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If you don’t have a royal wedding invite, no worries, just go on a booze cruise on the day

If you don't have a Royal wedding invite, no worries, just go on a booze cruise on the day
(Picture: Getty/Shutterstock)

If you haven’t been invited to the royal wedding, fear not.

One travel company is offering you the chance to still be part of the celebrations, with their booze cruise. Hop on board for unlimited champagne and lots of royal coverage of the big day.

The company, Quintessentially, is offering you and 50 of your closest friends (if you have that many) on a 100-year-old coal fired steam boat cruise down the River Thames.

And may we remind you again, unlimited champagne is included.

‘We will create a bespoke party for you and your guests… Read the full story

Food writer holds free cookery classes for cancer patients in memory of his mother

Ryan Riley from Life Kitchen and his late mother
Ryan and his late mother, Krista (Picture: Ryan Riley)

Four years ago, 24-year-old food writer and stylist Ryan Riley lost his mother Krista to small cell lung cancer. She was 47.

Ryan was just 18 when his mother was diagnosed, and he became her full-time carer while his father was at work and sisters were studying.

He saw first-hand how devastating the illness was, including how treatment severely affected his mum’s love of food.

So, he decided to set up Life Kitchen – a charity initiative which offers free cooking classes for people living with cancer, and their families.

Up to 80% of chemotherapy patients experience a… Read the full story

12 reasons Margaret River in western Australia should be your next holiday destination


Last month saw the launch of the first non-stop flight from Perth to London, making western Australia that little bit closer for us Brits.

Residential tower block collapses after huge fire rips through building

It’s certainly not as well visited as the east coast, but has some of the most stunning scenery in the country.

One of my favourite spots is the Margaret River region, a few hours south of Perth.

This area is famous for two things: wine and surfing.

In my eyes that’s more than enough reason to visit, but there are loads of other great things to see, do and consume too.

1. The wine

Read the full story

Having sex outside of your bedroom might make you happier in your relationship

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: Don’t do it! XX people share their horrifying and cautionary stories of sex with their ex (Bibi Lynch)
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Sorry, housemates.

Having sex in places around the house other than your bedroom boosts relationship satisfaction, claims new research.

The team at House Method surveyed 1,000 people about their habits when it comes to the location they have sex.

They found that couples having sex outside of the bedroom have 10.5% more relationship satisfaction, and report being 33% more satisfied with their sex lives than those who only have sex in their bedroom.

Naturally, the most popular place outside the bedroom to get busy is the living room (a comfy… Read the full story

Oily fish list: Do salmon, tuna, mackerel and more count as oily fish?

Salmon and tuna are seen as equally healthy types of fish, but are they both oily fish? (Picture: Getty)

Oily fish. It sounds weird, but there’s no better health-boosting super protein out there.

And a study recently found that a diet of oily fish is so powerful that it could help delay menopause by up to three years.

There are various types of fish that can be categorised as oily, becuase have high levels of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, plus lots of Vitamin D, which are so remarkably good for your body.

But the question is, are the most mainstream (no pun intended) fish, salmon and tuna, oily fish?

Read the full story

Commuter hell and lack of sleep: 7 reasons why living in London is a lonely experience

Too much time on your travels (Illustration: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

Existing in the busy capital isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Before I moved to London three short years ago, from the much less bustling and far friendlier surroundings of the north (specifically Liverpool), I naively assumed it’d be all rainbows and sunshine.

Video games shouldn?t still be stigmatised as a juvenile hobby ? 500 wordsEveryone has their own idea of downtime – so why are video games stigmatised as a juvenile hobby?

Knowing a fair few people before I took the plunge to relocate, I thought living in London… Read the full story

Notting Hill pub gets transformed into a fancy £17.5 million five bedroom mansion

FROM PUBLIC HOUSE TO PLUSH PAD FENTON WHELAN TRANSFORM NOTTING HILL SITE OF EARL OF LONSDALE?S PUB INTO ?17.5M LUXURY FAMILY HOUSE WITH LIFT Ultra prime residential developer Fenton Whelan have transformed 48 Lonsdale Road in Notting Hill, formerly the site of the Earl of Lonsdale?s favoured public house, into an elegant five bedroom family house with leisure amenities.
(Picture: Matt Clayton)

We all know someone who’d quite like to live in a pub.

But while they may have dreams of a flat above their local, popping down for pints whenever they feel like it, there’s a significantly fancier option.

