Marathon, aged 71.

We caught up with Kathrine ahead of today’s race to talk sexism, empowerment, and how to run injury free in your 70s.


So what was the big deal, back in 1967?

Why was it so contentious to have a woman running in one of the world’s most famous marathons?

‘It was a funny era – women were always going into places where they wanted to be but people said they couldn’t,’ Katherine explains.

‘For thousands of years, there was this myth that women couldn’t do anything arduous, that if they did, they’d never have children…and those who could do something were really men – they’d… Read the full story

103-year-old woman gets surprised with a cat for her birthday

103-year-old woman gets surprised with a cat on her birthday CONTACTED BUT TAKEN WITHOUT PERMISSION METROGRAB Picture: Ridgeview Gardens Assisted Living https://www.facebook.com/ridgeviewgardens/posts/1367469780024219 Picture:
(Picture: Ridgeview Gardens Assisted Living)

Earlier this month, Lillian celebrated her 103rd birthday with a surprise party thrown for her by her pals at Ridgeview Gardens Assisted Living, in Utah.

There was great food, good company and loads of birthday decor.

But the highlight of the day was yet to come.

A few years ago, Lillian’s cat Sammy passed away and since then, she’s wished to have a feline friend again. And across town, a homeless cat has been wishing to find a forever home.

Before Lillian’s big day, staff at the assisted… Read the full story

The Whitsundays: 10 reasons to visit Australia’s paradise islands

Heaven is a place on Earth (Picture: Getty)

Queensland hit the spotlight this month as athletes competed for medals in the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

A little further north, lies the magical Whitsundays: 74 islands fringed with coral reef and clear, turquoise waters.

13 reasons why Queenstown is the coolest town in New Zealand

The area has long been a popular yachting destination, and there is plenty to keep you occupied besides.

Only a handful of the islands are inhabited, and most are protected national parks, leaving plenty to explore above and below the water.

Here are ten… Read the full story

All eyes on the Horizon as Carnival’s latest party ship makes its debut

Recycled: The SkyRide was also popular on sister ship Carnival Vista (Picture: Carnival)

‘This is a party, not a show,’ shouted the entertainment director as he encouraged more passengers crowded around the top decks of new ship Carnival Horizon to join in the mass dance by the pool.

Many eagerly obeyed him. Regular Carnival cruisers know what they’re letting themselves in for.

Newcomers who have somehow avoided the bright brochures and colourful website certainly get the message when they enter their cabins to find the word ‘fun’ emblazoned in foot-high capital letters on their luggage mats.

The lively and loud sail-away party as we left Barcelona on Carnival’s latest 4,000-passenger ship certainly set… Read the full story

How to make ice cream at home

Never has there been a better time to know when to make your own delicious ice cream (Picture: Getty)

The sun is out. The finest ingredients are waiting on the shop shelves. Your blood sugar level is dangerously low.

Yes, it’s about time you learned how to make ice-cream at home.

Seriously. Only life’s unimaginative squares opt for a 99 with a flake time and time again.

If you want to know how to create your very own flavours, right from the comfort of your homestead, and lick them to your heart’s desire, read on….

8 people with anxiety reveal the helpful things someone can say to support them

metro illustration
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

While suffering with a mental illness is hard, supporting others who are suffering can be difficult too.

For those with anxiety, thoughts can be irrational and difficult to understand. So, it’s even harder for anyone else to comprehend what’s going on in another person’s head.

mental-health-when-ill5 misconceptions about anxiety that are still surprisingly common

This can make supporting loved ones feel impossible.

Comments like ‘there’s nothing to worry about’ and ‘it’s all in your head’ might be said with the best intentions but are not likely to help and, in some cases, can make the problem worse.

As… Read the full story

Hungarian pooch’s travel adventures on Instagram will leave you with serious wanderlust

(Picture: Adele Ng / mediadrumworld.com)

Whiskey the dog puts all Insta travellers to shame.

The four-year-old Hungarian Vizsla gives travel savvy humans a run for their money, with her social media feed which boasts almost 80,000 followers.

Because who doesn’t want to see the most photogenic dog, galloping majestically on open waters and posing atop mountains and waterfalls?