The Lonsdale Pub in Notting Hill has been transformed into a super fancy… Read the full story

Meghan Markle’s wedding dress ‘more of a showstopper’ than Kate Middleton’s frock

Meghan dress designer Credit: WireImage, Getty
Meghan Markle is believed to have chosen Ralph & Russo as her dress designer (Picture: WireImage, Getty)

Meghan Markle’s wedding dress is apparently going to knock socks off Kate Middleton’s wedding gown in the wow-factor stakes.

The royal bride to be will marry Harry on 19 May in a lavish Windsor Castle ceremony.

And she’s apparently been undergoing a number of fittings at Kensington Palace as she keeps losing weight ahead of her big day.

There’s no denying Meghan’s dress is going to be one of the key focuses on the day, with royal spectators already desperate to know who has designed it, what it looks like… Read the full story

These are the most popular penis pet names men in the UK are giving to their privates

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Pals with penises – what do you call your willy?

If you choose not to refer to it simply as a ‘penis’ or your ‘dick’, instead giving it its own name for a sense of fun, you’re not alone.

New research from Lovehoney found that six out of ten men have a pet name for their penis – or their partner does, and they go along with it.

Lovehoney surveyed 660 people for the results, working out the most popular penis names in the UK based on what these men said.

Turns out variations on ‘Little Man’ – Wee Man, Mr Little, Tiny – were popular, as well as… Read the full story

7 things you have to know before you visit Belize

A natural attraction (Picture: Getty)

Beautiful Belize, a small country in the northern part of South America, sure packs a punch.

Despite its relatively diminutive size, it manages to fit in some of the world’s best beaches, the second biggest coral reef in the world, a unique natural phenomenon, and some seriously impressive ancient ruins.

Houses with traditional red roofs in Prague Old Town Square in the Czech Republic8 things to know before you go to the Czech Republic

And honestly, it’s worth going just to spend some time sprawled upon the sands of Caye Caulker, perhaps its most famous island.

Here are seven things you… Read the full story

What I Rent: Miranda and George, £1,283 for a flat in Highgate

Miranda Larbi Rental Homes - For Ellen Scott Alexander Crawley
Miranda and George live in a one bedroom flat with their two cats, Chess and Cinder. (Picture: Alexander Crawley/Metro.co.uk)

What I Rent is Metro.co.uk’s weekly series that takes you inside people’s rentals in London.


Because trying to find a place in London to rent can be hellish.

It’s tricky to know how much is a ‘normal’ amount to be paying each month. Countless viewings make you start to genuinely consider living in a flat with a fold-out bed in the kitchen. Meanwhile, you see other people’s perfectly decorated homes on Instagram and wonder what on earth you’re doing wrong.

There’s a… Read the full story

Mum calls out men for failing to replace the toilet roll

Men are putting their penis in cardboard toilet paper tubes to evaluate their size Getty/metro.co.uk
(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

Few household things top the irritation and anguish of sitting down on the toilet, only to see that there’s no toilet roll within arm’s reach.

Instead there’s the cardboard bit of the loo roll.

Which means that clearly, someone used up the last bit of toilet paper, saw this, and did nothing.

It’s enraging.

Luckily, some of us are able to deal with this maddening situation with some humour. Take Laura Mazza, the blogger behind Mum on the Run.

Annoyed by her partner’s refusal to replace the loo roll, Laura interviewed some (made up) men about why… Read the full story

Poundland just released their version of a Tangle Teezer brush and yes it’s £1

(Picture: Poundland)

The Tangle Teezer phenomenon has swept Instagram. Every celebs and blogger is raving about it.

The detangling brush has seen 35 million units flying off the shelves and normally sets you back around £10.

But the kind folks at Poundland are giving the people what they want: their version of the brush for, you guessed it, a pound.

The All Tangled Up brush is available in bright pink and purple.

‘For £1 you’ll never get in a tangle again. We’re excited to be selling the famous de-tangling hairbrush available in stores now,’ said Poundland.

Why HITT exercise classes could be making your PCOS worse


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects one in 10 women – you probably know someone struggling with it.

It can lead to painful and/or irregular periods, excessive hair growth, fertility issues, stomach pains and weight gain. All the good things.

And you know what can exacerbate the condition? Stress.

More and more of us are finding ourselves in a constant state of physical and mental stress. On the one hand, we’re working long hours and are constantly switched on to emails and social media, and on the other, we’re pushing ourselves harder than ever in spin studios and HIIT boot camps.

For PCOS sufferers, it’s an especially complicated situation. Because it’s harder to shift weight, you might be tempted to workout harder. But intense exercise can make the symptoms of PCOS worse, and constant physical stress can make the body cling on to fat and stop muscles from growing because it can’t distinguish a self-imposed stress from an external physical threat.

Gaby Noble knows the… Read the full story

Woman left with nine inch scar after a mole on her ear turned out to be cancer

Mole was skin cancer
(Picture: Caters News)

A young woman has undergone an ear and neck dissection in a bid to save her life, after being diagnosed with melanoma.

35-year-old Morgan, from Melbourne, now has a nine inch scar running from the top of her ear to her collar bone after a doctor noticed a suspicious-looking mole on her ear.

She was devastated after being told it was cancerous and that it had spread, after finding a lump on her neck which later needed to be removed.

Morgan was diagnosed with melanoma.

After undergoing multiple rounds of radiotherapy, Morgan is now stable and awaiting further scans.

The brave blogger decided decided to share her journey online… Read the full story

Run Talk Run is the running club getting more of us chatting about mental health


Mental health may be a hot topic these days but that doesn’t make talking about our struggles much easier.

It can be hard to get therapist appointments, and even when you do, you’re not always able to open up in that kind of environment.

At least that’s what runner Jessica Robson found.

‘I actually really struggled with “talking therapy” – not to say that I don’t think it is effective for most people, but it just didn’t work for me,’ she tells Metro.co.uk.

‘I found it a really intimidating experience and instead of fully opening up, I clammed up instead. When I was out running with my mum, however, I found that I could share everything that I was going through.

‘I realised how important it was that we have those “safe spaces” available to us to open up, that are more accessible AND less intimidating than formal therapy.’

So she set up Run Talk Run ‘to provide that safe space to be present with people who… Read the full story

Tour de Yorkshire: 10 of the best cycling routes in the county

Mountain biking in the Yorkshire Dales, Lower Winskill (Picture: Getty)

Yorkshire is known for its charming language and infamous love of all things tea, but ‘God’s own county’ is arguably most famous for its unmatched landscape.

Due to its picturesque scenery, often challenging terrain and blend of both urban and rural locations, Yorkshire makes for the perfect cycling destination. Organisers of the renowned cycling competition, Tour de France, were well-aware of this when they selected the city of Leeds to host the first leg of the race, the Grand Depart, back in 2014.

Picture: Getty XX of the best LGBTQ holiday destinations (Sam Ramsden)10 of… Read the full story

Cards Against Humanity inspired by Ru Paul’s Drag Race now exists in the world

(Picture: Amazon)

Attention, queens: Cards Against Rumanity exists and it sounds absolutely fabulous.

Just to make that extra clear, Cards Against Humanity inspired by Ru Paul’s Drag Race is a thing, and we can’t wait to play until we have to lip-sync for our lives to decide on the final winner.

The Cards Against Rumanity box includes funny questions and answers inspired by Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Answers include ‘A sequins dress’, ‘One hundred thousand of dollars’, and ‘Voguing the house down’.

The internet can’t cope with these Fashion Nova lace up trousers

(Picture: Fashion Nova)

People are not fans of Fashion Nova’s new lace up trousers, which look as difficult to put on as they do to wear.

The fashion brand has just started selling Wild Thang Lace Up Pants, in Light Blue Wash, for $49.99.

The jeans – a term we use loosely – are made up using a small section of stretch washed denim and white laces.

While the entirety of the back of the jeans uses the denim, only the front crotch area is covered, with the laces making up the rest of the look.

Physicians Formula is being accused of excluding dark skin tones with their Butter Highlighter swatches

(Picture: Getty)

When will makeup brands learn the simple truth that inclusivity and diversity sells?

Many cosmetic companies have been called out for not catering to different, darker skin tones. Now Physicians Formula finds itself under the same criticism.

The drugstore brand showed off their new Butter Highlighter palettes swatched on five models’ arms, but one thing was obvious; the range only goes from white to slightly tan.

People with darker skin tones might not necessarily be able to wear the product as it’s too light for their complexion.

After the image was posted on Physicians Formula Instagram page, outraged followers quickly called out the lack of representation in the makeup industry.

Read the full story

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