Her human, Adele, from Vancover, Canada, regularly takes breathtaking candids of the outdoors-loving canine as she wraps up warm for cold weather in wool blankets and bodysuits, and explores logs and lakes.

This woman tweeted about not wanting advice from men so naturally men gave her some advice

Credit: Getty Images
(Picture: Getty Images)

A lot of women have received unsolicited advice from men from time to time.

Whether it’s well-meant advice or just pure arrogance, not all women are happy to have things ‘mansplained’.

Hannah Moskowitz tweeted about having to rework her posts, which most women do, she says, in order not to receive unnecessary mentions that tell her what to do.

What makes the whole thing more funny (and problematic), is the number of people who reacted to her tweet…with more advice.

Whether it was ironically shared or not, comments offering advice wasn’t received too warmly by Hannah.

Since her original post, the tweet has now gone viral, with lots of people… Read the full story

If you’re suffering post-London Marathon, head to hot yoga


After last year’s marathon, I could barely walk. Four hours on your feet really takes its toll.

But I found that the worst thing you could do is do nothing. So the next day, I headed to hot yoga and I found that actually, my DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) was really reduced.

There’s nothing like a good, sustained stretch to help ease the trauma of continual pressure on the joints.

So we spoke to Michele Pernetta, founder of hot yoga studio Fierce Grace about why hot yoga is so good for marathon recovery and which are the best stretches for tired legs:


Why is hot yoga so good for recovering after a marathon?

The heat of the warm yoga room can make stretching more comfortable and importantly thins the synovial fluid so it can more easily lubricate joints bringing nutrients to them and carrying away toxins.

Stretching out overused muscles can relieve stiffness and pain caused by overuse and bring circulation to the muscles.

Read the full story

Get the squad together: BBC Three is looking for mates to go on a travel show

(Picture: Getty)

What’s better than exploring a rich culture (preferably under a scorching sun) with a handful of friends?

Well BBC Three is offering all of that for a new travel show which will take you all over Spain with your mates and it sounds lit.

An ‘innovative documentary series’ is in the pipelines for the TV channel with filming expected to be underway this summer.

Read the full story

Can you tan through fake tan?

Would Trump look like this after a six-month sunshine holiday? (Picture: Getty)

Picking up a suntan does not require much sun these days, and that’s probably for the best.

The vast majority of fake tans are not in any way toxic to use, but lying in the sun (or in a sunbed) for long stretches puts you at much greater risk of skin cancer.

Just look at President Donald Trump. Who wouldn’t argue his look is the epitome of a healthy, risk-free, sun-kissed glow all-year round?

The question is, can you still get a tan through your fake tan? How does being in the sun affect your fake tan?

Read the full story

Think running the marathon’s hard? Spare a thought for the poor supporters


Running a marathon in almost 30’C is a pretty torturous experience.

But if you think schlepping 40km around some of the more dire parts of Canary Wharf is hard, spare a thought for the poor folk cheering these champs on.

I joke, of course. Nothing compares to the pain of running for four hours in the beating sun – especially if you’re in fancy dress.

The runners are heroes. But so too are the volunteers and supporters who spend all day screaming at randomers and obsessively tracking their mates.

It’s jolly hard work trying to stay sober and keep a watch on your Virgin Money tracker. One minute your mate’s at 24km…the next, he’s rushing past you, looking the other way.

There are loads of people who come down and don’t even know anyone running. My friend Matthew treats the London Marathon rather like a free Glastonbury; he usually turns up with a crate of beer and hands them out to runners at Westminster.

But obviously,… Read the full story

Vegetarian diet is found to be just as effective for weight loss as mediterranean eating

(Picture: Getty)

The Mediterranean diet is considered by many to be the healthiest diet out there.

It’s packed with fresh fruit and veg, a good dose of oily fish and olive oil, and – crucially – it’s low on refined sugars and processed foods.

But you know what? The vegetarian diet might be that far behind, in terms of cardiovascular health and weight loss, a new study suggests.

Researchers looked at the effects of both diets on 107 overweight but healthy adults for six months, with people spending half of that time eating a traditional Mediterranean diet, high on lean proteins, nuts and whole grains, before switching to a lacto-ovo vegetarian one (meat ad fish free but… Read the full story

‘I’m never drinking again’: Meet the sobriety influencer who actually meant it


‘THAT’S IT, I’M NEVER DRINKING AGAIN – EVER!’ we’ve all wailed hungover, after a heavy night.

And for 24 hours, that remains a steadfast commitment.

The next week rolls around, however, and somehow we’re back in the same bar with the same round of tequila that lead to the previous week’s hell.

But when Africa Brooke said that infamous line back in 2014, she meant it.

‘I had finally accepted that I had a big problem with alcohol and something had to change,’ she tells Metro.co.uk.

‘For eight years up until that point, I had been a blackout binge-drinker and just like my peers, I had normalised this way of drinking and practiced it each time I was around alcohol.’

Like many of us (at least before we had responsibilities), Africa, now 26, says drinking was never about the taste – ‘it was about downing this elixir as quickly as possible’ so she could feel the transformation taking place.

Read the full story

St George’s Day: 5 other Georges worthy of being canonised as England’s patron saint

These are the famous George's we'd canonize - April 23 (Bibi)
Oh gorgeous George (Pictures: Rex/Getty)

Happy St George’s Day, everyone.

Today we celebrate the Roman army soldier who killed a dragon and saved a princess. Or he married a dragon and killed a princess. I get confused.

Anyway, he was a lovely Christian who was sentenced to death because he wouldn’t recant his faith. Which now, writing about him, has put me on a bit of a downer.

To lift the mood a little, let’s celebrate some other famous Georges who deserve to be canonized. (Even if they’re still alive.)

St George of Ezra

Ah, the singer, songwriter… Read the full story

Shakespeare Quiz: Who said it, Shakespeare or Stormzy?


Today marks 402 years since England’s most famous literary talent passed away.

Close approach of Nibiru, Planet X, over the U.S. Capitol building.The world is scheduled to end TODAY - here’s how it’s going to go down

Shakespeare’s works have truly stood the test of time, especially his musings on human relationships, fiery revenge and of course, love.

But have you ever noticed that there are similarities around our beloved bard and grime genius Stormzy?

In fact, if you fuse their works we reckon a new trend known as Stormz-speare could take the world by (ahem) storm, and lead us into a golden age of creativity.

Think you know your Shakespeare from your Stormzy? Take our quiz and find out.

Read the full story

Ikea now sells ‘youth culture-inspired’ skateboards

(Picture: Chris Stamp/Instagram)

You might still think of Ikea as a sofa palace but things are really changing for the Swedish furniture giant.

A few months ago, we reported that it was now selling yoga mats and blocks.

And now, Ikea has a collection which is said to have been inspired by ‘youth culture’ – and it includes a £65 skateboard.

SPÄNST, Ikea says, is a lifestyle.

‘Fashion and furniture are different animals but the creative process is similar,’ says designer Chris Stamp – who has come up with the collection with Maja Ganszyniec.

‘With this collection, I’ve learned that it’s worth pushing the limits.’

As well as a board, you can also buy a black skateboard… Read the full story

7 alternative careers that have ‘millennial’ written all over them

*illustration request* acts of kindness
In it to win it (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

As a millennial, I want to work differently from my parents’ generation and ideally I wouldn’t work at all, but soya flat whites don’t buy themselves.

Us millennials want more than just a job: we want flexibility, work-life balance and travel, and preferably we want giant salary for doing it.

Office romance – is it ever a good idea to date your colleague or boss?

Conventional career paths just don’t cut it these days, especially when every other person you meet is a blogger-come-surfboard-maker-come-bike-mechanic with a side hustle curing… Read the full story

TFL is being slammed for telling passengers to dress for the body they have, not the body they want

(Picture: Michael Hawkes/Twitter)

TLF’s Quote of the Days can bring a smile to even the stoniest of commuters.

But whoever penned the piece of sage advice at Blackhorse Road station over the weekend is probably regretting ever picking up with whiteboard marker of power.

On Saturday, a member of staff wrote: ‘During this heatwave, please dress for the body have…not for the body you want!’

And it went down like a pile of warm sick.

Twitter user Michael Hawkes was the first person to call TFL out for body shaming and very quickly other outraged commuters went in on the gaff.

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